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2 Hidden Camera Detection Methods


This article will discuss how to use a smartphone and some applications to find a hidden camera and other similar devices.

Author: Christian cawley

If you have doubts about a partner or employee, and you suddenly began to suspect that you are being followed, then this article is for you.

This article will discuss how to use a smartphone and some applications to find a hidden camera and other similar devices.

You are constantly being watched

Someone is always watching us, which became especially apparent after the revelations of Edward Snowden. However, e-mail and telephone conversations are one thing, and quite another when someone continuously monitors your physical movements.

Of course, it is unlikely that you never became an unwitting participant in the video. For example, they were under the supervision of security systems or accidentally fell into the frame of a reportage on television.

However, what if a similar situation occurs in your home? Would you feel comfortable if you were constantly watching you in the office, meeting room, bathroom or locker room?

If you don’t bother with this issue beforehand, in the future you will turn out to be an involuntary actor of many hours of shooting, which, moreover, may be misinterpreted.

Such an invasion of privacy can be organized using professional security cameras or systems assembled “on the knee”, for example, based on the Raspberry Pi device, an outdated smartphone or tablet.

Smartphones detect hidden cameras

Despite the fact that much of the movie about James Bond can show something on the brink of science fiction, it is possible to use a smartphone to detect hidden cameras and other similar devices. In general, two methods are used.

The first method is the detection of electromagnetic fields using the hardware of a smartphone. The bottom line is that you install the application, you begin to move the phone indoors or in an area where there is suspicion of the presence of a hidden camera. Where an increased field density is observed, it is likely that there may be a camera behind a wall or inside an object.

The second method is the detection of light rays reflected from the lenses. Despite the fact that this method is not so reliable, it is always useful to have this method in the arsenal, which, for example, can help when searching for small objects on the carpet!

Android oriOS?

There are applications for both platforms. For iPhone, the best option is the Hidden Camera Detector app for $ 5.

For Android, there is also an app with a similar name. Alternative: Glint Finder, which detects light reflected in lenses. Another noteworthy app is Hidden Camera Detector and Spy Cam Finder.

Hidden cameras can also be detected using IR cameras, and inexpensive wireless devices may well be in the list of nearby Wi-Fi devices.

If you are particularly concerned about the issue of covert tracking, you can fork out and buy special equipment for detecting RF radiation, which is also able to detect wireless cameras.

Search for hidden cameras using your phone

Using any of the above applications, you can search for cameras, speakers, and even hidden computers.

All applications work in a similar way: the approximate location of the camera or other similar device is displayed on the smartphone screen so that you have an idea where you need to search in more detail.

For example, consider the Hidden Camera Detector application. After starting the application, a flashing red circle is displayed on the screen when the smartphone is next to the camera.

The scanner also detects other types of equipment, and you need to pay attention to the number in the middle of the screen. If the number exceeds 100, then the camera is detected.

The application Hidden Camera Detector also provides an IR mode (though limited to portrait orientation), which allows you to find cameras that were not previously detected.

Detection is as follows: in the room where the hidden camera can be located, the smartphone moves and a light white circle is tracked. This circle indicates the presence of the desired device.

Effective camera detection

Remember that when using these applications, first you need to figure out what kind of devices are in the room: TVs, computers, smart assistants (for example, Amazon Echo) and other equipment that can cause interference.

You also need to find the correct phone position during the search. Initially, it may seem that it is better to hold the smartphone horizontally (like a control panel). However, it all depends on the sensors located specifically on your phone. Play with different angles and compare the results.

If you still cannot, try removing the phone from the case. Some of the materials that cases are made of can block the signals of other devices, as well as spoil the radiated field of the phone itself. In general, without a case, you should get faster and more accurate results.

What to do after finding a hidden camera

Obviously, hidden cameras are designed to be watched without your knowledge. After discovery, you can always contact a higher organization, but at the same time, you may want to do something else.

The main problem is that any of your actions are likely to be known to those who are following you.

If you find such devices, you can use an insulating tape or glue to seal the lens or try not to fall into the scope of the camera. Although in the case of devices hidden in light bulbs or smoke detectors, staying out of sight is extremely difficult.

Remember that the same tips can be used against you. If you, for example, use a hidden camera to track the nanny.

How to detect a hidden mini camera?

As soon as new spy equipment goes on sale, there are craftsmen who are immediately taken to develop means of its detection. To detect hidden CCTV cameras, today there are special detectors of hidden cameras. But for starters, it would be nice to just conduct a thorough visual inspection of the room.

1. Visual method

Hidden camera under things

If you suspect that someone is watching you, then you probably already suspect someone who can do this. If this is someone from your environment (landlords, "former", friends), then in this case the equipment used will be quite simple, and it will not be difficult to find a hidden camera even when visually inspecting the surrounding area. If these are law enforcement agencies or competitors, then we can talk about a more serious technique and professional installation, and in this case it will not be so easy to find cameras. Also, when searching for a hidden camera, you must imagine what exactly the installer wanted to see - this will greatly simplify the search and make it more meaningful.

Where and how to search?

