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How to protect jeans from fading? 5 very important tips


Denim fabric, invented for miners' work clothes, has long been popular with all segments of the population. Indeed, jeans have no equal in terms of comfort in wearing and durability of the fabric. But from frequent washes, the fabric turns pale and burns out. And then the day comes when it is necessary either to send them to the scrap, or use them further exclusively as a summer residence, or decide what to do if the black jeans have lost their color. Today, there are many ways to return your favorite jeans to color, or even give a new one. How to paint over stripes and scuffs if jeans faded and a white spot appeared? The simplest and most effective we will consider in this article.

Denim dyeing products

To quickly dye jeans, you can use the following drugs.

The easiest and most affordable option, a definite plus is the ease of use. But blue is quickly washed out and suits only blue shades of jeans.

The staining process is very simple:

  1. Pour water into the basin, the temperature should not exceed 30 degrees.
  2. Add blue there and then put jeans in this solution.
  3. When soaking, wear gloves, or else not only things will be painted, but also your hands.
  4. Leave on for several hours, then rinse with cold water.
  5. To fix the color, you can add a little vinegar to the water.

Important! The tint will be more stable if a couple of tablespoons of salt are added to the solution with blue.

Potassium permanganate

Not the easiest method, but it allows you to get boiled jeans, which are always in fashion:

  1. For painting, it is best to use an enameled pan.
  2. Dilute potassium permanganate with water and put jeans there, preferably moistened with water.
  3. We keep the fabric in solution until staining in the desired color.
  4. It should be borne in mind that wet tissue looks darker than dry.
  5. You can add a few tablespoons of salt to the solution to enhance the effect.
  6. When the desired color is obtained, you need to get jeans and rinse them with cold water.
  7. In order to fix the resulting color, vinegar is added to the water when rinsing. After rinsing, the thing needs to be wrung out, straightened and laid out to dry on an even place where the towel is first laid out.

Powder dyes

Very easy to use:

  1. Just put the clean thing in the washing machine.
  2. We fill in the coloring powder and start the washing in the normal mode, but without powder and conditioner, but you can add salt.
  3. After painting, you need to wash the jeans again, but already using powder.

Hair dye

To dye a denim-type fabric, you can use hair dye, you just need to calculate the proportions.

Important! As a rule, two packs go to return the color to jeans.

It is necessary to dissolve the active substance in warm water and put jeans there, leave for an hour, then rinse in cold water with vinegar. The downside is that the effect of coloring will be short-lived.

Important! To get the right shade, you need to consider the original color of your jeans. You can paint light jeans in a darker color without problems, but on the contrary, it is unlikely to succeed.


White jeans need not be dyed, but bleached:

  • It is best to use oxygen bleaches.
  • You can use chlorine bleach, but in this case, soak the jeans for a short time, since chlorine corrodes even the strongest fabric.
  • A mild ammonia solution may also help.

Important! When washing light denim pants, it is advisable to use bleach powder each time, as well as add a little soda.

How to restore the color of black jeans?

Practice shows that returning color to black wardrobe items is not so easy, what if black jeans have lost color? There are several simple folk remedies on how to restore the color of jeans at home:

  • Rinsing in water with the addition of vinegar will greatly refresh and sometimes return the shade. You just need to make a concentrated solution - for each liter of water we take a tablespoon of vinegar. Keep things in such a solution must be at least half an hour. Then rinse and hang in fresh air.
  • You can try to restore color with regular cigarette tobacco. For this, a spoonful of tobacco is poured with a liter of boiling water and left to infuse. When the composition has completely cooled, it is filtered through two-layer cheesecloth. Then the jeans, previously washed, are wiped with a sponge dipped in tobacco solution. Thus, you need to work out the entire product completely. Rinse off nothing, just dry well.
  • In this case, other black products that can be very painted can help. They just need to be washed together. In the middle of the cycle, you need to pause the wash for a while. After washing, rinse things in a weak solution of vinegar.
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Color loss prevention

What to do to prevent color loss in your favorite things? You must initially properly take care of things and prevent the washout of paint. It is quite possible, the main thing is to remember a few key points:

  • It is necessary to carry out the washing taking into account the information indicated on the tag. Even if you wash the jeans incorrectly once, it can lead to a dull color.
  • It is better to use powders for black linen - this contributes to the long-term preservation of the shade of things.
  • To remove stains from dark things, it is better to use enzyme powders and gels. They wash stains at low temperatures and are well washed out of the fabric fibers.
  • After each wash, it is advisable to rinse things in cold water with the addition of salt or soda. This allows you to fix their color and keep it for a long time.
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Fasten the paint

Remember how before new jeans painted their legs blue or black, even after several washings? Those days have already passed, and completely different dyes are used in the production of modern clothes. But this still does not guarantee the protection of even the most expensive jeans from fading.

To prevent it, try fixing the paint immediately after purchase.

To do this, dissolve 1 cup of vinegar and 2 tsp of table salt in 4 l of water. Water should be cold - this is a prerequisite. Turn the jeans inside out and soak them in this solution for one hour. Then rinse the jeans - again in cold water.

