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How to understand a woman that she likes a male colleague at work


Recognizing sympathy from a colleague, if he carefully hides his feelings, is not so difficult if you carefully observe the behavior of the "suspect". You should pay attention to attitudes, gestures, intonation during a conversation and even behavior on social networks. You just need to know some of the tricks and subtleties of psychology in order to almost certainly figure out what kind of interest a man is experiencing.

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Any person on a subconscious level wants to be as close to the subject of his adoration. If a colleague often sits down to you during the lunch break, often asks to give him something - this may mean that the person likes to be around. It is important to pay attention to the proximity of contact.

If a woman likes a man, he strives to violate her personal space all the time: by chance touch her, run her hand over her clothes, touch her hand with her hand when transferring an object.

It is important that the above indicates more about the presence of sexual desire than about warm feelings. If a man tries to touch you all the time, but does not find common topics for conversation and is not interested in your personality, then most likely he just wants you.

The male voice is by its nature coarser and harder than the female.

But if a person secretly feels sympathy, then under the influence of hormones his voice changes, it becomes softer, a peculiar hoarseness appears. If you notice a change in the man’s voice when he speaks specifically to you, but this doesn’t happen in conversation with other colleagues, be sure that he feels sympathy for you and tries to hide it, or he does not even know about it.

There is a famous saying that men love with their eyes. If you suspect someone of tender feelings, pay attention to how often he looks at you. Any man will look at his beloved at every opportunity.

Pay attention to how he behaves when you are in a circle of colleagues. Especially if you are not talking about work, but about something abstract. At this moment, the man is as relaxed as possible, he practically does not control himself.

Scientists have proved that in moments of high spirits, laughter, in the company of people, a person is looking through the eyes of the one he likes best.

Next to a woman who is not indifferent to, a man will involuntarily experience excitement, be distracted by her appearance, and carefully examine her. All this will give rise to some pauses in the conversation, since he is more focused on it than on the essence of the dialogue.

If in a conversation of this colleague looks at your lips, examines a figure, especially the neckline, this makes it clear that there is at least a sexual attraction.

If a man tells in his hobbies, plans, favorite places and types of recreation, then perhaps he already plans to connect his future with you.

Pay attention to what a man wants to know about you. Is he interested in how you feel, how you spent the weekend, what you plan to do on vacation. If so, then probably the man sees you not only as a colleague, he feels warm feelings that have crossed the line of friendship.

Gestures speak much more than words. Psychologists argue that gestures are most often involuntary, and therefore it is easiest to determine the person’s relationship with the person using them.

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If a woman is liked by a married man, then it is non-verbal signs that will help determine his sympathy. Since, even if a person with all his might hides his feelings from himself and others in order to preserve his family, he will not be able to control gestures.

Here are a few signs that a man at work clearly likes you:

  • Talking with you, he puts his hands in his pockets or constantly twirls an object in his hands. This suggests that the person wants to touch you, but he cannot do this and subconsciously seeks another use for his hands to occupy them.
  • Constantly straightens his clothes: tie or shirt. Such gestures indicate the desire to look in front of his chosen one as spectacularly as possible.
  • Pose and gestures of a man. Unconsciously, people always copy the poses and gestures of the person who is cute and who themselves want to like.

If a man touches his face, lips, hair - these are signs of love. Subconsciously, he wants a pretty woman to touch him.

If the relationship has not yet begun, it is difficult to talk about real jealousy. However, sometimes one can still notice a reaction similar to jealousy. For example, a man inadvertently heard a conversation on the phone in which you discuss going to the movies with a friend or plans for the weekend, communicating with a male interlocutor in a flirty manner.

The man frowns, the pose changes to a more intense one. If he discontentedly presses his lips, begins to play with jelly on his cheekbones, do not hesitate - this is jealousy. It can arise only against the background of warm, tender feelings.

There are more obvious signs that your colleague is in love. If you are offered to give you a lift after work, stop by the grocery store together, this indicates his clear desire to spend more time together.

