Useful Tips

32 ideas on what to do on vacation at home, how to entertain a child


1. Enjoying outdoor activities.

The scope of outdoor pleasure is very underestimated. Not only because a quick exit from the house invigorates and cheers you up, but also because it is a great opportunity for exercise. If you are thinking about getting rid of these bulges, then go outside and run, walk or do any physical activity in the fresh air that you like.

2. Do something that you have never done before.

If you were thinking about doing something, and you never had time for it, then do it now. Do not waste your time sitting in front of the TV and watching replays again and again, while you can expand your horizons with a completely new experience.

3. Go in for sports.

You can ride a bike, walk, play your favorite sports game, or even try a new one. Any of these activities is a good way to get well.

4. Try to find out more about what interests you.

Expand your knowledge by learning something you did not have time for before. It can be anything from astronomy to zoology!

5. Get new skills.

Vacations are a great time to spend on self-improvement. Devote your time to what you previously could not practice due to lack of time, for example, dancing, photo and video shooting, music, etc. The more skills, the more opportunities open to you in life.

6. Expand your language skills.

Knowledge of foreign languages ​​is one of the most useful skills universal on the planet. You will be able to learn a lot about traveling and communicate with people from different countries.

7. Meet a lot of people.

If there is no one around with whom you would like to spend time, do not forget that you always have the opportunity to make new friends. You might want to do this in social places for meetings, for example, at a concert, cafe, etc. Do not be afraid to go up and talk with the people you meet - a new friendship can begin anywhere! You will never make new friends inside your home, so get out! Leaving home is the most important key step in making a boring vacation a fun and productive one.

8. Have a party.

Party is a great way to have fun. You can invite your friends and arrange a thematic fiesta according to the weather. If it's sunny, make it beach style. If it’s cold, you and your friends can stay inside and have a good cup of cocoa or hot chocolate.

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Where to go:

  1. An ideal option for relaxing between studies is a complete change of scenery. Tours to Europe with visits to the most interesting sights - this is what will help to "reboot" and gain new experiences!
  2. What about local excursions? Seeing the sights of the resort where we go on vacation is usually a granted complement to relaxation. Do we know our cities and our countries in which we live? Call local travel agencies and you will surely find interesting excursions in your city lasting from 2-3 hours to 2-3 days.
  3. A very interesting place where you can go on vacation is the hangar. There is an opportunity not only to touch and view helicopters and planes close by, but also to sit at the helm, ask a lot of questions, get interesting answers, learn a lot of new things, and take cool photos as a keepsake.
  4. Triple your “movie week” and go to the cinema every day for different sessions.
  5. Museums and exhibitions are something boring and uninteresting to many children, especially teenagers. Maybe it was so many years ago. But today, expositions devoted to the themes of zoology and botany, space and archeology, historical events and science allow the child to plunge into the interesting and exciting world of animals, plants, planets, scientific discoveries and history. And what are the exhibitions of robots, dinosaurs!
  6. If there is no planetarium where you live, find the nearby city in which it is, and be sure to visit this place of rest. Impressions are provided!
  7. Nobody canceled zoos, zoos, amusement parks and green recreation areas in the city limits.
  8. When it is boring and incomprehensible what to do during the holidays, you can solve this problem by becoming someone useful. Indeed, for sure each of us has relatives and neighbors who always need help: to go to the store, clean the house, water the flowers, and simply keep company with single people.
  9. Teenagers can start making money on vacation by providing the services they pay for: washing cars, putting up ads, walking animals, mowing lawns, etc.
  10. Be sure to check out the 3G-5G movie. A bucket of popcorn and green-red glasses, special effects and a storm of emotions ... And if all this is also with friends!

What to do in the fresh air:

  1. In fine weather, outdoor recreation is an ideal pastime. You can go out of town with friends, family or have a small picnic in the park, park, garden of your own home.
  2. Learn to Skate Masterfully, roller skate, skateboard, hoverboard.
  3. Hiking, and even better, morning jogging, in beautiful places of the city will not only diversify leisure activities, but will also contribute to better health.
  4. Launch a kite with your friends.
  5. Go camping (if with adults, then you can even spend the night) and explore a new area.
  6. Take bike rides with friends.
  7. If you go to the beach to sunbathe and swim, always follow the safety rules. Remember to bring water guns with you. (How to sunbathe. How to tan quickly.)
  8. Watch floating clouds lying on the grass and fantasizing.

Activities at home:

  1. Get new skills. For example, you can learn to dance, draw, work in Photoshop, swim.
  2. And maybe during the school year you could not allocate enough time for your favorite hobby? Then summer is the right time to devote yourself to what the soul lies to.
  3. Take care of self-education, choosing several interesting topics to study, for example, from the field of zoology, space, foreign languages.
  4. As for reading, many students are very skeptical about this type of vacation. However, do not confuse reading boring school books with an immersion in the fascinating world of science fiction and adventure fiction books.
  5. Start creating! Let it be melodies if you are fond of music, poetry, if - poetry, beautiful vases, if - clay modeling, interesting articles, if you like to express your thoughts in writing.
  6. Try something new, such as a new meal, board or sports game.
  7. Learn any needlework: beadwork, embroidery, decoupage.
  8. Get ready-made kits for creativity, which already include all the materials and instructions for making pictures from beads, candles in a glass, frames from clay, a soap factory, diamond embroidery, etc.
  9. If you have a pet, interact with it more often, play, train, study habits. Communication with animals cheers up, entertains and does not let children get bored during the holidays. (Read: A kitten appeared in the house, where to start, what you need,)
  10. Learn to cook. The older the child, the more he should be able to cook. Even the simplest self-cooked meals will be appreciated by parents who come tired and hungry after work.
  11. No matter how dreary this may sound, you can take lessons during the holidays, especially if there are gaps in some subjects. After all, when there is no need to go to school, there is a lot of free time. And it is precisely this time that can be devoted to working with a tutor or to independent “pulling up the tails”.
  12. If you like to sit in front of a computer monitor, start your own blog and write articles on it or start editing videos, master graphic programs. It will not only entertain, but in the future may bring additional income on the Internet.
  13. Teenage girls can practice proper self-care, using cosmetics, braiding, and creating beautiful manicures.
  14. With the permission of the parents, arrange an overnight stay with friends: a pajama party, a pillow fight, a sweet table, storytelling in the dark ...

