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How to open mkv file format


The question that arises when downloading a video having the MKV format is how to open a file without losing quality? Standard OS players do not play it, and programs downloaded from the network put the computer at risk. Let's talk about how to open the MKV file and list 10 players for different operating systems.

What you need to know about MKV format

MKV is a video container similar in architecture to AVI and capable of storing large amounts of information. The feature of the configuration of the code helps to refine and adapt it, complementing and expanding the functionality. How to open MKV? Over 100 programs for the OS of dozens of developers have been created and used.

MKV format development

It was conducted as part of the Russian project "Matryoshka", designed to eliminate the imperfections of AVI that arose after the release of the blu-ray format. Due to the exorbitant quality of the video, it was not possible to compress it to BD-rip: the quality suffered, it was not possible to add subtitles and the option to change languages. MKV format took into account and eliminated these shortcomings - which is why it was so often used when downloading movies and TV shows on torrent trackers.

Players for Mac

On Macs, it’s worth using adapted software to avoid video footage defects and loss of image quality. Players that are in the TOP 5 according to the thematic magazines:

  1. VLC is a universal solution that supports all popular formats.
  2. XBMC is a program adapted for playing MKV files.
  3. Plex Plex - the player is similar to the XBMC, but has a functional interface.
  4. Perian is a program for reading dozens of formats.
  5. MPlayerX is a free player for reading dozens of extensions, in particular MKV.

As for Linux, the universal solution will be to download the “native” video container from the developer. Matroska for Linux is presented on the official website of the software creator - download, install and open files this way.

Programs for Windows 7 and later

Most players are designed for Windows. The choice is a matter of taste and the necessary functionality. Note the programs that lead thematic ratings and remain the most downloaded on the Russian Internet:

  1. The KMPlayer. “The,” since the “namesake” without the article was developed for the KDE environment and does not suit us. The KMPlayer reads dozens of popular formats, in particular MKV files.
  2. GOM. Cope with “broken” files, helps to take screenshots, download audio series and subtitles.
  3. MKV Player. A simplified player with adapted functionality designed to read files with the .mkv extension.
  4. MPC The advantage of Media Player Classic is the ability to quickly hundreds of video formats.
  5. VLC Suitable not only for Macs, but also for Windows - the main thing is to download the corresponding version.

The players presented are free, however, some programs have paid versions. When paying, you will get access to the opening of all video formats, advanced functionality and a thoughtful interface. But to watch video in MKV format, a free program is enough.

How to open MKV in Sony Vegas

Unfortunately, no way. Sony Vegas does not work with MKV containers and the only way is to convert the file to another format. For example, in AVI or MP4. This will take 10-15 minutes, taking into account the time spent downloading the converter. To convert the file, use the following programs:

Download the converter from the official website of the developer (to avoid virus downloads), install and open the previously downloaded MKV file. Next, you select the format you want to convert the video to (we recommend AVI or MP4) and click on the "Start" button. Converted to Sony Vegas-readable video format, it will start without any problems.

What free programs can open MKV format?

1. VLC Media Player - provides the user with a huge number of functions, from setting up external displays to fine-tuning audio and video. Over its long history, the VLC media player has learned to open and play a large number of formats. All these advantages are emphasized by a beautiful, elegant, simple and intuitive interface, in which there is nothing superfluous.

2. Media Player Classic - this is a universal player for audio and video files for Microsoft Windows, it has the same appearance as Windows media player 6.4, it is small and light, but at the same time it can infuse a huge number of formats. Media Player Classic has many options and features that are not found anywhere else. The application supports formats such as MPEG-1, MPEG-2, MPEG-4, DirectShow, QuickTime, RealPlayer, Matroska and Ogg containers, TV tuners.

3. KMPlayer is a compact media player that allows you to view different video and audio file formats, such as VCD, DVD, avi, mkv, ogg, ogm, 3gp and MPEG-1/2/4, WMV, RealMedia, QuickTime and many others. It displays subtitles and allows you to take screenshots, capture audio and video streams.

4. GOM Player - A very popular player in Russia with a huge number of settings, ranging from localization to the selection of codecs, both external and internal. The interface is not overloaded and intuitive, with a right click on the playback area appears an extensive menu with playback settings.

