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How to win a court of deprivation of rights? Determine whether a lawsuit can be tried in a small litigation court.


Evidence you must submit in writing, i.e. make copies of documents, if necessary, prepare applications for the demand for evidence, etc.

Also, you can attract witnesses, experts and specialists. To call them, you must prepare an appropriate application, in which you indicate the personal data of the called person, and the facts that he can confirm.

At all stages of the trial, follow the deadlines and paperwork requirements.

Magical rituals for the success of a case in court

To protect yourself from the judge’s wrath and avoid jail, do a simple ritual of luck in court on a new handkerchief.

Read the plot three times on a handkerchief for success in court (you need a clear visualization of your desire), and take it with you to a hearing.

Entering the meeting room, wipe your face with it, and be calm, believing in the power of the magic word.

“I will rise up, the servant of God (name), in the morning blessing, I will go out of the door, cross myself, from door to door, from gate to gate, I will go out into the open field.

How to claim the plaintiff in court

Decide which court you should appeal to, regional or global, our lawyers will advise you on this issue for free.

The basis of the whole case, when applying to the courts, is a statement of claim. Although it is written in arbitrary form, there are a number of requirements for writing it, for example, you must specify the details of the parties, their addresses and names.

Judicial sitting

Upon entering the courthouse, you will be met by bailiffs who will be interested in the purpose of your visit to the court.

It is necessary to show them a judicial notice and a passport, they will let you in and show you in which room the trial will take place. You need to come a little earlier, so as not to be late for consideration of the case. If you are late, and the process began without you, ask the bailiffs to inform the judge that you have approached, go into the courtroom, apologize, and ask where you can sit down.

Now, in some regions, justices of the peace have appeared and are working successfully.

Justices of the peace do not work in a district court - they transferred part of the powers of federal judges.

other cases arising from family-legal relations, with the exception of cases of contesting paternity (maternity), establishing paternity, deprivation of parental rights, adoption of a child, the judge cannot refuse to accept your application because, for example, that he is overwhelmed with work or is going on vacation soon.

How to win a lawsuit in small litigation court

The amount of money you can get if the court makes a decision in your favor may not cover the legal costs of a hearing in another state.

Find out the financial limit of the place of jurisdiction. The financial limit for claims that may be brought before a small litigation court varies by state. This means that the amount by which you can sue someone must be less than the maximum allowed, which in some states ranges from $ 5,000 to $ 7,500.

Perhaps the best way to “win” everyone to yourself is to challenge.

The result of the challenge in 95% of 100% is a rejection of the challenge.

In this case, it is worth paying attention to the fact that the application for challenge is considered by the judge whom you submitted the challenge to.

Remember that the reason for the “negative” attitude of the court towards you, as practice shows, in most cases is unpreparedness for the court, filing an unreasonable claim and violation of the Code of Civil Procedure of the Russian Federation rather than the “bias” of the judge.

How to win a lawsuit

But it does not have universal content in medicine or law.

The surgeon can not be guided only by the template, otherwise it can lead to the death of the patient in an emergency.

So with us, the strategy is developed, although on the basis of a template, but for a specific case, because a template approach can ruin a thing completely.

Therefore, the work of a lawyer implies a personal, not remote, perception of factual circumstances.

How to pray if a judgment is to be made

When embarking on a prayer before a court for a successful outcome, one must first of all test one’s own conscience.

It is completely unacceptable from the point of view of Christianity in order to hide their guilt or to go unpunished in case of an offense. If a person knows that he has really done something illegal, but at the same time wants to “get out of the water dry” - resorting to God's help is not only pointless, but sacrilegious.

You can turn to God with a prayer for help in court only in cases when a person knows his innocence and wants to prove it.

These may be situations:

  • slander
  • fraud
  • cheating
  • wrong accusations etc.

Also, a person who has become a victim of any offenses can apply to law enforcement agencies.

If all other methods of reconciliation have been exhausted and there is no other way to punish the attackers, the Orthodox person has the right to turn to the authorities. In such a case, a prayer to win a lawsuit is read in order to restore justice.

In the case of complete confidence in their own righteousness and innocence, it would be useful to take a blessing from the priest before the meeting. But do not assume that the words of the priest or a special prayer can act as a kind of amulet or a happy talisman - these actions alone do not mean much.

Spiritual help and God's participation in our lives are directly dependent on faith in His Providence and concern for us.

One can turn to God with the recognition of his guilt only for the purpose of repentance, but not for the purpose of concealing his own wrongdoing. Therefore, every Orthodox Christian should carefully test his conscience.

One must honestly answer, first of all, to oneself - is there anything that does not allow me to sincerely and with a pure heart turn to God?

Who can pray before the court

In fact, there is no fundamental difference to whom exactly to pray for a successful outcome. Separate "specializations" of various saints are a tradition of our church, based on an experienced knowledge of the life of ascetics.

However, this tradition does not at all prohibit making prayer requests to beloved saints who are especially revered in the family. If you have a heart desire, you can apply prayer before the court to absolutely any saints, as well as to our Lord Jesus Christ himself, his Most Holy Mother.

But there are situations when a person does not yet have a particularly revered saint, or simply does not know how and to whom he will pray. In such cases, you can resort to reading ready-made prayers according to the prayer book. Traditionally, before the proceedings, they resort to the heavenly help of St. Spyridon of Trimythous, Nicholas the Wonderworker, Anastasia the Decisive.

