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How to make a ponytail yourself


Beautifully braid the tail and mane, make a stylish drawing.

Hairstyles for horses

If you want, you can braid a horse’s tail beautifully before the competition. First, wash the tail with air conditioning a few days before the competition. Comb the tail well so that it is smooth and knotless. Next, braid from the very top of the tail of the strand with a spikelet. If the hairs stick out, you can treat them with hair gel so that the pigtail is smooth. Fasten the bottom of the pigtail with an elastic band.

Weaving sports washers.

The mane and tail of the horse can be braided so that it looks beautiful during shows, competitions or other occasions. The disheveled mane of the animal contained in the stable can be put in order by braiding it in long braids.

How to braid a mane

To braid a horse’s mane, say, before the show, you need a comb, a brush for wet cleaning, a small bucket of water, a few rubber rings or a needle with a thread (choose the color of the thread matching the color of the horse’s mane) and scissors.

If necessary, find a strong support that you can stand on, such as an inverted box so that you can easily reach the mane

It is customary to braid an odd number of braids on the horse's neck, but their number can be different.

Note that the short neck will look longer with many small braids, and a small number of braids will visually shorten the long neck. The “deer” neck can be masked if the pigtails at the base of the neck are slightly larger than in other places.

The weaving of the Spanish braid.

Thread or rubber rings?

Braids held together by threads hold for a long time, and this method should be used with such long work as hunting.

How to make a ponytail using elastic and invisibility

For him we need: two invisible and a rubber band.

Before you begin, you need to thread two invisible rubber bands. Now collect the hair in your hand. At the base of the tail, fasten one of the invisibles. Wrap the elastic several times around the tail. Fix the elastic with the second invisible.

The tail is ready. Now you can begin to create various hairstyles based on the tail (to collect in a bundle or for example to braid a braid rope).

How to make a ponytail using an elastic band and a hairpin

It is quite radical: it allows you to reliably collect hair, but next time the hairpin will need a different one, since when using it, we will have to bend it. For him we need: hairpin and elastic.

Thread the elastic into the hairpin. Gather the hair in a ponytail and fasten the hairpin at the base. Wrap an elastic band around your hair several times while it stretches. When the elastic no longer stretches, put it on the hairpin.

Bend the legs of the stud. Now the hair is firmly fixed.

Horse tail structure

The tail of a horse is considered as a separate part of the body. Speaking of its length, they mean the distance from the croup to the ends of the horse's hair. However, even it is divided into several parts.

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The area where he moves away from the body is called the repetition. This is a full projection of 1 caudal vertebra, on which there are muscles and skin. This allows the animal to make various movements, such as swings or lifts, with this part of the body. Horse hair, which complements the muscular projection, not only increases the visible length, but also makes the tail more beautiful.

Important!The length of the hair of the tail and mane depends on the breed and ways of keeping the animal. Despite the fact that they have the same color, they can still differ from the main body color.

How to make a smooth ponytail

Before collecting hair on the back of your head, sprinkle it with water or a hairbrush. This will save them from fluffiness and help to collect without the formation of "cocks".

And what to make the hair in the tail look perfectly smooth? When the hair is already collected, you need to apply any indelible means on them, designed for smoothness and shine. These are usually oily liquids, so you need only a couple of drops - apply the product on the palms of your hands and then rub it through your hair from the elastic to the ends. As a result, you have a heavier tail with perfectly smooth and flowing hair.

If the hair is not straight by nature, or has creases from the previous hairstyle, an electric iron will help straighten them. Use it after the formation of the tail, and do not forget to first apply a protective agent that protects the hair from exposure to high temperatures.

Ponytail hairstyles

First, you can mask the elastic at the base of the tail. To do this, separate the lock of hair and wrap it around the base, completely masking the elastic.

You can use an elastic band made of a strand of artificial hair that matches your color, this elastic will be worn over the one that fixes the hair. This is especially suitable for girls whose hair does not differ in good thickness, because removing one lock from the tail, you will make it even thinner.

To add an evening look to the hair, a ponytail will help to comb the hair on the top, this will suit both girls with bangs and without.

To do this, you must first comb the strands from the crown at the roots, smooth them from the side of the face and add to the tail.

Why horse tail

The hairline of a horse is its natural decoration. However, this vegetation grows to perform the following important functions:

  • protect the animal from the annoyance of flies and other insects,
  • prevents water from entering the anus, protecting it from irritation.

Did you know?The longest tail was recorded on a horse named Samer Breeze, who lives in Arkansas. Its length is more than 3 meters.

How to care for him

In order for the horse to look beautiful, its body needs constant care, especially for long hair, since they themselves are not soft and silky. First of all, they need to be systematically washed. You need to do this every month. During these procedures, you need to use a special shampoo, which can be purchased at many pet stores. If there is yellowness on the hair, you need to choose a bleaching agent. After, it is mandatory to comb out the hair. This will help to remove dead hairs, prevent tangles from forming and contribute to the even distribution of natural fat along the entire length. For this procedure, take a special brush with rare bristles or a brush with natural bristles.

Before starting the combing process, you need to remove with your fingers burrs, shavings and other elements that could get tangled in the hair of the animal. Scratching starts from the ends and gradually rises to the base of the tail. Continue until the hair becomes soft and silky. In conclusion, everything is treated with a special shine.

Important!In order to untangle the tail without prejudice to the density, it is recommended to treat it with corn starch, if it is not possible to purchase a special solution developed for this.

How to braid a horse's tail

Before you start weaving, you need to check whether such weaving is suitable for the tail of your horse’s breed or not:

  • he must be fat
  • hair should be the same length on both sides.

The weaving process consists of the following actions:

  1. The horse is tied, you can distract her by offering your favorite food.
  2. The hair is combed with a brush, holding the entire tail in the hand and gradually combing through small areas.
  3. Moisten the tail in any way possible.
  4. For subsequent strength, a weaving gel or egg white is applied.
  5. All hair is divided into 3 bunches. A small amount is taken from each and the French braiding begins. For each new round, replenish the amount of free hair.
  6. After braiding three quarters of the length, tighten the braid. Make sure that it runs smoothly and at the same time there is uniform pressure on each side.
  7. The rest of the length is braided already without attracting additional hair. At the end, fasten with a strong rubber band or thread.

Did you know?Horse hair is very strong and tough. Previously, a bow string was made from them, today they are used to make brushes, brushes and even grinding shafts for the glass industry. As you can see, caring for the long tail of a horse is quite simple if you know how to do it right. And if you adhere to the advice that is outlined in our article, then problems should not arise at all.

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