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How to understand yourself, How to understand yourself


At certain points in his life, a person often thinks about how he lives, what mistakes he made, and what else he needs to achieve.

You can know your purpose only when you thoroughly understand yourself. Following the advice of a psychologist, you can easily figure out the question of how to understand yourself.


Self-knowledge is a multi-stage process based on a deep analysis of one’s life. To understand yourself and achieve harmony with your inner world, you need to sort through and reassemble your past, present and desired future. At the same time, one must act openly, without deceiving oneself, recognizing every mistake made.

Optimal interaction with your soul arises only after understanding your desires. But this does not mean that you should take control of your feelings and emotions. On the contrary, behave naturally, do not pretend.

Show your true feelings: if you want to smile - smile, cry - cry, laugh - laugh, etc. When you try to control your psychological state, negative energy destroys your body. Usually this leads to the development of psychosomatic diseases.

Graphical analysis

In order to make it easier for you to figure out how to understand yourself, psychology offers a common method - graphical analysis. Take a blank sheet of paper and think about whether everything is going right in your life, which it lacks.

Draw a sheet into 5 columns, in each of which answer the question:

  1. What kind of person are you?
  2. What do you like?
  3. What do you like?
  4. Describe the events that brought you positive emotions.
  5. What do you dislike about your life?

You can answer briefly, in detail, delving into the subtleties of your feelings. Having compiled a list, you can analyze it and figure out what is necessary for you to live, and what is in the background.

This method of introspection is used not only by experienced psychologists, but also by ordinary people. Using it is very easy to learn how to understand yourself.

Look inside

This psychological exercise allows you to hear your inner voice. Follow the recommendations below and you will plunge into your inner world for a while.

  1. Sit as comfortable as possible. Take care that you are not disturbed or disturbed by silence.
  2. Put one hand on the solar plexus, the other on the forehead. Close your eyes and try not to think about anything.
  3. Imagine that you are alone walking on a road leading to bright light. In this case, do not let other thoughts into your head.
  4. Listening to the silence within, you can relax and get a powerful boost of vigor and energy.
  5. Wake up in this state for several minutes.

Just plunging into your inner world and getting rid of extraneous thoughts, you can find answers to difficult questions - how to understand what is important to you now, what you want, what you worry about. After completing the exercise, take a deep breath and exhale.

Experts say that this therapy is very effective for those who want to figure out how to understand themselves, what you want from life. Performing this exercise daily, you will discover new opportunities in yourself that will delight you in the future.

Technique "Film"

This is a highly effective method of self-knowledge, recommended by Western psychologists.

  • Imagine you are in a very interesting film show. You are shown a film about the unforgettable moments of your life.
  • When you look at your past, mentally grab the remote control and switch the channel. Now you have the opportunity to become a director of a series about your future.
  • Compare these two films. Analyze what should be radically changed in life. Highlight what does not suit you in yourself. Try to understand what needs to be done to get rid of the pressure of the subconscious and complexes.

This exercise helps you understand yourself and learn how to make important decisions. It is a test, having passed which you will draw a straight line between the past and the future. It is recommended to perform it several times, as soon as you want to better understand what is happening in your soul.

Drawing of intuition

This method of self-knowledge is used by almost all psychologists who help their clients understand themselves.

  1. Take a pencil and a blank sheet of paper.
  2. Close your eyes and relax.
  3. Mentally ask yourself questions that concern you.
  4. Answer each of them with a picture.
  5. Analyze why you painted this particular subject.

The main condition for performing this exercise is the absence of tension. You need to draw without thinking, based on intuition. Thus, you can calculate the features of your logical thinking, comparing it with the solution of pressing problems.

So, we examined the most effective methods of self-knowledge that psychology offers. How to understand yourself and other people is a complex issue, but it can be solved. Only by listening to our inner feelings will it become easier for us to choose the right path in life.

How to understand yourself - psychologist's advice

Keep a diary or a personal blog, and make daily entries in it about how you feel, what makes you happy, worries, or scares you, what you managed to achieve during the day and, on the contrary, you couldn’t do. In the future, these notes will tell you how to understand yourself, and will help to reveal a number of patterns in your attitude to life, to various situations, to people and to your own thoughts and actions.

