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How to make thinner in Photoshop


Beautiful photos are a whole art, and you need to be able to get good at the photo. Of course, all the “perfect” photographs in magazines without retouching are far from ideal. Using the popular program Adobe Photoshop, you can make your photo no worse than on the covers of fashion magazines, even if you have some figure flaws. In this article, we will figure out how to fix them, make the waist thinner, remove the stomach, and so on. Let's get started. Go!

Losing weight in Photoshop is not difficult. All you need: the program itself and a little patience, and then this article will help you.

First you need to open the picture in Photoshop. To do this, while in the utility window, go to the "File" menu and click "Open." Next, go to the "Filter" tab and select "Plastic" from the drop-down menu. A window will appear in front of you, with which you will continue to work.

The first tool to use is called Warp. It has several parameters. Set the diameter and density. It is better that these values ​​are small. Holding the left mouse button, begin to gradually shift the contours of the body toward the center, making the waist thinner. If you overdo it, then in the same way, only moving in the opposite direction, you can fix everything. Now you can slightly increase the value of the Diameter parameter and carefully correct the sides of the figure. Raise your hands in the same way. Please note that in this case it is better to use a larger diameter so as not to get an uneven contour, but not too large, as this can lead to deformation of the figure. The optimal values ​​are about 76 for the outside of the hands and about 25 for the inside.

The filter has several tools for processing photos.

The next tool to use is called Pucker. With it, you can reduce body parts. Set the average diameter and with light, careful movements of the cursor reduce the desired area of ​​the body. It can be a stomach, chin, or chest, for example, to achieve better naturalness and symmetry. If on the contrary you want to increase something, then the “Bloating” tool will come to your aid. It works on the same principle as discussed above.

For a more radical change in waist size, you can use "Turbulence." Here you should stop a large diameter of 150 and above.

All of the above actions lead to such unpleasant consequences as background displacement. However, this problem can be easily fixed. It is enough to create a new background, and then fill it with the background color of the image.

Go to the layers window and select the second one. On the Layers tab, click New, and then select Layer. Then go to the toolbar and select a fill. Double-click on the palette and specify the background color. Next, fill the layer with the selected color and adjust the edges with an eraser. It remains to slightly correct the resulting body contours and everything is ready.

As you can see, there is nothing difficult in making yourself the perfect figure in Adobe Photoshop. Now you will know how to remove the stomach in Photoshop or how to reduce the waist. Write in the comments if the article helped you achieve the desired result and ask if something remained incomprehensible after reading this material.

Instruction manual

  1. Launch Photoshop and open the image you need in it. If the required object is on a plain background and does not overlap with other shapes, then unlock it with the Layer from Background tool from the Layer menu of the New section.
  2. For an object with a mixed background, you will need to transfer it to a separate background. To do this, use the Lasso tool, circle the desired object, capturing a small area of ​​the background. Now you need to copy the object to a new layer, for this, use the Layer via Copy function from the New category.

Layer via Copy function in the New category Draw a grid on the image by opening the Liquify tool settings window for this Photoshop tools, English and Russian versions

and ticking the Show Mesh box. Now you need to select the Pucker Tool option, Pucker Tool Option

the brush size of this tool should be equal in width to the object that you want to reduce. A cross is located in the center of the tool brush, and the pixels of the object will tend to it.

  • Adjust the area of ​​moving pixels with the Brush Density command, with the maximum value of this option the pixels will move uniformly throughout the area of ​​the brush. Decreasing the parameter will result in less intense displacement of pixels from the edges of the brush.
  • Setting the Brush Pressure parameter allows you to adjust the speed of image correction. Enter a small value to control changes. Point the brush at the object and hold down the left mouse button - the object will begin to transform.
  • Remove the grid from the image. If you overly transformed any part of the object, then restore the original size using the Reconstruct Tool.
  • For the layer on which the changes occurred, create a mask using the Add layer mask command. Part of the background, the deformed background, change to black using the Brush Tool option.

    Brush Tool Option

  • The layer with the desired image must be duplicated with the Duplicate Layer command, from the Layer menu. Next, use the Clone Stamp Tool to mask parts of the original object that protrude from under the changed.
  • Activate the File menu and select the Save As ... command. Enter the name of the finished image, and select the jpg format. Click "Save."
  • Photo Wonder

    At first glance, the application can scare off with its excessive glamor an abundance of pink, hearts and bears. But this program can do more than it seems. Here you can retouch the photo, and apply various effects, and make a collage.

    The application does indecently much. So, it’s very simple to remove all skin imperfections and make it perfect, look more expressive, enlarge your eyes, apply virtual make-up, remove circles under the eyes and much more. In addition, a figure or face correction function is available, so some parts can be made thinner, while others can be made a little fuller. Oddly enough, virtual make-up looks quite real, but you will have to work with drawing arrows and shadows.

    Small and not very skin imperfections can be easily removed with a special tool that compares problem areas on the face with skin tone. The resulting perfect shot can be continued edited using various filters: portrait, landscape, art, etc. You can also add some accessories and decorate yourself in the photo with glasses or a tie.

    Beauty booth

    This application can make a photo much better immediately after downloading it. Almost all the basic functions that are present in the previous program are saved, but there are several features. There is a function that allows you to add glitter to the look: you can adjust the amount and brilliance of light spots that will be added to the eyes. By adjusting the settings, you can either just revive the look, or get a real anime hero.

    The skin retouching function works fine, and in addition, you can use all kinds of frames, stickers, pictures that can decorate the picture.

    Meitu Xiu Xiu

    An application for those who are not afraid to work with Chinese applications. However, it is not difficult to do this, since all the icons here look clear, and knowledge of the characters is not useful. The program offers a huge number of filters that are soft and natural. With their help, you can quite well edit the picture, change the color of the lips or eyes, and it will all look natural. At your service correction of flaws on the skin, blur, the ability to make signatures.

    Probably only the lazy did not hear about the social network Instagram. There are a huge number of photos, respectively, and there are more than any filters here. It is here that the majority prefer to edit their photos, and for those who are not familiar with the capabilities of this social network, the information below.

    It was Instagram that served as the starting point for the development of all filtering apps. Indeed, there are tons of settings, filters and features, and they allow you to deeply edit photos, improving its quality. The capabilities of all filters cannot be listed, but, for example, Amaro is able to brighten the photo, due to which minor imperfections, circles under the eyes are removed, sharpness is increased, and the photo becomes more attractive. Another filter, Rise, brings warm colors to the photo, emphasizes the look, pleasantly ginger hair. In addition, there are many other filters, blur, numerous frames. Entire stories about the Instagram make-up have already been circulated on the Web, professional photographers are actively laughing at him, but nevertheless portraits made in such a magical way continue to bribe many, even those who know all about these filters well.