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How to launch Chinese sky lanterns - step by step instructions


Sky lanterns, airships of desires, Chinese lanterns - all this is the name of the same product, which, despite its considerable age, has become very popular today. Flying lanterns allow you to create a bright and beautiful holiday, so they are especially often used at weddings, romantic evenings, birthday parties, and so on. Despite all its simplicity, flashlights require more or less experienced handling at startup. Therefore, the following text is for those who want to learn how to properly launch flashlights.

To begin with, do not make flashlights yourself. At a minimum, they may not fly up. As a maximum - do not play with fire, in the literal sense. Moreover, any sky lantern store will provide you with a wide range and affordable prices. Shop flashlights are safe, reliable, so you can safely start them - the fire goes out long before the structure drops to the ground.

When taking the flashlight out of the package, be careful - the paper from which the dome is made is very thin, so it can tear. Therefore, you should have either glue stick or tape with which you can stick a torn place.

Do not start flashlights in strong winds. If the wind is small, it’s even good - then the lanterns will not only rise into the sky, but will also sway smoothly, which is very beautiful. But with a strong wind, the flashlight may fall on its side and catch fire. This is not scary, as it will quickly go out, but you want all the flashlights to fly as high as possible.

If you start a lot of flashlights, you need to try to start them at the same time - it turns out a very beautiful sight.

Where is the best way to launch wish airships? The best option is outside the city, but it is also possible within the city. The main thing is to find a free place, without trees, wires and other things.

It is recommended to launch airships of desires together. One person holds an airship, the other sets fire to the burner. The lighter must be kept at arm's length. You do not have to wait long - the air heats up in 1 minute, and your flashlight rushes up.

Before you start the flashlight, you can make an inscription on it. It can be a congratulation, or even your desire, or maybe just your name.

And the last piece of advice: flying flashlights is better to launch in the evening, after dark. During the day, airships also look good, but in the evening it is just an indescribable sight.

Instructions for launching sky lanterns:

1. Carefully unpack the sky lantern.
2. Expand the flashlight. Do it just as carefully so as not to tear the paper base.
3. Attach the burner to the flashlight. This is done using the wire that is on the burner.
4. Light the burner. The flashlight must be fully extended and upright. The burner should be from the bottom (closer to the ground).
5. While the burner is burning, heating the air inside the flashlight, hold the flashlight and wait a while until the air inside the flashlight heats up sufficiently so that it can fly freely.
6.Before releasing the sky lantern in free flight, raise it to the level of outstretched arms, higher from the ground. Slowly release the sky lantern.
7. Watch and enjoy the magical spectacle of flying.
As you know, it’s better to see once than hear a hundred times, so a simple video was shot for you about how sky lanterns are launched in real time.

Safety rules:

- Launch of the “Sky Lantern of Wishes” to be carried out only outdoors in open areas.
- The distance to the nearest buildings, trees, wires, power lines should be at least 200 meters.
- It is allowed to launch the “Sky Lantern of Wishes” if the wind speed does not exceed 3 m / s.
- It is not allowed to launch the “Sky Lantern of Desires” for persons under the age of majority.
- It is not allowed to launch the “Sky Lantern of Desires” closer than 15 km from the airports.
- Before launching the “Sky Lantern of Wishes” it is necessary to prepare fire extinguishing means.
- To light the burner of the “Sky wish lamp” should be a lighter or a match at arm's length. When igniting a burner, never lean over it.
- Do not disassemble or use the recycled Sky Lantern of Desires.
- Do not attempt to make a fuel for the burner and / or a burner for the “Sky wish lamp” yourself.
- If before starting you damaged the integrity of the dome of the “Sky Lantern of Wishes”, you can fix the hole yourself using adhesive tape or an adhesive pencil.
- Keep “Sky lamp of desires” should be in the original packaging in a dry place.

ATTENTION! Opening the package with the “Sky wish lamp”, you assume all responsibility for observing safety regulations and possible damage, fires and any other damage caused by the consequences of starting the flashlight.

Where can I run the "magic" balls

In search of a place where you can launch sky lanterns, you should give preference to open areas located away from residential buildings, the railway, the airport, power poles, hazardous facilities, gas stations. Where the launch will take place, there should be no strong wind (more than 5 m / s) or rain at this moment. It is also desirable that there are no flammable structures nearby - advertising banners, banners, garlands, wires. With caution, it is worth using flashlights during children's parties, in places of walking animals. Outside the city, you should not run it during a high risk of a forest fire, over fields of wheat or rye. The lanterns flying over the sea or river surface look very beautiful.