Try to control your behavior in unusual situations: for example, in a state of intoxication or during periods of stress. Any unusual combination of circumstances, as a rule, helps to open up that hard shell that surrounds the true personality.

Talk with loved ones. To understand yourself, you do not mind opinion from the outside. It is our relatives who most often subtly notice the features of your character, one or another personality traits inherent in you.

Meditate on books you read or movies you've watched. Try to answer the following questions:

  • which of the heroes was close to you in spirit?
  • why did you choose this particular character?
  • how would you behave in the place of this hero?
  • What moments have sincerely touched you and why?
  • What moments left you indifferent and why?

If you like modern role-playing computer games, then you probably noticed that in them you often face a serious moral choice. To understand yourself, try to analyze what decisions you make in certain situations, think about what you would do if a similar situation happened to you in real life.

Take advantage of psychological tests. Many of them allow you to learn a lot about yourself. Of course, you should not use those tests that are usually published in glossy magazines: they are mainly intended not for self-knowledge, but for entertainment.

It is with attempts to understand oneself that self-development begins, it is on them that the pursuit of personal growth is based. And that means, it is precisely on how much effort you will put into self-knowledge that will determine how successful you will be in your daily life.

How to understand who you really are

For many people this question becomes critical. And, in reality, how you can be happy and how you can choose the right life path without knowing yourself, your talents, abilities, values, advantages and disadvantages. Indeed, in such a situation, one can only hope, except, for good luck, for the eternal Russian "maybe"?

Self-knowledge, in essence, very much resembles spiritual growth. Knowing ourselves, we bring our personality to the highest level, we begin to easily make decisions that previously seemed too complicated for us, we know in advance what will be useful to us and what will bring us only harm.

In general, the advantages of self-knowledge can be described for a very long time. Most of us already know the usefulness of certainty, and certainly strive for it. Three simple tips can help along this difficult path: it is they who will tell you how to know yourself.

To understand yourself, meditate. Meditation is a kind of dialogue of a person with his subconscious, with himself. Find some secluded place, take any position convenient for you, calm down, gather your thoughts and start asking yourself various questions, the answers to which you would like to know. Questions may be as follows:

  • Do I really like the business I'm doing?
  • Should I change anything?
  • What happens if I change anything in my life now?
  • Am I making enough effort to realize my dream?

Of course, you can ask other questions. After meditation, be sure to write down all the ideas and thoughts that have come to your head in a diary and be guided by them at the first opportunity.

Ask people around you. This is the easiest and fastest way to know and understand yourself. The most important thing is to ask questions to people who have known you for a long time, otherwise you run the risk of getting a biased assessment. Go to your spouse, brother or sister, parents, and ask them what they do not like about you and your behavior. Do not hesitate, they will certainly give you an answer. After all, loved ones, as a rule, are no less than yourself, interested in making you better!

How to understand yourself and change your life

Opening his eyes in the morning, it suddenly seems that you are falling into the abyss. Another came, outside the window the sun also rises, the birds sing, and many people flee to work. Only you do not have the strength and desire to get up from the couch, do something and everything around seems meaningless and ridiculous.

All of the above is a pronounced depressive state caused by internal contradiction, rejection of any fact of life. You yourself understand this, but you simply can’t find the answer to the question how to understand yourself.

It’s still necessary to change at least something in this state, as well as get up from the couch to meet the daily needs of a person. In such cases, the best way is to contact a practicing psychologist, but there are many reasons for refusing to visit such a specialist, and it is necessary to alleviate the condition.

It is for these kinds of conditions that there are several behaviors that help you understand yourself.

Do not overpower yourself if you have such an opportunity. I don’t feel like getting up, don’t get up, don’t want to talk, don’t talk. In this state, you will stay no more than a day, then your psyche will pull you out and turn on the protection mechanism. You will start and talk and get up and even do household chores.

Over time, interests will appear, a smile will return, but only after that go to the second point.

You perfectly understand that such a state can return at any time, if you do not establish the cause. If you want to understand yourself, look for what bothers or oppresses you. Here it is worth digging into yourself, in your desires, hopes and draw a parallel with the facts of reality. It is the discrepancy between our desires and reality that causes such internal conflicts.