5. Light Alloy - A small media player with a large number of playable formats. It looks simple and nice interface is actually not very convenient. Tooltips save new users, so getting used to the interface is easy. An excellent feature of this player is support for Winamp plugins. When playing a video, you can take screenshots and save them in bmp or jpeg format.

6. Zoom Player - Convenient free player. For a modest and concise design hides almost a whole media center. Here you have an equalizer, and customizable playlists, zoom in / out videos and much more. The utility supports subtitles, a huge number of supported formats, flash support. QuickTime HTML.

7. BSplayer - A multifunctional media player with a nice minimalistic interface, which can be changed thanks to the support of skins. In addition to all popular formats, including mkv, there is support for the AVCHD format, which is used in modern professional digital video cameras. There are functions for capturing frames and slow motion playback, display and editing of subtitles.

VLC media player

VLC media player is one of the most famous media players that continues to rapidly gain popularity. The main advantages of the VLC media player over its competitors are a simple interface, a large number of functions and frequent updates. By installing this program you will no longer have questions about how to open mkv or another multimedia file. Everything will open in one program, quickly and conveniently.

Consider other features of the VLC media player program:

  • Support for almost all modern operating systems. There are versions of VLC media player for Windows, Linux, Android, Mac OS X, Apple iOS, BSD, Solaris and other Unix-like systems.
  • Support for a huge variety of media formats. It simply makes no sense to list formats; VLC media player can play almost everything.
  • Built-in codec set. the user does not need to install additional codecs to watch the video.
  • VLC media player is equipped with a wide range of functions for working with streaming video. With it, you can view and create your own online broadcasts.
  • The program allows you to capture and encode streaming video.
  • Russian language interface,

Gom player

GOM Player is a free player for working with popular media formats, developed by Gretech Corporation. GOM Player has a Russian-language interface and allows you to open mkv files without problems. GOM Player allows you to play videos without having to install third-party codecs.

Consider other features of the GOM Player program:

  • Play all popular video formats. Built-in codec set.
  • The ability to play damaged or incompletely downloaded video files.
  • Subtitle Management. The user has the ability to change the size, position, font and color of the captions.
  • High-quality video playback on slow computers.
  • Full-fledged work with DVD discs.
  • Separate operating modes for various types of screens: monitor, projector, TV.
  • Bookmarks, favorites, playlists.
  • Normalization of the volume level and the imposition of special audio effects.
  • Support for DSP modules from Winamp.

The kmplayer

The KMPlayer is an omnivorous multimedia player from Kang. In appearance and feature set, this player is similar to GOM Player. Like previous players, The KMPlayer is equipped with built-in codecs and without any problems opens mkv files.

Consider other features of The KMPlayer:

  • Support for all popular media formats. Built-in codecs.
  • Play streaming video and audio.
  • Ability to play damaged video files.
  • The program can work in portable mode.
  • Subtitle support. The program has a built-in subtitle editor.
  • Ability to play video with an external audio track.
  • Capture video.
  • Normalization of the volume level.
  • Image Settings. The user can specify the level of sharpness or blur.
  • Ability to accelerate playback.

BS.Player is a media player developed by the Slovenian company Webteh. A very old program that has now lost most of its users. However, the program is being updated. Using BS.Player, you can easily open any mkv video clips, as well as a number of other popular media formats. The program is distributed in Free and Pro versions.

Choose and install one of these media players, and you will no longer be wondering what to watch mkv or another popular format.

MKV format features

So, we examined a number of popular programs for viewing mkv files. In conclusion, a brief reference to the MKV format itself. As we have already said, the full name of the format is Matroska. This format is an open project built on the basis of the MCF project.

When developing this format, the task was to create a universal, most flexible and cross-platform media container format. As conceived by the developers, files in this format should be reproduced without any problems on any device.

This format was built using the binary format of EBML files. The EBML format is a binary analogue of the XML markup language. Currently, the EBML format is used in MKV and WebM. Using EBML in MKV format allows you to make changes to the format without losing compatibility with already created programs.

The Matroska format includes three file extensions: mkv for video, mka for audio, and mks for subtitles. At the same time, video, audio and subtitles can be stored in the mkv file at the same time.