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How to choose a nickname that matches the name


In ancient China and Japan, great poets took new names when they reached fame. They wanted to be sure that their fame was not just a tribute to fashion, but a recognition of true talent. Many authors went through the creative path anew several times.

Often the motive to hide the name was fear - since the 17th century, actors and writers have been hiding under pseudonyms so as not to disgrace the noble family and not incur the wrath of society. In tsarist Russia, revolutionaries seeking to avoid persecution conducted clandestine activities under fictitious, transparent nicknames.

Another motive for changing the name is the lack of soundness. Singer Krivorotov could hardly win the hearts of fans in the 80s of the 20th century, but Andrei Razin coped with this task in the best way. Modern movie stars also prefer bright and sonorous pseudonyms to their rustic surnames - a well-chosen option quickly becomes known in all corners of the planet.

The Internet also dictates its rules to people seeking to be at the center of the World Wide Web. Every second site offers to come up with a middle name or nickname (nickname), and users have to use all their imagination so as not to get lost in the vastness of the web. How to choose a nickname for different cases, let's try to understand this article.

Alias ​​with a "twist"

The most important thing in a pseudonym is its originality and memorability. The name should cause curiosity of the interlocutor and the desire to solve the riddle. It is desirable that the nickname be associated with its carrier and easily perceived by ear.

It is very important to consider the circumstances in which the alias will be used. It is unacceptable to use the nickname Milashka in business communication, but on the dating site his presence will be justified.

Of course, you can always take advantage of the fruits of other people's mental work and take a name from a network directory. However, coming up with original names that do not repeat anyone is always more interesting.

Know yourself

Quite often, people take the problem of choosing a name too seriously. In that
In this case, fictitious nicknames sound too elaborate and bulky. How to come up with a pseudonym so that it is easily perceived, does not cause irritation or a perplexed smile? It’s best to turn to your past and think about what your friends and relatives called you. Often, close people very subtly notice the details of the character and come up with an exact comparison. It may happen that you don’t have to invent anything, as a good nickname has long been kept in your memory.

How to come up with a nickname?

People in creative professions have always sought to change the boring surname inherited from them. The bright name on the poster or TV screen attracts the attention of the public and makes you take a fresh look at the personality of the actor or musician. Let's consider several ways of giving birth to this type of alias and try to use them in real life:

Female nicknames

Lovely girls, before you come up with an original pseudonym for communication on the Internet, think carefully about what goals you want to achieve! What kind of pseudonym can you think of a girl living on the net? It all depends on the task.

  1. Seduction. Affectionate nicknames such as “Lapula”, “Sweet” or “Pussy” will do just fine in this situation. However, do not count on a serious attitude to your person from the male side. Aliases of this type are designed for quick instinctive reaction, which can lead to indecent offers, insults and ridicule. Sometimes these aliases cause the opposite effect - disgust and negative.
  2. Online Games. What is a nickname for a girl who loves network games? Courageous ladies are not shy and proudly call themselves “Lady Hammer”, “Warrior”, “Queen of the Night”. The disadvantage of such nicknames is that other players may have a desire to test the strength of the armor of their owners. If you are ready to repel all attacks, then the decision has been made correctly.
  3. Acquaintance. For those who want to build personal happiness with the help of dating sites, it is recommended to choose romantic names that will demonstrate the femininity and charm of the girl. For example, it may be the name itself, written in Latin. Enhancing the effect will help design an alias, when instead of a single letter there will be a graphic icon (heart or flower).

Alias ​​for a man

Men, as representatives of the strong half of humanity, always strive to demonstrate strength and confidence in all aspects of life. And here it is important not to overdo it. Aliases such as "Sex Machine" or "Ladies' Pleasure" can only cause not only bewilderment, but also laughter.

You need to understand that women value the mind, a sense of humor and the ability to make money. How to come up with a pseudonym for such a man? Very simple - use the mythological dictionary and history book. The name, borrowed from the ancient hero, will show the education and literacy of its owner.

Which nickname to choose?

What is the nickname for VKontakte, Odnoklassniki, and Facebook? Fans of communicating on social networks like no one else know about the difficulties of choosing a pseudonym. And this is not surprising - thousands of people puzzle over how to present themselves to former classmates and current colleagues in the most favorable light. For adolescents communicating with their peers in chat rooms and groups, it is very important not to get lost among the original nicknames and attract maximum attention to themselves. To solve this problem, we will try to use the most original ways to solve it.

How to call friends

It is not always the name given at birth that is convenient to use in friendly communication. This is due to the long length or insufficient sonority, and other reasons.

