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The husband looks at other women: what to do?


A man began to look at other women? Smiles at them or even flirts? In this article you will learn why a man looks at other women and what to do in such a situation.

In general, this is an alarming call for a wife, which, at a minimum, suggests that a man cannot control himself and does not know how to behave. You should be aware that this situation is dangerous and can have negative consequences. Let us examine the reasons for such a man’s behavior.

Why does a husband look at other women

So, you caught him when he looked at another woman, so what? You want to say that you yourself never fantasize? This is completely natural. And the differences between women and men in this matter are mostly purely stylistic.

A man is an open book. Everything is written on his forehead. If he undertook to look at the girl, this is immediately noticeable. Women do this not so explicitly. If you see a guy on the street and he seems attractive to you, your man will not notice this. This is because your jaw does not sag at the sight of a handsome man. You are much more cunning.

Let us honestly admit that he will glance at other women, and you at other men. If you have a partner in your life, this does not mean that you need to blindfold and pretend that individuals of the opposite sex no longer exist.

Let's say you see a stunning guy walking along the street, having an extraordinary resemblance to Brad Pitt. It tickled you inside. So what now? You will immediately begin to act to satisfy the raging passion? Will you break up with your boyfriend immediately for this?

Of course not. And he will not do anything reprehensible in such a situation either. If a husband looks at other women, do not equate his views on other women with adultery. We live in a society where a person’s thoughts are by no means evidence of his guilt. Let yourself watch!

However, we will try to calm you and set your thoughts to positive. The main thing is not to miss the moment of extinction and know how to make your husband look only at you and your feelings are always at a positive level.

How to make your husband look only at you

As we have said, feelings over time of family relationships fade away. And you women can become the reason for this. The thing is that the wife often gives all of herself to her husband. And when he begins to feel it, he becomes selfish, starting to feel colder towards you. So it is necessary that your personal space be exactly yours.

To do this, you must have interests and hobbies that even the husband does not suspect. And more often do your favorite activities. It can be fitness, yoga, knitting, etc. The husband must understand that you, like him, also have their favorite business, in addition to washing, cleaning, cooking. The advantages of this - he will understand that you also have a favorite pastime that you do with interest and for the good of the cause. Well, and that your personal life does not stand still,

If the husband constantly looks at other women, you should not constantly be in the zone of his visibility. Of course, this may not please her husband, but he will have time to ponder and understand how he treats you,

To understand your husband well, read and study the psychology of men, try to understand why he looks at other women. When you accurately study all the interests of the male, it will be easier for you to understand and correctly respond to any actions of the husband. And in a relationship, mutual understanding plays a very important role for a strong and happy family,

If the husband looks at other women, the answer of the psychologist: Improve yourself constantly. Your personal growth should not be limited only to the preparation of new dishes or variety in sex. Read more different kinds of cognitive literature, you can also do psychology of self-improvement. So you will try to understand the essence of family relationships, and your husband will always look at you with great passion and love. Take from life as much as possible interesting, and your relationship will always be passionate, passionate and diverse.

Why does a man begin to pay attention to other women?

It’s hard not to look at a woman, especially an outwardly attractive woman. It is so arranged in nature that energy from a woman attracts a man. And the more a woman flaunts her body, the more openly she dresses to enter society, the stronger this “turns” the brains of men.

This is one of the reasons that only a man with a strong mind can overcome the temptation. Such men are a minority these days.

It may also be that man lacks love. Here I will make a small explanation to make it clear.

In a relationship between a man and a woman, a man takes love, and a woman gives it away, since it is a source of love. A man can give protection, calmness, comfort, warmth, but the love of a woman inspires him all this.

Not enough love - this does not mean that a man does not have enough sex. This means that he lacks understanding, care, respect, support. It all includes love.

When in a man’s life love begins to be missed, then automatically, often even unconsciously, he begins to look at other women.

Here are 2 reasons why a man looks at other women.

Why does a man look at other women with a beautiful wife?

For a more complete understanding of the causes of this problem, we will analyze a certain situation.

For example, a man has a beautiful wife, and she is a really attractive woman and never goes unnoticed by male views. But suddenly her husband begins to stare at other women. People from the outside will say: "He is a blockhead, since he stares at others with such a wife."

