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Beeline Promotion “Free Unlimited” or free 3 months of unlimited Internet


The application "My Unlimited" opens access to a personal account from the screen of a mobile phone for customers of the Unlimited company.

"My Unlimited" will help manage your mobile account, replenish it, connect services, learn more about the tariff and perform many other actions in a few steps.

The application allows you to:

  • Receive financial information about expenses and payments,
  • Top up your balance using online banking,
  • Choose the best rate
  • Receive our special offers according to the loyalty program,
  • Manage additional services
  • Make the promised payment
  • Get help desk advice on any issue.

Those who are not yet a Beeline subscriber

  • You need to go to Beeline with your number or buy a Beeline SIM card in the official online store or offline point of sale with any of the above rates.
  • For some tariffs, it is necessary to replenish the account before activation (see below).
  • Activate a new SIM card after a purchase or transition with your number.
  • Everything. Unlimited internet for 3 months is automatically activated for you.

When you switch or buy SIM cards with the tariffs “Anlim”, “Super Anlim”, “First Gigi” and “All for 1800 + roaming” you don’t need to do anything else, the first three months unlimited internet will be provided after the activation of the SIM card.

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Those who will be connected to the tariffs "Bi +", "Second", "Second" or "Social package" for activation need to replenish their account for at least 400 ₽ in one payment.

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Beeline customers

  • Subscribers who use “Anlim” and “Super Anlim” tariffs simply need to confirm participation in the campaign through their account on the operator’s website or the My Beeline application and unlimited Internet for 3 months will be connected by providing a 100% discount on the use of the “Unlimited Internet” option + HD video. "
  • Those who use the tariffs “First Gigi” and “All for 1800 + roaming” need similarly, “Anlimov” owners to confirm their participation in the campaign through their personal account or application.
  • Subscribers using "Bi +", "Second", "Second", "Social package" and other archive tariffs (without the included package of minutes and the Internet) need to replenish the account for at least 400 ₽ (in one payment) and only then request a provision unlimited in your account or through the application.


Beeline - well done. Freebie for 3 months for almost all subscribers,)

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It is rather unusual that the action is available not only to those who connect to Beeline or go with their number, but also to existing subscribers. Usually they try to lure and connect new customers with such promotions, but do not offer discounts to existing ones. It’s not so here and it’s great.

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And the fact that the promotion is available on tariffs without service packages, without a monthly fee and archived versions is doubly good. You can simply participate and no one forces you to change the tariff. 400 ₽ - of course money, but they remain in the account in full, there are no additional costs.

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I advise all Beeline subscribers, without exception. Free unlimited is great.

Tariffs and services of MTS with unlimited calls

Currently, the operator has a large group of offers that provides free voice communication over the internal network and without territorial restrictions. These include tariff plans on a batch basis, for their use the subscription fee is automatically charged for each billing period in full. With timely payment, the standard packages are updated and renewed. Otherwise, the provider blocks access to the main services of TP. At the moment, the following names are available for connection, under the terms of which conversations with MTS users are not subject to charging

The contract provides an unlimited set of network traffic, a limit of free minutes and SMS, which you can independently change at any time. The final size of the permanent contribution will depend on this. Sizes range from 500 - 500 to 3000 - 3000, from 650 p. up to 1550 p. respectively. To activate the contract, enter the code * 111 * 1115 #.

The advantage of the tariff plan is the ability to independently configure the volumes of the standard quota of the number of minutes, SMS and Internet traffic at your discretion. The following offer options are available for launch:

Package sizes for minutes, traffic and messages200 to 200400 to 400600 to 600
10 GB500 p.525 p.575 p.
15 GB525 p.550 p.600 p.
20 GB625 p.650 p.700 p.

All outgoing calls on the MTS internal network are free, even after exceeding the limit. To install the contract you need to enter the code * 111 * 3888 #.

After connecting, the consumer gets the opportunity to share his package resources with other subscribers of the provider. Allowed simultaneous distribution to five devices. To create a group and invite users to it, you need to enter the code * 434 * 1 # or use your personal account. In addition to unlimited communication, you will receive a traffic package of 25 gigabytes, 1500 free minutes for all mobile communication operators in the region of registration and MTS in Russia and 1500 SMS. For use, a permanent payment of 1000 rubles is charged. To enable the tariff plan, dial the combination * 111 * 1025 # on your mobile device.

The contract was created for modern youth. The tariff provides free access to popular services in the Internet space - social networks, instant messengers, applications for music and video, mail and online entertainment. Traffic on these portals is not consumed from the quota. For a month you will receive 7 gigabytes, 100 minutes to all house numbers, unlimited internal network and 200 SMS. For the work of the proposal, 500 rubles are debited from the account each settlement period. To install, use the code * 111 * 1010 * 1 #.