Most people turn to friends by their assigned nickname. Sometimes it sounds funny, slightly offensive, but always original.

The table shows examples of friendly nicknames with an indication of the reason for their appearance:

Build, appearanceToo big ears, a long nose, thinness and other features become the reason for assigning a nicknameCheburashka, Pinocchio and more
Professional activityAssociated with occupation or professionMiner, Carrier, Mechanic, Joiner
Surname or first nameSurname or first name is shiftedFilon (Filonov), Tefal (with the surname Skovoroda)
Funny caseFunny incident with a man becomes a pretext for a nicknamePetka - a fight in childhood, etc.
CharacterGiven the nature of the character (trick, laziness, etc.)Fox, Mattress, Merry Fellow
HabitsDepending on the friend’s preferences - love of football, excessive talkativeness, sportsFan, Chatterbox, Runner
Preferences in clothes and accessoriesAttachment to bright dresses, big hats, dark glassesHummingbird, Cowboy, Belmondo

Sometimes a nickname will say more about a person than an ordinary name. But you should not impose a nickname if it is not to a friend's liking, so as not to spoil the relationship and not lose friendship.

Cool klikuhi for boys

For boys, a cool click is a way to emphasize a high status among peers, raising authority and inspiring respect.

Boys and boys will come up with cool nicknames based on:

  • The names of the heroes of popular cartoons are for younger boys (Winnie the Pooh, Spirit, Stitch, etc.).
  • Characters or actors of popular films - for older boys (White - especially if the name is Alexander, Schwartz, Rambo).
  • Native American - Vigilant Eye, Hawkclaw and others.
  • Names changed in the Western manner or translated English and other foreign words - Dan, Dick, Ben, Michael, Dario.
  • In some circles cliches based on thieves' jargon are popular, giving weight to their owner - Kidal, Pakhan.
  • Famous literary characters - Don (Quixote), Paganel, Dracula.

Turning to a familiar guy nicknamed, it is necessary to represent the meaning of the word used, especially when it comes to a foreign language or criminal slang, so as not to get into an awkward situation.

Sometimes a nickname becomes a nickname on a social network. Modern Internet capabilities allow you to pick a nickname by contacting various sites offering similar services.

Another possibility is to use the click generator, which produces all kinds of lists of names by arbitrary selection.

In the absence of one's own imagination, or when there is nothing to cling to in inventing a nickname, there is always a way out on the Internet.

What to come up with affectionate nicknames for a loved one

Lovers come up with affectionate nicknames to each other, emphasizing tender feelings. Appeals allow not only to call a person if the name was called, but to make it pleasant for a loved one or lover.

Determining what kind of affectionate names to come up with, it is necessary to build on personal characteristics of appearance, the nature of your beloved, relationships with the object of passion.

The following techniques are used:

  • Diminutively affectionate forms of words, changing names - Lusik, Svetik, Mashulya, Toffee.
  • Affectionate names of animals - Pussy, Sugar, Fish, Bunny, Swallow.
  • Just beautiful words, including foreign ones - Niagara, Sunny, Baby, Fitonyashka.
  • Conservative subjects - Dear, Native, Sweetheart.
  • On an edible topic - Sweet, Donut, Sweetie, Peach.

Turning to a beloved nicknamed, you need to consider that not everyone likes to lisp. Some girls do not like and annoy when they are called emphatically affectionately.

But in most cases, such a nickname will add tenderness in addressing a loved one, emphasizing that she is the brightest, most desirable and unique.

Choosing a pseudonym for acquaintances and friends, it is important that it appeals to the object of treatment.

Do not offend a person with an insulting nickname, because resentment always comes back a hundredfold, let the chosen nickname add significance to a friend or girlfriend and cheer up.

Nicknames for beloved children

Sometimes a child is given a name for a long time at birth, but then they call it other, affectionate nicknames, as they say, "from an excess of feelings." And here is an enormous scope for creativity. More familiar dolls, suns, little pups and sweethearts are added to the usual ones.

The most common are the nicknames of children derived from the names of animals, birds, and even insects. Here happy parents “reward” their adored children in different ways: Hamster, Kitten, Hedgehog, Swallow, Owlet, Komarik, Bukashechka, Bug, Cuckoo. You can even find Klopik and Cockroach.

Often, parents like it if there is a pun in the nickname. For example: Katya - Katyonok, Alice - Fox, Veronica - Nika, Svetlana - Lana.

In the nicknames of children, heroes of cartoons and fairy tales often appear. This is the Dwarf, Funtik, Drakosha, Barmaley, Pokemosh, Prince.

Often names rhyme. Then such nicknames are obtained: Irinka-tangerine, Glebushka-bread, Vanka-vstanka, Natasha-insect.

