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How to make a skirt out of your pants


Old forgotten trousers or jeans can please their mistress-fashionista more than once. In order for a new thing to appear in the wardrobe, it is not necessary to spend money. The main thing is desire and fantasy, and the thing that seemed unnecessary will gain a second life.

Almost every woman has her favorite pants that are tired or worn, but it is a pity to throw them away, since they fit perfectly on the figure. Having turned on imagination and knowing how to hold a needle and thread, you can alter old trousers into a skirt. For alteration fit both denim and classic trousers.

Old Trouser Skirt

Favorite trousers found in the closet are not worn for several reasons:

  • out of fashion
  • size does not fit
  • there are several couples more beloved.

Classic trousers are more suitable for sewing a pencil skirt.

Pencil skirt put on for any reason:

  • mini - to a disco and a summer walk,
  • midi - to work and on a trip,
  • maxi - to a party and a walk in the park with a child.

It’s the most difficult thing to sew from old trousers and to make it work, certain conditions must be observed:

  • trousers for alteration must be precisely sized,
  • the stepping seam should open well (it will be needed for allowances).

Step-by-step master class

In order to sew a new skirt from old trousers, patterns are not needed. Measurements and calculations will be obtained after trying:

  1. Having decided on the length of the future product, cut off the excess length.
  2. Designate the widest part of the hips - to this point, spread along the inner seam.
  3. Try on the product, with pins to indicate excess fabric, adjust the skirt to the figure.
  4. Sew seams with a sewing machine.
  5. Tuck and hem the product. The skirt is ready.

Do not forget to leave one and a half centimeter of seam allowance. When sewing a classic style, you need to make a wide seam by twisting the fabric twice, so for an allowance you will need 3 cm.

Denim skirt

Jeans quickly rub between the legs and knees, they have to part with. If the fabric is not wiped and not washed, then it is suitable for sewing a nice original skirt.

Work process:

  1. Wear jeans and decide on the length.
  2. Mark the widest line of the hips on the fabric.
  3. Measure the bottom of the width of the skirt.
  4. Remove trousers and strut along the step seam - from the back to the hip mark, in front to the codpiece.
  5. Turn the workpiece open inside out, put on yourself. In order for the pencil skirt to fit perfectly on the figure, you need to chop the fabric back and front with pins.
  6. Carefully remove the trousers, draw a seam line with chalk. Sweep with a needle and thread.
  7. Try it on. If the product sits well, then sew on a typewriter.
  8. Trim and tuck the hem of the skirt.

So that the thing does not constrain movement when walking, the length should be above the knee in the width of the palm. Or make a cut at the back for ease of movement.

Leather Trouser Skirt

To work with the skin will require certain skills. Not every sewing machine can stitch the skin. Without thinking over this moment, one may encounter the fact that the machine will pull the skin or “not take” it.

For alteration of expensive leather things, it is better to contact professionals in the studio.

For independent work on a small segment of the skin, you need to check whether the machine will take a double seam.

The rest of the work on remaking is no different from classic or denim trousers.

Any errors will remain with noticeable holes from the needle.

It is better for sewing a skirt to take trousers of a larger size:

  1. Split into separate parts.
  2. Overlay the finished skirt pattern and make four separate blanks for the four-blade skirt.

All work will occur from scratch, but there will be no defects and small holes on the product, and the skirt will look like new.

With shuttlecock on yoke (basque)

Old pants and, if desired, a piece of fabric are useful for a perky skirt with a flounce.

To sew such a model, you will need to follow the following steps:

  • Carefully cut off the upper part of the trousers, which will serve as the yoke of the skirt.
  • Overcast or overcast with overlock or zigzag.
  • For shuttlecocks, stretch the cut off legs or cut the prepared fabric into wide ribbons. The width of the future shuttle should be 15-20 cm wider than the basques. For a mini skirt, one shuttlecock is enough. The circumference of the shuttle should coincide with the circumference of the coquette. For a maxi skirt, you need three shuttlecocks (each next shuttlecock is 20 cm longer than the previous one).
  • Sweep the side of the yoke with a shuttlecock and sew on a typewriter.
  • Edge to process or hem. The skirt is ready.

This style of skirt looks beautiful with a yoke of jeans. The fabric for the shuttlecocks is matched to the tone, and the quality of the fabric does not matter. Great for:

Floor skirt

For such a product, you need trousers with whole knees and a beautiful bottom, because the entire length of the legs will turn into a skirt. For work you will need:

  • out of fashion trousers,
  • needle and thread spool,
  • sewing machine,
  • scissors,
  • decor elements (lace, sequins, ribbons).

Principle of operation:

  1. Expand the inner and middle seams.
  2. Remove protruding threads.
  3. Wash and iron the workpiece thoroughly.
  4. Having laid out the fabric of the stepping seam, remove the excess corner.
  5. Sew the product along the front and back seam.

