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How to prepare a speech for a gala dinner


Sample text of a solemn speech of the plant manager on New Year's Eve. Text corporate speech congratulating employees. Watch the text of speech

An example of the text of the anniversary speech of the head of a company at a corporate event. The text of the speech-speech on the anniversary of the company of the deputy director. Watch the text of speech

An example of the opening speech for the plant manager at the opening ceremony. The text of the speech of the director.Watch the text of speech

The text of the opening speech on the anniversary of the corporate format on behalf of the hero of the day. The speech was delivered in front of distinguished guests and colleagues from the regions. Watch the text of speech

The text of the speech-congratulations on the 50th anniversary is intended to be delivered to the distinguished guests of the hero of the day. Speech on behalf of a relative. Watch the text of speech

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2. Description and raising the significance of the event (phenomenon, person).

Opening this thesis, you tell what this person means to us. Why I could not be silent and took the floor. How important it is for us that he was born (or married, or awarded). What an important stage today is in his eventful life. What a wonderful anniversary for us. What is special about this wedding today. Why exactly today we will remember forever. What does this day mean for humanity. What is unique for us this evening. What is behind this fateful phenomenon.

- Our company is not just one of the companies, it deservedly enjoys the respect of customers and partners ...

- This event is difficult to overestimate, but the fifth anniversary of our company has become an event in the field of our business ...

- If it were not for our wonderful builders, there would have been no our organization ProjectMontazhbytstroy number 18 ...

- Today, exactly fifty years ago, Ivan Ivanovich was born on a fine spring day ...

“They will not let me lie, we always wait with special feeling when our dear Nikolai will appear after the vacation ...”

3. Stages of a long journey.

Or the role of personality in history. Here you take a look into the past of this event, phenomenon or person. You tell how the steel was tempered. What kind of fire, water, copper pipes did he and we pass with him. You reveal how the life path of the hero of the day was taking shape. What are his merits to the company. How did you first come to the enterprise. How did you meet your future spouse. What influenced the formation of the personality of this wonderful person. How he went to this discovery, which we celebrate today with the Nobel Prize. What contribution did our girls make to the success of our corporation.

- I know this man from a young age ...

- What positions just did not hold for these 20 years the hero of the day at our factory ...!

“That day I entered this door and could not even imagine what would happen next ...”

- For the first time I saw our dear Ivan Ivanovich, when he walked along the corridor of our enterprise towards the ticket office ...

4. A look into the future.

You proceed to discover what this person (event, phenomenon) will be important for us and what awaits us in the near future. Describe the immediate prospects for this event. Swinging at distant plans. Express your assumptions about the role of this person in the foreseeable future. Tell us how this person will influence us very soon. Denote the historical mission of a person or event in the future history of the company, family, humanity. Express your hope for further development and strengthening. Say that in the near future women of our company can surpass even us men.

- I hope that our company and its team is capable of even greater success! Namely…

- I have confidence that Ivan Ivanovich will continue to ...

- I hope that our newlyweds will become a reliable unit of our society ...