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Today you decided to go swimming: you will swim and get your body in shape - but how long will the joy of aimless swims go back and forth? Surely after a while you will become bored of doing the same route over and over again. How to feel more joy and pleasure? Read this article and get a whole ocean of fun, because there are so many crazy ways to add color to your vacation!

Method 1 A shark attacks!

  1. 1 “Shark attacks” is a fun game that takes place in water.
  2. 2 The oldest participant is the “shark”, and the remaining three to six people are “divers.”
  3. 3 Divers jump into the water and try to swim to the shore as soon as possible to get out of the water.
  4. 4 The shark is trying to catch up with one of the divers: the caught participant is eliminated from the game until the next round.
  5. 5 Having caught a diver, a shark, if he wants, can shout something like “yum-yum-yum!».
  6. 6 The game continues until there is only one uncaught man left.
  7. 7 As a prize, the winner can make the shark do something stupid, for example, sing a song, wriggling lying on the floor.

Method 2 Sea Monster

  1. 1 There are no rules in this game.
  2. 2 Players in the amount of 3-6 people usually behave like people enjoying a vacation. The eldest is appointed by the "mysterious sea monster", which can appear at any time and drag off the prey. Vacationers "do not notice" the presence of a monster until the first attack.
  3. 3 When the monster begins to act, the players portray the horror and try to overcome it.
  4. 4 If the sea monster was able to firmly grab or bite the participant, he leaves the game.
  5. 5 After a short period of time, a person can return as another character.
  6. 6 This is similar to a role-playing game: some companies lead her as if they were filming a movie. There is a plot and there are characters - the game does not end until the monster or all the vacationers are “killed”.
    • A monster is considered killed if the participants managed to keep it on land for at least a minute. This can be done only after an hour of the game (or when, without exception, all players want to complete it). Ideally, a game should be dedicated to at least two hours.

Method 3 Throw, Dive, Come Back

  1. 1 Incredibly fun activity - diving for objects.
    • Stones, small branches, and even heavy toys can be thrown into the water and returned to the surface, again and again, for hours. You will never be bored - fun, pride and a sense of accomplishment always accompany this game.

Method 4 Underwater

  1. 1 Buy a cheap underwater camera and shoot a short video. Its characters can be a terrible sea monster, fish floating in the water, or just a person who likes to swim - your possibilities are endless!
    • If you’re also a talented video editor, add fantastic special effects to your movie!

Method 5 Other Ideas

  1. 1 Do not forget water toys: diving sticks, rubber rings, etc.
  2. 2 Swim the race! Arrange competitions in various swimming techniques.
  3. 3 Work on your skills!
  4. 4 Call friends if you go to the lake or to the public pool.

Method 6 Catching up with dancing

This game is similar to regular catch-up.

  1. 1 Gather participants - at least two players are required.
  2. 2 Determine who will be the leader. The presenter chases the participants until he touches one of them.
  3. 3 The entrant must perform a dance movement within five seconds. Each time it must be a new movement, otherwise the player is eliminated.
  4. 4 Participants can stop and decide how original the movement was.
  5. 5 Even if the movements are constantly repeated, change the moderator often enough.


Number of games in production packaging:6 pcs
Publisher:Blue orange
Language of publication:multilingual
Author:Brad Ross, Gary Strauss, Ivy Strauss
Illustrator:Malcolm unwin
Width:26 cm
Height:26 cm
Depth:6 cm
Weight:604 gr

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Game description

  • Publisher:Blue orange
  • Author:Ivy strauss
  • Illustrator:Malcolm unwin

Board Game Components Pool Party Fun Jumping "bomb". On a hot summer day, there is nothing better than having a pool party - and it is advisable to have more splashes! But here's the bad luck - the pool turned out to be quite small, and about to overflow! Rather, help your team swimmers dive into it!

Big BIT! In the board game Pool Party Fun, a very unusual playing field: it is a bowl on a spring that depicts a pool. It is in this bowl that every player needs to throw cards of swimmers of his own color. All players act simultaneously, so very soon the place in the pool will end and all the extra jumpers will splash out ...

Deep jump masters. The swimmers of the four teams are depicted on bent plastic cards. Lightly push the bend, aim and release - the card will spring and your athlete will jump. In the board game Fun by the pool, you need to practice a bit to find the right flight path - and your swimmers will begin to plunge one after the other into the center of the pool!

Exciting and funny Board game Pool Party Fun will help players develop eye and agility, as well as have some fun. Separately, it is impossible not to note the high quality of the components - from a stable stand and a strong spring on which the bowl is mounted, to a variety of funny characters painted on translucent colored plastic. With such a wonderful pool, your party is simply doomed to success!

The composition of the board game Fun by the pool (Pool Party) includes: 1 pool (stand, spring, bowl), 36 swimmer cards (9 cards of each of 4 colors), the rules of the game in Russian.

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I want to go to the sea, but the inability to swim prevents me? Let's try to figure it out with the Krol project.

Among the editorial friends there are people who do not know how to drive a car, ride a bicycle or swim. Yes, even some of the members of the editorial staff do not know some of this. These skills can greatly diversify the ability to move and enjoy the relaxation, but with age it becomes more difficult to learn. Today we look at the story of swimming. The children from the Krol school shared their thoughts and advice for those who like to travel, but cannot swim: how to stop being afraid of water, how to breathe properly and what to do if you are scared or have a bad leg.

Of course, you need to learn to swim correctly with a trainer, but since we spend so much time traveling in the pools and the sea, why not try to do it ourselves ourselves - or at least not do what is wrong and unprofitable.

If you feel completely insecure, then here is a small set of exercises that you can do instead of hanging meaninglessly on the beach or in the hotel pool.

Brought leg

The main news is that if you brought your foot down once, then, most likely, it will reduce it more than once. Therefore, start moving to the shore - nothing bad will happen, but further swimming will be uncomfortable. The warm-up will help temporarily - grasp the upper part of the foot with your palm and pull it towards you.

Stepped on a hedgehog

Try to get the needle with tweezers, how much will work. Next, you need to do everything possible so that the needles that you could not remove come out. Dip your foot in warm water 42–45 degrees. Further, the wound must be left open and constantly disinfected.

And these are just the simplest things you can try yourself. In swimming, it is even more important than in other sports, to understand that learning to swim without a coach is almost impossible. You cannot see yourself from the side, therefore you will repeat the same mistakes from time to time. Therefore, before you go on vacation, you can take several basic lessons individually. Or sign up for one of the swimming schools - and maybe get carried away so that you will go on vacation for the sake of swimming starts.

We at Krol train all year round in the pool - two or three times a week: someone is preparing for summer open water swims, someone just likes to play sports regularly and feel better.

In summer, we organize swimming camps for the team, where you can have a good workout in the pool or sea and travel at the same time. It is very useful to join these camps for those who learn to swim independently - for a week of intensive work you will get a good base for further independent work, you will learn and correct your mistakes.

The result is important, but even more important is to enjoy the process itself. This ultimately helps us to conquer the Bosphorus and become oceans.