If your leader likes you, he will distinguish you from the rest of the staff: often call to your office, sometimes even for insignificant occasions, in a friendly manner to inquire whether you are managing, whether you need help. If such cases become more frequent, be sure: the boss clearly shows sympathy for you.

When a girl is cute to a guy, he will seek communication with her by any means.

If a colleague added you as a friend in all possible social networks, often writes messages, comments on photos and notes - you can not doubt his sympathy. Well, if at work he wants to discuss your publications or photos, it means that his thoughts are occupied by you even in a working environment.

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Common female errors in the interpretation of male behavior

Why do you want to start such a big topic with this particular question? Because often we wishful thinking as real ... From some men it blows courtesy, charm. And although women usually feel good sympathy for themselves, in some cases this feeling is still deceptive. How not to get into a mess and correctly determine - do you like a male colleague at work sincerely or is this a typical manifestation of his demeanor?

So, what situations or tokens should be studied in more detail:

  1. Frequent compliments, emphasizing your merits, hints of an ambiguous nature, playful jokes addressed to you. Usually true deceivers behave this way, for whom such communication with the opposite sex is the norm. You just need to observe his behavior with other female colleagues in order to understand his nature and consider his further actions.
  2. Opens the door in front of you, runs into a hello, will deliver a heavy package, help with working moments. This can be regarded as sympathy from the outside, but no one has canceled the good upbringing of a man.
  3. A colleague is pleasant in communication, listens with understanding, listens to every word, empathizes, emotionally penetrates your conversation. Despite the fact that usually emotional intelligence is higher in women, such men also exist! This is nothing more than a combination of character with developed communication skills.
  4. Regular invitations to a cup of tea during the lunch break, where work moments are discussed, more often indicate the manifestation of normal business etiquette. As a rule, such tea parties and joint dinners do not have a hint of further development.

To understand whether you are genuinely liked by a male colleague or if this is a simple good human education, you need observation. Do not react immediately with the manifestation of your feelings, otherwise you risk being in an unsightly situation. Take compliments calmly, respond tactfully to gallantry, and accept invitations with restraint. This is especially true if you work in this team recently and have not yet fully managed to figure out the employees.

It is extremely necessary to look closely at the behavior of a colleague, if you work in a men's team. Often men show the usual rivalry among themselves, where the goal (it so happened that it’s you) is pursued for the sake of the goal, and not the end result. Clicking an opponent on the nose - what could be nicer?

The sincere sympathy of a male colleague

It is much easier to establish relationships at work, because people are together every day for a long period of time. And for men, such situations are advantageous, because the object of adoration is always nearby.

How can a man demonstrate his interest as a female colleague?

  1. Line of sight. A man will always be in front of the eyes of the object of sympathy, and in the workplace, first of all, he will seek you out among other people.
  2. Violation of space. A colleague will always strive to get close - to stand next to you at the cooler, sit in the next chair at the meeting, get interested in something on your table, etc.
  3. Appeal to you. He constantly tries to attract the woman he likes to the general conversation, ask her opinion, ask her a question, and will turn to her for advice.
  4. Sight. A man loves with his eyes, so his look will show everything! A colleague will watch gently, studyingly, attentively, eating you with his eyes. If in the morning he meets you at the workplace - his eyes will shine and smile, it's hard not to notice!
  5. Close contact. In addition to entering your personal space, a man always tries to touch the object of sympathy. When you are sitting at a computer, he can put his hand on his shoulder to look into the monitor, stand right on the side, touch your fingers with ease, etc.
  6. Non-verbal communication. Hands are constantly busy with something - straightening hair, sorting paper clips on a desktop, tugging at a pen, touching clothes. If a man simply hides his hands in his pocket, this is considered a suppression of the desire to touch you.
  7. Tone. The timbre always changes when a man addresses a woman he likes. The voice becomes softer, can be hoarse, with notes of depth and tenderness.
  8. Conversation. During the conversation, pauses may occur due to excitement or careful selection of words.
  9. Compliments. A man will always notice a new dress, praise the performance, emphasize a sense of style.
  10. Molestation. If the character of a male colleague is based on assertiveness and firmness - he won’t stop at anything: he will offer his help even where you would manage yourself, wear coffee, invite him to go for dinner, etc. He will also be added as a friend on all social networks and will comment or rate each photo, record, audio.
  11. Jealousy. Even if the relationship has not yet begun, the man already on a subconscious level considers you his. If other male colleagues turn to the woman, he will frown, purs his lips, he will lose his mood, will play nodules, the pose will become tense.