Minimum offer from the company. For voice communication, 200 minutes are allocated to all networks in the region and the MTS of the Russian Federation, 200 messages and 2 gigabytes of Internet. All this costs 400 rubles. The contract is activated by entering the code * 111 * 1024 * 1 #.

For a month, 3000 minutes are allocated without territorial restrictions, 300 SMS and 20 gigabytes of traffic. To enable, dial * 111 * 1026 * 1 #. The cost is 1950 rubles per month.

The contract provides premium services and an individual provider support line. A set of 20 GB traffic, 5000 minutes and SMS across Russia is also available. The subscription fee is 2900 rubles. The tariff plan is set using the code * 111 * 777 * 1 #.

Attention! All the described contracts provide free communication within the network throughout the country.

If you have a contract with per-minute tariffication of communications, for example, Super MTS, you can start optimizing services that provide unlimited service within the network:

  1. Everything is Super. Free communication in the territory of the registration region, as well as a 100 megabyte traffic packet for every day at home and in the country. A subscription fee of 9 rubles per day is charged for using the function. Comes in a starter kit with a Super MTS contract. To connect it separately, enter the code * 111 * 249 #.
  2. Call MTS Russia 100 for free. For 3.5 rubles per day, you will receive a set of 100 minutes per day for communication on the internal network in the field of registration and throughout Russia. To enable the service, use the command * 111 * 868 #. To view the available package balance, enter * 100 * 1 #.

Other ways to communicate unlimited

In addition to the standard way of voice communication, MTS implemented a communication channel via mobile Internet. In this way, you can talk with your loved ones for free, as well as reduce costs for the international direction of mobile communications. First of all, you will need an active connection to the network space. There are several ways to connect using the world wide web. Consider each in detail.

Through the Internet

Most recently, the provider has introduced a new voice communication format VoLTE, which allows you to establish a connection with other users via the 4G Internet. Consider the features of the service, its advantages and communication rates:

  1. High speed call.
  2. Improved sound quality during communication.
  3. During a conversation, data transfer is not interrupted.
  4. This communication format is available for all MTS subscribers with equipment that supports the LTE standard.
  5. When you connect a SIM card, the service will automatically be launched on your mobile device. This will tell you the corresponding icon on the desktop.
  6. To use the service, you must first install the Internet calls option, as well as Mobile Internet. Enter the code * 111 * 6 #.
  7. The option is not available for use in international roaming.
  8. All incoming calls are free, and outgoing calls anywhere in the country are calculated according to the terms of the current contract in the region of registration.

MTS Connect

Mobile Telesystems for calls and correspondence has released a unique messenger with which you can make calls over the Internet, create group chats, share files and your location. Features of work and charging:

  1. When using the application, the standard traffic quota is not consumed.
  2. To work, you need to connect unlimited calls via the Internet at the command * 111 * 6 #.
  3. All incoming calls are free, and outgoing calls according to the terms of the established tariff plan. Moreover, if you are abroad, in any country the calculation will be made, as in the home region, for this it is enough to find the Wi-Fi distribution point.
  4. The mobile utility is publicly available on the provider's official website or in any software store.
  5. You can call the numbers of all mobile operators, even if they do not have the application installed. The interlocutor will see a regular call on the mobile network.
  6. To enter the program you need to run it and specify your contact information. After that, you need to confirm the registration using a special code received by SMS from the operator.
  7. In the utility, you can configure how to accept incoming messages - through the application or in standard mode.

The technology allows you to make outgoing calls via Wi-Fi networks. You do not need to install special software. Each wireless access point is a base station, thereby increasing the coverage area of ​​the provider. Features of the calculation and characteristics:

  1. Incoming calls are not charged. Outgoing calls are subject to the terms of the current tariff plan. When in another country, the cost of voice communication is determined as within the region of registration. Which significantly reduces the cost of mobile communications in international roaming.
  2. This technology is available for all modern MTS mobile devices and contracts.
  3. To connect, just start the service Internet calls.
  4. To make a wireless call, start the Wi-Fi Calling service on your phone. After that, authorize the available access point. Check the appearance of the corresponding icon on the desktop and make a call in the standard way.
  5. To cancel the service, enter the code * 111 * 6 * 01 #.

Attention! The article describes the functions and prices for the Moscow region. In other regions of the country, the characteristics are different.

The article examined all the ways how to make unlimited calls from the MTS company. The provider has created a wide range of profitable offers that help reduce costs. The main thing is to make the right choice when switching to services to the operator.