An example is the situation when a girl really wants to have children, but she has a very prestigious job, which is accompanied by a complete lack of time for her personal life. And she loves work and wants children, here two desires of equal strength come into conflict, causing an imbalance in the psychological background. Here it is necessary to make a reservation that internal contradictions can be much more serious, and are covered by masks of other desires and to understand which it will not be possible to do.

If you managed to find the true reason, then you need to decide what you want and what is unacceptable to you. No matter how much we would like, everyone cannot be astronauts, just as slender or beautiful. Each of us has our own individuality inherent in nature, which must be appreciated, and then you will discover a lot of opportunities for ourselves of a different nature.

If you want to understand yourself, but cannot find the reason for the failure in the state of mind, consult a specialist, at least in absentia, through Internet resources.

We hope this article helps you understand yourself.

It’s much easier for a person to use programs already registered and developed by someone.

But forming your own ideas is a troublesome task. Especially if the opinion or desire is contrary to the public.

For example, a girl from childhood dreams of becoming a famous artist. But her parents force her to study as an economist or lawyer. You will have to pay for a choice that matches the social pattern in the future. If you don’t think in time about how to better understand yourself: what exactly do you want to do, what exactly will bring you satisfaction, how exactly do you want to live your life, you can earn psychosomatic disorders or a deep crisis.

How to understand yourself: a guide to action

A person at any age is able to learn to understand and hear his own “I”. If you want to figure out how to understand yourself, then several effective techniques will be described below. Remember that the most effective methods require efforts from a person. But the result is guaranteed to exceed all expectations.

Method one

Take a few pieces of paper and a pen. Set the timer for twenty minutes. On the sheet above write “What I really want from life” and start writing down your desires as fast as if you are listening to a very interesting and useful lecture that you want to outline. If time has not yet expired, and thoughts are over, repeat yourself, but just do not stop. When the timer beeps, stop writing. Repeat these steps for another three days. After four days of such recordings, you will be able to come to true desires that really help to hear yourself.

Second method

This method requires much less effort and time. It is based on imagination. Look carefully around and find the item that interests you. It can be a door, a ceiling or a heater - it does not matter. Next, try to talk on behalf of this subject. For example, if you are interested in watches, then you can brag about how you help people. You can brag, complain, or ask on behalf of this item. Talk like this for twenty minutes. This strange, at first glance, exercise will help you better understand yourself and become aware of really important things.

Method three

For this method of self-knowledge, you will need a girlfriend. She should ask you questions. And you will honestly answer them. Questions should concern your true desires, goals and ways to achieve them. Before you understand yourself and try to understand really important things, you need to analyze your thoughts. Continue the dialogue until you are "overshadowed". If enlightenment does not come, then answer her ten questions about your desires and goals. This approach will allow you to look at your life differently. With it, you will learn how to understand yourself and understand your own destiny. The essence of this method is that you voice what is hidden within you. You know this, but as long as knowledge is silently stored in your subconscious, there is little use in it - you can simply not notice it.

Fourth method

It requires very little effort. You just need to sleep.Great, right? This method of knowing oneself is called royal. It is known that the director of dreams is the unconscious. But it knows exactly what you want from life in reality. How to understand what you want from life? Get the answer out of your dreams. After awakening, people very quickly forget what they dreamed. So try recording your night visions on a piece of paper.

When interpreting dreams, forget about dream books. Dreams of each person are individual and general interpretations are often inappropriate and ineffective. The dream will tell you what is really important to you, what worries or pleases, and helps you better understand what you want from life in principle, based on the subconscious. If the meaning of night dreams is incomprehensible, try to take the place of the character. Think about what he wants and what he counts on.

Analyzing your life, desires and dreams, rely on feelings. From their own desires and goals comes a special energy. It's hard not to feel if you start listening. A man in harmony with his inner “I” hears himself from within. To perform certain actions or actions, such people do not need to persuade themselves, to force. And from the work done there comes not fatigue, but a feeling of satisfaction. Therefore, if you are at a crossroads now, you don’t know what you want, you are looking for different ways, how to better understand yourself, start listening to yourself and often ask yourself the question: “Do I really want this?”.