Such signs will undoubtedly help determine that you like a male colleague at work.

These are common points that help determine the sympathy for your person. However, there are behavioral features that are inherent in certain categories of men.

Manifestation depending on the type of temperament

The strategy model of male behavior depends on its nature. How will different males show their sympathy?

Mentor. She will show feelings slowly, but assertively and confidently, combining cholericity with phlegm. Basically, such men assume the role of a thorough colleague - they will help at work, prompt, teach and guide. It gives him pleasure. From such a colleague you will not get loyal views or zealous scenes, he shows firmness and likes to keep everything under control.

Shy guy. This refers to the melancholy type of temperament. Such a man looks at you secretly, coveted and anxious. His strategy is to become a best friend, shoulder, support. He will call his colleague for dinners, 5-minute cups of coffee, and at meetings he will become interested in the personal life of the person he likes. This man will always be in touch, at least for work, at least for personal issues, will quickly come to the rescue. Moreover, he will hide his feelings to the last - such is his nature.

Active romantic. This is a real sanguine person whose credo is to give happiness and a smile. You will not get bored with such a colleague; he knows how to present pleasant surprises even in a working atmosphere. In the morning, you can find on your desktop a cup of fresh coffee, on the screensaver of a cute kitten’s computer with nice wishes, or nice, funny notes about how beautiful you are today. Sometimes you may notice that a man behaves like a child when you appear. This is not from stupidity, but from a great sympathy for you, he will be lost or expressed in excessive gestures and loud speech.

5 unmistakable signs that a colleague is experiencing feelings, but carefully hiding them

There are cases when a man is generous and gallant without any background, but there are situations when he carefully tries to hide his warm feelings towards a woman he likes. How to understand this?

Signs that you are secretly liked by a male work colleague:

  1. Appearance. The jacket was pulled at the moment of the appearance of the object of sympathy, the face was shaven smoothly (especially if you had rarely shaved before), a change of wardrobe, a well-groomed hairstyle, sudden sports.
  2. Sight. A man always visually catches a woman he likes. But with a return look, he will look away in the other direction.
  3. Behavior. A man will show himself from the best side - restrained, friendly, generous, cheerful, ready to help. This may not apply directly to the woman you like, but it will certainly appear in her presence.
  4. Speech. It all depends on the character. If a person is sociable in life, then when talking with a colleague you like, he will speak even more expressively, sometimes even too incoherently. If a person is more calm, then his speech will be more uncertain, with hesitations and long pauses.
  5. The nature of the conversation. To understand the hidden sympathy of a male colleague will simply be in the direction of the conversation. Even after a working cup of tea, he will try to learn more about you, your hobbies and habits, as well as as much as possible about himself.

A man can hide his feelings for various reasons: lack of confidence in reciprocal sympathy, character traits, unwillingness to demonstrate attitude towards the team, indecision.

To push a male colleague to open up, you need to be with him in an informal setting. This situation will put everything in its place.

Video about how a man in love behaves

I suggest watching a video from a psychologist who will talk about signs of love. Here is a completely different approach to the topic than in the article. Perhaps it will be useful to you:

In any case, you should not rush things. If you think about it, all the advantages are initially on your side, because you meet with a colleague every day. You have a lot of time to draw conclusions about a person and his reputation.

You will also probably find common acquaintances - talk to them too, to feel calmer. Act, guided not only by feelings, but also by the voice of reason - then you will surely be fine.

As an informal colleague shows his sympathy

If you suspected that the employee was interested in you, then, being with him outside the workplace, you will understand everything for sure.

What should I look for?

  • manner of conversation - outside the office, a male colleague can communicate in exactly the opposite way,
  • the head bends towards the shoulder during the dialogue, and the body is directed completely at the interlocutor,
  • eyes will be fixed in the eyes, maximum in the neck,
  • unobtrusive attempts to touch,
  • his palms are fully open (does not clench his fists, does not hide them in his pocket, etc.),
  • Broad smile,
  • fussiness,
  • constant attempts to joke (which, incidentally, are not always successful).

If a man at work hides his feelings, but behaves just like that outside the office, then be sure that you are not indifferent to him!

How to recognize sympathy from the authorities

This is usually the most delicate topic. It is one thing if you like a male colleague, and another - if the interest comes from the boss. There are always doubts and fears about this: after all, if you misunderstood something or the leader is simply attentive and considerate, you risk being in a disastrous situation.

How do you know if a male boss likes you at work?

  • will contribute to your professional growth - send to relevant trainings, recommend advanced training, give the opportunity to speak at important business conferences,
  • concerns your requests for a holiday without problems, reacts alarmedly to the sick leave, worrying about your well-being and health,
  • happy to celebrate your successes, praise, set an example in front of colleagues, encourage a prize or increase in wages,
  • He doesn’t look away, on the contrary, his glance when meeting with your glance bears approval, support and warmth,
  • You will always be near at important meetings, negotiations or meetings under any pretext,

So, you caught the essence of the behavior of the male leader. But what if the fear of confusing sympathy and the usual business etiquette is still present?

First, under no circumstances go straight to the meeting. It doesn’t matter if you have true feelings in your direction or you’re just a really good employee who deserves praise and growth on the career ladder. Time will become a better ally. A novel at work with a boss will not bring anything good except gossip and envy in the team, both for you and for him. Keep your reputation in advance.

Secondly, even if you are confident in his sympathy, but you, as a man, do not like him, it is better to show delicacy and a cool distance. Otherwise, you are threatened with dismissal, especially if the boss is not confident in himself or has a vulnerable psyche. Do not be afraid to limit your borders - over time, the man will cool down and your business relationship will remain at a neutral professional level.

In other words, let the situation go with the flow. Let the boss steers this liner. And if sympathy is mutual - do not be afraid to reciprocate! First of all, you are still a woman, and he is a man, whatever one may say.

Nobody forbids falling in love with a chef, just do not demonstrate it in the workplace. Yes, colleagues will learn about it anyway, but let it be already at a more confident stage in your relationship.

If a colleague is married

Married male colleagues who flirt at work with the fair sex are always suspicious. You can joke with them, they are usually well versed in women, but you can’t cross the line beyond easy communication. And the point is not only in morality, but also in the fact that you can’t see the further development of the relationship, and it’s almost impossible to get out of gossip and condemnation.

How to understand that a married colleague feels more for you than friendship:

  • will not skimp on gorgeous compliments,
  • gives a hungry look
  • will be caring and courteous,
  • the conversation will be filled with jokes and jokes,
  • when talking, his eyes run across his chest, hips and legs.

Usually such men are quite bold, so if there is a suspicion that he likes you, you need to ask him directly about this and clearly state your position.

How to show your male colleague your sympathy

So, if a colleague by all indications has tender feelings for you, but does not dare to take the next step, it is time to reveal his cards. Especially if sympathy is mutual.

How to hint at a willingness to reciprocate:

  • smile back at compliments
  • give consent for lunch or if you can’t go today, promise to go tomorrow,
  • flirting with your eyes - squint, take it playfully to the side or look directly into the eyes,
  • take an interest in his affairs and mood,
  • get to know his hobby,
  • make tactile contact if the man takes the first steps.

If you are not shy, invite him to dinner or ask him to spend it after work. In a word, push the course of events. The key word is reciprocity. If there is sympathy on both sides, why not?

To find out that you like a male colleague at work is quite simple, you need to be a little more attentive and observant. Take a look at his behavior, speech, eyes. How he behaves with others and how he changes with your appearance in his field of vision. And of course, turn on your intuition. You can’t deceive the feminine intuition; it can recognize true interest in one’s own side from a simple human good relationship. In any case, remember your own authority - wait, observe and study. This is the only way an office romance risks escalating into a serious relationship! Be happy!

We recommend watching a video on this topic: