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How to deal with uncomfortable contact lenses


Contact lenses at one time became a real salvation for people with poor eyesight, and to this day do not lose high popularity. But often the benefits of wearing such lenses are completely crossed out by the discomfort caused by eye irritation by contact lenses. Unpleasant sensations can nullify a good mood, spoil the day and even damage your eyesight. But just like that, discomfort does not appear. We suggest that you thoroughly understand the fifteen main reasons why people experience burning and discomfort in their eyes when wearing contact lenses. Knowing these reasons will help you understand why you are experiencing discomfort, how to solve this problem and not face it anymore. If even after you eliminate the appropriate causes, the irritation does not leave you, immediately contact an ophthalmologist.

Reason 1 - hit by foreign objects

Most likely, each person who regularly uses contact lenses has encountered a situation where foreign objects fell between the lens and the surface of the eye. Usually these are cilia, grains of sand or small particles of a different nature. It does not matter what exactly fell under the lens, since in any case it causes not only discomfort, but also serious pain, it also interferes with normal vision.

Fortunately, the reason in question is solved very simply. As soon as a foreign object is removed from under the inner part of the contact lens, the discomfort will instantly disappear. Usually the eye in such situations produces a tear that flushes out excess particles. To speed up this process, you need to blink several times. Helping and pulling the upper eyelid to the side with simultaneous intense blinking.

In some cases, blinking does not have a positive effect. If you encounter such a situation, you will have to completely remove the contact lens and rinse it with a special care solution. But if after removing a foreign object from under the lens you feel discomfort, most likely a scratch or other mechanical defect has appeared on the cornea. In this case, it is strongly recommended to consult a specialist.

Reason 2 is the use of low moisture lenses.

Contact lenses are classified into several types, including moisture. Perhaps the discomfort in your case is due to the use of excessively dry lenses. From the use of such products, unpleasant sensations appear in almost all people, but in people with initially dry eyes, the discomfort is the most serious and lasting. You can solve this problem - there are several valuable recommendations for this:

· Switch to contact lenses with a higher level of hydration.

· Use special wetting eye drops based on a natural tear.

· Consult an ophthalmologist and find out what will help in your case.

The problem of using dry lenses is one of the most serious, since many people, faced with great discomfort during the wearing of such products, forever abandon the lenses and switch back to glasses.

Reason 3 - accumulation of protein deposits on the lenses

Not all people have such a problem, but some of them are characterized by congenital increased production of protein in tears. Excess protein gradually accumulates under contact lenses, as well as on their surface. The main difficulty is that it is impossible to remove such a protein even when treating contact lenses with a special care solution, since such deposits are very dense.

Perhaps the most effective way to get rid of such a problem is to switch to using lenses with a shorter wearing period. For example, on weekly, and better on one-day. Once a month replacement lens users suffer from protein deposits most, especially at the end of each month. These people can completely get rid of discomfort if they switch to wearing one-day lenses.

Reason 4 - using contact lenses during sleep

In the vast majority of cases, ophthalmologists do not recommend their patients to go to bed without removing contact lenses. Of course, you can sleep in the lenses, but only if you are ready in the morning to feel irritation, burning, and also see swollen and reddish eyeballs in the mirror. Not ready? In this case, make it a habit to remove contact lenses before falling asleep.

Of course, there are a number of contact lenses designed specifically to be able to sleep and wear for a long time. The most popular brands of such lenses are Air Optix Night & Day Aqua, Biofinity, Ultra, Acuvue Oasys. However, the lenses of these brands, as well as use during sleep, are not suitable for everyone. If you are interested in this feature, be sure to consult an experienced ophthalmologist about this.

Reason 5 - Incorrect Contact Lens Layout

This problem has plagued many inexperienced contact lens users. It consists in the location of the lenses on the wrong side. The lens design has such a bizarre shape for a reason. Products are intended to be worn only in the position provided by the design. If you place them on the reverse side, the product does not fit snugly to the eye, distorts the image, and also gives a strong unpleasant sensation.

Often people who do not have experience wearing contact lenses have difficulty determining the right side of the product. It’s not so difficult to understand if you spend a couple of minutes studying a simple instruction on the available contact lenses. You can also ask a question about how to wear the products correctly to an ophthalmologist. He will talk about how to properly care for contact lenses and how to manipulate them.

Reason 6 is the use of inappropriate lens care products.

Few people who use contact lenses actively know that not all lenses are compatible with most optical care solutions. If there is no compatibility, there is a high probability of allergic reactions, which are felt as the same discomfort, burning and redness of the eyes. Such reactions will occur every time the treated lenses touch the cornea.

There is a solution to this problem. All you need to do is seek the advice of an experienced ophthalmologist who will advise you on compatible products for the care of your contact lenses. Often helps the rejection of solutions made on the basis of hydrogen peroxide. You may also need to switch to solutions and lenses from another manufacturer. Another tip is not to use the solution from the blister where the lenses are stored.

Reason 7 - the manifestation of giant papillary conjunctivitis

Giant papillary conjunctivitis (GPC) is a condition in which large thickenings on the mucous membrane of the eyelid form under the eyelids. They have a negative effect on the comfort of wearing contact lenses. The first stages of the formation of this ailment have almost no effect on the use of lenses, however, at much more advanced stages, such formations under the eyelids can even displace contact lenses with each blink.

