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Making a pastry bag and do-it-yourself nozzles


Cake decoration includes lettering, flowers, and other types of design on top of a baked cake. It is necessary to practice in order to achieve excellence in this art. If you plan to decorate pies often, you can save money on a cake decorating bag made of parchment paper. You can make a cone by placing the filling inside and squeezing it onto the cake. You will need a little practice to create masterpieces of cake decorating. You can throw such bags to decorate the cake and make new ones. Learn how to make a cake decorating bag.

DIY pastry bag (disposable)

The material for the manufacture of such a variant of the product can be a dense bag made of polyethylene, a file, a bag for freezing products. Put the cream in the resulting bag, remove the air, secure with an elastic band. It remains to cut the corner of the desired diameter, given the size of your decor. The larger the diameter of the hole, the larger jewelry you can make. Using this device is simple, after the end of work it must be discarded.

Convenient durable package can be made from a dense file. Cut the file almost diagonally, leaving one triangle larger than the second. Take two parchment bushes approximately 40 by 40 cm in size. Place a larger triangle between these sheets, iron the cut line with the most hot iron without steam. Remove the parchment. The seam is very durable. Cut off the corner of the triangular bag. If you will insert a nozzle, be guided by its size.

Reusable option

To make a bag, you need a dense fabric, such as teak. It is very dense, does not pass even the smallest particles. Cut a triangle with a height of 35–40 cm and a base width of 30–35 cm. Select the hole size in the upper part so that the nozzle that you are going to use is held tight. Sew the side of the triangle, overcast the seam. Insert the nozzle. The seam should be on the front side of the product, the cream will clog less, the product will be easier to wash.

DIY pastry syringe

In its design, a culinary syringe is similar to a medical syringe. It is a cylinder with a piston into which the cream is loaded. A large set of various nozzles is attached to it, with the help of which it is easy to decorate a cake or make curly cookies. If this device was not at hand or you use it very rarely, you can make a confectionery syringe with your own hands at home.

Here are a few options:

  1. You will need an empty bag of mayonnaise with a dispenser. Cut the bottom of the bag, rinse it thoroughly from the inside. Wipe with a napkin, fill with cream and start decorating baking.
  2. You can make a confectionery syringe with your own hands from a plastic bottle. In the cork, use an awl or knitting needle to make a hole of the required size. If you will be decorating pastries, you need a small hole. If you want to make curly cookies, make the hole size larger. Close the bottle with a cap, cut off the bottom, fill it with cream or dough.

DIY pastry nozzles

If there is no professional syringe at hand, you can make interesting nozzles for the cream with your own hands:

  1. You will need a plastic bottle for juice with a wider neck than usual. Cut off the neck with the lid. From the can, cut circles a little smaller than the diameter of the lid. In these circles, cut holes in the form of various stars, punch a few round or oblong holes. Cut the corner of the plastic bag, insert the cap with the cone from the bottle into this hole, and fasten it with tape. Put the tin circle in the lid, fill the bag with cream or dough. With the help of this simple device, you can make all kinds of jewelry from cream.
  2. To create inscriptions and thin lines on the surface of the cake, a nozzle in the form of a thin cone is needed. In this case, a plastic bottle with a standard neck will also come to our aid. Clamp the bottle cap with tweezers or pliers, with a candle or a lighter, warm its bottom. When the plastic becomes soft, centrally pierce the lid with a wooden toothpick, cool. Once the plastic hardens, cut off the tip of the toothpick and remove it. You will get a cap with a sharp cone. Remove the top of the bottle with scissors. We will figure out how to put the nozzle on the pastry bag. In a plastic bag, make a hole, thread the neck of the bottle without a cap into it, unscrew the polyethylene, screw the cap. Do-it-yourself confectionery syringe ready.

DIY parchment cornet

With the help of a cornet, they make more elegant and smaller decorations for dessert, subtle curls and inscriptions. To make it, you will need parchment. Cut a triangle out of paper, fold it into a cone. Fasten the edges by folding them inward. This is necessary so that the cream does not fall between the layers of paper. Fill it with cream, iceberg or chocolate. Cut off the tip of the cone, you can curly corner. Do-it-yourself cornetik is ready for icing.

