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Wide trousers: what to wear, to whom and how? 35 spectacular looks


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The airy, elegant chiffon palazzo trousers look great if worn correctly. But if you are not used to them, then you should first learn how to handle them. The key to success is balancing a significant amount of lightweight material with things that emphasize the attractive curves of the body and give the body a look.

Who are the wide trousers for?

To everyone. Wide pants - this is not some kind of skinny for you: there are no age restrictions and can not be.

  • If you are from nature legs are very long and your height is above average, wear wide trousers with shoes on a flat ride. It is not necessary to lengthen legs due to heels, at least if you do not want to be associated with a heron.
  • If the legs are not the most advantageous part of your figure, then under wide trousers you will hide everything that is better to hide.
  • If your body type is apple, flared trousers are exactly the style that you need. Put on a blouse and jacket. Do not fasten it - this will give you a vertical line formed by the sides of the jacket. This is exactly what you need.
  • If your body type is an inverted triangle, buy or sew trousers flared from the hip - this style will make your hips more rounded. Pants with any fashionable print combined with a plain top will also suit you.
  • If your body type is rectangular, then wide leg pants are just what you need. Choose flared trousers from your hips or don't accent your waist at all.

Men's oversized trousers look feminine. Unless, of course, you are a woman

  • If you have wide hips, wear unprinted trousers flared from the knee. Another option is vertical striped trousers, which are now very fashionable.

Striped Flared Pants

Gray pants

Pay attention to how cool gray looks in combination with black.

Gray wide pants for vibrant looks

If you have shoes that you want to show, you can roll up oversized pants. In spring or autumn, put on a shortened jacket or trench coat, in winter - a fur coat or a long coat made of soft fabric.

It is advisable to have several belts - thin and thick, in different colors. And sweaters too, yes :)

One is gray, the second is gray

If you thought that only gray mice wear gray clothes, then our picture will make you doubt the validity of this statement:

Street fashionistas in oversized trousers

Caroline de Maigret, blogger, author of several books, face of advertising campaigns Christian Dior, Balenciaga, Louis Vuitton, LancômeAnd besides that, she’s just a Frenchwoman, wears classic men's oversized trousers in combination with high-heeled shoes or with oxfords. Most likely, it all depends on how much you have to walk and the goal of the exit from her mood. That's why she is a Frenchwoman!

Style Guru Caroline de Maigret

In order not to forget to buy the missing piece of clothing for a stylish look’a, feel free to download the photos you like!

Fur coat and cardigans combined with gray wide trousers

What to wear wide pants with?

In the cold season, tops and shirts will be replaced by a warm turtleneck, sweater or pullover. If the temperature in the street requires even more warming, you can supplement the image with a jacket, fur vest or jacket.

When choosing outerwear, one nuance must be taken into account: if the trousers expand from the hip, it is better to choose a shortened top, and if from the knee - elongated.

Black wide pants

perfect for going out into the light and darkness for work. In the afternoon, it is better to wear a belt with a metal buckle, in the evening use a gold belt:

In addition to a luxurious cloak and a fashionable bag with fringe, the girl on the left wears sunglasses in cloudy weather. That's right: even if the sun does not shine in the sky, eye protection from ultraviolet radiation (from UVA rays, to be precise) is mandatory at any time of the year.

Black pants, black cloak, black bag and black glasses!

Blue wide leg pants and denim flared pants

What kind of trend is this - to refuel a shirt on one side only - we told in the article “How to wear oversized”.

In the photo there are several more images with the participation of bright blue wide trousers. Wikipedia reports that this color has other names - ultramarine and Paris blue.

White pants

will make your image what’s called classy regardless of the chosen style - sports, everyday or formal holiday.

White pants on the stars and beauties

By the way, Amal Clooney in different years was a lawyer for Yulia Tymoshenko and Julian Assange. No parallels, just a fact.

Yellow wide pants

And, if not now, then next spring, be sure to add the colors of the sun to your light image!

Wide pants can be bought at the international online store, here is a showcase, payment in the currency of your country.

In conclusion - images from fashion shows from the collections of Michael Kors Ready-to-Wear and Resort Spring. It’s quite possible to save money on slippers and not to buy them right now.

How to wear wide high waisted pants?

To create a business image - with a classic blouse, shirt or top tucked under the belt of trousers. Top - jacket or cardigan.

For everyday bows, choose a top, blouse or pullover to the waist. If the figure allows - crop top or blouse ending above the waist.

And do not forget to emphasize the waist with a belt or belt!