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How to determine the size of a bra


Manufacturers of underwear quite difficult to label their products. As practice shows, even the fairer sex is not always able to understand how to correctly determine the size of a bra. Many are used to measuring breast size with a centimeter. For example, 80 cm is only the volume of the chest. If you say so when buying linen, the seller will be confused. It will be more understandable if the buyer asks for linen for a third breast size. Now the main thing remains - to correctly understand what your breast size is. Here you need to understand how the numbering of the female breast corresponds to the volume in centimeters.

When buying a bra, you need to make sure that the new thing does not squeeze the chest and sit comfortably enough. After putting it on, check if it is constraining your movements. Of course, experts say that it is better to purchase original underwear of well-known brands. As a rule, such things differ not only in design, but also are more comfortable. A properly selected bra will not only be comfortable and beautiful. He also takes care of the health of its owner.

How to determine breast size?

To accurately determine your breast size, you will need a sewing centimeter. Use it to take two measurements.

First you need to determine the chest circumference. To do this, determine the most convex points of the bust. It should be noted that the measurements should take place in a bra that sits well. Moreover, it should not have any foam inserts.

The second necessary measure is the girth under the chest. It is measured by the lower points of the worn bra. It should be remembered that the centimeter does not need to be tightened too much.

Thanks to such measurements, you can determine the size of the required cups as accurately as possible. It must be remembered that an incorrectly selected bra will not adorn its owner at all. Quite often, the lower bones can rise, pressing on the chest. In some cases, the breasts may simply fall out, giving an unaesthetic look. In addition, more serious problems may arise. For example, excessive pressure causes circulatory disorders. Of course, this affects the health of the mammary glands negatively.

In order not to get confused, the results can be recorded. Next, you need to do the calculations. For proper calculations, you will need to subtract the number obtained by measuring the girth under the chest from the larger figure indicating the chest circumference.

Bra Size Charts

It must be said that the above data is for general information only. Modern women do not need to perform such complex procedures. After all, special tables will help to correctly determine your size and not get confused. Today, almost all online stores specializing in the sale of underwear, offer the use of calculators. They are presented in the form of a program into which you must enter all your data. The system analyzes the entered parameters on its own, giving you an answer.

But at the same time, do not forget that the correctness of taking measurements provides results that are as close as possible to reality. In addition, you need to remember that there are other ways to calculate the size of the breast. Not only numbers, but also letters can be printed on bra labels. It all depends on the country of manufacture.

First you need to determine the size under the chest. Measurements must be taken using the same sewing centimeter. At the same time, do not forget that he should be in close contact with the body. Using such a measurement system, the table will be a great helper.

Difference (cm)10-1112-1314-1516-1718-1920-2122-23
Your size0123456

Also, for greater convenience, it is recommended that you familiarize yourself with the table from which you will learn how bras are denoted by letters. For example, the Latin letter "B" means everyone understands the second size.

Your size0123456

Breast size chart

Girth under the chest, cm

Chest circumference, cm

Chest circumference, cm

Chest circumference, cm

Chest circumference, cm

Chest circumference, cm

Chest circumference, cm

Chest circumference, cm

Surely many women know that various Internet calculators and tables, no matter how accurate they may be, may give some deviations. That is why, the most correct result will be only if the linen will be tried on personally. Only putting a bra on yourself, you can determine how correctly it repeats the shape of the chest. You need to understand that every woman has different proportions, and such an intimate piece of clothing is sewn according to some specific pattern. So it turns out that you can evaluate a new acquisition only after trying on. It is noteworthy that most women are not able to accurately determine the size of their breasts. So, they often answer slurred and uncertainly when asked about the size of the bust.

Corresponding sizes of bras in Europe and Russia

When buying a bra of European manufacturers, the main thing that you should pay attention to is a different way of determining the size. For example, in France or Italy, the difference in breast measurements should be divided by 6. The figure obtained by simple calculations is considered the size of the breast. Quite often this is true in cases where linen has to be ordered from a distance. When there is no way to measure the product, you have to use similar methods.