Using improvised means, you can make devices for decorating cakes on their own. Good luck to you!

Authors: Ellenas Kitchen, Oksana Berezkina, Needlewoman Diary

How to pack a piece of cake or pie: packing scheme

The situation is familiar: there is a cake or a pie, and it needs to be transported in pieces in some magic way to pieces in another place. So much so that the pastries do not turn into mashed potatoes.

It turns out that this problem has long been solved. Just print out a diagram of the box for the pie and cut a piece of cardboard from it. The diagram is below (the dotted line is bent, the solid line is cut off).

Diagram of a box for packing a pie or cake in pieces

How to pack cookies: packaging ideas

If we are talking about packing a large flat cookie, then you can simply use the "envelope" technique. Take a square sheet of paper or cardboard and simply fold the corners to the center, fixing it with tape.

The second option, how to pack cookies with your own hands in a stylish and elegant way, is to sew a suitable cover from cardboard or paper. And although the figure shows cookies packed in a newspaper, you should not follow this example - the printing ink that is transferred to food does not have the best effect on children's health.

For packaging, choose clean, unbleached paper. You can use thick napkins or parchment for baking. Cut the cover of the required shape, sew it around the edges on the sewing machine or manually with one of the decorative seams.

If you need to quickly and beautifully pack cookies at the school fair or as a present - use ordinary paper bags. They do not have to be bought, it is quite possible to make such bags from craft paper or parchment for baking.

Diagram of how to make a do-it-yourself paper bag for packing cookies.

We suggest packing small fragile cookies in order not to crumble in boxes of paper cups. To do this, cut a tight rim near the cups and make eight vertical cuts, as shown in the figure. Then put the cookies inside and bend the "petals" in turn.

How to pack do-it-yourself muffins and muffins

Small muffins can be packed in cardboard egg trays. Stick something fun on top so that the "Eggs" lettering is not visible, and you have a stylish muffin container.

You can also use plastic cups to pack muffins. Either place them as you see in the picture, or if you have cups with a lid - put a cupcake on the lid, and cover the cupcake with the glass itself on top, like a dome.

If you are faced with the task of delivering a cupcake of a classical form from point A to point B, we propose to make a cardboard box with your own hands. You will see the circuit below. The main thing is that the glue with which you will glue the box does not come into contact with the baking: either replace it with paper clips / thread / glue far from the edges, or make a liner inside the box of tissue paper.

But if you decide to bring sliced ​​cupcake slices to the school fair, use the ideas for packing cookies.

Packaging for other products: jelly, popcorn, chips, fruits

If you decide to bring popcorn to the school fair (popcorn without seasoning is okay for children - it's just corn), home-made vegetable chips, fruits or jellies, we offer you the following packaging options.

Paper or plastic containers, folded and paper cones, skewers and ice cream sticks to string fruit slices on them and it was convenient for the child to eat.

How to pack sandwiches at a school fair

Yes, yes, sandwiches or sandwiches are quite suitable for a school fair. The main thing is that they are fresh and made from quality products. But you can pack them beautifully in two ways: put them in paper bags like cookie bags, which we talked about above. Or just wrap it in paper tape and pull it into a bundle.

What is a pastry bag

A narrow cone-shaped bag in which nozzles are inserted for decorating cakes, pastries, eclairs, and other confectionery products is called a confectionery (culinary) bag. With it, you can draw patterns, flowers, simple drawings, inscriptions on sweets. A device for decorating baking and confectionery can be purchased at the store or made independently from paper, a dense fabric, a plastic bag.


Confectionery syringes or pouches can be used to decorate baking. The latter has a certain number of advantages:

  • a large volume allows you to hold a lot of cream, cream,
  • durability: can be used more than once,
  • a variety of nozzles that are selected according to the desire of the chef: stars, flowers, ordinary lines,
  • convenience: it can be held in one hand,
  • you don’t have to work hard to squeeze the cream,
  • easy to wash.

