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How to arrange a romantic dinner: step-by-step instructions for an unforgettable evening


Do not wait for some special occasions or dates to spend an unforgettable evening with your beloved man. Even if you don’t know how to arrange a romantic evening for your husband, it doesn’t matter.

We will look at some ideas that will help you plan and make a wonderful evening for your husband. Such evenings are very important for maintaining a relationship.

But, and if finances are a problem - it does not matter. An evening filled with the spirit of romance can be arranged at home at home, without straining the family budget.

In order to show that you care and are focused on strengthening relationships and the desire to enjoy the company of your lover, you need not money, but effort.

Tips on how to arrange a romantic evening for your husband and plan everything

  • Think about how to surprise your spouse with an invitation to a surprise written by him. Send the invitation by mail, leave it on the pillow of your partner or leave it under the wipers of his car. Your invitation should be specific, that is, when this event is planned, where and at what time. Be creative!
  • Set the table with a tablecloth, fabric napkins, beautiful dishes, crystal, odorless candles and flowers. Napkins can be beautifully folded.
  • Sprinkle the table with rose petals or sparkling hearts. You can set floating candles in small cups slightly filled with cranberry juice.
  • Choose the music you want to listen to before dinner, as well as soft romantic music playing in the background.
  • Create dim lighting for the room where you plan to spend the evening. It can be garlands, candles or glare of a flame of fire in a fireplace.

  • Turn off your TV, computers, and other distracting gadgets.
  • By the way, do you want a romantic evening to be a surprise or not? If this is a surprise, light candles at the entrance to your home to surprise your spouse.
  • Think about the clothes you want to wear for a special evening for two. It should be beautiful, light and comfortable enough so that you can easily move in it. Perhaps this is clothing that will remind you of some important, pleasant events shared by you.
  • Think about how you can pleasantly and deliciously tell your husband about love. For example, it could be a dessert with the cream phrase "I love you."
  • Plan what you want to do and what to do after dinner. For example, watch a fun comedy or a romantic melodrama or go for a walk around the city and eat ice cream.
  • Buy a new set of new underwear to surprise your husband with something that he had not seen before.

Ideas for a romantic evening at home

Here are 22 interesting ideas that will definitely be unforgettable, romantic and most importantly - your lover will like it. If you want to diversify your relationship, try these ideas to spend an evening with your husband.

Home triathlon.
Nothing tests the true character more than a few healthy competitions. To add some spice to a romantic evening, you can come up with three funny contests for each other. Simple ideas include solving the Rubik's Cube, picking up puzzles, or who will do the most jumping rope in five minutes.

By the way, invite your man to come up with several tasks written on paper, and do the same yourself. Put them all in a hat and select three random ones. The winner of a home triathlon can be awarded a prize, for example, sensual massage.

Slow dance to your favorite love songs.
Collect all your CDs to create the perfect selection of love songs. Choose those that remind you of your enjoyable relationships, romantic dates, and declarations of love that you have experienced together.

Light candles in your living room, and then, dancing and holding each other in your arms, remember all the wonderful moments of your life as much as you can.

Enjoy a romantic movie.
Sometimes preparing a romantic dinner is too complicated or time consuming. It is not necessary to think that you need to cook dinner to spend a romantic evening.

For a spontaneous evening, make popcorn and watch some movies while lying on the bed. Better to leave watching detectives or sad dramas for another time. Romantic comedies are an area for a romantic evening.

Where to spend a romantic evening

Billiard room or bowling
Many billiard rooms and bowling clubs are open in the evenings, especially on weekends. Keep in mind that some of these facilities become a bit gloomy at night due to the gathering there.

Choose a billiard room where a more respectable audience is going to gather for your safety. Many bowling clubs offer luminous tracks in the dark on weekends in the evenings. So ask if this is available at your chosen club.

As in the home triathlon, playing billiards or bowling can cause friendly competition, fun and a positive mood.

Wine tasting.
If you are connoisseurs and connoisseurs of good wine, then go to the store for a purchase. Buy some of your favorite wines or new varieties that you want to try to enjoy their taste.

Drop into the grocery store and buy various cheeses. At home, put a tablecloth on the kitchen table, light candles, turn on soft romantic music to try the wines and cheeses you have chosen for a pleasant conversation.

