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How to wean a ferret to shit in the wrong place and tame it to the tray


Ferrets have a different attitude to the tray: some use it regularly and almost never shit in the wrong place, others are more irresponsible, and others (though such a minority) generally ignore it.

Still blind ferrets begin to get out of the nest and look for food and toilet by smell. If their mother is neat and walks in one place, then ferrets in 1.5 months will already go to the tray without any problems. In order for such a ferret not to have the thought of going to an inappropriate place, it is necessary that all corners of the cage be occupied with something. The cage should be constantly cleaned and those corners where the ferrets inadvertently emptied cleanly washed.

Females and small ferrets are easier to accustom to the toilet than males and adult animals. Do not demand too much from your pet - if in 80% of cases he fulfills his needs in the indicated place, this is very good. But the remaining 20% ​​is not a problem: urine and excrement of ferrets do not have a strong smell.

If you purchased a ferret already accustomed to the tray, then you first need to show the baby where the toilet (tray) is in your house and wait until the ferret goes there. Usually, a ferret waking up manages his needs within 3-10 minutes. This feature must be used: wake the beast, hold it in your hands until it begins to show concern, and then put it in the tray. As soon as the ferret has settled, praise him, treat him to a treat and let him go for a walk. Approximately every 30 minutes, put the pet in a cage, on the tray. After that, you must definitely praise him and you can give a treat.

If nevertheless you did not look after the pet, and he made a puddle or a bunch in the wrong place, be sure to punish him. Strictly report back, and lock in a cage for at least half an hour. The place where the animal has relieved needs is treated with a means to destroy odors. And yet, never scold the animal, if after its fault more than 20 minutes have passed, the animal will not understand what it is being punished for, and will begin to be afraid of you over time.

If there are cats in the house, then the ferret may well use the cat tray. But keep in mind that cats do not like to share a toilet with a ferret. Only after the ferret gets used to put his needs into the tray, can he be allowed to live freely in the house. First put at his disposal one room and do not let him into another until he is used to disciplined use of the toilet.

If the animal freely walks around the apartment, it will be better if there are several trays in different corners of the apartment. It must be remembered that the ferret does not crap where he eats and where he sleeps. The corners where food or rags lie will also not be selected by the ferret as a toilet. Most ferrets, smelling their litter, will not defecate in this place. Do not forget to regularly clean the pet’s tray, many ferrets are “clean” and will not use the dirty tray for its intended purpose.

If the ferret, in spite of everything, continues to crap in the wrong places, once again analyze your actions: maybe you did something wrong? For example, did the ferret get out of the cage too early? or immediately put at his disposal several rooms? Observe the beast: does it have a more or less permanent place for a toilet? if so, install a tray there and continue education. Limit its space - in a small area, it will quickly accustom itself to the tray. In the case when you did everything correctly, but did not achieve the result, you will have to start all over again - put the animal in a cage again and keep it there until it learns to use the tray.

Even ferrets accustomed to the tray sometimes begin to “forget” and relieve themselves of the wrong places. In such cases, it is necessary to repeat the process of education. A fundamentally different situation arises with growing ferrets, especially males, during puberty, when a change in the developed habit of the tray is a conscious challenge to you. The reason for this challenge is the self-assertion of the growing animal and an attempt to take a dominant position. From the point of view of the ferret, perceiving you for his relative, there is a real struggle for a dominant position. You must show all the strength of character and not let this behavior get away with it, otherwise he will “sit on his neck”, begin to consider himself the main creature in the house, and then it will be difficult to change the current situation.

Features of the training of ferrets to the toilet

Ferrets themselves strive for cleanliness and are quite neat. But, despite this, they are not immediately able to take some place in the house as a toilet and for a long time they can spoil anywhere.

Sometimes you need to adapt to the ferret if he stubbornly avoids going to the toilet in a particular corner and, conversely, constantly crap in another. In this case, you will have to reconcile and rearrange the tray in the place that the pet has chosen.

Sometimes ferrets choose more than one place for themselves as a toilet. In this case, you need to purchase 2 or more pots for the predator. This is especially true for large rooms.

The process of teaching the animal the rules of hygiene should begin as early as possible. It should be remembered that females and cubs are easier to accustom to the tray than an adult male. No one can guarantee that it will be easy to train a ferret to the toilet in the right place, even if he is still a puppy. Sometimes, despite all efforts, the tray is simply ignored.

Types of ferret trays

If the ferret stubbornly ignores the corner for the toilet, it makes sense to try to change the tray itself to another in configuration. Today there are several types of trays:

  1. An ordinary feline equipped with a net. The advantage of such a tray is that it is always dry, as urine flows into the tray. But as the ferret defecates, snuggling up to the corner, he may miss the edge. It is necessary to wash the tray quite often, at least once a day, because otherwise the animal may not want to walk on it.
  2. The second type of tray is the filled tray. The design is a pallet with a removable side, where any filler is poured. If the tray is just that, but the ferret does not want to go there, you can try to change the filler itself. The problem is that ordinary cat-like filler is not very good for ferrets. Wood and clay granules can stick and cause skin irritation. It is better to do without filler at all, washing the pot several times a day.
  3. The third view is the corner tray. Its shape is ideal for ferrets, as it has high side walls and a low front. Cat litter or paper can be placed in the base of the tray. You can lay a diaper. But paper and diapers must be changed frequently so that the toilet is always clean. You need to wash the tray without the use of detergents, since it is important not to wash off the specific smell of the animal, by which it determines where its toilet is.

How to train an animal to walk in a tray

The ferret always demonstrates his desire with his back high and tail lifted. As a rule, every morning after waking up, the ferret recovers within 10-15 minutes.

This moment must be used to direct the animal to the right place, if it does not go by itself.

To begin with, it should nevertheless be accustomed to the cage. To do this, you should buy a corner tray. It should be located in the diametrically opposite corner from the feeder and be clean in the morning.

When the ferret wakes up, you can pick it up and hold it for a while until it becomes restless, after which it is advisable to put it on the pot and encourage it after coping. As a reward, you can use a treat or a walk around the house. Training should be calm, it is extremely important to praise the animal for proper behavior.

Considering the fact that ferrets are very impatient in nature, taming to the tray should continue throughout the day every half hour, that is, every half hour the ferret should be planted in the corner tray in the cage, especially if characteristic external signs in the behavior of the animal become noticeable.

How to wean a ferret to shit in an apartment

If, however, the ferret inherited somewhere in the house while walking around the apartment, then in no case should you poke his nose into the puddle. These animals have very delicate noses, so you can not treat them like cats. You can slightly shake the pet at the withers, but you must do this immediately after the crime, otherwise the animal will not understand what is happening.

It is best to encourage the animal to do the right thing and carefully prevent it from walking in the wrong place. For example, you can tap on the floor or somehow attract the attention of a pet at the moment when he is seated in the wrong place.