User's manual

  1. Take the product, take it out of the packaging, straighten.
  2. Holding the lower part of the structure with two hands, gently shake it several times so that the flashlight straightens and fills with air from the inside.
  3. Light the wick evenly, from all sides.
  4. When it starts to flare up a little, hold the flashlight closer to the ground with the open part down so that the heated air remains inside.
  5. The air inside the flashlight will heat up after 1-2 minutes. After that, take the flashlight by the lower part (the rim where the burner is attached), lift it up on outstretched arms and release it into free flight.

We hope that the instruction answered all the questions about how to launch a wish ball. Having acquired such balls, it is worth practicing at least once before the holiday to launch them. You can also familiarize yourself with the history of the appearance of flying air lanterns here.

Instructions for use

The consumer is responsible for the safe use of the Sky Lantern. The seller is not responsible for damage caused as a result of improper use of the product, or non-compliance with the operating instructions and safety precautions. Read the instructions carefully before use!

Sky Lantern Frequently Asked Questions

In order to protect yourself and your friends during startup and contact with flammable elements of Sky Lanterns, follow the safety rules and instructions. If there is a slight wind during the launch, determine its direction so that during the flight the Sky Lantern does not land on a house, dry forest or the territory of airports. In case you are planning a mass launch, notify the local fire department about this. Following all the stated rules and regulations, as well as safety precautions, you will get great pleasure from an unforgettable sight during the launch of Sky Lanterns. Always try to avoid a possible fire hazard. Please dispose of packaging material in designated areas.

1. Is permission to launch Flashlights required?

In most cases, this is not required, but you should contact the fire department to prevent unintentional arson.

Exception: within a radius of 15-20 km from national airports and / or 50 km from international airports (including airspace), the launch of Sky Lanterns is prohibited.

Important: The use of Sky Lanterns abroad must be approved by the country's security services. Consumer abroad is responsible for complying with safety standards in a given country.

2. How to choose the most suitable place to launch Sky Lanterns?

We recommend the use of Sky Lanterns in open space without various structures (power lines, trees and buildings). A cloudless sky is suitable for best visibility. Do not start near flammable gases or liquids.

3. What weather conditions are suitable for launch?

The best conditions are quiet weather with light wind. Wind speed should not exceed 3 - 5 m / s temperature mode: from -10 to 20 degrees Celsius (in some Sky Lanterns, the ability to start from -20 to 30 degrees Celsius is implemented) recommended humidity - no more than 40% at the time of the launch of the Sky Lantern due to the risk of a drift in the course of the flight.

4. How can one make a wish with the help of Sky Lanterns?

You can write your wish on a special sticker (if it is provided with a complete set of the Sky Flashlight) and gently attach it to the wire structure at the base of the Sky Flashlight without damaging the fuel element. Having flown into the sky, all your wishes will come true.

5. How high can the Sky Lantern rise in the air and for how long is it visible?

One Sky Flashlight can fly for 5-10 minutes in good weather and reach a height of 200-300 m. Factors such as the size of the Sky Flashlight, the size of the fuel cell, air temperature, temperature fluctuations at different altitudes, and the launch site (valley, affect the duration of the flight). , elevation, protection from the wind), wind speed.

6. What happens after complete combustion of a fuel element?

As soon as the fuel burns out completely, the Sky Lantern smoothly descends to the ground, no longer representing a fire threat.

The use of Sky Lanterns during rain is not recommended. Light rainfall / drizzle cannot interfere with the take-off of the Lantern, but with heavy rain it will be impossible.

The initial state of the Sky Lanterns and fuel cells cannot be modified or altered.

Sky Lanterns are made of biodegradable materials: rice paper, bamboo shell, which are processed in nature in a short period of time.

The launch of the Sky Lanterns SHOULD NOT be done by persons under the age of 18!

Instructions for preparing Sky Lights for launch - Please read carefully before using Sky Lights (see the figures below)

Carefully remove the Sky Lantern from its packaging and carefully straighten it.

Take out the fuel cell and attach it to the four ends of the wire at the base of the Sky Lantern.

Open the Sky Lantern fully and keep it straight. Use a lighter to light the fuel cell in several places to evenly fill the Sky Lantern with warm air. Make sure that the flame does not touch the paper.

The fuel cell should flare up enough for the Lantern to take off, filled with heated air. This requires 30 - 90 seconds. Then the Sky Lantern itself "asks for heaven."

Release the Sky Lantern with both hands, and then look up, enjoying the extraordinarily beautiful sight!

As for the Water Lanterns, the conditions for their launch are similar! Children are not allowed to run them on the water! Luminous Bags should also be used only by adults! Attention! Our products are not toys, so you need to be careful and careful when using them!