Midnight dinner.
A romantic evening for a husband does not have to consist of a dinner at home, a movie, and take place at regular hours. What is the difference between a visit to a midnight cafe and dinner at a restaurant at regular times?

So this is because he is not at all busy and allows you to conduct a more intimate conversation. By the way, it is not necessary to take fatty foods, enough ice cream, a milkshake and salads.

Depending on where you live, you should think about security. Therefore, try to find a place where daytime life continues at night. It can be round-the-clock shopping centers, night attractions, markets.

Walk around the night city.
Walking through the moonlit night city is perceived in a completely different way. A calmer atmosphere contributes to an amazing conversation. Grab your husband and head to the quaint shopping district or neighborhood of your local cafe.

3 ideas for a romantic evening

Watching sunrise or sunset.
Is there a better way to end a romantic night than not to walk under the starry sky until the morning, then to meet the sunrise together?

Depending on the season, you may need to dress warmer or get out a little earlier, but it's worth it. You can know in advance the best viewpoints in your village to watch a beautiful sunrise or sunset.

Often these places are located on the slopes to the east, with unobstructed views. If you live near the sea beach or near a large lake, then take advantage of this advantage.

Retro party.
You and your husband probably often travel to the city, but how often you dress in a special way for this purpose. Wearing retro clothes (your old or having bought on occasion) you can revive the same old hangouts.

You can add a few highlights to the party - rent a room, hang up your old photos, turn on retro music and call friends who are also retro-dressed.

Night swimming.
Just like the idea of ​​walking under the moonlight in the city, no one ever said that you could not have as good a time on the beach at night as during the day. Bring light snacks, a beach towel, a lantern, or some other light source.

You can swim together, enjoying the unity, and then sit on the beach and listen to the waves splashing when everything is surrounded by the silence and solitude of the night. It can be very romantic. It might be a little cooler, so think about an extra sweater.

Romantic evening at home: ideas

Enjoy a romantic movie.
Sometimes preparing a romantic dinner is too complicated or time consuming. It is not necessary to think that you need to cook dinner to spend a romantic evening.

For a spontaneous evening, make popcorn and watch some movies while lying on the bed. Better to leave watching detectives or sad dramas for another time. Romantic comedies are an area for a romantic evening.

Do a mutual massage.
Everyone enjoys getting a massage, but few couples consider it a romantic evening for two. That’s why mutual massage is a good evening idea with a romance that your husband will surely like.

Prepare your bedroom with music and proper lighting by purchasing massage oils in advance. Enjoy this intimate and relaxing pastime with your lover.

Gatherings by the fire.
If you have a fireplace, light it, take a bottle of good wine, or champagne, fruit, chocolate, cheese and enjoy the sweet conversation, hugs and the presence of each other under the crack of burning logs.

A romantic dinner for a loved one.
Well, what girl does not want to cook something tasty for her lover with her own hands? Surely you are one of these women. Surprise your husband with your culinary skills by preparing him delicious dishes.

If you do not have your own recipes, you can look them up in the cookbook or culinary sites, and cook what you like. Although this is a simple idea of ​​a romantic evening for a loved one, but depending on your culinary skills, it can leave an unforgettable impression.

Evening in the backyard.
This is the next option how to arrange a romantic evening. Indeed, on warm nights, it is certainly nice to even sit in the courtyard and enjoy the view of the night starry sky or just the sounds of nature. Feeling that the whole world belongs, only to you two.

For a variety of this idea of ​​the evening, you can set several torches, light candles or make a fire in the pit. Turn on the music in the house so that it can be heard as a background through an ajar door or windows. You can also decorate a gazebo or patio with flowers or luminous garlands, if any.

Joint cooking dinner.
A romantic evening for two at home can also be spent in joint cooking with aphrodisiacs. Of course, this is not for a lazy couple in love, here both need to work hard. But that might just be a great idea.

During cooking, you can not only have fun, laugh, joke or feed each other with a spoon, but also enjoy the wonderful experience of spending time together. This is a great time to communicate without any distractions and constraints.

5 ideas on how to spend a romantic evening with your husband

Recreate Honeymoon Suite.
Just because many years have passed since your honeymoon does not mean that you can’t return to those feelings, romance or beauty when you first got married. Recreate that time for one evening.

Scatter the rose petals all over the bed and floor. Fill the room and bath with candles by putting a bottle of champagne on ice. Play music with a collection or selection of beautiful, relaxing music. Now you are ready to celebrate your love for each other.

