Useful Tips

Swimming pool safe for children


The presence of a swimming pool in the yard is an additional responsibility, which requires ensuring the safety of children and pets. Unfortunately, quite often children drown in home pools, especially under the age of 5 years. It also requires control over pets that may fall into the water, drink chemicals, get stuck in the filter, etc. The following are tips on how to quickly and correctly ensure child and animal safety. Something may seem burdensome, but if you decide to have your own pool, you must accordingly provide adequate protection to your loved ones.

Aboveground pools

Options for above-ground pools, easy to install.

One of the most common types of pools are aboveground. They are easy to install, no construction work required. These pools come in all shapes and sizes, as well as colors; they adorn many yards around the world.

However, such easy-to-install pools have their own dangers.

First, when you have installed the pool, you need to make sure that the stairs leading to the pool are installed extremely safely and stably. Falling down the stairs when leaving the pool is one of the leading causes of injuries, so make sure that your stairs are installed in such a way as to minimize the risk of injury. She should not stagger in any way.

Sitting on the railing by the frame pool is dangerous for many reasons. Firstly, the design may not withstand. Secondly, falling from a height and hitting the ground can result in personal injury.

In the aboveground pools you can not dive, because they have insufficient depth.

A swimming pool with a convenient staircase, behind the fence, which is safe if the house has small children.

Fencing around the perimeter of the aboveground pool.

Large above-ground pool for the whole family.

Round pool for the yard, garden.

Stationary pool

Organize the space around the pool.

A permanent pool is one of the most desirable types of pools, however, in Russian latitudes such pools, perhaps, do not make sense, unless you are going to temper or live in the southern regions of our country. These pools have an elegant appearance, they are easier to care for, more diverse than aboveground pools, and give you more options for depth.

If you have a stationary pool dug into the ground on your site, you need to make sure that there is always someone who is watching the pool when there are children nearby. If you have young children, it is imperative to enclose the pool or cover it with impervious materials. This is the biggest risk associated with this type of pool.

Do not run around a pool set in the ground. Slip on wet concrete and fall can be very easy.

Filters, pumps and other mechanical components

One aspect of pool maintenance, the safety of which is often neglected, is to keep filters, pumps and other mechanical components in good condition. All this must be used carefully, because it is cables and electricity, and next to it is water.

Keep your device out of the reach of children. It is necessary to organize a closed space next to the pool, in which there is a filter and sockets.

If your pool is closed for the winter, you must make sure that all the parts fold in the right place for winter storage.

Chlorine and other pool chemicals

One of the most important things you should consider when you have a pool is to make sure that you keep all the chemicals and toxic substances used to keep it clean in the water, out of reach of children.

These chemicals are very dangerous, they are toxic, they can neither be touched nor inhaled. When they are diluted in water in the right proportions, everything is safe, however, cans with these substances should be cleaned away from children and animals.

Seasonal pool, care and maintenance

When you own a pool, caring for it is a job that can take some time, but you need to keep it safe in the pool. Neglecting the requirements for water treatment or pool maintenance can have very serious consequences.

The untreated pool is an ideal breeding ground for mosquitoes and other pests, some of which can transmit various diseases. Moreover, other animals can also start in it.

The pool should be either closed or free of leaves and debris. Untreated and untreated pools may contain bacteria and algae that are hazardous to health.

If you do not clean the pool, you should not swim in it, as it can be a health hazard. True, you most likely will not want to climb into such water at all - it is muddy and smells unpleasant.

Enjoy the pool

Yes, the pool requires a lot of work. But in the summer he is worth it to give him time. Lazy summer days spent on an air mattress in clear blue waters can be very relaxing. children also love water, they are ready to climb into the pool 10 times a day. Since our summer is short, we need to have time to enjoy communicating with water. So your vacation should include not only a pleasant swim in the clean water of your pool, but also work on cleaning the pool, maintaining the quality of the water in good condition. All in all, this is not so difficult.