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Minecraft PE Rocket and Fireworks Guide


Previously, Minecraft PE had to install a huge number of mods for flying text, but today it’s enough to download Keyyard’s Floating Texts. He adds a new creature - a soaring text that can be easily transformed.

Summon a creature using a spawn egg or the / summon floating: text command in Minecraft PE.

Use a name tag on it containing the word you need.

You can destroy the inscription using the / kill command or using the block for barriers.

1. Download the mod with the extension .mcaddon
2. Then find it and run, thereby importing into the game
3. Open the game and go to the world settings
4. In the "Resource Sets" and "Add-ons" sections, select the imported resource packages (addon)
5. Reload the game Minecraft PE

How can I get an asterisk?

This item is responsible for the effect of the explosion, the color and shape of the fireworks itself. You can get it using a special craft, or inventory in creative mode, or in extreme cases through the / give command.

Craft stars are possible in two versions:

The material itself is created. Eight different dyes are added to the craft, and less can be. Then you need to add a gold bar, a feather, a head and a ball of fire to give the explosion a shape.

Below are all types of craft:

In addition to crafting, diamond and black dust can be added. Diamond intensifies the explosion, and light dust will make the fireworks flicker. But the order of installation of objects in the cells is important.

Do not rush to craft them individually, because the light dust and diamond can be combined, thereby creating an asterisk with flickering and following.

The second type of craft is precisely the addition of colors. When the rocket is already going out. To do this, you will need one star and 8 different dyes, as little as possible. The craft itself should look something like this:

How to craft and get a rocket?

This is the final stage of crafting, it remains only to make a rocket. To do this, use paper, gunpowder and an asterisk. Put objects on a special device, in our case a workbench.

The screenshot shows what ended up with the author, who crafted an asterisk consisting of a red dye, a creeper head, and the fading effect:

Flight duration can be adjusted. You just need to add even more gunpowder while crafting a rocket. By installing more gunpowder, the rocket will be in the air longer.

Also, you can add even more colors to the fireworks.

It is in your power to experiment and create unique shapes and colors of fireworks.

How to fly fast with a rocket?

A rocket can be used not only to create fireworks, but also in order to increase the speed of flight with the help of elytra. Be sure to use an empty rocket, without stars, otherwise it will explode.

Put on your elytra and climb higher. Next, jump and click on the elytra activation. When the flight has begun, you can activate the fireworks themselves, thereby speeding up your flight.

How to get elytra?

Elytra can be found on each of the airships of the Krai cities in the dimension Edge. At the moment, this is the only honest way to get elytra.

To get to the city of Krai, you first have to defeat the Dragon of Krai and only then it will be possible to get into the city. If you are ready to overcome all these difficulties, then do not forget to bring equipment, as well as a few eyes of the Edge.

The elytra in the airship hangs in a frame, but before that there will be a shalker on your way, which you will need to kill.

If you want to quickly get elytra, then use the command / give @p elytra 1.

How to use elytra?

First you need to wear them. This is done in the same way as with armor.

Now climb somewhere higher and jump off a cliff. To activate the elite, you only need to press the jump button once and you will automatically turn on flight mode.