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Remained feelings for the former


Today, text messages (SMS) are an indispensable option for communication. SMS not only allow people to stay in touch all the time, but even turned into a fashionable way to convey their feelings. Here you will find some SMS options for the ex-boyfriend in prose that you can send him to ask for forgiveness, convince him to come back and be together again.

SMS to ex-boyfriend in prose

1. My world has become better, thanks to you. Do not leave.

2. Being far from you is unbearably difficult. Can we be together again?

3. Let's get everything back! I am very sorry that this happened, and I can not live without you.

4. I will wait as long as necessary to be with you again.

5. After parting with a loved one, you need to forgive and forget everything. But if you do not forgive me, I cannot do this.

6. I can’t forget you. You are always in my thoughts and my heart.

7. You are my whole world! Do not leave.

8. If you don’t want to listen to me, it will be very painful for me. If you don’t be with me, I won’t be able to live. If you don’t come back to me, I’ll just die.

9. If I could fix what happened. But alas, it is not in my power. I'm sorry. Come back to me, honey.

10. I miss you so much that it breaks my heart. Let's start over.

11. Our future is curled by this apology message! Accept them and give us a chance.

12. Maybe I'm wrong, but if I do not, I will never be happy. I am sorry. You are still so close here in my heart.

13. You always know what to do. You always know the right answer. You know a lot of different things. But do you know that I still love you?

14. I may not be perfect, but I love you more than others. Let's make peace and be together again.

15. I think of you when I go to bed. I think of you when I wake up. My thoughts are always only about you.

16. Let's get our life back on track. Please accept my apologies for this to happen.

17. Being away from you is the hardest thing in my life. Let's forget our grievances?

18. Let's put everything back, as it was before! I'm sorry, and I can't live without you.

19. Perhaps I was wrong, my love. Let's forget our differences.

20. Now, I’m taking the first step towards it and let the differences remain in the past.

21. I can’t forget about you. I don’t want to learn to live without you. Let's get everything back!

22. You are always in my thoughts and in my heart. Only you! Forgive me.

23. A request for forgiveness is the first step in restoring a broken relationship. Will you accept it

24. Even now, when we are far from each other, my love for you will not fade.

25. If I could take my words back. But it is not in my power. I can only apologize. Forgive me!

Davyuk Elena Pavlovna

Ilya, on the one hand, it all depends on the feelings of your girlfriend - until this obsession passes, she will not be able to accept you. The former young man is really an obsession, because his unworthy man’s behavior, the game of pity and manipulation cannot attract a woman. On the other hand, having a faithful and loving friend works wonders. Therefore, if you really want to be with a girl, do not give up! By pressure, care, patience, you will achieve it. But, unfortunately, you can’t say in advance how much time your girlfriend will be depending on the former relationship.

Davydyuk Elena Pavlovna, psychologist in St. Petersburg

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Stolyarova Marina Valentinovna

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You started a relationship with a girl at a time when she had not yet completed a relationship with a previous young man. Initially, she was not ready for a new relationship, and unremitting feelings could capture her at any time. This is what happened.

The former young man insulted. humiliated, cheated, but she forgave and continues to reach for him. It is likely that she saw such a relationship between a man and a woman in her parental family, so this model of relationship ties her so much. She tried to switch to you, but she didn’t succeed. She made her decision.

Let her go and look for another girl who can appreciate both you and your attitude to her. At the same time, choose one that already at the time of meeting you will be open to new relationships.

Stolyarova Marina Valentinovna, psychologist-consultant, St. Petersburg

Restore relations with the former, if he already has another

There are two options: you have to act either very gently or radically. In the first case, try to establish a friendly contact with him. Surely, you know your former young man better than his new passion, so you can use it to your advantage.

Unobtrusively point out to the guy the shortcomings of his new darling or, without unnecessary words, “play in contrast”. The guy loves domestic girls, and the new girlfriend is an outgoing party girl? In a personal conversation or through social networks (this is now very common) make it clear to the young man that you spend evenings on a fascinating book, modeling dumplings, cleaning an apartment, and the like.