Particular attention should be paid to the most common installation locations:

  • Outlets
  • Lamps
  • Chandelier
  • Indoor plants
  • Holes ventilation shafts,
  • To various cracks in the walls,
  • Wall and table clocks and other items into which you can easily integrate a covert surveillance device.

It is necessary to inspect all household items, even those that you would never begin to check for hidden cameras:

  • Stuffed Toys,
  • Books
  • Mirrors
  • Glass
  • Boxes and other home decoration,
  • Carefully inspect the corners of the room.

When a hidden camera is installed by a professional, then you are unlikely to find it, because it is quite difficult to find a well-disguised miniature wireless camera. In this case, you must contact the agency to search for spyware, or use a special detector.

It is recommended that the services of the agency be resorted to by all known personalities, especially those who have housewives and other domestic personnel, through which attackers can easily place hidden cameras.

Such agencies, as a rule, employ people who have been trained in the FSB. The cost of services is pretty decent, and averages $ 20 per square meter. meter, and depends on the complexity of the search and professionalism of a specialist, and if the room is littered with various kinds of electronics, then the price increases significantly. Another point that needs to be taken into account is that specialists will not find anything from you if surveillance is carried out by law enforcement agencies, because it is not allowed.

What else can be done to independently detect the hidden video surveillance technology? To begin with, it’s worthwhile to understand how the cameras function. If these are standalone devices, then they transmit all the information wirelessly:

  • Wi-Fi
  • Radio channel
  • Via a GSM or 3G network,
  • Or write to the internal drive.

In the case of recording to an SD card, the person who placed the camera should from time to time have access to the device to record videos, in which case it can be caught by the hand. When installing wireless mini video cameras to detect the device, you can use field detectors similar to those used to search for various bugs.

In the case when the camera has a built-in power supply, the observer must also have access to it to recharge the device. The battery life usually does not exceed 12 hours when installing a recording of the operation of the motion detector.

2. Technical method

In other cases, the use of special equipment is indispensable. Almost any hidden camera can be detected at home with the help of devices that capture the glare of optics, similar to how red eyes appear in photographs. These devices are called viewfinders, they have a backlight and a special filter, looking into which it is much easier to recognize the reflected light from the lens of the lens.

Camera viewfinders. In most cases, viewfinders have a red backlight and a red filter, due to which the influence of extraneous glare is significantly reduced. The illumination of such devices can work in a pulsed mode - a bright blinking dot of the lens eye will attract more attention than a simple luminous one.

The cost of simple viewfinders today starts from 2000 - 3000 p. in Russian online stores. To find a hidden camera using such a device you need to turn on the backlight and looking at the filter to inspect all the most risky places:

  • The angles between the ceiling and the walls,
  • All the electronics
  • Clock,
  • Interior items,
  • Heads of bolts and screws on furniture, walls, various household items - the camera can be hidden anywhere.

At the same time, it is important to keep the device as close to the eye as possible so that the direction of the backlight rays coincides with the direction of view - this is the only way you can see the light returned by the lens. However, all the modern viewfinders of hidden cameras are built in such a way that it is convenient to hold them near the eye - they all have a miniature shape, and the filter that you need to look at is located directly in the housing next to the LEDs.

A similar device for detecting CC308 + covert cameras has similar characteristics. The detector is small and fits easily in your pocket. Six red LEDs and a red filter are built into the instrument case. It also has a field indicator, and is capable of detecting wireless communications - GSM, Wi-Fi, radio signal, so its use is not limited to detecting hidden cameras - this device can be quite successfully used to search for wiretapping bugs.

You can familiarize with the most popular models of camera detectors from the table below:

Field indicator. To search for wireless cameras using radio communication, it is recommended to use the so-called field indicator (video hunter), which picks up the signal transmitted by the camera’s radio transmitter. This device begins to vibrate and squeak when a radio signal appears in the zone of its location.

Field indicator + viewfinder

The field indicator today can be purchased at a very affordable price, and the dimensions make it easy to fit the device in your pocket. But this device has an unpleasant feature - a large number of false positives, because today almost everything is shrouded in an invisible network of various wireless networks, especially in the city. When a camera’s radio signal is detected, a video hunter intercepts it and displays the image on the screen, after which it will not be difficult to detect a hidden video surveillance device.

More professional equipment. If these devices are not enough for you, and you decide to conduct a thorough inspection of the room and finally dispel doubts or still find a carefully disguised hidden camera, then you need more expensive equipment:

  • Spectrum analyzer,
  • Non-linear locator.

It is unlikely that you will be able to use these devices “with a snap” - for their successful use it is necessary to have special training. Using the spectrum analyzer, you can detect any, even encrypted radio signal, and a non-linear locator will detect all electronic devices that use oscillators.

If after searching you’re still worried about installing hidden cameras, regardless of its results, it is necessary to limit access by unauthorized persons to the premises, and regularly conduct a thorough inspection of it for suspicious or “incorrectly lying” objects that may indicate that there someone visited without your knowledge.

1. First check the bathroom and bedroom

Hidden cameras are usually installed in the bedroom or bathroom. The condition is not mandatory, but still these rooms need to be checked first.

