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UFO hunters: why billionaires finance the search for extraterrestrial life


As you know, Robbie Williams takes the topic of the existence of alien life quite seriously. According to the singer, he personally encountered a UFO in 2008. Then the alien ship rushed right over his head. After 10 years, the British singer decided to make a documentary on this topic. It was during his presentation in his microblog on the social network Instagram Robbie Williams and announced that he had become a UFO hunter.

In a new picture called Hunt For The Skinwalker, the British singer is trying hard to solve the mystery of the existence of aliens. This is a documentary in which the real stories of eyewitnesses who talk about their meetings with the aliens are narrated.

Fearless statement

Robert Bigelow, the founder of Bigelow Aerospace and a partner at NASA, said on air of the prestigious social program “60 Minutes” on CBS that he did not doubt the existence of aliens. Moreover, he is sure that representatives of alien civilizations are already among us.

“I am absolutely convinced of this. I speak as it is, ”Bigelow told reporter Lara Logan.

The businessman also answered in the affirmative the question of aliens visiting Earth.

“This presence has been and continues, the presence of alien creatures. I spent millions and millions - probably more than anyone else in the USA - to study this issue, ”the billionaire explained. He added that representatives of extraterrestrial civilizations "are right under our nose."

The host of the program asked Bigelow if he considered such statements risky for a public person and a large businessman, to which the tycoon replied that he was not interested in the opinions of others, as it “does not change the essence of what I know.”

"Country of Dreams"

Robert Bigelow was born and raised in Nevada, a place inextricably linked with UFO stories and alien visits to our planet. 133 km north of Las Vegas is the classified airfield and Grum Lake airbase, known in the popular culture as “Zone 51”.

The present purpose of the base is not known to the public, but historical evidence indicates that it is testing experimental flight equipment and weapon systems. It was there that the flight tests of the famous U2 reconnaissance aircraft took place. In ufological folklore, an airfield is a center for testing equipment manufactured using alien technology obtained by the U.S. Air Force in an incident in Roswell in 1947. The legendary base, also known as Houmi Airport, got its name from a declassified letter from CIA Director Richard Helms during the Vietnam War.

Thousands of tourists gather in the vicinity of Grum Lake to see the famous "black triangles" - UFOs, which, according to eyewitnesses, from time to time appear in the sky above "Area 51".

Bigelow himself told reporters that he was interested in space from early childhood. At age 12, he decided to get rich enough to afford to hire a team to launch his own space program. Until his plan was fully realized, he kept these plans secret even from his own wife.

Having developed a successful hotel business under the Budget Suites of America brand, Bigelow in 1999 founded the aerospace company Bigelow Aerospace. She successfully launched two experimental modules - Genesis I and Genesis II, and the BEAM module in April 2016 was delivered to the ISS by SpaceX. The billionaire himself said that he plans to spend up to $ 500 million to develop the first commercial orbital station.

Bigelow really should not be afraid of condemnation from the rest of the captains of the industry - after all, he is not the only billionaire who is seriously concerned about the search for extraterrestrial civilizations.

Truth is out there

In addition to a small period in the 1950s and early 1960s, the search for extraterrestrial life for a long time was only interested in conspiracy theorists and ufologists, who were at the margins of society, and public figures like hotel magnate Bigelow did not advocate the development of such studies, fearing to harm their reputation.

However, recent discoveries in the study of exoplanets have returned the interest of official science in this matter. However, despite the new round of popularity of these studies, scientists did not receive additional funding. Support began to be provided to them by a new class of philanthropists, supplying scientists with money and research capacities to search for life and developed civilizations on other planets.

Among them is the Russian billionaire Yuri Milner. With the participation of legendary astrophysicist Stephen Hawking and Facebook creator Mark Zuckerberg, he launched the Breakthrough Starshot project, the goal of which is to send a spaceship in the next 20 years to search for inhabited planets and traces of extraterrestrial civilizations in the Alpha Centauri system. Milner has already spent about $ 100 million on high-tech radio telescopes to search for signals of alien origin.

The main competitor of Milner and Bigelow is Ilon Musk, who founded SpaceX aerospace company to deliver humanity to Mars. Musk also made a commitment to finding extraterrestrial life forms. He has good reason for this.

Far star

In the past two years, the attention of all scientists and enthusiasts interested in alien civilizations has been riveted to the star KIC 8462852, also known as the Tabby star. In 2015, astronomers recorded a constant change in the intensity of the light emitted by it. The nature of the changes gave rise to the assumption that the star can be surrounded not by a series of natural objects like asteroids, but by artificial structures.

A number of popular science media have published the assumption that the Tabby star can be enclosed in the so-called Dyson sphere (an artificial structure around the star to maximize its energy use) or encircled by an orbital ring of artificial origin. In 2016, Harvard astronomers published a study in which they reported that they could not say with certainty that there were any artificial objects around the star, but also could not attribute the unusual processes occurring in the stellar system to natural phenomena that can be observed in space.

First-hand evidence

Food for thought to alien life seekers was also provided by a statement made by the Chilean authorities in January 2017. The State Committee for the Study of Anomalous Phenomena in the Atmosphere (CEFAA), part of the Department of Civil Aeronautics under the jurisdiction of the Chilean Air Force, said that the crew of the military helicopter managed to get very unusual shots.

In 2014, while patrolling the coastal area west of Santiago, the crew managed to capture an unidentified flying object using a thermal camera, which the military described as a flat, elongated platform with two thermal centers.

In their official report, the Chilean Air Force and CEFAA stated that this object was not an airplane, hang glider, parachutist, piece of space debris or atmospheric anomaly. To date, the report and video are the most official of the available evidence of an UFO incident. Given these findings, it can be assumed that the pursuit of billionaires by aliens will only gain momentum.