At first, it will not be out of place, quite unobtrusively, to seek meetings with an ex-boyfriend. In this case, you should look as impressive as possible. The young man should not have suspicions that the meeting was specially arranged by you. Often in these situations, mutual friends can come to the rescue, who periodically celebrate birthdays or simply arrange gatherings.

If you want to move on to more radical methods, then you have to work hard. With a certain degree of desire and activity, you can find some dirt on your opponent by sending this information anonymously to a guy. However, keep in mind that in this case you are acting not quite decently, and subsequently this story may turn against you.

How to get the guy who left you if you still love him

First of all, it’s worth taking a break for a while. The guy expects that now you will demand meetings with him or initiate conversations, and perhaps you yourself are set up for such a development of events, but it is better to refuse this. Communication immediately after the breakup will not benefit you and will not bring you any closer to the renewal of the novel.

Try the abyss from his field of vision for a couple of weeks. Try not to go to social networks, do not call him and do not write, do not ask questions about him to common friends. Ideally go on a tour. You need to put your thoughts in order, calm down, and improve your appearance. Even if the guy himself does not try to get in touch, no doubt he will be surprised at this behavior. Understand that your attention after the breakup will annoy him, but your detachment will undoubtedly interest him. On the day of your next conversation, the young man should see a well-groomed and self-confident girl in front of him, and not a confused and run-down sufferer.

Remember what you were like when he fell in love with you. What exactly attracted him then? Surely many of these qualities are lost or slightly altered, so if you want to remind him of his past feelings, then try to become like yourself.

Threw the guy herself - miss and want to return

Most likely, with this act you very hurt his pride. Perhaps the guy will be ready to return immediately after you hint that you want a reunion, but it is also possible that time is lost or his insult can be very strong, and you will have to try hard to resume the relationship.

To get started, call the chosen one for a frank conversation. Sincerely admit to him that you regret what you did, and you think you made a big mistake when you rejected him. Apologize to your beloved for the pain caused by his behavior. Be prepared for the fact that at first the guy will take your words without much enthusiasm, and will not be ready to immediately resume the broken relationship. Understand it, and give some time for reflection. Say that if you could take the time back, you would not do to him as before. Also inform that you are ready to make any decision. If you want to return the guy, in no case do not try to accuse him of leaving - in this way you can only reduce the chances of reunion.

What to do if he does not want to communicate and return relationships

No persuasion, let alone threats, can make the ex-boyfriend return to you. If he has no desire to communicate, then there is a serious reason for him. The best thing you can do so far is not to initiate contact with him so that all the negative emotions that you cause in him have time to “wipe” him.

In addition, disappearing from his life for a while (2-4 weeks) you will give him the opportunity to miss you. After this period, call him and ask if he does not want to meet for a friendly conversation. If a negative answer follows, then you need to pull yourself together, calmly say goodbye and no longer call, do not write to this young man, and do not look for meetings with him. Perhaps he himself will want to return you someday, and now you need to start living a new life. Switch to new hobbies, acquaintances, take care of yourself. Get better and one day a former young man will regret having lost you.

Anyway, you should not impose yourself on the guy. Think that this is not about the last man on Earth. There are people nearby who are of interest to you and who can make you happy. Believe that you are worthy of reciprocity, and most likely fate has prepared a wonderful gift for you, but you yourself are not able to accept it, clinging to the passing past.

Is it worth it to communicate online or by phone with the former

You shouldn’t name yourself and always be the first to write to a guy, but you need to support his initiative. True, here it is important not to overdo it. Answer calmly and in a friendly manner - message to message, not three messages for one. From time to time, you can take the first step yourself - for example, congratulate you on a big holiday. According to the guy, you will understand if he wants to communicate with you further.

In general, he should see that you do not spend days all day in VK. Live a real life, visiting your page on a social network only from time to time.

How to behave with him when meeting

First of all, you should be well-groomed, rested, positive. You don’t have to show the guy with your whole appearance that you aren’t getting enough nights because of a break with him. You should not arouse pity in the young man, but interest.