Start with a simple one: think about where you put the cameras. The old rule “to catch a criminal, think like a criminal” and in this case works fine. Examine the room and select the places from which it is viewed best. First of all, pay attention to the upper corners of the bedroom, walls and objects in the immediate vicinity of the bathroom / bed.

The 22-year-old traveler was in Switzerland with her friend. The girls found a mobile phone under the sink in the bathroom in a room rented through Airbnb.

2. Inspect electrical appliances

For example, smoke detectors are a useful part in the home, and in some countries even mandatory. But now cameras that look like these sensors are widely available. They are similar only in appearance. Upon closer inspection, the camera will have a camera lens (and the sensors have nothing like a lens) and a memory card or slot for it.

“It seemed strange to my colleague that there was a motion detector in the bedroom rented through Airbnb, and voila: it turned out that this was an IP camera connected to the network (he moved out at 3 in the morning, reported support and received a refund).”

Any electrical appliances in the bedroom or bathroom that seem suspicious to you deserve special attention. Pay attention to strange openings or lenses, chargers where it should not be. Such things should be alarming: why should an alarm clock, even a modern one, connect to a network?

In any case, if you saw a suspicious technique, look at its make and number and just google it.Most of these cameras are bought in simple stores, and you will quickly find out what it is.

A couple who came to Toronto on vacation and used the services of the Airbnb service found a hidden camera in the alarm clock on the nightstand. In this case, the camera was aimed directly at the bed.

Dougie Hamilton, one of two travelers, said that only 20 minutes later he noticed the clock and realized that something was wrong with them. He said that he felt unreasonably terrible discomfort. When the guy turned off the charger and removed the front panel of the alarm clock, it turned out that a camera was built inside.

Airbnb support quickly responded to the incident by removing the owner of the house from the platform, and officially announced a zero tolerance policy.

3. Explore small objects

The main distinguishing feature of cameras is, of course, the lens. They can be hidden in small objects - up to door handles, lampshades, indoor plants and picture frames. There are even miniature cameras that look like screws. Check out the small details. For example, even in a soft toy, a tiny camera may be placed instead of an eye.

Not sure if you can find the appliance? Put gum on all the suspicious holes - and the problem is solved.

4. Check drawers and cabinets

As well as suspicious corners and / or holes (e.g. in furniture). Carefully inspect the bookshelves: they are easy to hide the camera. Be sure to inspect drawers, bedside tables and cabinets. Sometimes the cameras are in unexpected places, but even a superficial inspection will help to detect them.

“We found a hidden camera aimed at the bed in a room rented for the New Year with Airbnb.”

Method number 2: Download special applications

There are a number of applications that help find hidden cameras. For example, this is the Hidden Camera Detector from the AppStore or its analogue on Google Play.

You can also use apps like Fing or iNet to find cameras connected to a Wi-Fi network. They provide data on all devices connected to the network, and among them you can find a camera. This will help in cases where it is difficult to find the device yourself.

A couple flying to Taiwan found recorders in fire detectors. Zhang Zheng, one of the guests, was alerted by the red light from the sensors, and he checked them. It turned out that cameras were installed inside, filming a room and a bathroom.

Method number 3: The front camera will notice a hidden shot

Many cameras designed for recording in the dark are equipped with infrared radiation. It will help to find the camera of your phone. Here's what you need to do:

  • Open the camera on your smartphone and switch to the front camera mode.
  • Test your smartphone's ability to see infrared radiation. To do this, take the TV remote control, point it at the camera and press any button. A light will flash on its front and you will see it through the front camera.
  • Turn off the lamps in the room, close the curtains: get rid of all light sources.
  • Move slowly in a circle, pointing the camera toward you. If you see a flash, it is most likely infrared light. It may not only belong to a hidden camera, but overall this is a good way to detect it.

Method # 4: Track Wi-Fi enabled devices

Many cameras work with Wi-Fi support. If you want to detect and disable them, you can use the script created by Julian Oliver. As soon as you connect to the Wi-Fi of the rental property, it will detect and disconnect the cameras with wireless Internet connection.

If this seems too complicated, you can simply turn off Wi-Fi in the room so that the cameras lose their Internet connection. This is what Jeffrey Bigham did when he discovered a camera in the living room of a rented house.

If you seriously care about security, you can buy a thermal imager to search for hidden cameras or a radio signal detector.

“Look at this photo of a house found through Airbnb, where I recently stayed in Seattle. Have you noticed the camera? ”

Airbnb guest Jeffrey Bigham immediately found two cameras in a rented room. “I was shocked and immediately disconnected them from the network,” Bigham wrote on his blog.

After looking at the rental conditions again, he saw that the cameras were mentioned, but were described as cameras at the entrance. In fact, one of them was located in the corner of the living room. Moreover, this camera was visible in the pictures of the apartment, but its small size made it difficult to understand what it was. Under the rental conditions, it was mentioned that there are cameras outside, but internal surveillance was not mentioned at all.

To his disappointment, when he contacted Airbnb to complain, the company said that a photograph showing the device in the living room was enough to warn tenants.

And only after the story was widely publicized, the representatives recognized that they were mistaken and that the presence of such cameras was contrary to their policies, and returned the money.