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Why do people kiss?


What is the best way to kiss a person for the first time?

First, find the one you really like, the thought of which keeps you awake at night, and just mentioning the name makes your blood run faster. Being in the same room with such a girl, you feel that your heart begins to pound wildly, and fog is floating in your head. If you experience such symptoms, you need to start with it. When parting after a date, try kissing her and wish her good night. Do it soberly, because your feelings will not be dull and you will get more pleasure. The first kiss will give you so much emotional and physical pleasure that you will feel as if on another planet!

How to understand when a girl wants me to kiss her?

Believe it or not, but many girls on a date just think about when you finally kiss her. This is because the guys are usually going to do this for a very long time. The best way to determine if a girl wants you to kiss her is to watch how she looks at you. If she stares around and cannot concentrate her attention on you in any way, this means that she is not yet ripe for a kiss. If, during a conversation, she looks directly into your eyes and does not look away when you look at her the same way, it should become clear to you that the situation is developing in the right direction, that she feels comfortable with you so much that she can allow you to kiss. In this case, there are no time limits; you do not need to measure every movement with a stopwatch in your hands. Rely on your sense of situation, it will tell you the right moment for a kiss, when you feel that it encourages you to look.

Is it possible to determine whether a girl wants me to kiss her by how close she comes to me?

Yes, there is even a science that studies this attractive subject. Man, like animals, has a so-called personal communication zone. The anthropologist Edward T. Hall, who created this science, in his book "The Invisible Distance" proves on the example of US citizens that a person has 4 contact zones: a public communication zone (more than 3.5 m) - for strangers, a social communication zone ( 1.2-3.5 m) - for acquaintances, a personal communication zone (0.5-1.2 m) - for relatives and friends and an intimate communication zone (0-0.5 m).

Animals also have contact zones, the sizes of which depend on the species to which they belong. If you fall into the zone of personal contact of the animal, it behaves aggressively. You can experiment, for example, with a street dog. If you stand 3 meters away from her, she is very likely to not notice you, but if you come closer, at a distance of less than 0.6 meters, she will consider you an enemy and either run away or attack.

Knowing these areas can help you understand if your partner wants to be kissed. Moreover, it should be borne in mind that in women the area of ​​intimate communication is smaller than in men. You can measure your area by extending your arm forward. Your intimate area ends approximately in the middle of the forearm.

Since this zone is smaller for girls than for boys, your chosen one might think that she is in your area of ​​personal (rather than intimate) communication, while for you this is an area of ​​intimate communication. It seems to you that she agrees that you kiss her, but for her this is just a friendly conversation. Keep this in mind when talking to girls at parties. They usually come closer than you. You may find this a proposal to move on to a closer relationship, but in fact it is not.

Remember that you can not kiss a girl if she is at a distance from you that does not allow her to reach you with an elbow. If she comes closer to you, it means that she is flirting with you, so you can safely kiss her.

At what age do people usually kiss for the first time?

Most people (86%) gain a first kiss experience at about 10-14 years old. However, do not worry about the fact that you are already 16, and you have not kissed. It so happens that for the first time people kiss after 20. You can quickly catch up with your peers - it's easier than a lung. If, on the contrary, you had an earlier experience of kisses, say, at 8 or 9 years old, there is nothing wrong with that either. Sometimes such people can be distinguished from the crowd by a smug smile, as if saying that they know a secret hidden from others, or from a look “not of this world”

Are everyone really worried about the first kiss?

The first kiss always causes excitement. Some people have stomach cramps before the first kiss. So relax, surrender to the tide. Excitement is an integral part of the joys of life. If nothing bothers you already, it means that the spark of life has gone out in you, you are missing so much interesting!

Is it possible to kiss on the first date?

Yes. Almost 50% of people think so. This is good, because, firstly, it causes a pleasant excitement, secondly, it allows you to quickly find a common language, and thirdly, you don’t have to worry about when the first kiss will happen. The downside is that you will no longer experience magical excitement in anticipation of the first kiss. In addition, you may suddenly realize that you and your partner are incompatible. I know people who meet and kiss one or two new partners every week. It can be difficult for them to remember with whom they are going out today and who they really like. One girl kissed so many guys a week that she could not mention everyone and even considered hiring an accountant for this. But, despite organizational difficulties, it would be nice to kiss someone new after a certain period of time. Some get used to the frequent change of relationship, like a drug: for several weeks they live high with one serving of kisses, but soon they need a new dose of romantic adventures.

Is it true that a preliminary conversation about a kiss spoils everything?

Yes, it almost always happens. A 15-year-old girl says: “My first kiss failed, because the guy and I at least half an hour before said that we simply can’t avoid the kiss. The longer we talked, the more frozen we became. We sat and looked at each other in the eyes, then I noticed that he was trembling, blushed and tears ran from his eyes. When our lips finally joined, it didn’t bring any pleasure. We talked too much about it! " Before a kiss, it’s better not to say anything.