But any person who has been married for 10-15 years will say that all this beauty and love will sooner or later fade into the background. It is then that a real relationship begins and the opportunity arises to conceive true love.

If both spouses live in these relationships and do nothing to strengthen the relationship, then what can be expected from such a relationship? Of course, only views on other women or men, betrayals, etc.

Beauty is manifested in all its strength only when creating a relationship and some time after creating a family. Next, you need to cultivate real family values ​​and develop moral and spiritual qualities: caring, respect, selflessness, understanding, support, and others. Without them, beauty is empty and meaningless.

Therefore, even if the wife is beautiful and the husband is very smart, and their relationship begins very well, this does not guarantee anything. And more can be said: there will be problems in these relations, as it is in the material world. This is the first thing to understand.

And the second one. It is necessary to work on improving relations, to develop oneself from a spiritual and moral point of view, to become a rational and wise person. This is the only way to avoid the serious consequences of inevitable relationship problems.

What should a woman do when her man begins to look at other women?

Every situation in our life, every even insignificant event has its own reason and its purpose in our destiny. And the situation when a man begins to look at other women is no exception.

You should immediately understand that this is another lesson in fate, which you need to try to overcome most gently, culturally and respectfully.

If a woman thinks in this way, then it will already help to overcome all events easier.

What should a woman do in such a situation?

The first one. You need to understand how serious this lesson of fate is and how much work remains..

It is easy to do. You need to ask your husband why he is looking at other women, or why he is smiling, or something like that.

If a man admits his mistake and agrees to discuss this, which is a huge rarity, then it is quite possible that you will be able to solve this problem on your own with the least loss for the integrity and harmony of the family.

If a man answers that he is not looking at anyone, or leaves the answer, and we continue to behave in this way, this means that the case is not simple and fraught with danger.

An anxiety about this may occur in a woman’s heart. This is a clear sign that there is a lot of work ahead and we can’t do it on our own.

In view of this, the next step should be taken.

The second one. Since there are not enough forces to solve the problem, you need to start an inner life.

Inner life is an appeal to God and Holiness through prayer. That is how a woman can get internal strength to solve the situation. This does not mean that she will have the opportunity in her own words or reproaches to somehow act on her husband, and he suddenly stops looking at other women.

In prayer, you do not need to remember this, much less ask Holiness to solve your problem. One should try to turn to a Holy person or God in prayer with faith and a desire to simply serve. And gradually the problem will be resolved by itself.

This method has been used by people for many millennia; it has been tested by millions of fates. Therefore, do not neglect the most effective method of solving the problem.

What should a man do if he starts looking at other women, but wants to deal with it?

To cope with this habit is quite difficult and the sages confirm this. Therefore, you immediately need to prepare for serious work on yourself.

Of course, it is important for a man to find exactly the woman for whose sake he will be ready to go into deprivation, including being ready to fight the habit of looking at other women. This once again confirms that at the beginning of a relationship, having love is important (read the article about falling in love).

If a man does not pay attention to beautiful women at all, then this means that he is either holy or unhealthy, since it is very difficult not to pay attention to a beautiful woman.

It is important whether the man turns around after the woman, whether he looks at her again. It’s hard for a man not to look at a beautiful woman several times and this is what you need to learn.

The most faithful for this is to strengthen the mind with austerities (early rise, hardening, meditation, exercise, food restrictions and more) and control of the senses (giving them the most necessary and nothing more).

This helps a man to distinguish between bad and good and to control himself.

If it is difficult for you to independently deal with problems in a relationship, you can contact me for a consultation.

The conclusion about why a man looks at other women and what to do in such situations

A man looks at other women’s two main reasons:

  • It’s extremely hard not to pay attention to a beautiful woman, it’s so arranged in nature,
  • He lacks the love that his wife gives him.

What to do to the womanwhen a man looks at other women:

  • Check the amount of work that fate presents in response to any past actions, directly asking her husband why he looks at other women,
  • If there is not enough personal power to solve the problem, then you need to start an inner life, as a result of which Holiness will give it these powers.

What to do to the manif he wants to end the habit of looking at strange women:

  • A man needs to develop his mind, with the help of which he will be able to control his behavior (this is done with the help of various austerities - meditation, tempering, early lifting, etc.).

These are the recommendations you can apply in your life if you encounter a similar problem.

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