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Video Captions


First you need to download the program to create video slides. With a good internet connection, the download will take no more than five minutes. Run the created file and follow the instructions on the screen: read the user agreement, select the folder in which to place the software files, create a shortcut and wait for the installation to complete.

Step 2: Create a Project

Installation completed? Run the software to create video from a photo and get to work. Add one or several rollers to the nailing table. Please note: your project can consist not only of videos, but also of photos. Properly combining with each other completely dissimilar materials in "PhotoSHO PRO", soon you will have at your disposal a very exciting and unusual film!

Add photos and videos to the project

Step 3: Choose Captions

Now let's figure out how to add captions to the video. Go to the " Captions". A catalog of original animated slides will appear on the screen, with which you can complement your project. Each of the options can be viewed. When the selection is made, click on the “ Add to slideshow»Or grab the slide with your mouse and drag it onto the pasteboard.

Select captions from the catalog and set them at the end of the project

Subtitles with translation into another language

In fact, the credits for the video clip can be connected to YouTube. The automatic system recognizes the voice and translates it into letters under the video. When you can use automatic subtitles without problems:

  1. When the accuracy of the translation is not critical and approximate translations are allowed.
  2. When you don’t care what font style and text selection is used.
  3. When you’re sure that the viewer can figure out where the subtitles are connected to YouTube.

In other cases, we recommend creating captioning and subtitles yourself, as this makes spot editing possible. Why creating captions yourself is always better:

  • You yourself set the size and style of the font. You can use the corporate font of your company on the brand book.
  • They will definitely understand you correctly, because you yourself checked each word and comma, but this does not work for a robot.
  • No need to hope that the viewer will guess to turn on automatic subtitles. Creating captions yourself - you avoid accidents.
  • Your subtitles will always be available, even on other video platforms or simply by transferring a video file.

Titles to highlight the main points

It’s not always the task of captions for a video clip to show the correct translation of the text. It happens that the title is used to enhance the meaning of the video clip and they appear in the same language as the announcer. Let's look at the advantages of this method:

  1. This gives you the right emphasis on the necessary things.
  2. By working on visualizing the appearance of the text, you create the right mood, which enhances the desired effect.
  3. A person perceives information both by ear and visually, adding a visual component increases the chances of memorization.

Titles for promotional videos

Captions for a video clip can be worn and emotional color, such are all kinds of titles for a promo. This topic is the most emotional, because they use it in promos, in trailers, teasers, and even in the movies themselves. Both abstracts and single words can be used here. This type of caption is practiced even by such large companies as Apple and this is paying off. When this approach works best:

  1. When you need to accommodate a large number of product properties.
  2. When you need dynamics and drive.
  3. When you’re limited in time for a commercial.

Captions for a clip or mini film

There is a practice of creating titles for clips in which all team members are registered. Sometimes the names of the studio, production or director are brought to the beginning of the video work. In general, if this does not interfere with telling your story, then this is the place to be. Especially talented teams create captions for their work, so that everything becomes one whole video nearby.

Titles for video presentations

When selling their product or idea, people often use captions that are up to date. Phrases that appear on the entire screen against a uniform background look best. First, the task is described, and then the way to solve it is described. The entire text part alternates with pictures and video material. It is not recommended to pile up too much text, ideally - 1 line in one scene (slide). Captions for a video clip will always be good if they are useful and understandable to the viewer.

Step 4: Set the text and caption background

Next, click on the " Edit slide". Indicate the duration of the credits: this can be done in the tab " Slide". Here, select a new background: it can be any color, gradient, texture or picture from your computer.

Adjust slide background

Remember to replace the text! Click on the inscription and make corrections in the corresponding block. Set the font, fill and size of the text. Also for design, you can use ready-made styles (button " Choose a style»).

Replace the text on the slide with your

Step 5: Decorate the slide and add animation

If the credits seem boring, then try decorating them with new elements. Click the " Add layer»And complete the slide:

  • photographs
  • video,
  • gif animation
  • animated / glowing / 3D text,
  • clip art
  • figures.

Complete the slide with new elements.

Each layer can be customized animation. Highlight an item and go to the “ Animation". In the block " Common parameters»Set the layer view to start displaying. Then add other keyframes (“ Add»).

Customize the animation of each added layer

Further, the slide can be supplemented with effects (button “ Slide effects») And configure their movement, number of elements, direction and other parameters.

Relive captions with the effects collection.

When creating captions, do not forget about the voice acting. In the program "PhotoShow PRO" you can do this in the slide editor in the tab " Sounds". Here you can add captions with beautiful melodic music from the collection or from your PC, as well as add voice comments to the slide, which you can record in the same menu.

Step 5: save the project

Fine! You learned how to make captions in a video. Commit the changes by clicking the " To apply". Then in the main menu, go to the " Create»And select the type of project saving. For example, you can create a video intended for viewing from the screen of a PC, phone or any other device, burn a prepared clip to a disc or upload it to the Internet.

Save the project as you like


"PHOTO SHOW PRO" is a powerful Russian-language program that will help you figure out how to make a photo album on your computer, as well as prepare full-fledged films with captions, screensavers, music, not only from photos, but also from videos. Install it on your computer and create your first amazing project!

Start creating your own unique slideshow now!

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