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Top 10 Office Design Tips


How to beautifully and effectively design a new office or change the interior of an existing workspace, rationally carry out a comprehensive reconstruction of a business center or develop objective project documentation for an investor - many business owners or owners of office centers are faced with these and other pressing issues. It is almost impossible to create a stylish, original office design on your own, considering all the features of the operation of the premises and modern engineering equipment of the facility. It is enough to familiarize yourself with the designer’s portfolio, study the stages of development of the project design and take into account all the features of the repair of the office space to understand that such a complex and responsible work should be entrusted only to specialized organizations with extensive experience.

Many still remember how offices looked 20 years ago, long corridors, a typical and standard set of furniture. Partitions later began to be demolished, the room became more spacious, it was more pleasant to work. Most often, certain teams began to be created, for which it was necessary to allocate a separate place so that employees could work individually. The office space began to be divided into zones, which became a classic design.

Not every designer, at times, manages to take into account all the little things, but, this leads to problems in the future. Therefore, the success of all beautification and re-equipment of the premises of your office depends on the choice of a designer. The interior design of the office is not just a beautiful picture of the room, it is a serious technological procedure that will require a lot of creative research, time, labor. For these reasons alone, the work should be entrusted to true professionals.

Interior design consists in developing an interior concept, choosing a style, taking into account the lifestyle and taste of a particular person. If you decide to develop the interior design of the apartment or the interior design of the house, in advance of the repair, you should think about choosing a style, because all the next steps from planning to buying accessories will correspond to your chosen style. The main task when choosing an interior style is to create an environment that is close to you in terms of worldview, pleasant and comfortable, as a result of joint actions with specialists.

From the point of view of appearance, the interior of the office is affected by:

- the color of space,
surface textures
-Materials used for decoration.
Even at the stage of creating the corporate identity of the company, you need to think about how the selected combination of colors will be reflected in the interior of the office. Since we look at a logo or business card for a few seconds, and employees spend 8 hours in an interior designed according to their corporate identity, the effect of a certain color on the psyche is quite noticeable. Below is a list of colors and their corresponding effects:

- red color - active, lively, audacious, intimate,
- orange color - warm, fiery, dangerous, hot,
- yellow color - sunny, friendly, bright,
- green color - natural, natural, calm, slow,
- blue color - heavenly, clear, pure, transparent,
- blue color - deep, thoughtful, cool, calm,
- violet color - magical, mysterious, luxurious, sexy.
Surface textures and finishing materials can reflect the company's relationship with nature, art, science and technology.

In the work area where employees spend the most time, sharp tiring tones should not be allowed, but gray walls are not the best option. It works well in rooms with sandy or sandy-yellowish walls, and bright color spots can be achieved with decorative elements and plants.

But in the recreation area, where people rest and relax, the color of the walls should contribute to this. The relaxation room is best designed in pleasant greenish tones or philosophically violet. Of course, this is not about saturated colors, but about whitened green and purple colors.

For the arrangement of business and office premises, specialized office furniture is used. Productivity depends on her competent choice and arrangement in the room, how efficiently the employees will fulfill their duties.

The main thing in office furniture is its appearance. Of course, choosing the classic design of modern office furniture you can not worry about it. But if the director prefers an unusual style of office interior, then such liberties can be afforded only in your personal account. In an office where there are a lot of people, and even more so where they receive customers and guests, it is much more important to use a classic design layout.

In general, it is also necessary to take into account the wishes of employees to create an interior concept, and ideas. Indeed, for a huge number of our compatriots, the office has become literally the second home, and the correct mood of the interior will make us feel psychologically comfortable in its walls. Paying tribute to world traditions in choosing office furniture, you can always choose exactly the cozy and ergonomic solution that will allow you to work efficiently every day.

1. Neutral space

In colors, avoid catchy tones, preferring calm shades: white, beige, gray and others that blend well with black. This color scheme helps focus on business, because it does not distract attention, does not excite the nervous system. The room can accommodate only one or two bright accents: a picture on the wall or a couple of pillows on the sofa in the waiting area for visitors.

2. Open floor plan

If the office has a large footage, it is permissible to use the following planning solution: classrooms + meeting room + waiting area. However, most companies occupy fairly modest areas. Such a space is not worth splitting. Small cabinets and cramped corridors make a depressing impression; somehow, one cannot believe in the success of such a company.

3. Multilevel lighting

Placing lighting devices only under the ceiling is fundamentally the wrong approach, because every workplace should be well lit, especially in the evenings. Therefore, you need table lamps and other sources of side light: wall sconces, floor lamps. Such a set of devices will allow you to work without straining your eyesight, and give the atmosphere a little comfort. Under the ceiling, instead of square fluorescent lamps of industrial design, install spotlights, because they look much more attractive. By the way, the light in the office needs only yellow, as it is more comfortable for the eyes.

4. Traditional floors and ceilings

No need to use materials that are more suitable for industrial premises. For example, do not cover the floor with linoleum, and the ceiling with foam and polystyrene plates. Remember: in the design of the office you need to use traditional materials for residential premises. Use tile and laminate as flooring, and paint to decorate ceilings.

If your office is located in a historic building with preserved flooring (parquet of the 60-70s) or stucco molding of a hundred years ago, you do not need to get rid of them. It is better to carefully restore these elements. They will become a bright element in the new design.

8. Simple furniture

Furniture should be strict geometric shapes without carving, linings and other decorative elements. Tables are better to choose glass on a wooden or metal base, they will not "weight" the interior. To get rid of the "treasury", choose classic chairs with four legs. If you need to place reference books, be sure to install a functional rack for it.

You should not buy cheap furniture, it will not last long. If there is not enough budget for the wooden one and you will use products from chipboard, give preference to those that are painted white. Imitation of the texture “under the tree” always looks cheap.

9. Cozy waiting area

A place where visitors are waiting for solutions to their issues should be comfortable. Place comfortable armchairs or a sofa there, just choose modern, laconic furniture without carving and quilted backs, typical of classics. You can add some vintage things, for example, to put a coffee table in the spirit of the 60s.

10. Modest kitchen for staff

The recreation and eating area for staff should be made very modest both in decoration and equipment. Spacious storage systems and expensive equipment are not needed here. It is enough to install a coffee machine, a table and several chairs.

All our recommendations are aimed at creating a discreet and elegant office interior. Avoid complex decisions and elaborate furniture. They are expensive, but only interfere with fruitful work. Simplicity is not always bad.