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Cut off "years: 9 errors in the hairstyle that make you older


In the summer, you least want to apply makeup. Firstly, it’s still hot, and if it’s still rain outside the window, the climate becomes simply tropical and no make-up categorically wants to stay. Secondly, if summer still means vacation, and vacation is vacation, then painting every day, well, is absolutely not an option. But I don’t want to look like a scarecrow either, which is why professional stylists know exactly what needs to be done to look great. Without makeup.

1. The first rule. All attention on the eyebrows.

It’s good that the fashion for huge, wide and bushy eyebrows is a thing of the past. It is fortunate that the fashion for permanent black monsters has also ended. Nothing so disfigures a woman’s pretty face and adds up to ten extra years and the reputation of a “stern potato seller” as permanent black eyebrows. Although no, bushy thickets over the eyes also turned almost any gentle lady into a Neanderthal.

Today, calm, as close to natural as possible, eyebrows have returned to fashion. And it is they who primarily attract attention if a girl came out into the light without makeup. Stylists advise us to take care of the eyebrows daily and carefully, because almost half of the excellent image without make-up depends on how they look. Now many people use colorless gel for styling eyebrows, an excellent tool that simultaneously secures and fixes the eyebrows, while leaving them as natural as possible.

2. The second rule. Clean hair and a beautiful hairstyle.

The hair should be perfectly clean, and the head should look well-groomed. If there is no time and mood for easy styling with a hairdryer or hair straightener, then stylish caps, untangled bandanas and intriguing hats with narrow brim come to our aid. In principle, you can choose any headdress (except pink mint panama) if it correctly fits into the overall image of the girl.

3. The third rule. Stylish glasses.

If you decide to spend some time without makeup and look luxurious at the same time, stylish glasses are simply vital for you! Probably, this is the very accessory on which it is not worth saving and it is best to choose the “right” glasses that really protect your eyes from ultraviolet rays and at the same time look stunning.

4. Rule Four. Clear skin.

It is very difficult to look like a queen if you are without the usual make-up, and the condition of the skin leaves much to be desired. Caring for your face in the summer should be our number one task, because bright sunlight can not only spoil the external beauty of the face, but also cause great harm to the body. In summer, it is necessary to use cleansers and toners for the face, sunscreens and, at least once every three to four days, apply a nourishing mask to the face.

It is also necessary to remember that the whole body is responsible for the external condition of the skin, so if acne, acne and inflammation on the face in the summer constantly spoil your mood, you will have to change the diet. You should completely abandon confectionery, sweets, and of course, alcohol! From any alcoholic drinks, nothing spoils a woman's face as much as alcohol, and even more so, in the summer.

5. The fifth rule. Snow-white teeth.

Chic beauty is impossible without white healthy teeth and fresh breath. Almost half of the success and the appearance of an excellent image depends on the condition of our teeth and the freshness of our breath. As wise people say, a chic woman is not the woman who has diamonds on her fingers, but an expensive gadget in her hands, but the one who has white healthy teeth and a beautiful smile! And you can’t argue.

Posted by: Elena Gordina

1. You do not change the hairstyle for years

No, no one claims that long, loose curls are the prerogative of youth, and all the ladies "slightly for ..." must cut their hair short. Nonsense. But professional stylists are sure: if you want to take off your five years, change your hairstyle. The effect of novelty will immediately affect your entire image, significantly refreshing it.

2. Too straight and thick bangs

Adam Bogucki, a popular Chicago stylist, notes a curious trend: most of his older clients periodically ask them to make a straight and thick bang. A similar hairstyle is associated with their school or student years and, accordingly, youth. But Adam always offers an alternative: strands of different lengths that slightly frame the face carelessly without covering it. After all, the stylist is convinced: an “open” face always looks much younger. Take willow this technique.

3. Too graphic haircut

Want to look younger? Avoid sharp lines and sharp corners in the hairstyle. Instead, pay attention to models that soften and even somewhat round facial features: for example, large curls or a cascade that is relevant in the current season.

4. Hair is too dry and shapeless

With age, not only skin but also hair loses moisture. After all, do you use moisturizers and other anti-age care? Take care of your curls: stylists recommend paying attention to emollients for hair with a creamy texture. They will not only help retain moisture, but also give the strands extra volume and a soft texture.

5. Too dark shades

No, without exception, becoming a blonde after the next anniversary - not the best idea. But a too dark shade of hair can easily throw a heel or two years. Instead, ask your stylist to do multi-tone coloring by adding healthy golden highlights to your hairstyle that are so refreshing. Another plus is that hair after such a procedure looks much more voluminous and healthier.

6. You abuse the drying with a hairdryer, “ironing” or curling iron

Pay attention again to point number 5: your hair is rapidly losing moisture. You can not be completely from styling and high temperatures? Then take care of purchasing high-quality thermal protection enriched with natural oils. Your hair needs it.

7. You do not cut split ends

As the hair becomes drier, unfortunately, and the number of split ends with age only increases. So, if you previously ignored a visit to the hairdresser for the sake of a braid long, now it is better to appoint him every 6-8 weeks. The hairstyle will look much fresher. Like her beautiful owner.

8. Do you abuse styling products?

Remember the main rule of anti-age hairstyles? Roundness, softness and no stiffness. Therefore, it is better to refuse varnishes with extra-strong fixation, replacing them with mousses and other means with a more “mobile” effect.

9. Wrong parting

Even such a seemingly trifle can cool change your appearance. Experiment with a parting in front of the mirror: which one is best for you? Of the general recommendations, it is worth remembering that parting in the middle usually makes the face a little tougher, elongated and accented. Therefore, it makes sense to shift it a little to the side. Take a scallop and try. What if you like it?

Also, do not forget that even a professional make-up can add extra years. So take these simple tricks of “anti-aging” makeup and look great at any age!

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