Useful Tips

Facebook Messenger for phone


  1. Connect your phone in one of the ways to the Internet. You can learn more about this procedure from the articles: End-to-end HTC connection to the Internet or HTC Connection to a Wi-Fi network.
  2. Enter the GooglePlay app store. This can be done at: And type in the search bar "Facebook Messenger". Click "Install", and then "To accept".
  3. The application will automatically install on your phone, about which you will receive a message on the top line.

Using the Facebook Messenger on HTC

  1. Go to the menu "Applications" and click on the blue icon "Messenger". For the application to work, you need to connect the phone in one of the possible ways with the Internet.
  2. When you first log in, you will need to log in. To do this, you will need to enter an email address or phone number, as well as a password in the appropriate fields.
  3. Then you can either synchronize your contacts on the phone with the social network (button "Sync. contacts"), or refuse this procedure (button "Not now") You can do the same with your phone number.
  4. We press continue and all your friends from Facebook on your page in your phone. You can exchange messages with them, add new friends and upload materials to your page. In general, everything is the same as using your personal computer.


Messenger is officially supported on three mobile platforms: Andro /> But developers ignore Windows Phone and BlackBerry OS due to their irrelevance. If you use phones under their control, then read the instructions for the web version. And in other cases - go to the desired section of the article.

We offer you an extremely simple instruction:

  1. Run Play Store.
  2. Imprint Messenger in the text box above. There is an alternative way to install the program on gadgets with Android. It consists in using a file with the extension APK. Read all the details here.

On iPhones and iPads, any programs are pretty easy to download via App store. In our case, everything happens the same way. Just open a store, enter Messenger as a search query, go to the corresponding page, and then double-tap on the download option.

Windows 10 Mobile

Installing the Facebook Messenger on a phone with this platform will be released through the Microsoft Store. There are no other methods for unhacked devices, but we will not need them. The procedure is quite simple.

  1. Open the app store.
  2. Call the search function.
  3. Imprint Messenger in the appropriate column.
  4. Scroll to the desired page.
  5. Click on the download option and provide all the confirmations.

About PC Installation

Facebook messenger has three versions:

  1. For PC (program that can be installed).
  2. For Mozilla Firefox (a simple addition to the browser).
  3. For mobile phones on Android, iOS and BlackBerry OS.

Let's start with how to install Facebook messenger on Windows. First you need to download it. To do this, go to this page. Download will start automatically.

After that, go to the download folder and click on the downloaded shortcut there.

In Opera, for example, all this is made easier - there is a download icon (circled in red in the figure below) and after clicking on it, a list of previously downloaded files appears.

We click on the downloaded file in this list, and the installation begins.

Hint! The version of Facebook messenger for the PC burned out in 2014, so now it is not supported and there is no point in downloading it. You can start it only in a roundabout way, but it will not work for long (as practice has shown), so it’s better not to even try.

Installation in the browser

As for the installation on Mozilla Firefox, for this you need to find this program in the application store and click the "Install" button.

To find Facebook messenger in the Mozilla store, you need to enter the name of the add-on in the search bar (it is highlighted in yellow), and then find it in the list of applications received (usually the very first).

Reminder! To enter the Mozilla Firefox application store, you need to click on the settings icon (circled in orange in the photo below) and click on the "Add-ons" button (circled in blue).

Mobile Phone Installation

Installing on telephone operating systems is also not very difficult.

For example, to download Facebook messenger on Android, you need to go to the Google Play, Play Market and other similar services page, enter “Facebook messenger” in the search bar and find the program there.

On the page with the messenger there will be a large beautiful button “Install”. After clicking on it, downloading and installation will start automatically.

After completion, it remains only to run the application itself.

general information

After installing the program on Mozilla Firefox, the add-on icon will appear in the corner of the program (in the photo below it is highlighted in red).

In mobile phones, the installed messenger just needs to be found in the list of applications and launched.

After starting, it is proposed to enter the username and password from Facebook.

The chat itself looks quite normal, there is nothing special about it.

At the bottom there is an icon with emoticons (highlighted in lilac in the picture), and the message is entered into one single window available for input (underlined by a red line and indicated by arrows).

There is a button that allows you to upload something to the chat window - a picture, video or any other document (highlighted in blue).

The program has only three sections - past conversations, friends and settings.

When you go to the first section (it is highlighted in red in the photo above), a list of past conversations appears.

Messenger is a free program that allows you to exchange messages by analogy with the SMS system. The fundamental difference is the lack of payment: if SMS messages take at least some - sometimes quite considerable - amount from your wallet, then with Messenger you can send and receive messages at any time without spending a dime.

The principle of operation is as follows: you send a message to the phone number of the person who also has this application installed. Information comes immediately, which allows you to instantly notify loved ones about everything that you want to notify them of.


We describe the main features that become available to the owner of Messenger:

We also highlight some pleasant little things that do not play a fundamental role, but sometimes extremely useful:

  • Stickers. Stickers make communication more lively and fun.
  • Time control. The application gives information about the time at which the user read the message.
  • Location. If you enable geolocation, your location data will automatically be sent to loved ones.
  • Notifications. Notifications inform the user about an incoming message, however, if necessary, you can turn them off, for example, if you want to relax, abstract from society or just sleep.


Summarizing, you can see that the Messenger program offers nothing fundamentally new. However, the creators managed to improve all existing technologies and successfully implement them in the created program. Wide functionality, a large number of pleasant things, an aesthetic and intuitive interface - all these factors determine the popularity of the application.

Due to the lack of a monthly fee and the speed of the application, it has become a leader, it cannot be called absolutely devoid of flaws, however, among existing programs for Android such a messenger is one of the best programs.

You can download the apk file for the Messenger app for Android from the direct link below.

Chat with your family non-stop.

Why is it worth downloading Messenger on android?

Only worth download messenger for android , as you will be able to exchange quick messages with your contact list.

A few clicks and the text will be sent to friends on social networks or numbers from the notebook. And to add a new user, it will be enough to add his mobile phone number. Sharing textual information has never been so easy.

If you have several friends with whom you constantly keep in touch and are tired of writing them separately, create a group of chats, call your closest ones there, put the original avatar and write to them at any convenient time.

Share joyful moments in just two clicks. Record a video or take a picture, and then attach them to the conversation.

Make free calls to anywhere in the world while connected to a Wi-Fi hotspot. Otherwise, the amount will be charged to the account at the current communication tariff.


- Download Messenger for Android can be completely free.

Share your files with all users from the available list.

Create separate groups of people with common interests or on the eve of an important event.

Allow the program to track your location and report it to other users.

Track the activity of people within the network and the social network Facebook.

Create shortcuts for communication and leave them on your desktop.

Facebook Messenger 2.0.9 is a free application developed by the company Facebook specifically so that people can communicate with friends from Facebook without browsers and without having to visit the social network site of the same name.

We have long been connected with social networks. People communicate, look for new acquaintances, discuss working moments with their help, and also exchange files, etc. But, all this happens through the web interface. That is, you need a surely turned on browser, and an open tab to be able to communicate. But, Facebook believed that people should have access not only from the browser, as this is not always the most convenient and best way. And they developed a multi-platform Facebook messenger .

Description of the program Facebook Messenger

The messenger created for chatting with your Facebook contacts , but not through the browser, but through the corresponding application. This program allows its users to exchange messages in the same way as you would when you were on the social network page Facebook . This is quite convenient, since you are not distracted by anything, and you can focus on correspondence.

Also, Facebook messenger assumes the presence and display of the Facebook news feed - “ticker” , which notifies you of the news and activities of your friends on Facebook. In fact, FacebookMessenger can replace you with a full visit to the social network site, since the main actions that 89% of users perform are reading incoming messages and scrolling through the ticker (tapes ).

In addition, FacebookMessenger can be installed on various devices. It is a multi-platform application and supports Windows, WindowsPhone, MACOS, iOS, Linux, and Android . Thus, you can, all the time is online in a social network Facebook .

Version:Facebook Messenger 2.0.9
Russian language
Status: Free

Communication today is valued more than breakfast or dinner. A person may not have lunch, but must check his mail.

But sometimes it’s not always possible to access information, very often even mobile Internet is not at hand. Facebook took care of its customers and created an application that can turn messages on a social network into regular SMS.

What is interesting about Messenger for Facebook for a computer?

If you look at the application’s homepage on Google Play, you can see an impressive figure, more than 1,000,000,000 downloads. Such popularity cannot be blind; people make informed choices. Even those users who are quite happy with the regular version of Facebook in the browser, “Messenger for Facebook” will be very useful. The version on the computer that you can download from our site has the same success.

The main advantage of the program is its ability to send messages in the form of ordinary SMS. At the same time, they are paid at the tariff of mobile communication. Of course, this function will not work on a PC, but there is enough functionality there even without it. By and large, this program is a full-fledged social network without the function of viewing the wall and games.

Messenger for Facebook also has many other amazing features. The program has the ability to create conferences and invite there not only your friends, but also other users.

There is an extensive set of stickers and emoticons. Moreover, the messenger supports the voice communication function, similar to how it is implemented in Viber. Moreover, you can call not only network users, but also phonebook subscribers.

After the program was updated, not only its weight increased, but also its capabilities. Now supported and work with location. Another nice feature is the Do Not Disturb mode, which is able to activate at a given time. The messenger is gradually becoming a full-fledged social network and this is not surprising. The application can run on Windows 7, 8.1, 10.