The veneration of Nicholas the Wonderworker is so universal that there is no believer who is not familiar with this saint. You can turn to him both in your own words and find the text of a prayer to Nicholas the Wonderworker for judgment. Since the help of this saint is very extensive and is provided in all aspects of life, you can read any text of the prayer to this saint, which is to the liking of the praying person.

Spiridon Trimifuntsky is a Greek saint, previously revered in Russia no less than St. Nicholas. To this day, the flow of pilgrims to the holy relics of Spiridon, which are stored in an Orthodox church on the island of Corfu in Greece, is not scanty.

Interestingly, the obvious and physical manifestation of the holiness of this man is the fact that his relics have kept the human body at a constant temperature for several centuries.

This revered saint, according to believers, never refuses help to all who sincerely ask him. Prayer before the court of St. Spyridon of Trimyphus can be read both in the temple and at home.

Saint Anastasia the Preserver - the glorified great martyr of the IV century. She received her naming as the “pattern-maker” for helping and alleviating the suffering of the captive Christians in prison. The bloody rule of the emperor Diocletian brought many martyrs for the faith, since Christianity was then brutally persecuted and punished. Saint Anastasia was able not only to maintain her faith, but also strengthened the confession of many prisoners of that time. That is why to this day everyone who comes into contact with the prison authorities in one way or another is praying to her.

It doesn’t really matter which saint the person reads the prayer to win the cause. The main thing is to do this with a clear conscience, sincere faith and humility before the Providence of God - then an appeal to God will be heard and a person will receive spiritual help and support from above.

Prayer text to Spyridon of Trimyphus

O Great and wonderful Saint Hierarch of Christ and the miracle worker Spiridon, the Kerkir praise, the whole universe is bright, blessed in prayer and God who urges all who come to you and pray with faith! You among the fathers gloriously explained the Orthodox faith in the Nicestem Cathedral, you showed the unity of the Holy Trinity with miraculous power, the heres and heretics completely shamed them. Hear us sinners, the prelate of Christ, who are praying to you, and by your strong intercession with the Lord, deliver us from all evil of our situation: from gladness, flood, fire and deadly sores. Thou hast saved your people from all these calamities in your temporary life: thou hast saved the country from the invasion of Hagarians and from gladness, you have saved the king from an unreasonable disease, and brought many sinners to repentance, thou who didst bless the dead, for the sanctity of your life, the Angels invisibly in the church of singing and co-serving you with you. Glory to you, O lord of His servant, Lord Christ, as if all the secret human deeds of the gift you have to understand and expose the unrighteous living. Thou hastily helped the people living in poverty and inadequacy, thou didn’t sate abundantly during the gladness of the people, and in many other signs with the strength of the living Spirit of God he created you. Do not leave us and saints of Christ, commemorate us, children of yours, at the Throne of the Almighty and implore the Lord, may He forgive many of our sins, grant us a peaceful and peaceful life, but the end of our belly will be shameless and peaceful, and will bless us with everlasting bliss in the future let us send glory and thanksgiving to the Father, and to the Son, and to the Holy Spirit, now and ever and forever and ever. Amen

The text of the prayer of Anastasia the Preserver

O long-suffering and wise great martyr of Christ Anastasia! You stand before the soul of heaven at the throne of God, but on earth, given the grace given to you, various healing is done: look upon the people who are merciful to the coming people and praying before your relics, asking for your help: open your holy prayers to the Lord for us, and ask us to leave our sins, ill-healing, afflicted and destitute ambulances: pray to the Lord, may He give us all a Christian demise and a good answer at His Last Judgment, may we also be merciful to you and glorify the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit forever and ever. Amen.

Prayer to St. Spyridon of Trimyphus

Let’s talk about how to win a court, on what factors generally depend on the results of trials. The vast majority of modern people for some reason believe that the results depend on the "rightness" of the defendant or plaintiff, on the eloquence of lawyers. Others are diametrical opposites and sacredly believe in the indestructible corruption of modern courts. Let's consider everything in order.

Who is right, who is to blame? It would seem that it is not difficult to find out, guided by the current codes. But the truth is that everyone has their own, and everything is decided during the process. Modern ships are oriented not only to current legislation regulating specific areas of relations. There is still a Code of Procedure. In simpler terms, not only references to laws, evidence and arguments are excessively important. And this significantly erodes the answer to the question of how to win in court. Proper follow-up is essential. Thanks to this, first-class lawyers easily break the strongest arguments of opponents, proving that these arguments are filed with violations of established procedures.

According to American films, high-level lawyers make pathos lengthy speeches, have a clear plan on how to win a case in court from its beginning to the end. All this has nothing to do with our reality. Of course, the ability to convince is not bad, but in our country it is necessary to convince not an jury, but an experienced judge. It is not surprising that the higher the severity of the issue, the less the role played by advocate eloquence in it.

The fact that corruption is rampant in the country nowadays does not even deny its government. The level of lawlessness now forces people to resort to such seemingly stupid and meaningless actions as a mystical conspiracy. To win the court, this, of course, is not enough, if you reason realistically. But in this situation, not everything is so neglected. No judge will take a risk for the sake of dealing with a small “question price”. In such cases, a conspiracy or prayer is certainly not useful. In order to win a small-scale trial, no one will also offer illegal methods to resolve the problems. Even in the case when you will sue the state structure. You should not be sure that the courts never go against state bodies. In fact, this is not so at all.

In addition, our domestic judicial system is quite complex, it has its own hierarchy. In any case, it will be possible to submit a challenge, appeal, or a complaint. In addition, there is more to say about the corruption of the system.