651808030308 7028585323210 7539090343412 8049595363614 855100100383816 906105105404018 957110110424220 1008115115444422 1059120120464624 11010125125484826 11511130130505028 12012135135525230

It is recommended that you carefully study the rules for measuring breasts for manufacturers of a particular country. In practice, it has been proven that it is better to spend some time measuring the breast than then suffer for a long time. In addition, the average consumer will no longer have to rely on the professionalism of consultants.

It is quite difficult to determine the size of the breast when underwear is purchased as a gift for someone from friends. As often happens, men are simply not able to choose the right bra size without the presence of their girlfriend. Sometimes it comes to funny when in the ladies' world men are trying to visually show what kind of breasts the future owner of underwear has.

Some stores offer breast sizing using pictures. Although it must be said that this option is obsolete, it is not always accurate. If a bra is purchased as a gift, you can see the label on your lady’s underwear. In extreme cases, the size of her outerwear is suitable. This data will help the seller better understand what you need. It should be understood that the eye can fail here. Therefore, do not buy linen at random. To do this, it is enough to try a little. It must be remembered that a mistake can even spoil a gift, even a few centimeters.

How to determine the size of the chest on the eye

As a rule, when choosing a bra as a gift for many men, it is quite difficult to correctly indicate the size of the chest of their passion. However, there are methods that allow you to determine the size, so to speak, of the eye. So, visiting a lingerie store, a man can use three methods to make a successful purchase. Although difficult, it is still possible to determine the size of the breast visually. You can also do this with your hands. The easiest way is to view the tag on a bra that your woman is already using. Visually, a man can determine the desired size when underwear is put on a mannequin. You can also find in the store a woman whose size is about the same as yours. In this case, the seller will determine the size you need. To measure using your hands, you need to determine how easily the female breast fits in your palm. Depending on this, you can quickly determine the size of the cups.

It must be said that these are extreme measures by which a man can try to pick up a bra without the presence of his lady. Although practice shows that experienced sellers accurately select clothes for such customers.

Volume recommendations

In order for the intimate part of the women's wardrobe to sit flawlessly, consider the recommendations below.

  • Choose a bra so that there is no empty space in the cups. At the same time, they should not squeeze the bust excessively.
  • Make sure that the harness does not cause discomfort: do not fall off and do not crash into the shoulders.
  • A strip of tissue covering the chest should fit snugly against the body.
  • The connecting part between the cups should be located strictly in the middle of the bra, and the cups themselves should be equidistant from each other.

Remember: incorrect measurements of volumes can lead to the fact that for many years you will buy the wrong underwear, thereby harming your body and forming an irregular chest shape. Therefore, making measurements, adhere to certain rules. Take measurements in the middle of the menstrual cycle. Under the influence of certain hormones, the size of the breast during the month may vary slightly. In order not to be mistaken in size, you should take the averages as a constant. The size of the bust should be measured in a standing position. Take measurements on the exhale and several times to eliminate errors and inaccuracies.

Chest Girth

For measurements, you will need a centimeter tape. If you worry that you cannot handle it yourself, ask someone to help you. Although the procedure is so simple that outside help is unlikely to be needed. Attach the tape under your chest so that it fits snugly against your body. Take measurements and memorize indicators. For accuracy, repeat the procedure.

If the result does not show an integer, round it. Use the table to determine the size.

Your indicator (cm)

Rounded standard size (cm)

Cup size

To correctly determine the size of the bra cups, measurements should be made on the protruding points of the chest. For accuracy, lower your hands down. Do not pull the tape too much. Make sure that she fits the body a little loose. On how correctly you take measurements, it depends on whether your breasts will be comfortable in a bra. Too large a cup will not fix the chest, and it will fall out of a small cup.