To fix the dye, you can use a washing machine. Choose a mode with a minimum load and a temperature of no higher than 30 degrees and add vinegar and salt to the detergent drawer.

Remove stains locally

If spots appear on the jeans, wash only them and not all the clothes as a whole (of course, provided that it is still clean). Use a dishwashing liquid to remove grease. But do not pour it on the stain, but apply it with gentle movements with a clean white cloth.

Ink stains can be dissolved with hairspray or medical alcohol, and stains from sunscreen and gasoline with potato starch.

Wash correctly

Jeans need to be washed turned inside out in the delicate wash mode - this is the only way to reduce the friction that makes clothes fade. If you wash jeans of different shades together, be prepared for the fact that their color may change.

Never wash jeans in hot water.

Moreover, the colder it is, the better - this is the only way to protect clothes from fading. To be sure, use special powders designed for washing dark things.

What causes the loss of color of jeans?

As a rule, the main reason for the product to lose its active, saturated color is washing. Over time, water and detergents wash paint from the fibers of the fabric, making it one or more shades lighter.

Tip: in order to preserve the original shade of jeans longer and not think about how to return them to color, it is important to use special conditioners for colored or black clothes.

Another reason that dark jeans slightly change their shade is ordinary molting. Have you noticed how, after the first wash, the water turns black or blue? Moreover, traces of paint may remain on the body, underwear, if previously, before wearing, jeans are not washed. Do not rush to scold manufacturers of trousers. Perhaps this will be news for you, but even expensive jeans, dyed with natural paint, can highlight the coloring pigment for the first few washings.

Tip: when purchasing jeans, conduct a quality test - rub the trouser leg with a damp white cloth or cotton bud to understand if there is a paint residue or not.

Slight wear, lightened areas on the trousers are also formed in the process of wearing, when clothes burn out in the sun.

How to keep jeans color longer?

Just watching how your favorite black jeans lose their color over time is not the best option. We will share with you simple, but effective tips on how to “extend the life” of jeans and, if necessary, return the color:

  • always wash your jeans inside out
  • adhere to the manufacturer's recommendations regarding water temperature and washing mode,
  • always use liquid laundry detergent or conditioner for black things,
  • avoid prolonged soaking for several hours,
  • try to wash your jeans at 40 degrees
  • as a prevention of color loss during hand washing, a little table vinegar can be added to the water during rinsing.

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Ways to restore the color of black jeans

It doesn’t matter if the actions described above were not enough or you learned about them too late. There are several proven options for how to return the color to black jeans at home.

Try to use the most gentle, safe method first, and only if it does not give the desired result, move on to other options.

Important: when the color was washed very strongly, it is better not to experiment at home, but to use the services of dyeing clothes in dry cleaning.

Washing along with molting things

If you still have shedding jeans, wash them along with those that have already lost their color. So you can restore the color of jeans without the use of additional tools, such as paint.

The washing procedure will be as follows:

  • unscrew both pairs of jeans and put in the drum of the washing machine,
  • set the washing mode to 40 degrees,
  • after about half an hour, suspend washing for a couple of hours to enhance the paint transfer effect,
  • run the program again
  • when it is time to rinse, add vinegar directly into the air conditioning compartment.

Coloring jeans with hair dye

Jeans can be painted black with fabric dye or hair dye. But it is important to adhere to the sequence of actions and some other features of the staining technology. So, prepare:

  • a large, deep basin so that the jeans are not lumpy in it,
  • one or two packs of hair dye with a maximum black shade,
  • table 3% vinegar,
  • table salt
  • gloves.

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As for the process of dyeing jeans, it looks like this:

  • we put on gloves
  • remove the bottle with the active component from the package,
  • dissolve the contents of the tube or bag in warm water,
  • soak the jeans in the resulting solution for an hour, periodically turning over for uniform staining,
  • after the specified time, rinse the jeans with clean water,
  • then soak the pants for five minutes in cool water, where salt, vinegar have already been added,
  • send the jeans to dry.

How to dye black jeans with fabric paint?

How to quickly and efficiently restore the black color of jeans? Of course, dye them with special paint for cotton fabrics.

If you are willing to take a chance and dye jeans at home, you will need:

  • large capacity of 10-15 liters,
  • black paint for fabrics in the form of powder (choose proven, expensive brands),
  • rubber, non-thin gloves for hand protection,
  • hot water.

Important: when starting the staining procedure, carefully read the instructions and follow them.

The first few steps look the same as when dyeing jeans with hair dye. You put on gloves and prepare the solution.

Attention: when the solution is prepared, leave it for half an hour to completely dissolve the paint.

Now you can lower the jeans for 30-40 minutes, until they get a rich black color. Remember to turn them over periodically. Rinse your pants carefully until the water becomes clear.

In conclusion, we say: wash the jeans in the washing machine at a temperature not exceeding 60 degrees, adding table vinegar. The final result of staining largely depends on the quality of the paint and the type of denim.

We showed how you can return the color to black jeans on your own in a matter of hours. You can use any of the proposed methods or take the jeans to dry cleaning.