Imagine that in front of him is an unfamiliar girl. What do you think will make him wish for a closer acquaintance with her - a feeling of pity or any other emotions? You should proceed from the same considerations. Guys are attracted by their bright appearance, charisma, charm, sense of humor, positive mood, and your young man is certainly no exception.

Jealousy for other guys how it helps

Of course, you should not immediately after breaking up with a guy start a new relationship, especially if you want to return your former lover. However, he must understand that you are of interest to the opposite sex. If at this time you do not have real fans, then nothing prevents you from creating their appearance. Periodically, in a conversation with a guy or mutual friends, say that a new friend invites you to the cinema. You can also post a bouquet of flowers on your page on a social network - even one photo without any comments will be enough to provoke jealousy of the ex-boyfriend. Thus, his sense of ownership will leap up and the “hunting instinct” will turn on again.

Conspiracies and magic as a means of returning a guy

Some girls believe that magic can help them regain lost love. If you are one of them, then you can find a suitable conspiracy in the vastness of the Web. Please note that for some magic rituals you may need a picture of your lover. Try not to resort to the services of various "conspirators" who offer their services on the Internet - among them a large percentage of swindlers. Expect yourself to handle the ritual - as a rule, special sites dedicated to magic give very detailed instructions.

Typical mistakes of girls

1. Public suffering. Everyone understands that parting with a guy is not easy, but you should not demonstrate to him or your common friends the full power of your own suffering. Feeling guilty is unlikely to force the young man to return to you, but it may well cause irritation and subconsciously make you avoid. An exception is the situation when you yourself abandoned the guy, and now you want him to understand how you regret what happened.

2. Persecution. Endless calls, “random” meetings, messages in the VK, interrogations of mutual friends - all this must be stopped. The less a guy will hear about you, the more interest you will cause him - he will want to know how you are experiencing your break.

3. Intimacy without obligation. Some girls offer their ex-boyfriends to renew at least their intimacy for a while, arguing that they can’t change their new life so quickly. The guy may well agree to such an offer, and you will mistakenly believe that everything is getting better. Nevertheless, for the young man, as before, everything is finished until he says the opposite. It’s just that now in his life there is still non-binding sex. When you realize this, then you will be much more painful than if you broke up immediately.

4. Threats, bullying. Do not resort to threats of various kinds. Statements that you want to lay hands on yourself will look theatrical and will only convince the guy of the correctness of your separation. You also do not need to threaten the disclosure of his secrets - however that may be, this will be a dishonorable act.

5. Public criticism. The insult can be so strong that you want to throw it out - and if the offender is not nearby, then there is a desire to complain to other people. You can tell about your experiences only to a very close person who will support and comfort. General acquaintances do not need to know about your complaints. Everyone understands that the couple broke up and there is a wronged side - in this situation, you are it. It’s better to avoid talking about the ex-boyfriend altogether, saying that everything has already been decided and you don’t want to go deeper into this topic again.

6. Impatience. It seems to you that if you do not immediately begin to take any actions to return the guy, then time will be missed. You believe that if you do not begin to remind yourself almost daily, he will quickly switch to someone else. Be sure that after the relationship, even if you don’t get in touch for a month, the young man will remember you. Moreover, no matter how paradoxical this may sound, if you do not remind yourself, sooner or later he will want to find out how you are doing - at least out of curiosity.

7. New relationships. Wanting to arouse the jealousy of a young man and prove to him that they are interesting to other guys, some girls immediately after a breakup begin a new romance. Such a turn can only impress a very young guy - an adult will simply decide that the previous relationship did not have much value for you, and affirm that your break was the right decision.

8. Expensive gifts. Do you want to demonstrate to a guy how you can be caring and attentive to him so that he regrets your parting? Many girls go the same way, and begin to give ex-lovers expensive gifts for the holidays or, arguing that "just wanted". Note that a decent guy will not take an expensive thing from a girl with whom nothing connects him at all. If you do not want to be frankly used or do not want to put yourself in an awkward position, then do not give expensive gifts to a guy with whom you are not currently in a relationship.