When determining the size of the bra cup, pay attention to the marking. Typically, manufacturers designate this value with the letters of the Latin alphabet. However, in rare cases they can be marked with numbers. Cup size is calculated from the difference between the circumference under the chest and the circumference of the chest. For example, if your chest circumference is 93 cm, and the measurements under your chest show 81 cm, the cup size will be 12 cm. Which letter or number corresponds to this figure, you can find out by reading the table.

The difference between the volumes (cm)

Digital marking

Letter marking

European standards

Before ordering a bra abroad, it is worth considering that they have their own labeling rules. For example, Russian and Belarusian sizes are similar to French and Spanish. However, if you decide to buy underwear from American and British manufacturers, they will have a different label. Therefore, if you order a bra on the official website of branded lingerie (Prima Donna, Victoria’s Secret, Incanto, etc.), be careful and not be mistaken in size.

Matching table of cups in different countries.

Russian marking

Italian and Australian marking

American and British marking

E - UK, DDD or E - USA

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Bra Size Chart for Different Countries

It should be remembered that for some European countries, such as Italy or the Netherlands, the size is indicated by the numbers from 1 to 12. In Australia, the countdown starts from the 8th size and ends with the 30th (the step between the sizes is 2 cm). Corsetry of Ukrainian, American and English manufacturers starts from the 30th size (the pitch is also 2 cm).

Correspondence table under the chest.

Russia, Belarus, Germany


Great Britain, USA, Ukraine

France, Spain

Let's look at an example of how to determine the size of a bra. After measurements under the breast, you recorded 78 cm. The index of chest circumference was 96 cm. From the table above we see that your measurements correspond to the standard marking 80. Now we calculate the difference between the volumes and find out the cup size: 96 - 78 = 16 cm. From the table it follows that these indicators correspond to marking C (third breast size). Therefore, you need to pick up a 80C bra.

It remains to find and remember the conformity of sizes in different countries, so that when buying imported linen you always have a clear idea of ​​which size to choose. For example, among Italian brands, a 4C bra will suit you, American products will be labeled 36C, and French underwear should be chosen 95C.

Parallel Bras

Sometimes it may happen that your size is not there. Or you decide to change the manufacturer, and the usual size does not sit as good as we would like. In any case, do not be upset ahead of time. Try on the so-called parallel dimensions. For example, if you used to always buy a 75B, now try to choose a model with a smaller volume under your chest and a slightly larger cup - 70C. Or vice versa, choose the option with a smaller cup and a large girth - 80A.

If you know how to determine the size of a bra, you can accurately select comfortable and attractive lingerie even without trying on. Remember: if all measurements are carried out correctly, choosing a bra will not cause trouble and will turn into a pleasant pastime.

How to find out what breast size (how to measure)

The first thing to do in order to determine the size of the bra according to the table, thisfind out the most basic parameter - breast size. We will build on it. And alphanumeric designations of the size differ from different manufacturers. We will return to them later.

Measurements are carried out by a tailor centimeter tape. We measure the girth under the chest and the girth at the most prominent points of the chest. Moreover, first put on a bra that sits perfectly on you, but it should be without increasing tabs.

To determine the size of the bra according to the table, you should familiarize yourself with the alphanumeric Latin designations.

Interesting fact! It is better to entrust the measurements to any of the relatives, so that "accidentally" do not add yourself a couple of extra centimeters.

You must do the following:

  1. At first measure the girth under the chest. The tape should fit well to the body, so that the purchased bra would not slip later.
  2. Measuring the chest, the tape, on the contrary, does not tightenso that the new thing does not squeeze the chest and is not cramped.

Follow a few simple rules when measuring:

  • stand with your back straight and arms down
  • the centimeter tape should be parallel to the floor,
  • girth under the chest is measured as you exhale.

Measurement result memorize or write down, these numbers will allow you to determine the size of the bra and European, and Russian production.

We will talk more about this in the next section.

How to determine the size of bras by letters and numbers (what are the sizes)

Even if you don’t know anything about the alphanumeric designations for bra sizes, you must have heard that breasts are 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and more.

