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Gorgon Medusa is a symbol of ancient Greek beauty and horror. To make your own Medusa costume, attach some rubber snakes to your hair. Put on a dress in the Greek style, do makeup and put on those accessories that accentuate your hairstyle. If you're still interested, read on to find out in detail how to make this outfit.

Transformation into a jellyfish Gorgon: beauty is a terrible force!

Such a character of these very myths, like the Gorgon jellyfish, deserves special attention if you select an original, beautiful and at the same time frightening outfit for Halloween. She was a monster with snakes instead of hair and a female face. A single glance at the gape traveler was quite enough to turn it into a stone statue, forever deprive the ability to move.

According to myths, the famous Hercules won over the monster. But at modern parties, such heroes appear quite rarely, so there are no obstacles to acquire or manufacture for yourself gorgon jellyfish costume . Moreover, it is quite simple to execute. Typically, the outfit includes a long dress, which is held on the shoulders with thin straps, and a wrap. There are no restrictions on shoes.

The most difficult thing is to imitate a peculiar terrarium in the hairstyle. There are several ways to achieve a “snake” effect - to braid a lot of thin braids, to weave cords or ribbons resembling poisonous snakes into your hair, or to use special crowns or tiaras made in the style of ancient Greek myths. The last option is the simplest, but you can show imagination, experiment with any of the above methods.

Also, for maximum resemblance to the jellyfish Gorgon, you will need to apply makeup, supplement the image with shiny and continuously ringing bracelets, other jewelry. Transformation into a mythical monster will surely attract you attention at a party, easily make any company the center.

Do you want to surprise others with an unusual and extravagant carnival costume? Then pay attention to the image of the Gorgon Medusa, which is perfect for Halloween or themed party.

Making a Gorgon Medusa costume is very simple: the main thing is to pay due attention to the hairstyle. Of course, it is easiest to wind the hair and cover it with green varnish, quickly make a dress and pick up more bright accessories. But do you strive for this?

Agree, it’s more interesting to choose a difficult path and go along it: make a wig Medusa Gorgon with your own hands. And if you follow all our tips, then in your new image you will definitely remain in the memory of those present for a long time. Ready?

To make a snake wig you need to purchase such things:

  • the wig itself, and it should be green
  • 10-15 rubber snakes of large and small sizes,
  • liquid hot glue in the gun,
  • thin but strong green wire.

The most important and crucial moment is the bonding of rubber snakes to the wig. First you need to attach large snakes, which may need up to 20 pieces.

Bonding snakes start from the crown so that each of them is under the locks of hair. Thus, the place of fixation will be invisible.

With the snakes on the wig, make sure that each one looks curved. Do not forget about symmetry - the heads of the snakes located on the left side should look to the left side. Accordingly, the snakes on the right side should “aim” to the right.

In order for the wig of the Gorgon Medusa to look neat, you need to use the green wire. With it, you can capture too "active" snakes that stick out and spoil the overall impression of the wig.

Then you need to attach small snakes to those places that are still not crowded with them. Using the same green wire, tie the snake directly on the curls, hiding its ends under the hair.

Now put the Medusa wig on your head and once again check whether the snakes are neatly located on the hair, whether they fall on the face, causing discomfort. Correct all errors.

Of course, it’s not enough just to sew a wig of the Gorgon Medusa. You need to take care of the dress, shoes and jewelry, which in this image are not many.

A dress for a mythical image can be made from a white sheet. Turning around the fabric and fixing it on one or two shoulders, you will get a great ancient Greek dress.

Now put on almost any light sandals and apply yellow-green makeup. Feel free to wear all the jewelry that is in your arsenal, not being afraid to look too bright.

You are a real needlewoman! Now you yourself can teach anyone how to make a wig Medusa Gorgon or make a dress for her.

And don't forget about snake accessories. You do not find that against the background of snakes vampire fangs or yellow lenses will look great? And if you have any difficulty in acquiring any little things, do not forget about the store site, where you can find any accessory or a chic carnival costume.

Gorgon Medusa is a symbol of ancient Greek beauty and horror. To make your own Medusa costume, attach some rubber snakes to your hair. Put on a dress in the Greek style, do makeup and put on those accessories that accentuate your hairstyle. If you're still interested, read on to find out in detail how to make this outfit.

