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Do-it-yourself laptop How to assemble a laptop from accessories


Recently, more and more owners of personal computers and laptops are paying attention to the fact that modern gadgets do not always meet individual requirements: there is not enough hard disk space, RAM is too small, the video card can not cope with the load of the most interesting games, cooling does not give visible results etc.

At such moments, many people think about how to replace unsuitable parts with more hardy ones. But this, of course, is becoming an expensive pleasure. PC owners have long solved this problem: everything is replaced in the old case. Technicians assemble computers from suitable components. It is enough for them to choose the right motherboard and central processor, and then the matter is behind financial capabilities. But if everything is clear with a PC, then how to assemble the laptop yourself from the accessories?

All PC components fit easily into the case, but you will have to tinker with the assembly of the laptop with your own hands. All components can be divided into two categories:

  • The main ones, without which the device will not turn on.
  • Minor ones that do not affect the performance of the device.

Motherboard and cpu

First of all, before you assemble the laptop yourself from the components, you should raise the issue of the motherboard and processor. First you need to determine the type of central device. On the manufacturer's website you can find several different modifications of the same processor. To select the characteristics is according to the following requirements: frequency, number of cores, maximum memory, etc. You also need to find out which socket the processor has and, starting from this information, choose the motherboard. It is worth noting that some motherboards are not equipped with additional space for a video card, but only work with an integrated one. In this case, they are not suitable for gamers.

Video card

Answering the question of how to assemble a laptop yourself from the components, it is impossible to bypass the video card. Like a motherboard and a central processor, this component is basic to a laptop. At the moment, nVIDIA devices are considered to be one of the best video chips. The flagships of this manufacturer meet the requirements of even the most modern gamers. On the company's official website, it is easy to find and download drivers for the selected video chip.

But you should not rush to the choice. First you have to check whether the motherboard supports this device. It is enough to add the model of the motherboard and the video chip to the search engine.


Many service center employees or self-taught engineers can devote hours to explaining the importance of RAM. A damaged strip will prevent the processor and system from starting up. In the matter of how to assemble a laptop yourself from the components, it is important not only to choose the right RAM, but also to determine its volume.

This choice is based on the characteristics of the central processor and the information stated on the official website. For example, with support for DDR4 memory and up to 8 GB, you can set DDR3 to 16 GB. The laptop will work, but incorrectly. In order to assemble a laptop qualitatively from components, you will need to find out the frequency of RAM that the processor supports. For example, 1600 MHz. When choosing a memory bar in 1333 MHz, it will work at its full frequency. But if the frequency is higher (for example, 1866), then the extra 226 MHz will not be involved.

Next, you need to find out how many slots for RAM are located on the motherboard: one or two. How much the planks will have depends on their quantity. If the processor supports 16 GB of RAM, and the motherboard has two slots, then you can purchase two 8 GB strips or one 16 GB, leaving room for expansion.


There is a lot of information on how to assemble a laptop from components. And everywhere contains data about the cooling system. This type of component also belongs to the main, as it helps protect the laptop from overheating. Experts advise using cooling systems that were specifically designed for the selected motherboard. Then all fastenings and branches exactly match.


Although the hard disk is one of the main elements that will help resolve the issue of how to assemble a laptop from components, the advice of specialists comes down to one thing: the volume and manufacturer are selected individually. For faster startup and responsiveness of programs and the operating system, it is better to give preference to solid-state drives (SSD). However, the price for them is much higher than for ordinary hard drives (HDD).

Display and matrix

When the question of how to assemble a laptop from components is almost resolved, the instruction gives an item: matrix. It must be selected so that it matches the connector on the motherboard. Sometimes the matrix can be sold with the cover, then it is worth considering the location of the mounts on the case.

Particular attention should be paid to the technology according to which the display is made: TN or IPS. The first is currently considered very outdated: poor color rendering and small viewing angles do not allow you to enjoy the picture. IPS, although it costs more, will allow you to watch your favorite movies and TV shows from any angle.

One of the main rules when choosing a case - its size must be equal to or greater than the size of the motherboard. Also, when choosing, it is worth paying attention to the number of connectors for USB, audio outputs, HDMI, etc. The case of the future laptop should not be less than the diameter of the display. Users can also choose the material of which the body is made: plastic or metal.

Minor Components

Choosing the rest of the components is much easier. The keyboard and touchpad are equipped with identical connectors, it remains to determine only the size. The battery is selected simply: either designed for the motherboard, or an analog with equal or greater capacity. The charger is selected depending on the battery output.

To add a drive or not is the choice of each user. However, disks are used less and less, and the freed up space can be redone for an additional hard drive. Interfaces for Wi-Fi and Bluetooth are often integrated directly into the motherboard, but if not, then the problem is easily solved with the help of adapters.

Display, matrix

You can choose any matrix for the display, the main thing is that the connector on the board matches. Any universal matrix that can be purchased separately, or with a laptop cover, is suitable, but in this case, it should be ensured that the mounting holes on the case coincide. The main parameters that you should pay attention to are the display technology. There are two main ones - these are TN and IPS.

In short, TN is the oldest production process, with the worst color rendering. The quality of the picture depends on the angle from which to look at it, therefore, a minimum of distortion can be obtained if you look directly, without any special deviations of the head relative to the center.

IPS is practically independent and is not distorted by the viewing angle, color reproduction is much better, but it is more expensive. This type of matrix is ​​used in laptops, monitors, televisions and so on, the middle and even higher segment.

In the professional, they usually use a different technology, but this is a completely different story.

The only problem that may be encountered is if the matrix refuses to work, which happens quite rarely. Some manufacturers do this by intentionally checking through the BIOS, but universal matrices are universal, which is suitable in 90% of cases. If you are afraid of incompatibility, then you can also buy a matrix for the laptop from which the motherboard was taken.

The case must be no less than that used for the laptop, from which the board is taken. No less than the selected diagonal of the display and it is desirable, but not necessary, that the power button is located on the same side. For example, the original size was 15 inches, you decided to put the display 17, so you need a case for 17 inches. If you do the opposite, the board may not fit inside the case.

The keyboard and trackpad usually have standard connectors for connecting, any that fit in the case will do.

The battery can be purchased the same as the donor of the board, but any analogue will do, it will work just a little, no worse, and maybe even better if the battery capacity is greater. For reliability, we look for the battery from the donor and see what voltage and capacitance are written, after which we get with the same voltage, the capacity can be any. The more, the better for battery life.

The charger is selected based on the board and battery. It is possible to start a laptop without a battery, it is enough to have a charger with a power supply.

Optional components

Today, disco input is not a standard or mandatory component, since its popularity is gradually disappearing from year to year. There are two main types of SATA and IDE connections. If the motherboard is newer than 2007-2008, then SATA is used. Another difference is the thickness of 7mm, or 9mm. A seal is usually included with a 7mm kit if it turns out that 9 is required.

Conclusions and Caution

In this article, for informational purposes, the theoretical part of assembling a laptop from components was considered. This material is not detailed, or an example of assembly. Any attempts to implement the foregoing are made at your own peril and risk, excluding any responsibility of the author. The purpose of the material is to talk about the fact that it is theoretically possible to independently assemble not only the system unit, but also the laptop.

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