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Origami Duck


Simple origami models are good because both beginners and more experienced origami players who hone their skills can train on them. Today on our site is just such a model. This is a small duck according to the scheme of Henry Pham, which consists of paper in just a few movements, but looks very realistic and detailed. We hope you enjoy this model as much as we do.

To build such an origami duck you will need:

  • a square sheet of paper of 15-15 cm format - it is better to take white-yellow paper to highlight the duck's beak against the general background,
  • about 15 minutes of free time.

The video lesson from the author is well shot and all the actions and folds of the circuit are perfectly visible on it. Therefore, you can easily add this simple model. Such a duck made of paper can be safely used for assembling with children who can create a whole pond and play all together.

Manufacturing steps:

1. The duck will be created using the origami technique from a square sheet.

2. We place a square sheet in the shape of a rhombus and bend the top half in half down.

3. Expand the bent corner and get a horizontal bend line.

4. The resulting fold lines should be folded corners, which are placed on the left side.

5. Also, to create the body, ducks in the origami technique need to bend the corners on the right side to the horizontal fold line.

6. To create the tail of a duck we create two folds on the right side. We bend most of the corner to the back of the craft. Then there we retreat 0.5 cm and bend the corner back.

7. We put together the workpiece for crafts along the horizontal fold line.

8. We pass to creation of a neck of a duck. To do this, bend the left corner up.

9. We return it to its original position. We get a fold.

10. Using the bend, we insert the corner in the middle of the body and get the neck of the duck.

11. Next, we move on to creating the head of the bird. To do this, bend the upper part of the neck down at an angle.

12. We open and bend this part of the paper again, but at a different slope.

13. We return back part of the workpiece and fully deploy the upper part of the corner. We get the head of the duck.

14. It remains to work out the left side of the head, where the beak should appear. Therefore, we bend the corner back and return it again, but we are already retreating there a small distance for the fold.

15. If there is a desire, then you can paint the finished craft with a black marker. So there will be eyes, feathers, a silhouette of a beak, etc.

On this the duck in the origami technique is ready, which cannot but rejoice! We glue it on thick cardboard and get a three-dimensional picture.

Assembly diagram

Below is a diagram of the assembly of an origami duck from the famous Japanese origami master Fumiaki Shingu. If you follow the instructions clearly, then assembling the origami duck will not take much time, and the result will be the same as in the picture. After completing the procedure described several times, you will understand how to make an origami duck quickly and without peeking into the diagram.

Video master class

Collecting an origami duck for beginners can seem like a daunting task. Therefore, we recommend that you enter the query “origami duck video” on YouTube’s largest online video hosting service. There you will find many different videos about the origami duck, which clearly show the steps for assembling the duck. We hope that after watching the video of the assembly master class you will have no more questions on how to make an origami duck.

After watching this training video, you will learn how to make a duck from paper of a slightly different design:

And this tutorial video will teach you how to make an origami duck mandarin duck:

In many cultures, the duck symbolizes love and tenderness, the hearth and devotion. There, traditionally, she is a happy symbol of marriage. On the other hand, a duck can be a symbol of mediation between the celestial and water elements.