Remove the hotel room.
Sometimes the best way to relax is to forget about the monotony, problems and way of life for a while. A double hotel room for an evening or a weekend provides a great way to forget about your problems by focusing on yourself and your beloved husband.

This idea can be implemented both in your city and in the nearest place with beautiful views. For a more comfortable romantic getaway, you can order breakfast in your room or choose a room with a jacuzzi.

Try something new.
There is always a new kitchen that you have not had to try. If you both haven't tried any particular cuisine yet, take the chance to do it together. The more exotic the cuisine, the evening will be unforgettable.

Live music.
Such a romantic evening for a loved one with live music can be the perfect accompaniment for a romantic dinner. Choose a restaurant with live jazz or violinists or any other kind of music that makes you feel relaxed.

Pleasant drinks, delicious food will help both of you to feel very comfortable and romantic in the warm, soft glow of dim lights and the calm music that resonates around you.

Unconventional dinner.
You might want to recall student life with its adventures. Then meet the street food. Of course, this idea is unlikely to work for healthy food enthusiasts. Take a walk through cafes and bistro restaurants and eat everything your imagination tells you.

Yes, much of what you eat can not be called useful, but it's fun. By the way, before you go home make sure that you have finished the evening with a few servings of ice cream. Finally, such a dessert always brings pleasure!


So, what you need to pay attention to those who do not know how to arrange a romantic evening for her husband? On two necessary things. Firstly, the evening should create a sensation or effect of romance. Secondly, this time should be memorable. Having properly planned these two conditions, you will surely be able to please and surprise your beloved man.

Romantic atmosphere

To make a romantic dinner, shutter the windows, stock up on candles. Both ordinary in beautiful candlesticks and “tablets” will come off (penny candles in a tin “case”).

Take a closer look at floating candles. They look great on a romantic table in an original vase with water or an unusual plate.

You can even place such candles in glasses with water * wink *

By the way, the aforementioned “pills” can be placed in glasses. And if you turn the glasses over, put our “pills" under them, and put the decoration to your taste on the leg - it will turn out to be extremely unusual and interesting. It all depends on your imagination.

A string of pearls casually thrown onto a table or a scattering of rose petals will also help to create an atmosphere of a romantic dinner ...

Or you can simply put a bouquet in a beautiful vase, which your favorite will surely present to you as a traditional presentation. Quiet relaxing music is a great addition.

It’s better not to rely on your favorite radio station, and not be too lazy and burn a disc with the corresponding tracks.

Important Nuances

By the way, we will not dwell much on this point, but we will make a small note that cleanliness and tidiness are practically the most important attributes. Agree that the dirty floor, dust on the table and the stained glasses do not look very romantic.

Therefore, take care of the cleanliness of the room and the accessories used. Based on the foregoing, it is safe to say that weekday work days, spent in fatigue and stress, are not the best days for such a dinner.

Let it be a day off. And you will prepare well and prepare a romantic dinner for two, and your beloved will be full of strength and energy.

It is important to understand that a romantic dinner is not a dinner party. You don’t need heavy perfumes, brocade and velvet (even as a tablecloth), and kilogram biscuit cakes and greasy soup have no place at all for your romantic dinner. You want to continue the evening, right? * wink *

Therefore, think over the dinner menu in advance.

What to cook for a romantic dinner for two?

Of course, strawberries, whipped cream and chocolate came to your mind even without us. That's right, these products are on the list of natural aphrodisiacs.

This also includes bananas, mangoes, avocados, coffee, cardamom, celery, parsley, nuts, shrimp, oysters, mussels.

They say that garlic also has exciting properties, but for obvious reasons, we do not recommend using it during a romantic dinner

In short, we’ll give you some easy and tasty recipes. We hope they help you decide what to cook for a romantic dinner.

The most important thing to remember is that you can’t eat up at a romantic dinner in any case.

Otherwise, then just lie sideways on the couch to watch TV. And the opportunity to boast stunning sexy lingerie will last until the next time * pardon *

Therefore, portions should be modest, and the table should not break from the abundance of dishes on it. Limit yourself to salad and dessert, or salad and main course, or main and dessert.

Although, if the portions are really small, then you can cook all three dishes. In general, everything is to your taste and creative discretion.