If the product is too narrow, insert a wedge. For a triangular wedge, fabric from other trousers or contrasting material, such as velveteen, linen, velvet, nylon, is suitable.

The narrow model will be saved by cuts that can be made in the back, front or on the sides, trimmed with wedge cloth or lace.

Also, a zipper is sewn along the front seam over the entire length of the product, which regulates the depth of the cut.

Cross-linked trousers are a great idea for changing the look. Do not be afraid of all kinds of elements: lace frills, prints and sparkles will make the old thing play in a new way.

The first model is a denim miniskirt

  1. 1. To depart from the designated bottom of the future hem 5 cm cut off the trouser leg.
  2. 2. Next, gently dissolve the front and rear seam of the trousers to the level of the fastener front and rear, flatten, it is desirable to iron.
  3. For the mini style, you need to sew open the seams on the sewing machine, folding them with an overlap. Trim the hem with double stitching, similar to the side, or leave it untreated. Mini skirt - ready.

Video on sewing a miniskirt

Making a Midi Skirt

For sewing a product knee-length or midi, additional steps are required:

  1. Legs are cut to the selected length, taking into account the hem.
  2. As in the first sewing model, the front and rear seams open to the fastener level.
  3. After smoothing, lay the cake mix on the table facing you. When overlapping step seams, a discrepancy between the bottom of the front and rear canvas is visible.
  4. Wedges for inserts are cut from the legs.
  5. A cut piece of fabric from the wrong side is substituted in front and behind and attached with pins.
  6. All connections are stitched on a typewriter.
  7. Excess fabric from the insert is cut off, the seams are processed on the overlock.
  8. If there is a slot on the back of the skirt, only the top connection without insertion is sewn on the machine.
  9. The hem is trimmed and hemmed.

The front insert wedge may have a central seam. To do this, an insert is cut from the side of the leg and inserted into the skirt in front so that it coincides with the main seam from the fastener. All other operations are performed alternately. The same principle is used to sew a long product model. But for this you will need another color pair matching in color or contrasting, or the appropriate material will be selected.

Sewing Midi Video

Model to the floor

The next step will be a trimmed skirt. The upper part of the trousers is cut 15 cm below the fastener level (thigh level). Legs open at the seams, from which 4 wedges are cut out. Their length is chosen at the request of the woman. The lower part of the wedge is equal to the width of the leg, the upper part is the volume of the hips divided into 4 parts, plus 1 cm to the connecting seams. Wedges are sewn into one fabric and attached with pins to the cut off top of the trousers. Then they are connected on a typewriter, the hem is hemmed.

The lower part can be sewn from different fabrics that are suitable for jeans texture. Popular among youth style of clothing "boho". These are multilayer canvases from a variety of dense fabrics, with colorful floral patterns. For decoration, frills are used from home lace, ribbons, flowers from denim.

Maxi Skirt Production Video

Video of making a straight skirt

Patchwork Skirt

A skirt from old trousers can be created using the patchwork style, one of the oldest needlework techniques. The upper part is cut, and shreds of different configurations are cut from the legs and connected into one canvas. This canvas joins the cut off upper part, decorated with buttons, patch pockets, various decorative elements.

Pants Flared Skirt

After stitching a few simple patterns, you can sew a flared denim skirt. This will require the bottom of the wide legs. The upper part can be left for short summer shorts.

  1. Measured waist, hips and estimated length of the product.
  2. To unfasten trouser legs, to iron - from them 4 pieces of fabric turned out.
  3. The waist circumference is divided into 4 parts plus 2 cm into the connecting seams - this is the upper part of the wedges. The lower part is the width of the leg.
  4. 4 wedges are cut out and connected together, the place of grinding is processed on the overlock.
  5. A belt for a skirt is cut out of the remaining material, the length of which is equal to the waist circumference, 6-8 cm wide (double elastic band width). It is inserted into the belt, fastened with pins.
  6. The belt is stitched with the skirt's canvas, the hem is hemmed.

Video production of flared skirts from men's trousers

Using the acquired skills, you can sew a skirt for a little girl from her trousers. They are cut off at the level of the stepping seam. The trousers open up, a ribbon is cut out of them and sewn in the form of a shuttlecock, which is sewn along the bottom of the product. The item is decorated with pockets, ribbons, appliques, embroideries.

In order to look fashionable and spectacular it is not necessary to buy new things. A sewn product with your own hands will highlight the owner with an individual style and originality. The ability to sew and design will be a good help.

What patterns can I sew

The transformation of old pants into a skirt does not require supernatural efforts, so even a novice seamstress will cope with this matter. In addition, you can give free rein to the imagination and choose any model from the following models of skirts.

  • Mini skirt,
  • pencil,
  • four-blade
  • on a yoke (with one or more shuttlecocks),
  • floor skirt.

Yes, it’s easy to turn a pair of old trousers into any skirt, it all depends on your desire and the time you are willing to spend on remaking.