New tariff "My unlimited" Tele2 - description

The new tariff plan did not lead to the disappearance of existing ones, and “My online” and “My online +” and “Premium” are available for connection, and a fresh offer only extends the tariff line. At the same time, the basic equipment includes an unlimited Internet package and a large number of minutes of conversation. The relative weakness is only the SMS package, but given the amount of available traffic, this drawback cannot be called significant.

The subscription fee on the tariff plan Tele2 "My unlimited" in the regions of Russia

For unlimited access, users will have to pay 500 rubles per month. At the same time, the operator set a trial, free period, allowing to test the tariff conditions. To use the tariff for 2 weeks, it is enough to switch to it by October 31 of the current year.

In situations where there is no money on the balance of the SIM card, access to packages and services is limited, but a special SOS package is provided to users. Subscribers will not have to worry about its cost, since it does not require payment.

Countyrub / month
Kemerovo, Tula, Tomsk, Kursk and Smolensk300
Oryol and Lipetsk315
Kurgan and Mordovia330
Omsk, Ulyanovsk, Arkhangelsk, Tatarstan, St. Petersburg, Mari-El, Tyumen, Nizhny Novgorod, Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous Okrug, Voronezh, Chuvashia and Yekaterinburg, Perm350
Penza and Orenburg390
Murmansk, Pskov, Krasnodar, Karelia, Vologda, Chelyabinsk, Veliky Novgorod, Kostroma and Samara400
Saratov, Kaliningrad, Ryazan and Tver420
Udmurtia, Rostov-on-Don, Bryansk, Novosibirsk, Altai, Volgograd, Komi, Kaluga, Vladimir, Kirov, Buryatia and Khakassia450
Moscow region and the city of Moscow500
Sakhalin, Kamchatka and Magadan600

The basic package of the “My Unlimited” tariff plan Tele2 includes: What is included in the tariff?

  1. unlimited access to the worldwide network,
  2. Free calls to Tele2 subscribers, regardless of their region of residence,
  3. 500 minutes of conversations with customers of third-party mobile operators,
  4. 50 SMS messages.

Additionally connected people are provided with a small set of basic options available at any tariffication. Their disconnection, in the event of a similar need, is done in your account.

Extra paid

It is important to emphasize that users will only have to pay a monthly fee. Hidden commissions and additional payments are not provided by the tariff plan, so customers should not worry that large amounts will be debited from the SIM card. But, when such a need arises, users are able to activate additional packages in their personal account:

  • 50 minutes of talk for 50 rubles,
  • 100 messages in Russia for 50 rubles.

In addition, a separate payment requires communication with interlocutors abroad.

Cost of services after the end of the package

In case of exhaustion of the available minute limit and sms, people connecting “My Unlimited” Tele2 will have to consider the following rates:

  1. outgoing calls - 1.5 rubles,
  2. Messages within the home region - 1.5,
  3. sms by country - 2.5,
  4. SMS abroad - 5,
  5. mms - 5.

We should also mention the rates for calls to foreign countries:

  • CIS - 30 rubles.,
  • Europe - 49,
  • the rest of the world is 69,
  • satellite communications - 399.

The exact list of countries included in each mentioned category should be clarified on the website.

Additional Information

It is important to note that the home region is the subject of the country where the client decided to buy a SIM card. But the cost of services and the availability of existing packages does not change, regardless of the location of the owner of the SIM card. The operator has completely canceled national roaming, therefore, it does not have an overpayment for communication while traveling through the territory of Russia, and the connection speed remains stable (taking into account the coverage area). The exception is Crimea and Sevastopol.On the territory of the peninsula special conditions apply, the description of which is presented on a separate page on the official website.

How to switch to the tariff "My unlimited" Tele2?

There are 7 main ways to connect the tariff "My Unlimited" Tele2:

  1. visit the office and purchase a new SIM card,
  2. order a SIM card through the official website,
  3. go with your number from a third-party operator,
  4. enter your own number on the page with tariffication description and confirm the transition,
  5. use your personal account
  6. Switch to the mobile application
  7. dial the special command * 630 * 15 # on the phone.

The transition is free, if you do not abuse this procedure and change the tariffing no more than once a month.

Advantages and disadvantages

Among the most important advantages are:

  • a lot of internet
  • unlimited calls within the network,
  • the presence of an “SOS package”.

Of the minuses, there are some restrictions on the use of traffic. But in general, each person is obliged to independently determine the most attractive sides of the tariff plan and the weakness of the offer.

Distribution of the Internet at the tariff "My unlimited"

Distribution of the Internet by the operator is not provided. Despite the unlimited volumes of available traffic. Use it for distribution via wi-fi, Bluetooth, USB will not work. You will not be able to use the SIM card in modems, since it is designed exclusively for phones and tablets. For more information, contact the contact center consultants by calling 611.

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