The solution to the situation with running giant papillary conjunctivitis is to stop using contact lenses for a while until the situation gets better. After the thickenings under the eyelids disappear, you can again return to the use of lenses. However, it is necessary to more carefully and responsibly select products that will not have an irritating effect on your eyelids so as not to provoke HPA.

Reason 8 - Dysfunction of the meibomian glands

This term refers to a condition in which the sebaceous glands on the eyelids do not produce enough fat or their secret becomes poor quality. Often, the gland openings suffer from clogging, as a result of which the fat layer on the eyeball becomes thinner. Grease released over the clogging may be grainy or stiff. Deterioration of its quality leads to the appearance of irritation.

The dysfunctional condition described above is completely treatable. However, one cannot achieve serious results in the fight against this disease. In order to get rid of discomfort as soon as possible when wearing contact lenses, it is recommended to seek professional help from an ophthalmologist. He will prescribe a course of treatment aimed at restoring the normal characteristics of the tear film of your eyes.

Reason 9 - Corneal Infiltration

By corneal infiltration is meant a small white spot that is in the structure of the cornea. It is a clear sign that the cornea has been experiencing permanent irritation for a long time. The white spot of the infiltrate consists of white blood cells - white blood cells, which are sent by the body to the cornea to eliminate the consequences caused by severe irritation of your eyes with lenses.

Corneal infiltrate provides ongoing discomfort, especially if the lenses are worn over the eyes. The treatment of this ailment should be handled by a professional ophthalmologist. An even more dangerous phenomenon is a corneal ulcer, which in the absence of proper and timely treatment can lead to serious visual impairment. If you experience the above eye problems, contact your ophthalmologist immediately.

Reason 10 - loose contact lenses

If you wear contact lenses that do not fit snugly on the surface of the cornea of ​​your eyes, sooner or later you will begin to feel discomfort and growing irritation. This is due to the fact that large lenses move freely on the surface of the eyes, thereby creating friction, which irritates the eye membranes. Of course, the discomfort is not as strong as when foreign particles fall under the lens, but still noticeable.

To determine that your lenses are too large is very simple - they seem to “roll” along its surface and shift when blinking or looking up. If you observe such phenomena, urgently think about replacing the lenses with more suitable ones in size. It is better to seek the advice of an experienced ophthalmologist. He will help you choose the optimal size of contact lenses, as well as answer any questions about the care of products.

Reason 11 - Use of Obsolete Lenses

Contact lenses developed 20 and even more years ago are still on sale. Despite the fact that previously such products were more in demand among people with insufficiently acute vision, today they are significantly outdated. These models have low oxygen permeability, quickly lose moisture. You can use them no more than 6-8 hours a day.

Today, in the public domain there is a huge variety of different contract lenses that suit different life situations. There are special lenses for people with dry eyes, for use when working at a computer, for wearing even during sleep, as well as many other variations. For this reason, you should not focus on time-tested, but on the order of obsolete products - it causes discomfort.

Reason 12 - the wrong choice of colored contact lenses

In pursuit of qualitative changes in appearance, many people acquire colored contact lenses to change their native eye color, or surprise others with unusual shades. It is necessary to purchase such models with caution, especially for those who have never used contact lenses before. Even if you want to buy lenses for a specific event, try to do this together with specialists in contact vision correction.

What if I want to have a different eye color, but there is no desire to endure discomfort? There is a solution - use the colored lenses of Air Optix Colors from the Alcon brand. The lenses of this brand are made from the same breathable materials as ordinary contact lenses for people with poor vision. The pigment is built into the lens, and not applied to its surface, so the paint does not irritate the eyes at all.

Reason 13 - do not break the lens replacement schedule

Contact lenses for a reason have a certain period of use. So, lenses with a monthly replacement remain effective for exactly one month, while daily ones must be changed every day. But there are people who extend the life of the lens for as long as possible, after which they get discomfort and serious vision problems. This is due to the fact that expired lenses cease to fulfill their functions efficiently.

This rule also applies to contact lens flushing solutions. It is not recommended to use solutions whose shelf life has already expired. Such formulations lose a significant part of their effectiveness, which is why they cannot clean contact lenses of protein deposits and other contaminants. And as you already know, these deposits and foreign particles on the surface of the lenses lead to eye irritation and visual impairment.

Reason 14 - wearing lenses that have mechanical damage

If you feel discomfort, the sensations of which are similar to those when an eyelash or other object fell under the lens, but there is nothing in the eye itself, carefully examine the lens for damage. Even a slightly torn lens can cause a strong discomfort, as its geometry is already corrupted, and it does not fit snugly to the surface of the eye. Obviously, wearing such lenses is not recommended.

Do your contact lenses break at regular intervals? This is not an abnormal phenomenon, so you should consider whether you are using these products correctly. Perhaps you yourself unknowingly tear the lenses at the time of putting on, removing or servicing with a special solution. Sometimes lenses can tear on their own. This usually happens if you come across a defective batch - you can return it.

Reason 15 - installing a lens instead of the right eye on the left and vice versa

If you put the right contact lens on the left eye and the left on the right, you can get not only severe discomfort, but also serious headaches. Also symptoms of improper wearing of contact lenses include blurred intense vision. Checking if this is really the reason or not is very simple. Rearrange contact lenses and walk around like this for a while. If it became easier, then the lenses were installed incorrectly.