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Self-study posture: how to sit, walk and stand


Hello dear friends!

Have you ever thought about how strongly the image and appearance affect the conformity of our profession, character and general message to the masses?

And what, in fact, is considered to be the right image? For me personally, this is a holistic image of a successful person. It is formed thanks to the correct manner of conversation, well-chosen clothes, gestures, a combination of personal and professional qualities, emphasized by the correct stance.

How to stand? After all, the success of the future, along with an excellent career, depends on how brightly and comprehensively a person is able to demonstrate his own confidence.

Thanks to the beautiful stance, the individual that met you for the first time may have a first impression of the opponent as a person. I want to note: in your hands to do so that this impression is positive and at the right time plays a positive role for the further development of dating.

Alas, the events of life do not always add up in such a way that the situation when you need to make an indelible impression is dominant. Therefore, it is worth considering in advance that the ability to stand correctly plays into your hands everywhere and always, as an integral part of a healthy habit.

I want to draw your attention to some feature. A stable stand on the surface of the Earth is not only a part of the image or a beautiful picture, but a chance to demonstrate your inner wealth, personal qualities and self-confidence to the outside world.

Why is it necessary to stand correctly?

You can try to highlight a list of reasons or conditions due to which a harmonious personality will increase its chances to be realized. This includes the issue of a successful career and promotion:

  • often the first impression plays a decisive role in the selection of a candidate,
  • an outstanding stand is able to distinguish a person from the crowd,
  • when a person is standing upright and confident, this “gesture” has a strong influence on people making important decisions,
  • speech always sounds more convincing from the mouth of an individual holding his back straight,
  • proper standing allows you to emphasize your active intention and desire to achieve more,
  • good posture is the key to good health.

Remember how to stand correctly

Take a close look at the individuals around you. You probably could note that all of them strive to put their loin on a horizontal surface as soon as possible?

This is especially pronounced in vehicles, lines, and even in a night club. And why? The answer is simple! They have forgotten how to stand beautifully and correctly. As a result, the muscles of the body in the upright position of the whole organism begin to treacherously hum and pull in unexpected places. What to do in this case?

Find the balance

You need to stand shoulder width apart without bending your legs. Tilt your upper body (entire body) slightly forward to feel the weight on your toes.

After, transfer the sensation to the heels with the help of the reverse deflection of the body. And then find the optimal balance in order to feel the weight of the body evenly and distinctly between the two poses.

As a result, you get the following picture: the pelvis and hips are advanced slightly forward, and the body compensates for the load with the shoulders laid back. Remember this feeling, because directly in this position the spine safely supports the weight of the accumulated

Shoulder and chin control

It is worth paying more attention not only to the back, but also to the shoulders. When a person tries to straighten, he automatically wants to push his shoulders back, "lifting them up," thereby pushing the chest inward.

This feature I often observe in girls with a voluminous bust. Due to the numerous complexes regarding the size, they can further strain the back using the above feature.

I advise you not to lower your head down and not to press the chin to the collarbone. And turning your shoulders back, make sure that they are maximally lowered to the bottom.

How to do it? Tighten your arms and align them at your elbows along your body. Gather your fingers in a fist and “point” it up, pressing your hands to the floor. Having felt the tension, practice an exercise in which the lifting of the shoulders alternates with their maximum drooping.

Diagnose your ability to walk, stand or sit

To decide what to learn while sitting or walking, observe yourself and write down your observations. Put a chair in front of the mirror and start reading the book, then distract from reading and look at yourself in the mirror, it will immediately become clear how to sit and what you are doing wrong.

Remember that health problems begin first of all from the wrong lifestyle and bad habits. And incorrect posture and inability to walk and sit are precisely the pests of your health.

Give up “hands in pockets”

Especially for men, I would like to address this advice. Do not keep your hands in your pockets! This forces your back to stoop to reach the hidden section in your trousers.

In addition, being indoors, it does not look quite aesthetically pleasing. Sign language implies by this habit the desire to hide their intentions, excessive excitement and incompetence, along with closeness and low level of intelligence.

