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Friday the 13th: why people are afraid of this date, what happened on this day, what should not be done


Where exactly this superstition came from when it originated and why Friday the 13th is considered an unlucky day is not exactly known. There are many sources - it was on Friday, according to biblical legends, that Jesus Christ was crucified. And Judas who betrayed him was at the Last Supper precisely the thirteenth ...

In general, it is believed that on Friday, the 13th - on "Black Friday", all ghouls, witches, ghouls and other evil spirits flock to the Sabbath. Why it is on this day is unclear, but apparently, they had some reason for that. And again - it has not been proved that they were simply attracted by Friday the 13th ... maybe there were some other conditions there.

In general, everything is quite foggy this Friday, the 13th ...

And how are they?

By default, it is generally accepted that Friday the 13th in the whole world is an unlucky day - both Friday and the 13th. And no!

Yes, in America, in England, in our Russia this day and this number are terribly disliked. If you take just the number 13, then in Britain and in the United States even sometimes there are no elevators, floors, rows and seats in airplanes (and not only in them) under the number 13. What, if you think about it, is completely stupid! Yes, there is no 13th floor number, but in reality it is! And right after the 12th ... And people are in contact with this “disguised" number 13 - and nothing, everything works out well.

But in Japan, for example, on the contrary, the number 13 is considered lucky, they are afraid of the numbers four. And in Portugal and Spain, they generally like Friday very much - Columbus sailed on Friday there and we all know how it ended. And in Italy they don’t like Friday at all - but on the 17th, they generally consider this number to be bad. And how then to continue to believe that Friday the 13th is a bad day?

It turns out that the situation is anecdotal - either he stole or was stolen from him, but there was some unpleasant story there. People pulled various facts about troubles, folded, mixed up - and began to be afraid of this date. Although in general Friday is a good day, the work week is over, you can relax ... But Monday is definitely a hard day.

And we will take and change! (rituals on Friday the 13th)

Especially for those who intellectually understand that there is nothing special to be afraid of, but still feel nervous or just used to fear, I propose a ritual to turn Friday the 13th from “black” to white. Or in the rainbow. This is someone you want. In general, we make the day of troubles and troubles the most happy day! Have you started?

First we need a calendar. Better larger so that the numbers are clearly visible. And with a bright marker-felt-tip pen marker, we paint the number 13, which fell on Friday in the color that we like. The main thing is not in black. Colorized? We admired the work of their hands, looked, saw that the day had already shone with colors. Wait, this is just the beginning!

On this day, it is customary to be decorated with talismans that drive away misfortune. So let's do it! Only our mascot will be for a happy day - to attract all the good luck on Friday ... well, you know! We take a button - not a simple one, but ... you can also use a gold one, if there is, of course. But you can just beautiful, brilliant and winking at you. No buttons - take what is beautiful, like and can be hung on a lace. Yes, and grab the lace! Now we give the mascot the task of making this day the most successful of the year. Convince your talisman that all Fridays of the 13th from now on are magically lucky and happy! Then we hang the talisman on a lace and go to make a potion.

Strongly do not be alarmed - we will not cook frogs and snakes, but for good luck to us! Cook cocoa - with vanilla, cinnamon, you can add a pinch of your favorite seasonings, the main thing is that you are tasty and positive. And cocoa take the present, in powder, not soluble. Then you will find out why. Why cocoa? Remember how magical and tasty this drink was in childhood, how nasty warm milk turned into chocolate that you can drink ...

Cooked - we drink. Yes, not just like that, but with magic words. Here they are:

The potion was sculpted -
Good luck is caught.
Hooked with a spoon -
They put it in a mug.
We drink, we enjoy
Good luck charging.
They forgot about misfortunes
When the mug was washed.

We drink the “potion”, the precipitate that happens at the bottom after cocoa, rinse into the sink - that's all that remains of our troubles on Friday the 13th. My mug from them is purely clean. And with a calm soul, we live this day as the happiest! After all, he is like that now - they themselves did it.

Who's Afraid of Friday the 13th

There are people who are so afraid of this date that it is even considered a mental illness, or at least a feature. This phobia is not easily called “paraskedecathriaphobia” or “friggatriskaidekaphobia” (fear friday the 13th) and is considered a special case of another similar disease - triskaidekaphobia (fear of number 13).

What happened on Friday the 13th

The number 13 was considered unlucky in the ancient world, and if this date fell on Friday, then the unpleasant effect, according to people, was seriously increasing. So, the ancient Jews believed that it was in friday the 13th ancestress Eve tasted the forbidden fruit, knocking on it Adam, which had serious consequences for the entire human race.

In the Middle Ages it was in friday the 13th - October 13, 1307 - by order of the French king Philip IV the Order of the Templars was defeated, and its members were brutally tortured and executed.

And here are the tragic events that happened in friday the 13th:

December 13, 1907 - the death of a British schooner Thomas Lawsonnamed after the author of the book "Friday the 13th"(Which is why this date is so disliked by English sailors).

November 13, 1942 - the crushing defeat of the Allies in the naval battle with Japan at Guadalcanal, which was even called "Battle in friday the 13th».

October 13, 1972 - Il-62 passenger plane crashed near Moscow, then 174 people were killed, which became the largest air crash in the world at that time in the number of casualties. The reasons for the tragedy have not been established.

January 13, 2012 - the crash of the Costa Concordia, carrying 4200 people on board, about forty of them died.

May 13, 1988 - the epidemic of the computer virus Jerusalem began.

Friday the 13th: omens and bans

In the Middle Ages, it was believed that it was in friday the 13th 12 witches flock to the Sabbath, to which Satan himself joins the full moon at night on the thirteenth. This superstition is still alive.

Friday the 13th Doctors do not like very much, especially surgeons, therefore, try to not schedule scheduled operations on this date.

Due to the possibility of hacker attacks friday 13th computer scientists do not favor.

At all friday 13th It is considered an unlucky day to start various important matters, financial transactions, travel and especially weddings. It is believed that all endeavors on this day end in fiasco, and the family union concluded in friday the 13thsure to fall apart, and with a scandal.

What else cannot be done on Friday the 13th

According to superstitious people, this day you should not do the following things unless absolutely necessary.

“You should not go on a long journey without extreme need.”

- It is better not to drive that day, since there is a great danger of an accident, and pedestrians should be very careful.

- Do not plant indoor or garden plants on this day; it is believed that they will not take root well.

- It is believed that this day you should not wash, cut nails and dye your hair (about the first point, we think that it can be performed only if you are not going to leave home that day).

- You should not be looking for a new job or going to interviews that day.

- You should not do complex medical manipulations on this day if they are planned.

- On friday the 13th better not to plan a wedding.

- This day you should not conclude important transactions, as well as borrow or lend money.

- Leaving work at friday the 13thbetter not look back.

- On this day, it is not recommended to have fun drinking with alcohol and gluttony, they say that the consequences can be very unpleasant (however, close friendship with Bacchus on other days does not bring much health).

But in fact - more positive, a sense of humor, and friday 13th pass like clockwork.