Also take into account the taste preferences of your loved one and the absence of an allergy to any product you are planning. Otherwise, then you will “flood” its erogenous zones in the stomach with antihistamines ...

Recipe number 1 Salad "my fish"

Salted salmon (trout) fillet -100-150 g

Rye or Borodino bread - a couple of slices

Mild cottage cheese (cottage cheese of 0% fat is also suitable, or even Philadelphia cheese) - 100-150 g

Mayonnaise - 1 tsp each per serving

Икра красная для украшения

Срезать корочки с кусков хлеба, нарезать мелкими кубиками и подсушить на сковородке без масла (можно в духовке). Семгу порезать на мелкие кусочки. Творожный сыр перетереть с майонезом и мелко нарубленной зеленью (если у вас творог – протрите его предварительно отдельно через сито или терку, потом смешайте с остальными ингредиентами). В креманку выкладываем слоями: творожный сыр, рыба, понемногу сухариков и икры.

Recipe number 2 Spicy cocktail salad with shrimp "Sweet Kiss"

Cooked Shrimp 150 g

Orange - 3-4 slices

Orange juice 1 tbsp

Sugar 0.5 tsp without slide

Sweet Chili Sauce -0 5 tsp

Dice the mango. Finely chop the celery stalks. Peel the orange slices from the film, seeds and fibers, cut into cubes. Cut strawberries into 4 pieces each. Now prepare the sauce: mix sour cream, orange juice, sweet chili sauce, sugar and salt. We spread the ready-made mixture of fruits and shrimps in bowls or glasses and pour the sauce on top.

Recipe number 3 Cream-tuna in apricots "Delight"

Canned tuna in oil (half a can)

Curd cheese (low-fat cottage cheese is suitable) - 100-150 g

Walnut kernels - 20-30 g

Canned apricots - 2-4 pieces

Red onion - ¼ bulbs (even less possible)

Fry nuts in a pan without oil and chop finely. Drain the butter from the tuna, mash it with a fork and combine it with cottage cheese. Chop the onion finely and mix with tuna. Beat the mixture with a fork until creamy. Put the resulting tuna cream on the apricot halves. Sprinkle with nuts. Optionally, garnish with mint or parsley leaves.

Recipe No. 4 Pork "Easy"

Pork - 250-300 g

Bell pepper - 1 pc.

Onions - 0.5 onions

Black pepper, burning red, dry ginger - to taste

Vegetable oil for frying

Cut the pork into thin, long slices. Cut onion and pepper into strips. Put the meat in a frying pan and fry in oil. Lay onions a few minutes before being cooked. As soon as the onion becomes transparent add the Bulgarian pepper. Salt, add the specified spices. Stew under the lid until cooked.

Recipe number 5 Chicken chop "Tenderness"

Chicken fillet - 1 pc. (consists of two halves per 1 half per person)

Mayonnaise -1, 5 tablespoons

Salt, black pepper - to taste

Vegetable oil for frying

Hard cheese 50-80 g

Wash the fillet and divide into 2 parts. Beat with a hammer on both sides. Prepare the batter: break the egg into a bowl, put the chopped parsley, mayonnaise, flour, salt and pepper and mix everything well. Grate the cheese separately. Now heat the oil pan. Dip the chopped fillets in batter on one side. Put this side (the one in the batter) into the pan.

On top (on the side where there is no batter) put grated cheese. Cover and fry until rosy. After that, pour the batter onto the melted cheese with a spoon, thus “closing” the chop. Now flip the chops to the second side and fry until golden brown. Garnish the finished chops with sprigs of parsley.

Recipe No. 6 Chicken in soy sauce with Peking summer vegetables

Chicken (meat from any part) - 200-300 g

Soy Sauce - 100 g

Cucumber - 80-100 g

Tomato - 80-100 g

Bell pepper -80-100 g

Salt, ground black pepper - to taste

Prepare the chicken meat: wash, separate from the bones and chop into pieces. Marinate the meat in soy sauce mixed with honey (preferably for 30-60 minutes.). Fry the meat in oil. Cut the vegetables into strips, and the tomato into slices. Add bell pepper and cucumbers to the meat. Fry until cooked. Pour the remaining marinade and spices into the dish and simmer for about 7 minutes until the liquid evaporates. Then add the tomatoes and fry for a couple more minutes. Sprinkle the finished dish with chopped herbs.

Recipe number 7 Cocktail "Passion"

Dry sparkling wine (1 bottle for 4 servings)

Canned peaches with syrup– 1 can

For decoration - a pair of strawberries or a sprig of mint

Pour the syrup from the peaches into a separate cup, transfer a few peaches into a bowl and use a blender to beat them until thick mashed potatoes, pouring a teaspoon of the syrup. Take a deep glass, put 3-5 tsp. pour peach puree and a thin stream of wine (it is better to place a teaspoon in a glass and pour wine neatly with the finest trickle directly on its back side). As a decoration, you can cut a strawberry in half and decorate it with a glass. Or just drop a leaf of mint in a cocktail.

Recipe number 8 Honey Yogurt "Favorite"

Natural yogurt (any thick yogurt without flavorings and additives will do) - 400 g

Walnuts (or pine nuts) - 30-40 g

Ground ginger, cinnamon - to taste

Cooking a sweet sauce: combine honey and ginger, mix thoroughly and whisk with a whisk. Fry nuts in a dry skillet, chop finely. Lay yogurt in 2 bowls of 200 g each. Pour yogurt with sweet sauce, sprinkle nuts and cinnamon on top. Garnish with mint leaves.

Recipe number 9 Watermelon cake "Fantasy"

Cream 30% (if the fat content is higher, then it will even be better) - 600 ml

Vanillin (if you find a vanilla pod - it will be great in general) - to taste

Brown Sugar - 80 g

Cut 2 cubes of adequate size from a watermelon, cut off the skin and set on two plates. This will be the basis of our mini cakes. Separately chop pieces of watermelon into small pieces or with a small spoon give them the appearance of a sphere (such tiny lumps should be at least 20 pieces in 2 servings) for decoration.

For cream in a bowl, whip the cream, 50 g of brown sugar and vanilla (or vanilla pod seeds) with a mixer or blender for 5 minutes until a thick and smooth creamy consistency is obtained. Blot prepared watermelon cubes with a paper towel to absorb any excess liquid. Coat these cubes evenly with the resulting cream and smooth. Sprinkle with watermelon lumps prepared in advance, garnish with mint leaves and sprinkle with brown sugar.

Recipe number 10 The most delicate strawberry fresh soup with ginger "Baby"

Fresh strawberries - 1 kg

Fresh ginger - 100 g

Peel and ginger on a fine grater. Squeeze the juice from the ginger. Squeeze the lemon and add the lemon juice to the grated ginger. In a tall glass, place the washed strawberries, pour them with ginger and lemon juice. Add granulated sugar. Beat everything with a blender. Put fresh soup in plates, garnish with mint leaves. Serve with ice cubes, several whole strawberries or sorbet.

Here are some delicious and quick recipes for making a romantic dinner. As you can see, the products are quite affordable. Mango, shrimp and watermelon can be easily found on store shelves. An enormous investment of time in the preparation of these goodies is also not required. Better spend time on yourself, beloved.

Organizing a romantic dinner is a snap. We hope that our recipes will help you prepare such an intimate event. Our light and healthy dishes can also diversify your daily menu.

Romantic dinner and drinks

And finally: as far as alcoholic drinks are concerned, anything light is preferable. For example, wine or champagne. If your man prefers strong drinks - get cognac for him. Or whiskey.

Please note that it is not worth consuming large amounts of alcohol at such an event. Therefore, if you choose a strong alcoholic drink, then either limit its portion or use it in cocktails.

Or serve delicious irish coffee:

Irlad coffee recipe

Make coffee in a Turk, pour into mugs, add 50 g of cognac to each cup. Beat milk separately (this can be done using a French press or mixer) and add it to the coffee. You can sprinkle with cocoa, cinnamon or grated chocolate. By the way, fried crushed almonds will add spice to the drink.

After dinner…

And make sure your loved one doesn't fall asleep * wink *. Consider a further program in advance: it can be a night walk under the stars with a bottle of wine, a relaxing massage or a bath, or maybe even a striptease in your performance (you can even do this together) or play in today's “fashionable” fantasies.

The main thing is that everything flows into the direction you need.

Oh yes, they almost forgot! In no case do not whine this evening to your man about problems, concerns, about an unbeaten shelf and about unbought bread. You can talk about this tomorrow.

And after dinner, do not frantically run to the sink in order to wash all the dirty dishes: it will also wait. You have more pleasant and important things to do this evening.