5 steps to return a guy

1. Begin a gradual rapprochement with your former lover. Get ready for the fact that this can take more than one week. First, start periodically calling him or writing, but this should be very rare and exclusively on important issues. Gradually, the distance can be reduced. Call him once and say that you just wanted to know how he was doing. Note that you were not strangers to each other, and you think that there is nothing to worry about if you maintain a friendly relationship from time to time. Subsequently, sincerely show interest in his affairs and hobbies. Become a true friend to him who will always find words of support and comfort.

2. You can attract trusted common friends to the business who will not tell the guy about your plan. Ask them to organize a party where you two will be invited. You can also one company, which includes you and your ex-lover, get out for a concert or a movie theater.

3. Your ex-boyfriend should have only positive emotions from communicating with you. When meeting or correspondence, forget about complaints, grievances and evil jokes. Вы должны выглядеть позитивной и уверенной в себе девушкой, которая не живет обидами. Не стоит выяснять отношения – тем более, никаких отношений у вас уже и нет. Оставьте все непонимание и разочарование в прошлом.

4. Ваш внешний вид тоже должен быть на высоте. Если раньше вы не занимались спортом, то начните это делать сейчас. Change some details of the wardrobe, make a new haircut (consult the master first to be sure that the changes will suit you). If you had any problems with the skin, then consult a dermatologist. In general, take care of your appearance.

5. Arouse his interest in yourself. You can do this through social networks. It will be great if the guy sees that you have new interesting hobbies. Photos from the horse club, shooting gallery, dance studio - all this will show that you do not stand still and live a busy life. It will be interesting for a young man to “get to know” you again.

To get out of depression

Personal care and improving your appearance can not only contribute to the return of the guy, but also allow you to quickly get out of depression. When you see a well-groomed girl in the mirror, your mood will only improve.

New travel experiences. This is a very important point. Even if you don’t have a desire to leave home, and it seems to you that if you leave somewhere for at least a couple of days, something very important will happen during your absence, then you are simply trapping yourself. Your life is now more acute than ever, needs new colors, a change of scenery. Invite a friend on the trip. You will be able to discover something new, take many interesting photos and take your mind off current experiences.

New hobby. There are so many things in the world that you were not interested in before that you might never even know about. You can distract yourself and also become more interesting for other people by engaging in something fascinating and unusual. In each city, various courses and master classes are regularly held. Choose what intrigues you the most and sign up for the first lesson. You can pay attention to something that before you were not at all interested in - archery, tennis, Latin dances, painting lessons and much more.

Dating. Experiencing parting with a loved one, many girls ignore guys who want to get to know them. If you do not want the period of your suffering to drag on for several months, or even years, then let new people and other emotions enter your life. We are not talking about a serious relationship - make friendly contacts.

Think carefully, were your relationships so beautiful that it’s worth worrying about their end. Recognize that sooner or later you will meet another person whose dates you really care about. It may be hard to believe now, but one day a day will come when you will be glad that fate has divorced you from your ex-boyfriend. Now you mainly remember everything good that happened between you, but if everything was perfect, then parting would not have happened. Look at the situation realistically.

If you are haunted by obsessive thoughts about the return of the ex-boyfriend, then give yourself a certain reprieve. Allow the situation to develop without your participation, promise yourself that you will take active steps to return your lover exactly six months later, and for now, make every effort to make your chosen one more attractive and interesting by that time.

Do not lock yourself. A friend is calling you for a walk, but you don't want anything? Force yourself to get out of the house, and invite your friends to meetings yourself. You should have as little time as possible thinking about breaking up with a guy.

Do not imitate vigorous activity. You went once to an amusement park, posted a photo on a social network, and the rest of the time you stay at home and give in to suffering? You will not help yourself in any way with such “window dressing”. Change your life in fact, and then you can really forget about your suffering.

Don't live in the past - fix your eyes on the future. How many times have you made plans that were ultimately not implemented? Now you are experiencing a turning point in your life, and maybe it is from him that you should begin to build the future that you once dreamed about. Make an action plan for the next six months. You will be surprised to know how much you can do, change and learn in six months. It is possible that after this period you will become a completely different person - more happy and interesting. Your circle of acquaintances will expand significantly, and most likely you will not even think about returning the ex-boyfriend.