Do I have to kiss right away, on my first date?

Not. It is not at all necessary to immediately enter into such an intimate relationship. You can spend your first dates without kisses, because you can wait a while with this. Without kisses, you can spend five to six dates or even more, depending on your imagination and financial capabilities.

How to avoid embarrassment?

"When I kissed my girlfriend for the first time, not everything went smoothly. It all happened somehow unexpectedly and took me by surprise. We were at school, and without any warning she came and kissed me. Our lips parted against each other, and "It was terrible for me. What would you advise me to do next time?"
Do not hurry. If necessary, take her by the shoulders so that she cannot move away, and try to take the initiative. The fact that your lips are flattened is not uncommon, as it sometimes happens. Imagine that you are two spaceships going to dock. It always occurs with a small collision, but the astronauts use a special program that softens the docking. And you use your hands for this. Hug her, pull her to you. The easiest way to take her by the shoulders, and you can hug her at the waist and above. Pull her gently towards you and lightly touch her lips with her lips. Here it is, your kiss! Do it slowly, because the first kiss is the worst, you may not hit the target or your lips will slip at the most inopportune moment. But this is much easier than docking ships in space, so go ahead - because in order for you to succeed, you don’t have to pre-train hard, like, for example, astronauts. You have already practiced this a thousand times, bringing food to your mouth. Just do it slowly and don't forget to hold the girl - if necessary, even by the head - to bring your lips to a successful dock.

Can my partner guess that I'm new to this business?

Not. It is almost impossible to guess what time in your life you kiss. On the contrary, your unusual manner and excitement can give the kiss an originality and cause a more pleasant feeling for your partner, because your kisses will not be rehearsed and unbroken. No one will ever guess about the lack of experience, unless you tell about it yourself.

I’m very clumsy when I try to kiss someone, I’m surely losing my balance. What do you advise me to do?

There are four things you can advise in this situation.

First, try kissing while sitting.
Secondly, you can lean your girlfriend against the wall, this will help you maintain balance.
Thirdly, for greater stability, put your hands on her shoulders.
And finally, fourthly, wait a bit with a kiss. I want to say, maybe she herself will take the first step, and then she will have to lean toward you and look for support in you.
How to excite a girl with a kiss?
The surest way is to kiss her on the ear or neck. Studies have shown that women most like it when they kiss on the neck (not counting the lips). Yes, in the neck.

It may turn out that kisses on the neck do not really excite you (since only 10% of guys are excited from kisses on the neck), and therefore you will refuse them. Do not do this, zde

Where did this desire come from - to kiss people?

A kiss is an important ritual that has a long history, one can say a prehistoric, animal. Take a look at our smaller brothers. All birds and animals have a certain behavior that they exhibit when approaching: they rub, caress, hug. Obviously, a kiss is simply a more sensual, human desire to approach, and therefore feel the other.

The base of all relationships in human society is built on odors. They affect us subconsciously. Only by smell we like one person, and the other repels. It’s not possible to explain it consciously, only rationalizations come out: “I don’t like this person - so ugly, untidy, stupid.”

Approaching a person at a distance of a kiss, even if not kissing him on the lips, but simply on the cheek, we smell his smell closer and subconsciously understand who this person is. Smells give us away. A person in good states of love, joy, happiness immediately likes us, attracts to himself.

Of course, people do not realize this, do not catch themselves thinking that they make their conclusions based on the sensation of smells. For most, kisses are just a ritual, a tradition. The owners of the oral vector have accustomed us to this, for which kisses are a real pleasure. For an oral person, lips and mouth are an erogenous zone. They like to talk, spit, drool in their mouths, whistle, etc. And naturally, they use every opportunity to kiss a person. They love it and bring it to the rest.

Kiss me to get to know me better

Kisses between lovers have even deeper meanings. People kiss on the lips for a reason: through a sensual kiss we “try” a person. If you like to kiss with him / her, if it causes inner delight and joy, then it is obvious that the person suits us. If the kiss is so-so, then any excitement is immediately killed. I don’t want any continuation, no matter how visually or morally I like the person.

Kiss - it's kind of compatibility test, which determines exactly whether there is love in this pair or not.

You do not want to kiss? So there are reasons

There are people who do not want to kiss. There can be many reasons for this. For example, a person with a skin vector in a special condition may be afraid of contracting a disease through the skin. The pathological desire not to touch anything or anyone leads to an obsessive desire to wash hands, to contact with other people only “through a rag”. In this case, one can’t even talk about kisses.

How to find answers to all your questions a la “why do people kiss”?

Finding answers to questions like “Why do people kiss?” Is not so difficult. They are really pleased and good at kisses. This is part of our culture, traditions. With the help of kisses and smell, we determine each other whether we are suitable for each other, whether they are pleasant to each other. Well, people with an oral vector have a special relationship with kisses. At the training "System-Vector Psychology" there is a complete analysis of this and many other topics.

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