How to sit so that your back does not hurt

How to sit properly so that your back and head do not hurt, we will consider in Figure 1. Too sitting up straight, pushing the chest forward and holding your arms and head straight, is just as harmful as stooping and putting your foot on your foot. Figure 1 shows three poses: a, b, c.

Pose B is considered optimal and correct, because it is the middle ground between Poses A and B. Pose B shows how to sit properly. The back should be straight, without tension, the legs are completely flat on the floor, pressing the feet to the floor completely, the head and neck are straight. Shoulders turned back, maximally lowered.

While reading and working behind a computer monitor, do not bend your head or slouch, keep your legs straight, hands on both sides of the keyboard. The gaze should be straight, to do this, properly direct the monitor to eye level. If you have to print and read for a long time, then the monitor should be directed so that the head does not carry the weight up or down.

The head should remain straight, and only the eye can move, moving from the keyboard to the monitor. You can’t sit with your legs crossed - this situation negatively affects blood circulation and blood vessels. People who like to sit cross-legged develop thrombosis and increase the chances of a heart attack.

Tighten your muscles

If you need to spend too long a time in the position of a tin soldier, then I would advise you to strain your abs and buttocks. Thus, you will be able to reduce pressure on the spine and avoid traumatic fatigue.

In the case of the appearance of a support in the form of a tribune, table or wall, put the non-supporting leg on the support, transferring the body weight. Be sure to change your legs at least once every 15 minutes.

How to walk and stand

Walking and standing so as not to constantly think about the desire to sit down can be based on recommendations on how to sit properly. The ability to walk and stand is based on the correct distribution of body weight on the legs. Not on one leg, or on heels with socks. Find your balance to be comfortable and stand and walk. Feet should be shoulder width apart if wider, feet will become tired, if already, your back will hurt.

Distribute the severity between the three reference points: thumb, little finger, heel. Keep your feet parallel. The chest is located above the pelvis, the head is straight, the shoulders are not pinched. Look straight ahead in front of you, not down. To walk correctly is the same skill that is necessary, how to sit correctly. Developing the habit of correct posture not only when sitting, but also when walking, the load will not be so great, and the painful sensations will pass a little, leaving only a beautiful and graceful gait.

You should walk correctly gently and smoothly, take medium-sized steps, while starting from the heel and slowly rolling onto the toe. The leg remains bent, the one that takes the step, the leg that you rest on, should be straight.

The key to the ability to sit or walk, stand, lies in self-control and habit. Rebuild your skills slowly so that the body does not receive a heavy load. Correct yourself slowly.

Beautiful posture

Correct posture in this position of the body plays one of the main roles of a healthy back. In her competence to provide a general, tonic effect on the entire human body, strengthening the mood and raising well-being.

I suggest you check how efficient your back is!

  • Stand near the wall and press against it with buttocks, heels, shoulder blades and the back of the head,
  • try to stretch as far as possible in this position, and then relax,
  • take your shoulders back, follow the chin and head (do not lower too down, but do not tilt up),
  • strive to maintain a sense of yourself as a flat reed when moving or in a static body position.

Poses for a successful person

The essence of poses for a successful person is distinguished by a confident stance with an unbending posture. At the same time, I recommend that you play with your mind one entertaining game.

Imagine that you are constantly being shot by a hidden camera. Calmly, you do not need to develop paranoia. Just convince yourself that the camera cannot write sound, it only watches your poses.

Focus on how to look dignified and most vividly demonstrate your most successful camera angles and skills.

Psychologically powerful postures

  • Put your hands on your hips while standing,
  • throw your hands behind your head and lean back in a chair with your whole back,
  • spread your arms as wide as possible, laying them on the table with palms down at the time of the presentation or dialogue,
  • legs spread shoulder-width apart, socks directed straight ahead, in the hands of a pen or gadget,
  • hands behind your back.

Friends, on this I will end today's thought.

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