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Cheats for gameshark codes


In order to enter codes, you need a Psx Emulation Cheater (PEC for short).

1. Download PEC, for example, from here:

3. Launch ePSXe (click on .exe).

4. In the emulator menu, select the video section.

5. On the video menu, select “psx emulation cheater” as a video plugin.

6. Click on the “configure” button and select the “real” video plugin that you want to use in the menu that appears.
(Everything is great with Peter's Soft Driver 1.53)

7. Click the OK button.

8. Run "pec.exe".

9. Select the desired codes.

10. Click on the "Send cheats to plugin" button.

11. Insert a game disc or upload an ISO file through the corresponding emulator menu.

12. Run the emulation.

13. Enjoy the game. ,)

During the game, the PEC menu can be called up by pressing Ctrl + G.

The original text of the game in English

Gameshark Codes - Game cheats, tips and tricks for Gameboy Advance

Must Be On M To activate codes, start a game and once you
are in the level press Start, then get back into the game
and the codes will be on.

Infinite Health 462603CC92CE677C
Infinite Grenades 5E04F96F49EB0E28
Infinite Rapid Fire A567E053B2CFD4F9
Infinite Super Goo 809CA995F3F14CE9
Infinite RPG B7720E62E1C3BB87
Infinite Goo 0E580545490553BF
Infinite Thrower 008EBB1AED9E054A

Have Red Passcard 5F81AEFD28469DD3
Have Green Passcard 3460287E105713DE
Have Blue Passcard 27B81B1ABC28F4D7
Have Yellow Passcard FCA5F9D55AF5927C