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How to fry seeds in a pan correctly - recipes with photos and videos


»November 3, 2011

We all love to click seeds, especially on a warm autumn evening, when all things at the dacha are over. In addition, in addition to pleasure and good taste, seeds also have useful properties. Although many argue that this is a bad habit, in fact it is not so, and today it has already been precisely proven that there are no medical contraindications for the consumption of seeds.

Sunflower seeds are not only high-calorie, they also contain vitamin E and many trace elements necessary for the body, as a protein rich in amino acids. Just 2 cups of seeds contain 100 g of vegetable oil and 40 g of protein. At the same time, they also have a therapeutic effect, as they can affect acidity and, after eating only 15-20 seeds, you can get rid of heartburn syndrome. But all this is true only for seeds that have undergone proper heat treatment. And it doesn’t matter - they are in white or black shells.

In other words, so that the seeds become not just a tasteless mass, but really a delicacy, and even useful, and you definitely need to fry it, and do it right. How to fry sunflower seeds?

There are several ways to do this, but we will look at the three most common.

The first - traditional, in which a frying pan is used, and a cast-iron one is best suited. Some grease it with sunflower oil, others prefer to use an exceptionally clean pan.

Before roasting, seeds need to be cleaned of small debris, which is sometimes found in them - from dust and coloring pigment. To do this, they are poured into a colander and washed with running cold water. After that, the seeds, without drying, immediately spread in a pan, which by this time should already be warmed up. There is an opinion that it is better to add salt to the washed seeds right away, which will subsequently give them an unusual flavor, but not everyone shares this approach.

It is better not to bring the fire to the maximum, but to make it of average size, then you can not worry about the seeds burning. Also, to avoid this seed, you need to constantly stir with a wooden spoon, while they will exude a pleasant smell.

Keep the pan on fire exactly until the seeds begin to produce a characteristic crackle. At this point, you need to remove the pan from the fire and, while continuing to stir, wait until the cod stops. When it calms down, you need to return the pan to the stove again and fry the seeds until they bake again. Readiness of seeds will be achieved after 3-4 similar procedures, usually it takes 10-15 minutes.

Cool seeds should also be correct. Some simply remove the pan from the heat and leave the seeds to slowly reach the desired condition. You can do it another way: pour it on a flat wooden surface, cover with linen or cotton cloth and leave for 10 minutes.

It is also important to know how to properly store fried seeds so that they do not become damp. To do this, after they have completely cooled, screw them into a plastic bag, best of all from store seeds and clamp with a clothespin.

Second way based on the use of the oven, so the seeds become a little different in taste than when frying in a pan. This is due to the fact that, getting into the hot air of the oven, they are first dried and only after that they already begin to fry.

Before starting, the seeds are also washed and, without drying, sprinkled on a baking sheet. As in the first case, during the frying process, you need to regularly open the oven and stir the seeds.

Third way became known only recently, after microwave ovens became widespread. Features of this type of household appliances require roasting seeds of experience and even, one might say, virtuosity. Before you put the seeds in the microwave, they are washed, poured into a special refractory form, sprayed with sunflower oil and sprinkled with salt.

The power of the microwave is set to average, the time is a minute, after which the furnace is opened and, without reaching the form, mix the seeds. All this must be done very quickly, and then turn on the microwave for another minute at medium power. It’s not worth it to take out the seeds right away, it’s better to let them get in the preheated oven, but after it cools down, you can proceed to “husking”. Enjoy your meal.

Sunflower seeds: benefits and harms

Of course I'll start with the good. This amazing food product has valuable features:

  • speeds up the healing process,
  • strengthens the immune system
  • slows down the aging process
  • has a positive effect on men's health,
  • strengthens hair and nails.

Here are so many useful properties! But I note, friends, that this is far from all. There is one more point that I simply cannot keep silent about.

It has been proven that the process of husking (or clicking) is a kind of meditation. Psychotherapists believe that at this moment a person falls into a trance

However, it is difficult to disagree with this fact. Sometimes I am so fond of luzgan that I forget about everything. Even that there is a mountain of unwashed dishes waiting in the kitchen ... It’s painfully effective anti-stress 🙂

In general, sunflower seeds are a unique product. Their biological value is higher than, say, the value of meat or eggs. And this product is digested much easier.


These miraculous seeds contain more vitamin D than fat obtained from cod liver. In addition, this product has potassium, magnesium, zinc, silicon and other elements. It is also rich in fat-soluble vitamins A, E, and D. To make up the body's daily requirement for vitamin E, it is enough to eat 50 g of sunflower seeds.

The calorie content of the product is very high: 100 g of fried seeds contain up to 700 calories

However, everything is not limited only to benefits. There is a flip side to the coin. I note that the damage is caused not by the seeds themselves, but by their immoderate consumption. The list of contraindications is small:

  • This product has a bad effect on the vocal cords. If you are an announcer or singer, try to “communicate” with him less often.
  • Sunflower seeds are high in calories. It is believed that to slut a glass of fried seeds is the same as eating a large portion of fat kebab. If you really, really want to, you can treat yourself. But it is better for overweight people not to get involved in this business.
  • Due to the cracking of the seeds with the teeth, the tooth enamel is destroyed.

The choice of seeds for frying

Before buying, be sure to check the quality. When choosing sunflower seeds, look at their purity. Are there any additional inclusions - fragments of sticks, dried flowers, are the seeds eaten by pests. Ask the seller to show you the contents package. Use your fingers to probe the seeds, how thick the shell is. Sometimes you look from the counter - good, pot-bellied seeds. And you feel - emptiness.

See seed purity and calibration. They should be about the same size. And yet, I noticed that it is better to buy strong, pot-bellied seeds. I try not to take seeds that are too large or very small.

Before frying the seeds, I rinse them with running water. Like any product before meals, it is best to rinse and clean from dust and dirt. To do this, pour them into a colander and place them briefly under running water. I’ll explain right away why it is better to rinse under running water, and not in a bowl. In the tank they will draw more water, so they will have to dry longer. And in a bowl it will not work to completely get rid of dust (particles of dirt may remain on the seed). You do not want, husking seeds, to absorb even elements of the periodic table that are present in the dust? 🙂 I think not.

For frying seeds, I use a thick-bottom skillet. Fortunately, I got from my grandmother a Sovdep cast-iron pan. So, I fry sunflower seeds only in it.

If frying on Teflon, then reduce heat and mix more often. Thin-walled pans heat up faster. It is best to remove them from the fire before the seeds are browned. Put them on a plate, and they themselves will reach the condition.

Traditional way of frying

I pour wet seeds into a frying pan and cover it with a lid. I want to clarify right away that I’m frying in several passes. I don’t pour a lot of seeds: they are more evenly fried. So, I put the dishes on medium heat for 1-2 minutes (during this time the moisture evaporates). Then I remove the lid from the pan and reduce the heat (I make it slightly less than average).

I have the whole process of frying peeled seeds takes from 10 to 15 minutes. If I fry the peeled nucleoli, then the time is reduced to 5 minutes. To be honest, the question of how much to fry seeds in a pan I did not bother. I focus on the appearance of the product and its taste.

I’ll tell you a secret: the secret of success is constant stirring. It’s more convenient for me to do it with a wooden spoon. If you don’t have one, you can use a spatula or a simple spoon. When the seeds begin to crack, I take a sample. If they are ready, remove the pan from the stove. And pour the seeds in an even layer on a plate and cover with a cotton towel on top. After 10 minutes they can be eaten.

How to fry in a pan with salt

Need: 0.5 kg of seeds, 3 tbsp. table salt, 0.5 tbsp vegetable oil, water.

I put the washed seeds in a frying pan. I fill them with water (they should be completely covered) and fall asleep 2 tbsp. salt. I put the dishes on high heat and cook the product for 60-70 seconds. During this time, the salt should completely dissolve and absorb in the nucleoli. Then I throw them in a colander and drain unnecessary water. After again, I pour everything into the pan. Add the remaining salt and put the dishes on medium heat. Further, it is important to constantly stir, otherwise everything will burn.

When the product dries, reduce the heat a little more and continue to fry. I add oil a couple of minutes before cooking. Then I remove the pan from the stove, pour the seeds on a flat plate and let them cool.

Sunflower seeds fried according to this recipe with salt and oil are simply awesome!

How to fry seeds in a pan?

Cooking sunflower seeds in a pan is perhaps the most popular option among the population. However, how to fry the seeds in a pan so that they are not overcooked or dry? Cooking grains has many nuances, the first of which is the choice of a product in the store, try to give preference to medium and as if “swollen” seeds, after frying they will be quite sweet and buttery.

  1. We must wash the purchased sunflower seeds under running water (best in a colander or strainer), stirring constantly, thus washing the coloring enzyme from the grains and leaving unnecessary garbage.
  2. Then we spread them on a heated pan with a thick bottom, ideally cast iron. Depending on the taste of the pan, it is either smeared or not with sunflower (olive) oil, but most often it is not smeared with oil. Now the time has come to the temperature regime, the scheme is this: first turn on the gas to full, after the seeds heat up - reduce the gas to medium. In general, fried sunflower seeds are cooked from 5 to 15 minutes, depending on the thickness of the bottom of the dishes and the size of the seeds.
  3. An important point in the preparation is the thorough stirring during the whole frying, preferably with a wooden spoon.

There are two options for determining grain readiness:

  • Take a look at the color of the cores, if they are ready, they will become richly beige,
  • Just try)).

In fact, there are countless ways to fry seeds in a pan; the choice is mainly based on taste preferences. But as an option, we offer you another rather unusual recipe.