There are also “culinary” nicknames: Bun, Pie, Cheesecake, Bagel.

Call their favorite kids and Berries, and Currants.

Among flower nicknames, Camomiles, Dandelions, Roses occupy a strong place.

Sometimes children are called by actions or body parts: Schekastik, Ushastik, Puzanchik, Fatten, Pukhlik, Pishchalkin, Whimper, Twist, Snot, Lapuhastik.

Sometimes nicknamed by character: Shilo, Fidget, Laughter, Chef, Spring, Plaksun.

On the lips of parents, everything sounds with love, even name-calling. For example: Golopopik (naked priest), Leech (sucking chest), Nurse (whimpering), Pisyundrych (often peeing), Gutter (naughty).

Teen nicknames

Nicknames play a significant role in the world of adolescents. They are invented for various reasons. Anything can serve as a pretext: qualities and actions of a person, certain circumstances, events, associations with an official name and surname. They are given out of a desire to insult, and stand out, and for fun.

In the school environment, nicknames are often formed from surnames and names. For example: Suslov - Suslik, Lysenko - Bald, Kuzmin - Kuzya, Rybalko - Fisher, Isaev - Isai, Shevchenko - Sheva, Sergey - Sery, Angelina - Angel.

Separate nicknames characterize the features of appearance: Hog (excessively thick), Donut (full), Long, Kalancha, Skyscraper (high), Monkey, Erysipelas ("wryneck"), Short, Small (low growth).

By nature and qualities: Adhesive (annoying), Child prodigy, Botan (smart), Kamatoznik, Sloupok (inhibited), Team leader (constantly indicating what to do), Latent threat (falling into different alterations).

Sometimes nicknames appear by association with a surname. So, Vorobyov - Bird, Pike perch - Fish, Cucumbers - Vegetable, Shaposhnikov - Cap, Korovin - Molochkov, Shmelev - Bee, Zaitsev - Rabbit, Lapshin - Macaron, Spaghetti.

Often they are identified with the name of a famous person or literary hero. For example, Bogdanov - Titomir, Singers - Chaliapin, Malysheva - Thumbelina, Nekhoroshko - Malchish-Plohish.

Nicknames or nicknames

NICs are popular on the Internet. This is a nickname. When you plunge into the endless expanse of the Internet, you need to somehow identify yourself, take a network name. You can simply have your own name, for example, Vasya, Sveta, but this is commonplace. And everyone wants to come up with something original, suitable only for you.

This is exactly the rare case when you give your nickname yourself. Here everyone is sophisticated as they can. From the simple ones (Christina - Criss, Sabrina - Bree, Veronica - Nika) to the sophisticated (Valletta, Diezo, Erdelette, Khachachun).

Some take themselves funny NICKs. For example: Completely blonde, Crocodiller, Murmaylo, Nedoskreb, Smorkel, Monitor Klaviaturovich, Pohmetologist, bespectacled macho.

Others are fond of elven names: Irima (beautiful), Kue (dove), Tauretari (queen of the forest), Mornemeer (black diamond), Taurohtar (forest warrior), Ainon (saint).

Some like to be called the names of different vampires, ancient Greek names, the names of kings, popular literary characters, names of flowers, animals. The scope for creativity is huge.

Nicknames of famous football players and clubs

Not only children and adolescents are "awarded" with nicknames. They are even famous people. This is especially popular in football. So, the legendary Pele is called not only the “King of Football”, but also “the Man bringing misfortune.” He received his original nickname because of the overwhelmingly poor predictions of football matches.

The Asian footballer Naohiro Takahara has the most original nickname - Sushi Bomber for exact and unique goals.

Arjen Robben is called "Glass Man." This is a talented winger (player of a football team acting between defense and attack) of the world, but constant injuries prevent him from revealing in full force.

Tony Adamis, legend of England, got his insulting nickname "Donkey" from the British press for his careless appearance.

The Dutchman Michael Reitsiger was nicknamed “Gas mask” due to the unusual structure of the skull.

Frenchman Nicolas Anelka became "Incredibly Moody" because no one can remember him as joyful. And the character, closed and non-communicative, helped in this.

Even football clubs have nicknames. For example, Manchester City was nicknamed the Blue Moon, because the club’s traditional song is called that.

Barnsley Club is called Mutton. The mascot of the club was the mongrel Toby. For many years she entertained the public at Oakwell.

The Skantrop United club is Iron, because Scantrop is a steel center in the UK. Hence the nickname.

Almost all population groups have nicknames. And it’s not at all bad to get it if it is given benevolently, openly, and talentedly.