Parent Tips

Do not try to fill every hour with some activity. Indeed, you can get tired of too active rest much more than from work or study.

Distribute activities and entertainment evenly.

Control the time spent by the child on the Internet. Read an article about what to do with computer addiction.

Do not impose what is categorically not accepted by the child, give him the right to choose for himself.

If you yourself participate in events, then do it not formally, but with all your soul and sincere involvement in the process.

See that a teenager left to his own devices doesn’t contacted a bad company.

Read an article on what to do in the summer and browse the list of "150 affairs for the summer ".

Have fun hanging out and having fun with your kids on vacation!

We recommend reading:

1. Food Day

What does it mean? So, all day will be devoted to delicious food. The apartment turns into a restaurant kitchen. Each family member prepares his favorite dish, and then all together - a family dessert. You can arrange Italian Food Day or Unusual Food Day, Sea Food Day or Dumpling Day. This is not a quick matter - it starts with a search for recipes, then a trip to the store, to the market, then another trip for what you forgot. In general, the whole day will go away. But cooking is a pleasant and fun affair. Yes, and such a skill in life is useful to anyone.

2. Cinema Day

There are two main formats: we shoot movies and watch movies. They, by the way, do not contradict each other. In the first case, you will need popcorn, pizza and films that everyone has long wanted to watch. In the second - the script, actors, smartphone and editing program. The main thing is not to strain. A whole day of TV shows? Well, okay, once a year - you can.

3. Snow / ice day

There is no snow in the city - go to the ski base out of town. Sledding, skiing, snowboarding (if you haven’t tried it - better with an instructor), cheesecakes, tea and what is left of Food Day - and you will bring absolutely happy people home. Including you.

The same goes for skates. It will turn out to gather friends with families for amateur hockey - very cool.

4. Water Day

All the same, but in the water park. And for starters, you can go to a documentary about the inhabitants of the ocean depths (they can go to cinemas and planetariums) or to the water museum. Incidentally, it is interesting there: you can, for example, see how intricately the ice crystallizes if you play Bach or Metallica during freezing water.

5. Repair day

It may be a day dedicated to repairing the room. And maybe the day for which you list all broken toys together, tighten all loose nuts, glue books - but you never know what your hands did not reach. It is difficult to imagine a more economical and, moreover, socially useful pastime. But the children will like it - they have long dreamed of getting to your tools.

8. Game Day

You have no idea what emotions can cause battles in the "Munchkin" or mnogohodovki in "Carcassonne." And how much happiness the Mafia can bring! How much you learn about your body after Twister! But do not want to sit at home, then - football, volleyball and sandals in the snow. By the way, do you know how fun it is to paint snowmen from a spray bottle with food coloring? Did you blow bubbles in the cold?

10. Museum Day

I see, I see an unhappy grimace, indicating that you were at the museum for the last time at school. But in vain. Firstly, many of them have become much better, more convenient and more multimedia. Secondly, many new museums have appeared: retro cars, bacteria and robots will be more interesting than the Kirov Museum Apartment or the native museum of local lore, with a spinning wheel and a mammoth tusk. Thirdly, it is amazing, but after thirty years, even the museum of military equipment looks different, not to mention the paintings of Aivazovsky. In general, bolder!

By the way, the museum can be supplemented with an unusual city tour - such as "Fantastic creatures and where they live in St. Petersburg" or "In the footsteps of Moscow ghosts."

12. The day of getting rid of trash

A wonderful holiday that can easily drag on for a week, especially if you start to clean up the computer’s hard drive as well. And ideally, each member of the family should sort out their belongings and get rid of the collapsed books, meaningless scraps of skirting boards, clothes that you can’t fit into anymore, etc. Parsing is a very interesting thing, promising a lot of discoveries like “Oh, my tennis racket, and I was looking for her everywhere! ”

13. Reading / music / theater day

How long have you read aloud? How long have you listened to how others read aloud (reading reprimands by a chef is not considered)? But this is a terribly interesting activity, especially if the readers change all the time. Read “Treasure Island” for a day - this is not forgotten.

And it is better to listen to music performed by professionals. Move to the balalaika concert - you won’t regret it!

14. Science / English Day

To make a bath bomb or a jellyfish in a bottle, to grow a snake out of sugar and soda, or to make a wire heart spin on a battery - there have been so many scientific experiments for lazy parents and curious children that it lasts for a week. Scientific experiments can be supplemented by going to a planetarium, an observatory, or even to a scientific one, forgive me, Lord. Finally, no one canceled the tricks either.

Is it weak for the whole family to communicate all day in English only?

15. Day of excellence

This day, each member of the family must end, having mastered a new skill. It's time to teach his son to work with a hacksaw and a jigsaw - to make a toy box, birdhouse or chair. In extreme cases, there are also workshops on the production of gingerbread houses and pottery. Try it yourself - do you think it's easy?