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How to draw a rainbow pony


Pony Rainbow is the most daring, athletic and slightly selfish heroine of the cartoon My little pony. She is committed to keeping the sky clean, maintaining order there. In this drawing lesson, you will learn how to draw a Rainbow Dash pony from My Little Pony.

First of all, we draw the pony's head. Let's start with the circle.

Now that the circle is ready, draw the pony's face in two simple lines.

We erase the excess and proceed to drawing the hair and ear of the pony. Draw a bang of a Rainbow Dash pony.

We erase the extra lines so that they do not interfere with us, and begin to draw a big pony eye.

Now we are doing the second part of the hair, which is located behind the head of the pony. Draw them like this.

Our pony Rainbow Dash can fly, so without fail draw wings.

So, we are almost done drawing the head of the Rainbow, now we are starting to draw the body. First, draw a circle that will be the body of the pony.

Now add the front legs of the Rainbow Dash, the extra lines will also need to be erased.

Draw a gorgeous rainbow pony tail.

Add the hind legs. Also, the lines that interfere must be removed.

It remains to add the brand of ponies in the form of a cloud and lightning-rainbow, which is located on the thigh of the heroine.

Well, we are almost done drawing a pony Rainbow Dash, you just need to color it in bright colors as shown in the picture below. This is what should happen.

I hope you enjoyed drawing the Rainbow Dash from My little pony. Friendship is a miracle in our drawing lesson.

Start with the head

How to draw a rainbow pony in stages? Draw a small oval in the upper right corner of the album sheet. It will be the head of a pony. Try not to put too much pressure on the pencil. Do not worry if the oval turned out to be imperfect - it's okay.

Inside the oval, draw two lines — one horizontal and one vertical. First draw a vertical line, then mentally divide the sphere into four parts and draw a horizontal girdle line in the lower quarter. These lines will help draw a pony face.

Above the horizontal line, draw two ovals that reach half the height in height. This will be the eyes of your pony.

Draw the torso

Just below the head, outline the outline of the body - another oval, only elongated horizontally.

How to draw a rainbow pony in the next step? It is necessary to connect the head and body. To do this, draw two slightly curved lines from the head to the torso. Do not try to make them straight - the pony will look unnatural.

Drawing tail, legs, wings

Now you need to draw the horse legs and tail.

From the body, draw two curved lines. Please note that in length they should be like a neck along with the body. On the left side of the horse’s torso draw a wavy line - this will be the tail.

Now, on the upper body, between the neck and tail, draw a curved line that looks like an inverted horseshoe or an inverted English letter U. This is a sketch of the wing.

During all the manipulations you should get such a picture.

This is the basic model of the future horse.

Drawing ear, bangs, mane

How to draw a pony rainbow ear? To do this, on the left side of the head, going a little inside the oval, draw an inverted English letter V and inside it a small line.

All ponies have bangs. In order for your horse to have it, start drawing from the ear, slightly protruding beyond the oval of the head. The bangs should cover part of the right eye and be a little “spiked”.

Now mane. It should begin from the lower edge of the ear, go a little on the muzzle and occupy about half of the neck. Do not forget about the "spikes".

Muzzle drawing

It's time to tackle the eyes of the pony. Inside the left eye, draw two more ovals, one inside the other. On the "pupil", outline two small spots and, excluding them, paint over it. Draw three small cilia. Repeat the same procedure with the right eye, with the exception of the eyelashes - they are not visible because of the bangs.

Something is missing ... How to draw a pony Rainbow nose? Below, from the right eye, draw a small line beyond the oval of the head and connect it to the left side of the head. Draw a nostril and a smile.

Making wings, legs, tail

Back to your pony's wing. Draw 4 “petals” to the sketch, from the leftmost one, make a small curl that goes into the body.

Inside the wing draw two more “petals” and a curl.

Now back to the feet. Start drawing the front legs of the pony from above, gradually expanding them down.

Repeat with the hind legs. Add a small corner at the top of the horse’s left foot.

Do not forget the tail of your pony. Make it magnificent, to your taste, for example, like that.

Circle the main lines of the picture brighter: the contours of the body, head, legs.

As a result, you should get such a picture.

Final part

Gently erase the marking lines using an eraser. Try not to grease the picture and not to erase the unnecessary. Your pony Rainbow is ready! You can stop there or go to the final part of the work.

Color the resulting drawing or let the child do it.

Now you know how to draw a pony Rainbow. Changing minor details, you can depict other horses from the cartoon.

Girl example

In this section, we will move slightly away from the animal theme and demonstrate how to draw a Rainbow Dash girl. If you already know how to portray people well, then this will be a huge plus. And if not, then just follow the instructions below and you will get a beautiful drawing.

This is a very detailed example, so it will not dwell on each stage in detail. First we need to draw a simple sketch, from which we will build on in the future.

Now you need to work on the face. You should get big eyes and a small mouth. With one eye she will wink a little at us.

In the fourth step, we need to add the chin and ear.

We draw a short-sleeved shirt worn on a swing.

Hands should turn out rather thin.

Dress a short skirt on our heroine.

Hair will be as lush as possible.

We work on the legs. They will be wearing tall boots with laces.

We are working on small elements and the black and white version of the picture can be considered curtained.

We pick up the brightest felt-tip pens or pencils and colorize it as in the picture below.

Pony in the jump

This paragraph will tell us how to draw a Rainbow Dash in pencil with a pencil. If you have already tried to depict the first example from this article and you succeeded, then you should not have any problems with this. They are very similar, but the drawing technique is still a little different.

First we need to depict the head of our Rainbow Dash. A lush mane will consist of two parts, a bang hanging down the front and a small tail at the back.

We depict a smooth line of the chest and tightened legs. Despite the simplicity of the lines, they are difficult to draw, so we recommend to outline them with a thin pencil, and only then draw them around.

We work on the back and draw legs and wings sticking up. At this step, you should not have any serious problems, it is quite simple.

We paint on a magnificent tail. Like the tails of any other animals, the base is first directed upward, and then gradually descends to the bottom.

The last step is the most pleasant. Take colored pencils and color the resulting drawing.

If you do not understand some points in the drawing in the photographs, then you can watch a full-fledged video tutorial, which presents the drawing of the Rainbow Dash live.

Cute pony

The last paragraph tells us how to draw a Rainbow Dash step by step. This time it will be smaller and more cute. To work on the drawing, we will definitely need a clean album sheet and colored markers or pens.

As usual, you need to start from the top of the character. In this case, this is the head. Take a look at the picture below and try to draw from it. Note that there are three eyelashes above each eye. These are not ordinary straight stripes, they should be slightly rounded.

We need to depict a large part of the body, namely the front hooves and chest. Since the drawing is made in an unusual style, the body should be approximately the size of a head.

We depict the back of the Rainbow Dash and the large tail. In principle, everything is simple and easy, you will immediately understand what and how to draw as soon as you look at the picture below.

In order to consider the drawing as fully completed, we must colorize it with colored markers. The body will be blue, and the mane with the tail will be painted in the colors of the rainbow.