Simple snake hairstyle

Curl your hair. This image will turn out better if you start with a hair curl.

  • There are different ways to curl hair. For curls that will last long, take a curler or curler. Curling irons or curling irons are suitable for any type of hair, but for women with thin hair it is better to use curlers to achieve a lasting result.
  • You can also curl your hair by braiding it in braids. Braid a few braids before going to bed and leave them all night or at least a few hours before the event. Undo the braids and gently comb the hair, dividing them into curls. The more braids you make, the more wavy your hair will be.
  • To create beach waves, apply hair gel. Divide your head into sections and secure the ends of your hair at the crown. Let the hair fall naturally during work. Hair will look wet thanks to the gel, even when dry. He will keep the waves for several hours. Fasten your hair with green hairspray.
  • Note that if you have short hair, or want to make it easier, just buy a wig with long, curly green hair.

Attach 15 large rubber snakes to the wig. Attach the kite to the green wire or to hot, liquid glue.

  • Position one snake across the head, allowing it to fall to the side. Make the body of the snake look curved, not straight. Fasten the snake with wire.
  • Attach the other snake so that its head looks in the opposite direction from the first.
  • Fasten the rest of the snakes by making a few holes in the wig and gluing them together. Also use more wire. Position the snakes so that they are evenly but not symmetrically located on both sides of the head.

Put the wig on your head. Position the snakes so that they do not fall on your face.

  • Remember that you may need to tie snakes to your head to secure them.

Tie the little snakes to your wig. If your head is not yet full of snakes, attach a few more small snakes directly to your curls.

  • If possible, hide the wire in your hair.

Another version of snake hairstyles

Braid your hair. Braid all your hair into many little braids.

  • You should get at least 10-12 pieces, but the more braids you can braid, the better.
  • If you have short hair, use pads or a wig. You can also use a wig if you have long hair, but you do not want to suffer with it. Just braid the hair on the wig and work with it before putting it on your head.
  • Tie braids with rubber bands.

Leave your hair straight or stab it. The easiest way is to simply leave the hair hanging loose, but you can also elegantly put it in a bun to the top of the head.

Insert the kite into your hair. Fasten the rubber snakes by pushing them through your braids and securing them with elastic bands if necessary.

Wear a Greek-style dress. The easiest way is to buy a dress of the Greek goddess in a costume store or just a white dress in the Greek style.

Create a seamless Peplos dress. Peplos is a type of long Greek dress that was worn only by women.

  • Fold a white sheet or large piece of fabric in half. The width should be slightly smaller than the double size of the span of your hands, and the length should be equal to the sum of your height and 46 cm. Fold it in half so that it is from the elbow to the elbow.
  • Fold 46 cm. From above.
  • Wrap the fabric around you. The bent part should be below your hands, and one part should be open.
  • Fasten the fabric to the shoulders. Lift enough material so that it falls over your shoulders. Fasten your shoulders with a beautiful pin or brooch.
  • Secure the open part. Lay the material on top of each other to make an overlap, and then fasten with pins or make small knots along the edge. If you want, you can sew them together with a needle and thread.

Sew a simple tunic dress. The ancient Greek dress was worn by both men and women. It could be either long or short.

  • Use white material such as a sheet. It should be twice as long as the reach of your hands and equal to your height. For a short tunic, use fabric a little shorter than your height.
  • Fold the fabric in half. Fold a wide piece of fabric in half so that it is equal to the size of the arms, from the tips of the fingers of one hand to the tips of the other. Do not change the height.
  • Sew open edge. Turn the fabric inside out and use a straight or reverse stitch to create a stitch along the open side of the garment. Then twist the fabric again.
  • The top should be open, but the fabric should flow hand in hand. Leave slots for the head and hands, and knit the rest of the fabric in knots, fasten with brooches or pins. You can also use a needle with a thread to secure the edges.
  • The points at which the upper edge will connect should be connected by tissue, revealing patches of skin on your shoulders and arms. Do not leave the fabric in one piece covering your hands.
  • Tie a belt around the waist. You can use a white ribbon or a gold decorative belt. Release some material over the belt so that the waist area looks loose.