  1. To begin with, again, wash my sunflower seeds in water, after which we pour it into a deep pan and fill it with water, be sure to add 2 tbsp. l salt. We boil for about a minute, the main thing is that the grains are saturated with salt.
  2. Next, drain the water and continue to fry the seeds with salt (adding another 1 tablespoon of salt). Constantly stir the seeds so as not to burn out. There will be a white coating on the edges of the pan - this is normal (just salt protrudes).
  3. Reduce heat as the seeds dry. Constantly try grains during frying, when they become dry enough for you - add olive oil, it will begin to absorb.
  4. You need to remove the pan a couple of minutes before the seeds are completely ready — there is a very thin line that requires practice.
  5. Letting them cool on a flat plate is very important, because they have to get to the condition of their heat and become denser with a crispy skin.

As a result, self-cooked salted seeds with golden kernels and a peel that is easily crushed by fingers.

Sunflower Seeds

Who has soy sauce in the refrigerator, this recipe is for you. Take 150 grams of peeled seeds and 30 ml (2 tablespoons) of soy sauce. Look at the composition of the sauce. It should have soy, not wheat.

No oil is needed in this recipe. Pour the peeled seeds into a dry frying pan and begin to fry. Heat to medium or strong, constantly mixing the contents. Once they begin to brown, remove the pan from the heat. Add soy sauce, mix and return to the pan on the stove. Stir constantly with a spatula until the sauce evaporates from the surface. Sprinkle the seed on a plate and let cool.

How to fry pumpkin seeds in a pan

Pumpkin seeds are very healthy, so I fry them from time to time. The cooking technology is not particularly different from frying sunflower seeds. I use the same cast-iron skillet. I wash the product before frying.

I cook them over medium heat and stir constantly. But the cooking time depends on the size of the seeds. Small fry for up to 10 minutes, large - about 20 minutes.

Microwave Cooking Option

This method is new to me and therefore decided to share with you 🙂 This option will take you only 4 minutes. Take 100 grams of peeled seeds and put in a small cup. Put the cup in the microwave and turn on the timer for 1 minute. After the first minute, remove the cup and mix the dish. Continue cooking at 1-minute intervals, pulling and stirring it. This may take approximately 3-4 minutes. You yourself will see how the sunflower seeds are browned.

And here is the video from which I learned about this simple recipe 🙂

I liked this option so much that I began to try different options and decided to paint it in a separate article - be sure to read 🙂

How do you fry the seeds? Share your recipes in the comments. And subscribe to blog updates to be the first to know about the most delicious and healthy. Have a nice clatter and meditation 😉

How to fry seeds in the microwave?

Let's move on to the most modern way of frying grains - cooking in the microwave. However, not everyone knows how to fry seeds in the microwave, although the instructions for frying at home are quite simple.

  1. Any preparation of seeds begins with washing under water.
  2. Next, lightly sprinkle with sunflower oil, and salt if desired. Then pour the seeds in an even layer into a special bowl (optimally - a layer 2-4 cm thick.). We set the maximum power for 1.5-2 minutes.
  3. When the cycle is over - take out, mix and level the half-fried seeds. Next, put in the microwave again, but cook already at medium power, time - 1 minute. This cycle is repeated at least two more times, taking out and mixing. Be sure to try, the only way you can make sure the grains are ready. As a rule, the cooking process consists of 2-4 frying cycles, depending on the properties of the microwave oven!

How to roast seeds in the oven?

Now we will understand how to fry seeds in the oven.

  1. Let's start with the dishes: it can be either a baking sheet or a frying pan. The fried seeds cooked in the oven differ in taste from the fried seeds on the stove, since they are first dried and then fried.
  2. The initial stage, as in any other cooking option, is washing. After it, spread the seeds on a baking sheet or pan in an even layer and put in the oven, preheated to 200 degrees. Do not forget to mix them and try for readiness.

How to fry pumpkin seeds?

It should be noted that pumpkin seeds are a tasty and fragrant substitute for sunflower. The benefits of this particular product have been repeatedly noted by doctors and cosmetologists, because the proteins contained in them, vitamins A, B, C, D, E, amino acids, iron, zinc, etc. favorably affect the skin, hair and overall health of the body. In addition, cucurbitin, the so-called helminthic poison, which is fatal to parasites, is present in pumpkin grains. Contrary to the obvious beneficial properties, the abuse of pumpkin seeds can be harmful, because they contain salicylic acid, which in large quantities provokes gastritis and stomach ulcers.

How to fry pumpkin seeds at home is a fairly common request in search engines. However, the frying process itself is quite similar to the preparation of sunflower grains. The scheme is as follows:

  1. Wash the seeds under running water, dry with a paper towel.
  2. Spread on a preheated frying pan, best with a thick bottom.
  3. Fry, constantly stirring, about 15-20 minutes. We try to make sure that it is ready.
  4. Remove from heat and let cool. Done!

In fact, there are a lot of options for how to fry seeds, choose the one that suits your taste and method. Experiment and enjoy your meal!