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Compatible old games with PS3


Modern PS3 and PS4 consoles boast excellent graphics and high performance. These game consoles have released quite a lot of high-quality and interesting games with a well-developed plot and a very nice picture.

However, despite all the coolness of modern toys, at times I want to return to the past and once again go through the very same games from PS One or PS2that were so fun to play in childhood. If there is no old console left, the logical question arises as to whether it is possible to play old games on the PS4.

There are other cases. PlayStation 3 owners who bought a new generation of console are often interested. are discs suitable from PS3 to PS4.

One way or another, all these and similar questions relate to compatibility of old and new consoles from Sony. This is the topic we want to cover in this article.

How to play games from PS2 to PS4

For any company that is on the market more than 10 years, It is important to maintain the interest not only of new users, but also to maintain the loyalty of old customers. Sony is no exception.

Fans of retro games, which are now considered games for PS One and PS2, have long been waiting for the emulator of these consoles on PS4. Unfortunately, this is unlikely to ever be implemented on new consoles from Sony. Now there are only small hints to support old games.

To understand why the old games are not so easy to transfer to the new console, you need to study the theory a little.

New consoles are built on the same principle as modern computers, respectively, the hardware architecture, and therefore the software of the new consoles, very different from those that were on the same PS2 and PS3.

Besides, companies influence the situationwho developed games for old consoles. Some of them have long since retired and closed, and porting or official emulation of the game requires special certification of products, trademarks, and more.

Back in the second half of 2012, Sony patented technology that allows save trophies in old games without changing the game itself. This suggests that even then a special emulator was developed, providing a kind of backward compatibility of games.

Right now there is only a small fraction of PS2 games running on PS4. The fact that they are emulated, and not converted to a new console, is indicated by the presence of old PlayStation logo. In addition, the player can interact with memory cards, of course, now they are virtual.

The small number of games is due to the high cost of recertification of games, as well as low demand from buyers. This is probably why games from PS2 to PS4 cost around $ 10-15.

How to run PS3 games on PS4

We dealt with emulators in the previous block, and almost all of the information described above applies to the PS3.

The only way transfer game from PS3 to PS4 - Log in from the account that you had on the old console, and download the game (if it was purchased earlier) to the new console. Previously, it was possible to exchange the game with a surcharge, but now it may no longer be provided.

PS3 discs on PS4 do not work. The console can show what kind of game is recorded on the BR-disk, but will not start it.

All major projects like The Last of Us, GTA V, Uncharted, and other PS3 games to PS4 have been ported. with improved graphics and textures. There is no and will not be an emulator of old games that could support reading discs from PS3, which Sony announced at the start of PS4 sales.

Gamepads from PS3 and PS4

If you thought about how connect the gamepad from PS3 to PS4, we will help you find the answer. If you have a DualShock 3rd version and you do not want to buy the 4th, and use it with a PS4 - forget it.

There are many manuals on the network how to connect an old gamepad using standard settings or doubtful adapters, but is it necessary, now we will understand.

It would seem that the functionality of the last 2 versions of controllers from the PlayStation is almost identical, with the exception of Touchpad in DualShock 4. However, if you take a closer look at small details, for example, the presence of a speaker, more accurate sticks and so on, the difference will be significant.

Registering an old gamepad is easily done in the settings. True, it’s harder to find a game that fully supports PS3 gamepad.

Most likely, Sony decided that the old controllers are not suitable for new consoles, or maybe just wanted to sell more new ones, but somehow, the connection joysticks from PS3 to PS4 - quite a dubious pleasure.

Running games from PS1 to PS3

Entering the official PSN store, you will find old games at a price approximately equal to 170-200 rubles. They can be easily paid and download to your console. By the way, this method also works for games from PS2.

Everything on the PS Store will definitely work on your console.

Games from PS1 to PS3 run without any problems, and on all versions. You just need to insert the original PS One disc into the drive and the game will start.

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Are games from PS2 to PS3

PS2 games run on PS3 Fatbut her followers: Slim and Super Slim, unfortunately, cannot boast of such a thing. But that is not all.

Unfortunately, on PS3, disks from PS2 cannot always be recognized, and even some “fatties” cannot cope with them. The fact is that not every PS3 Fat supports official backward compatibility. You can determine its presence by the number of USB ports on the front panel. If there are 4 of them, then the old games are supported, but if 2 are not.

There are options when not all PS2 drives fit the PS3 Fat. Some PS3 models, for example, CECHC—, have only partial support for games from PS2, so before you buy a DVD-ROM or borrow it from friends, it’s better to search the Internet for information on working with certain models by recognizing your name on a sticker on case.

If you have a disk from the previous PS, just check its operation by inserting it into the drive.

There is one more thing related to the controller. If you use a non-original gamepad, it will not work when emulating old toys. And if the controller is original, press the button PS after you enter the game, and then select the first slot, then everything will work as intended by the developers.

Well, the last. A memory card, such as that of the PS1 or PS2, is not used on the PlayStation 3, so you will need to create a virtual copy of it. To do this, click on PS to open the XMB menu, and then in the section "A game" create an internal memory card. It also needs to be “inserted” into slot No. 1.

After starting the game, you will be able toset up a picture (stretching to fit the screen, smoothing, etc.) in the same XMB menu.

PS3 firmware to run games from PS2

If you don’t want to search for old CDs or DVDs from old consoles and buy digital copies of games on PSN, you can use an alternative way to launch games from PS2 to PS3. Having flashed the prefix, you can download images old console toys, and then copy to the console.

To do this follows install custom firmwareinto which the Multiman program is integrated.

Preparation of games from PS2 to PS3 is done on a computer. To get started, you need to download the image of the original game for the PlayStation 2, and then "Sew" an emulator into it, which will work on a newer console. All this is done in a special program InfraRecorder. There are tons of instructions on the Internet on how to use it.

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In addition, 2 more installers must be present on the flash drive where our game will be lying: ReactPSN and PS2 Classics Placeholder R3. They need to be "put" in the memory of the console.

When transferring game files to a USB flash drive, use the most recent USB port on the right.

To play games from PS2, on PS3 you need to create a new profile and give it the name "aa." Games are launched from the PS2ISO folder, which must be created in the root directory of the console hard drive.

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