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How to become a creative person?


The main secret of creativity is to treat your ideas like cats - just make them follow you.Ray Bradbury

It’s not a secret to anyone that the ability to create is that individual, unique and desirable that is given to everyone for a reason! It’s just that someone receives this gift and knows how to manage and use it, while someone is waiting, dreaming, lazy and does not at all develop their creative features.

For many, the “creative part” of a personality comes with ease, almost from birth, and then this is the most successful way to become a creative genius, but for some, you have to work hard to find and recognize your talents, develop them, and bring them to new levels of skill.

I will not hide: everyone has talent, but finding in which area, and, in principle, wanting to find one’s talent is a complicated matter, and it doesn’t “obey” to everyone, although most likely to everyone, it’s just a matter of time and effort.

Creativity is such a section of talent, a variety, a subspecies. To understand how to develop your talent, how to find your creative characteristics, emphasize potential, find motivation, inspiration and other very necessary things, you need to try to learn all the secrets of the Creative world! Go!

Secret secret

I hate writing. I love when everything is already written. Dorothy Parker

The most common mistake of many people is that they consider themselves untalented when they do not know how to sing, play musical instruments, don’t see oratory skills in themselves, don’t know what to dance, didn’t try to write, don’t imagine how to draw real masterpieces.

The most important piece of advice for such individuals: it's never too late to get started! And the second: creativity is not a occupation of a certain type of art. Then what is creativity?

Creativity is life, it is a lifestyle! This self-expression through what you are attracted to, what your interest lies in, what brings you moral satisfaction, sometimes immoral satisfaction. In the end, this is the education of the individual. It all starts with the brightest idea, so similar to a spark! - this is how the most brilliant of this world express the concept of creativity.

Exposing the truth

Surely you know a story about water, and its many changes. This is the story where scientists have studied water for a long time and came to the conclusion that it is “living”! It is able to absorb both negative and positive energy, and become useful and not very good, in addition, it can be in three different states: solid, liquid, and vapor.

The properties of this substance are amazing, but what are we talking about here, you ask, because you have known this information since school. I want to tell by the example of water how the law of science works, or rather, the logic of life, which can be attributed to any occupation!

A person is also charged with an idea (like water) when he is burning with desire, and is ready to go to the end. And then they say for such people: no matter what - he has achieved a lot!

Do you know why? Not because he has the talent to get things done, but because he has a goal that drives him. And therefore, often, such people seek and develop talent in any known or unknown category of knowledge!

What will be needed to become a creative person?

You know us, creative people, we just would not work. The mentalist

The very first, as you already learned above, and most importantly, what is needed on the way to finding your creative abilities is the goal. Yes, everything is just that, and nothing else. As you can see, you do not necessarily need an innate talent, everything is very simple.

So, you need only a goal, but one that is worthy of your whole life! That is, with whom you are ready to stubbornly go to the end, achieve no matter what, and follow her even into the mountains, even into the taiga, or onto the stage as a super rock star. To be continued.

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What is creativity?

To begin with, let's figure out what creativity is. One well-known encyclopedia defines the concept of creativity as follows: "Creativity is a process of activity that creates qualitatively new material and spiritual values ​​or the result of the creation of an objectively new". In other words, to create means to create. I think we can agree with this.

But can it be called the result of creativity, for example, a simple stool, which, probably, is made by any beginner carpenter? This is just another trial stool.

The Bible says: the Lord created our world and saw that it was good. Attention! I do not want to go into religious reasoning at all, I ask you to take this example as a metaphor and nothing more. So, the Lord, according to the Bible, the world created, that is, created. And fell in love with what he had done. Moreover, he did something with love! That is, the process of creativity, or the act of creation, can be called creating something with love. "Do with soul", as they say. And what we love is extremely interesting to us. That is why I want to offer this definition: creativity is the creation of something with interest.

Who is a “creative person"?

In connection with the foregoing, we can say with confidence: a creative person is someone who does something with interest. But if someone, for example, the creator of the same stools, loves his job (and does it excellently), and the rest of the world is an empty place for him, can it be attributed to creative people? There are many examples of such people. Dialogue with them is impossible, real torture even turns into a simple conversation "about nothing." Do “creators” really have the right to exist in themselves?

Remember the example of another person who is probably present in the circle of acquaintances of most of us. He has a “light character”, he freely talks on any topic, always up to date with various interesting events, likes to joke, rarely gets offended. They are drawn to such people, they like to spend time with them. What do they have to do with it? Such people "live creatively." To know a lot of interesting things means take interest in life. Being interested in life and striving to make it even more interesting is what it means to be creative.

How to become creative?

First, you need to set aside any snobbery. Dividing people into "higher" and "lower", as a rule, kills the creative look, as it deprives interest in others. In each person you can find something pleasant. Attitude to life and people with interest will allow you to notice more interesting and unusual.

Secondly, creativity is, first of all, associations.. «In the world, everything looks like everything ..."(R. Sef). It is unexpected associations that awaken in the artist the desire to express them in any work. When you are talking or thinking with someone, ask yourself: “What memories or associations does the subject or interlocutor evoke in me?” The more associations you find in yourself, the brighter your impression of this event will be.

Third, use your associations in speech. A simple example: how can a young man talk to a girl he likes? Where can I find a topic for conversation? Yes, anywhere, even in the nearest lamppost, if it happens on the street. The main thing is to understand what associations arise with this pillar and the girl at the same time. Or, if you forget about the pillar, only with a girl. And the longer the chain of associations, the more unexpected the connection between the two objects will be, the more interesting the beginning of the conversation. Of course, the association in this case should be beautiful or funny, but not offensive.

Fourth, go beyond your usual thinking. This means, for example, if you make all the same stools and any of your associations comes down to nails and tree species, the interlocutor of you is unimportant. Try to look at things from an unexpected side. Think about the subject matter from the point of view of another profession, another person ... another being, after all. I call it "enter through the window." In general, try to treat everything from the point of view of the “window”. Everyone walks through the “door” (everyone reasones from the point of view of their routine), there is nothing interesting or creative about this.

Finally trust yourself. Do not worry that all of these your associations and points of view seem ridiculous or incorrect to someone. You have the right to see the world in your own way! Freely expressing your unexpected opinion, you will not only arouse interest in yourself, but also find like-minded people who think in a way similar to you.

Be more attentive, more unexpected, trust yourself, look at ordinary things from an unusual angle, and you will become a real creative person!

Creativity and Creativity

Creativity and creativity are interconnected. To create, you must believe in your creativity, i.e. the ability to find unusual ideas, look at things “from a different angle”.

Creativity exercises:

  1. Synthesis: You need to take any two words from the first book you get and try to connect them together. Instead of words, you can try to mentally combine two different objects. That's how they came up with clothes for animals.
  2. Architect: For this exercise, the main thing is not the ability to draw and draw, but the ability to fantasize.
    First you need to write on the sheet 10 any nouns. For example, orange, sky, water. These are 10 prerequisites set by the customer. The word "orange" - the walls of the house are orange, the word "water" - a pond in front of the house.
  3. Associations: To the first thing that catches your eye, pick up 5 adjectives that are most suitable for him. And then - 5 adjectives that are least suitable for this subject. For example, chocolate is delicious, milk. Next comes the creative option - mysterious chocolate, spring chocolate, ice chocolate.
    So, creative thinking cannot be taught, but it can be developed. Inspiration in itself comes infrequently. With the help of various techniques and methods, creativity becomes a habit.