Varieties of Pastry Bags

There are three types of cooking bags. Disposable materials are made of food-grade polyethylene, paper, and are intended for single use. For the manufacture of reusable fabric materials, vinyl, cotton, rubberized from the inside are used. Included are nozzles. The third type is reusable silicone, made similarly to fabric, while having an advantage in operation.


After one use, disposable bags are deformed and become unsuitable for use. This is due to the material from which they are made: polyethylene, paper with special impregnation. The bags come complete with durable stainless steel nozzles or without them (cream passes through a slice). A one-time option can be done independently at home.

The advantage of disposable materials is low cost (a set of one hundred bags costs 100-200 rubles), ease of use (does not require washing and drying). The disadvantages include narrow functionality. If the pastry chef does not have skills, he can only make simple drawings. To use a disposable bag, you need to cut off the tip so that the nozzle is 2/3 inside and the rest looks out. If the hole is made larger, the nozzle may fly out when pressed.


Reusable fabric and silicone bags are rinsed after use and thoroughly dried. In addition to durability, the advantages of these types include convenience (they can be cut, focusing on the volume of the dough) and the curly nozzles included in the kit, various in patterns, thickness and consistency. The disadvantage of the fabric material is in relatively inconvenient operation: it must be thoroughly dried, otherwise the seams with which the tool is fastened will separate. Reusable silicone pastry bag dries faster, has no diverging seams.

How to replace a pastry bag at home

A baking decorator can be purchased at the store or replaced at home. The material for manufacturing is diverse, depending on what is at home. You can replace the purchased material with polyethylene, paper (pastry parchment), a plastic bottle, a cloth (thick white teak, which is less prone to molting), a mayonnaise bag, a stationery file, oilcloth. You can cut a pattern on the caps from plastic bottles, then you get a culinary bag with nozzles.

DIY pastry bag

Any material from which the culinary bag is made must first be shaped like a cone. If this is a fabric, then initially cut a triangle, connect 2 sides and sew. The next step depends on the material: first you need to cut off the tip, insert (sew in) the nozzle or fill the cone with cream and only then cut off the corner. This is the main algorithm of actions for creating a DIY baking bag.

From a plastic bottle and a plastic bag

To make the device with your own hands you will need: a plastic bottle, a small plastic bag, scissors, a stationery knife, a marker. Next, you need to use these materials in stages:

  • Cut the neck of the bottle at a distance of 4-5 cm from the cap from which you want to remove the silicone layer, make a hole with a diameter of 0.5-0.7 mm.
  • On the silicone part of the lid, draw the desired pattern (asterisk, circle, flower), cut out the curly icon with a clerical knife. These are nozzles for a pastry bag with your own hands. Insert the resulting figure back into the lid, thoroughly wash everything from chips and dust.
  • Take the bag, cut one corner by 2 cm. Insert it into the thread, tighten the lid. The bag must be firmly secured between the cap and neck of the bottle.

To make a culinary device out of paper (its other name is cornet) you will need: a sheet of waterproof paper or parchment paper for baking, scissors. It will be easy to make the material:

  • Fold a paper cone. To do this, make a square out of paper, bend it in half into the shape of a triangle, and rotate it upright. Collapse and round the corners of the resulting figure until you get a cone. Choose the size of the cone according to your preference: the smaller the final product, the smaller the pattern.
  • Cut the upper edges of the resulting cone, bend so that they do not interfere in the process.
  • Fill the paper with cream, cut off the tip of the cone.
  • Start decorating your pastries with beautiful patterns.

From a plastic bag

To make a cellophane bag you will need: a dense, durable bag, file or material from which the sleeve for baking products is made, scissors. If you decide to make a device from a plastic bag, it will not take much of your time. You don’t even need to twist the bag - you should find the sharp corner of the bag, pour the cream into it and carefully cut off the tip with scissors. The angle can be cut off completely / not completely, which gives a different effect to the pattern.

You can buy a confectionery bag with nozzles in the capital, St. Petersburg and in any corner of the country in the economic department. The material can be ordered online by aliexpress, purchased in specialized stores.The quality even of the same material (paper, silicone, fabric) may be different. In Moscow, you can purchase goods at own expense or with home delivery: