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The best white white triples: how to dress like James Dean


Source Translation: Karla Marx

Jeans fashion in movies was popularized by such outstanding legends of the twentieth-century screen as Marlon Brando (The Wild One), Steve McQueen (Junior Bonner), Paul Newman (Cool Hand Luke), John Travolta (Urban Cowboy), Grace Kelly (Rear Window) , and Bridget Bardot (And God Created Woman).

Like a business suit, jeans wear is a way of life that gives the person a certain dynamic to do or say something, and developing in time and different trends, one aspect remains unchanged: rebellion.

Brando used to wear jeans like cowboys, now cowboys wear jeans like Brando. It's not hard to see when James Dean in the Lee "Riders 101" pair initiates the "birth of an American teenager." His Jim Stark in "Rebel Without a Cause" (1955) must speak on behalf of a generation.

Costume designer Moss Mabry carefully selected clothes for Dean throughout the film to visually reflect the inner state of his hero. In the first part, Stark wears a formal suit, which is gradually replaced by a white T-shirt, a red nylon jacket, and dark jeans. This marked the beginning of a new era in history, the era of denial, the era of rebellion.

Many teenagers, especially those from the middle class, watched with wide eyes as James Dean lit a Chesterfield, and took the brunt of the world and responsibility for fate on his fragile shoulders. Along with rock and roll star Eddie Cochran, he made jeans so powerful a symbol of rebellion more than anyone else.

These one-dimensional associations continued for another ten years in a row: in the sixties there was a real jeans boom, and in the seventies they were accepted as a way of life for everyone, and not just as a prerogative of youth.

In Rebel Without a Reason, James Dean sometimes twists jeans. So they were worn by skinheads - in the last years of the twentieth century. But in 1955, it was just another way to diversify fashion. However, throughout the film, Jim Stark puts on jeans in different ways, because he knows that the essence of cool is minimalism.

The unnaturally blue color was achieved due to "overdying": all the jeans used in the film were immersed in a special dye so that they looked bright blue, since the Technicolor film would otherwise transmit a dirty green color on the screen.

All of this is an early example of how a film creates myth in reality. James Dean wore jeans that every child wanted, but no one could buy. The jeans that were on it actually existed only through the lens. But he created a cool teen movie, even if it was just an illusion.

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