But in most cases, size is indicated by a combination of a number and a letter of the Latin alphabet. The larger the number and the further the letter is located from the beginning of the alphabet, the larger the size of the bra, i.e. 80C bra is larger in all respects than a 75A bra. And here, let's understand.

70, 75, 80, 85, 90 in the size of a bra - this is what size

If you meet these numbers on a bra tag, most likely you have a bra of Russian, Belarusian or German manufacture. It is the manufacturers of these countries that use them to indicate sizes.

They note nothing more than a girth under the chest. Everything seems to be clear, but the girth will not necessarily be 75 or 80 cm, it may well turn out to be 73 or 82 cm. What then should be done?

Bra size - how to determine: a table will help you make the right choice.

Everything is simple. The figure in size corresponds to a girth of +/– 2 cm, and this means that size 75 is suitable for women with a girth of 73 to 77 cm. Have you noticed several fasteners on a bra? Here they are just what allows you to adjust the linen in size.

AA, A, B, C, D The size of the bra cups (bra) is what size

When determining the size of a bra cup, you will need to perform simple mathematical operations: subtract the girth under the chest from the chest circumference. The resulting number determines the size of the bra cup. Generally use letter designations from A to H.

If the difference is less than 10–11 cm, then the cup size is AA or 0if 12–14, then A or 1, if 15–16, then B or 2 and so on with a tolerance of 2 cm.

How to find out what size of bra (bra) I wear

If you have a bra that sits well on you, but you don’t know what size it is, do not suffer and do not measure it, it is better to use the above instructions.

A girl with large breasts will most likely need not only an ordinary bra, but also a sports-type bra, which is very convenient in everyday wear.

The fact is that in the process of wearing the bra could stretch out, take the shape of your body. Not the fact that a new bra of this size will also sit well. In addition, there is a great risk of making an error in the measurements.

How to correctly determine and choose the size of a cup of a bra - choose a bra so that it is sized: correspondence table

Using the above instructions, you can already make the right choice.

However, there is an important feature that should be considered if there is an opportunity to try on a bra:

  1. Adjacent sizes that differ in one of the parameters - girth under the chest or cup size. For example, if your size is 75B, and it seems to be sitting well, but you have to tighten the straps so that the cups hold your chest well, measure the size 75A, maybe it will sit better. If the bra is a bit tight, try on a size 75C. The fact is that, due to the features of the cut, the same size will “play” in different ways.
  2. Parallel dimensions. Sizes 75B, 70C, 80A are interchangeable.

Note! A large cup compensates for the smaller size of the bra belt, and vice versa. Therefore, choosing a bra in the store where you can try on underwear, try on a couple more bras of parallel sizes.

How to choose large bras

First, you need to come to terms with the fact that the chest is really big and not try to psychologically hide it, choosing a wide belt and a small cup - it will be awful to sit.

Secondly, having decided on the size, choose a bra of a special cut:

  1. With wide straps. Such a model will look proportionate, and it will be much better to hold the chest.
  2. With bones. For a large breast, this is a prerequisite if there are no contraindications. After all, the bones support the breast, give it a shape.
  3. With a few hooks at the back. The belt should hold well, and if there is one hook in the back, you should not count on it.

Note! Some companies specifically produce models for busty girls, such bras may be marked “full busted”. They differ in a relatively small belt and a large cup, while taking into account the anatomical features of the figure.

When choosing European-made underwear, you should also know alternative options for your size.

A girl with large breasts will most likely need not only an ordinary bra, but also a sports-type bra, which is very convenient in everyday wear.

How to choose a large size sports bra

If we are talking about fitness, dancing, jogging, then a sports bra is a must. This type of bra provides support and pushes the chest against the chest. If the size is very large, you must choose sportswear with a division into cups.

It provides better fixation. Look at the straps when trying on, they should not crash, and this is ensured by the sufficient width and softness of the fabric. The strip of tissue under the chest should be wide.

Bra Size Chart - Russia

In the article we gave instructions on determining the size by letters and numbers for bras of Russian, Belarusian and German production.

Below is a complete table of alphanumeric designations:

Bra Cup Size: Aliexpress Table

You have already learned how to determine your parameters according to the instructions, but to order the appropriate size underwear on Aliexpress, this is not enough. Even the size chart is not a guarantee. Chinese bras are small.

Most likely you you should purchase a bra larger than yours. In order not to be mistaken for sure, enter into correspondence with the seller and indicate your exact parameters.

Faberlic Bra Size Chart

Faberlic catalogs feature a proprietary size chart. With its help, it is easy to determine, knowing the girth of the chest and under the chest. The notation is familiar. but sizes of pitted models are indicated by the letters: S, M, L, and compliance is determined by a separate table.

Sizes of small and large sizes Milavitsa bras - tables

The designations of the sizes of Milavits bras also have a familiar appearance. To find your size, use the table.

Your bra size is determined by just two parameters. However, cut and fabric sometimes slightly resize to a greater or lesser extent. In addition, when choosing European-made underwear, you should also know alternative options for your size.

Rules and Features

There are several general rules that must be observed when taking breast sizes:

  • the mammary glands tend to increase on certain days of the menstrual cycle, so the optimal period in order to determine its size is the middle of the cycle, when the bust is in normal condition,
  • measurements must be carried out by exhaling air,
  • keep your back straight, straighten your shoulders,
  • better to measure 2 or 3 times.

Perfectly fitting bra should fit to the body, but not crush it, deeply digging into the skin.

You can determine the ideal fit if you fasten the strip on the last hook, then put 2 fingers between it and the body. If they are too loose or do not fit, then the size is chosen incorrectly.

The bra cup must be fully filled to prevent the bust from protruding over the underwear.

If the straps fall off your shoulders - a bra is not suitable.

Sometimes there are special cases, and they have a direct impact on the choice of size and the correct selection of a bra.

Women who have breasts of different shapes or sizes should make a choice in the direction of classic models with a dense cup that can hold their shape. The difference in size is regulated with the help of special linings in a looser cup; they can be made of silicone or foam rubber (it is these materials that hold the shape best).

Adjacent Sizing

There is also the concept of contiguous dimensions, which is based on the replacement of a suitable one by standing next to the dimension line. This is very convenient when there is a fluctuation in the weight or volume of the chest.

The principle of selecting a parallel size - let's say the required size is 80C, then 75D and 85V will be considered adjacent.

They are determined by reducing the length of the belt or increasing the volume of the cup. The difference is reduced due to the fact that each bra has several fasteners that allow you to adjust the size.

Parallel Size Chart

Also, just in case, you should know the adjacent size, since such a bra can better fit and look better, hiding the flaws. Size charts by numbers and letters can be found below.

Real sizeParallel options
75 s85 A, 75 C
80 V85 V, 75 D
85 s90 V, 80 D
80 D85 C, 75 E
85 E90 D, 80 F

How to determine the size of the breast by a bra?

The fullness of the cup in letters corresponds to the size of the chest in numbers.

Cup fullnessAAABCDEFG
Breast size01234566+


The simplest method allows you to determine the size based on the circumference under the chest. Its disadvantage is that it takes into account only this parameter, bypassing the depth of the cup, which is also an important aspect for determining the dimensions of the bust correctly. Now this option is no longer used, but you still need to familiarize yourself with it.

Calculation example

With a specific example, you can easily determine the required size:

  1. take a centimeter tape (you need to hold it strictly parallel to the floor surface),
  2. to embrace her area under the breast. For example, it’s 86 cm,
  3. this indicator is brought closer to the table (it is necessary to round to 85 cm),
  4. see which letter the number obtained corresponds to (85 cm corresponds to the letter E) - this will be the size of the bra determined by the traditional method.