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Pop punk has won the hearts of millions of teens around the world.

After all, the themes of many pop punk songs are, oddly enough, the problems of growing up. In this regard, in my opinion, the Canadian group Simple Plan has achieved success, the texts of which (Songs Grow Up, I’m Just A Kid, God Must Hate Me, Crazy, Perfect and others) highlight the problems of life and growing up of ordinary teenagers. The group is a winner of the Teen Choise Awards in 2005 and a nominee in 2008.

It seems to many that play pop punk easy - a fun guitar rhythm of 3 chords, bass and one drum rhythm for the whole song. I do not agree with this. After all, to play good pop punk you need to get a clear, clean sound of the guitar, it's not “dirty” punk riffs for you. In addition, pop punk drum parts are often fast and complex.

The opinions of people about pop punk are diverse, but, in my opinion, we can distinguish peculiar two “camps” among them. Some consider this style to be a separate and independent branch of rock, and in particular punk rock, while others do not recognize this style at all, and consider pop punk to be a regular "pop". I belong to the first “camp” because pop punk is not designed only for commercial success, it is designed to convey feelings, information to people.

Lyrics of pop punk songs have their own special meaning. After all, this is also a kind of protest. But not the cruel protest of ordinary punk, but the desire to make the world better and more positive.

It seems to me that the sound of the guitar is important in pop punk, it is always on the first roles, and vocals are the semantic accompaniment. A striking representative of this trend in the modern musical movement for me is the "Cockroaches" group.

I believe that such a direction as pop punk has a place for existence, any genre of music should be respected)