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Flyers, attract the attention of passers-by


You provide such necessary services, sell the best quality goods at a loyal price. To make as many people as possible aware of your business, you decide to order flyers. Transfer them to the courier service. A day, week, month passes and ... Silence.

Before cursing with a courier service, take a copy of the flyer in your hands. The five rules below that separate a good flyer from waste paper will help characterize the potential readability and perception of your flyer.

Rule number 1

The essence of the advertising proposal (clothes, deposits, home products) should be the first to catch the eye on the leaflet. It uses the largest font. This should attract the attention of a potential client from a distance, and then he will understand that it is worth at least taking a flyer. If he does not see what is immediately interesting to him, he may simply not react to the leaflet and pass by.

The location of key phrases is not critical, because when you glance over the leaflet is read not so much from top to bottom as from the largest text (most noticeable) to the smallest. But you should not abuse it.

Rule number 2

Secondly, “attractors” should be taken into account on the leaflet: large sizes, high stakes, etc. It is clear that there should be “attractors”, otherwise the leaflet does not cause much interest even for those who are interested in the essence. The font for them is used smaller than the first, but much larger than the rest of the text. Attractive, simple, understandable!
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Rule number 3

The advertising text of the leaflet should be simple and sound affirmative (not through “not”). That is, sentences should be a maximum of six words, understandable to anyone who can barely read. And there should be no negation in them (as in this one). They must sound positive (like that).

C simplicity is clear: a client busy with his thoughts may simply not enter the deep meaning of your advertising message on the first try, and simply not take the second one. Therefore, write as simple as possible.

Now - why you should not write advertising texts and slogans through "not". The fact is that the human mind thinks straightforwardly and perceives things literally, as if missing a “not” particle. Therefore, what a person reads, he imagines.

A simple example. What does it seem to you when you read the following phrases: "These machines do not break down," "We will not deceive you," "There will be no problem with us." What would you rather believe?

I heard the masterpiece from this series on TV: “With Head-n-Sholders, dandruff will not appear unexpectedly for you.” It is clear that they wanted to say, but what they said!

One of our clients, despite our arguments, made a slogan in the leaflet beginning with the phrase "Do not forget ...". What do you think was the effect? That's right. So keep that in mind. Business card - perfect size

Brief but informative

One of the main rules that should be followed when developing leaflets, implies the ease of reporting. No need to place it in large quantities on the pages of the flyer, otherwise, you risk losing the attention of the consumer. Do not forget that when walking or driving along the street, a person will not have much time to study your leaflet, so she should immediately inform the client about what you are selling and how the person can make a purchase from you . In this regard, a catchy title, a convincing call to action, a phone number, or the address of your website, will be quite enough to be included in the flyer design.

Large images in flyer design

Use large graphics and images for your promotional materials, but in small quantities. As a rule, limiting one or two graphic elements is quite justified. They will be able to attract consumer attention, make emphasis, while there will be not so many schedules that the client does not catch the main idea of ​​your flyer.

Attract attention with vibrant colors. Credible blue, bold red, bright yellow, life-affirming green - all these colors and their shades are an excellent choice for creating the color scheme of your advertising materials. When designing a leaflet, do not forget that you are not an artist, remember, you are a marketer. This means that your main task is to develop a design that can attract and retain the attention of the audience. For the sake of achieving this goal, you can even neglect aesthetics a little, but within the reasonable framework, the design of your leaflet should not be tasteless, causing a feeling of depression, disharmony.

Easy to read

Do not underestimate the importance of font size for leaflet text. Remember that it must be visible from afar. The legibility of the text and its readability are no less important. Fonts such as Times New Roman, Arial, Calibri, and similar fonts will help you accomplish this task. Make sure you leave enough space between the lines, and the colors of the text and background contrast with each other. This is necessary so that the text is easy to read, and the client does not have to strain his eyesight to distinguish letters, words, lines, text and background from each other.

Testing Flyers

Before you start printing the full print run of the leaflets you created, make sure that not only you consider your project materials to be successful and attractive. Get an opinion on this from your friends, relatives, colleagues. One of the best ways to do this is to put a copy of the flyers on the window and invite them to visit (just do not tell them that this is done to evaluate the effectiveness of your developments). When people come, ask them if they noticed a leaflet on your window, if so, what is its content. If they did not pay attention to it, or did not remember what it was all about, return to the project and refine it.

Taking these simple steps, you will develop leaflets that can cause a response, bring the desired result - the implementation of actions by customers and, as a result, increase your profit. Remember that you do not have to be an artist, create a flyer design out of the ordinary, so that it can attract the attention of potential customers. Using the tips described above, you will design a leaflet that will serve to promote your business again and again.

Rule number 4

The flyer should be small, and the text on it should be large. The smaller the leaflet, the easier it is to put it somewhere, which means it is more likely that it will be kept.

The perfect flyer is business card. Firstly, a business card is perceived much nicer as something personal, and you want to keep it for yourself, and secondly, it is very convenient to store it in your wallet. The maximum allowable size of a decent flyer is a quarter of A4 sheet.

It is clear that in order to accommodate the maximum information on a small leaflet, it is easiest to reduce the font. But think about those people who have poor eyesight, and those who will read the flyer on the go or in shaky vehicles. Some of them physically will not be able to read the text, and most simply will not strain their eyes. So it’s better to just write the most important thing, after all, this is a flyer, not an article.

Rule number 5

The flyer must have its own value. In other words, there should be a reason for keeping it. To do this, you can associate it with something or simply rename it.

  • Call the leaflet a discount coupon, a tasting coupon, or at least just an invitation card.

If the leaflet has a long-term effect and is designed for some kind of storage, before it is used, you can make it in the form of a carrier of useful information, such as:

  • metro scheme, size ratio grid, list of required phones or addresses.
Make an advertisement a coupon for a discount, then they will not throw it away, but they will save it, and maybe even take advantage of it
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Only in this case it is better to place advertising and useful information on one side of the leaflet, otherwise, when it is hung on the wall, put under a glass or folded in half ... You see, right?

Following all these rules when creating a layout of a flyer, of course, cannot guarantee you the incredible success of advertising. But at least you can expect such a flyer to be effective.

And if you want to make the flyer even more effective, just imagine yourself as one of your clients and ask what would you like to see on this flyer? It is very likely that you will create something very interesting.