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How to look like a vampire


Good time of day! With you Alexey! And today I have prepared a very interesting article for you. I think you are also interested in the question - are there vampires in our time? Just like werewolves or mermaids exist. Let's figure it out together.

How many films about vampires are made in our time, how bloodsuckers hunt for people, catch them and drink blood. And where do they come from? From many films, they appear due to the reading of a mysterious spell or in other ways. Yes, vampires have become so popular that they make up legends, compose and sing songs. We also all know a society of people - Goths who dress and act like vampires. But as they say in every legend there is some truth.

So is there or not evidence of the existence of vampires? Here it is a question that we have to answer.

The history of vampirism began with Poland. Legends and myths tell us that it was in Poland where the bulk of the bloodsuckers were, who hunted people, attacked and drank their blood. Even in those days, they tried to convey information that vampires exist.

Vampirism also manifested itself in Eastern Europe, where supposedly a person who committed suicide became a vampire. Bloodsuckers dismembered their victims and drank their blood. Also, vampires became people who renounced God, went against the ministers of the church.

Vampire costume

Popular wisdom, known to everyone since childhood, says that they are met by their clothes. How to look like a vampire, for example, going to a carnival? Of course, come up with a spectacular costume! It is best for males to choose for themselves dark (preferably black) trousers, the same shoes, a shirt with ruffles on the sleeves, or other details that were popular many years ago (vampires have lived millennia).

For women, dark, but not necessarily black dresses, black gloves, stockings and shoes are ideal. The outfit will be completed by a cape, red, burgundy or purple inside and black outside. This is a classic costume of an elegant vampire, who knows his own worth, unpredictable and insidious. You can complement the image with accessories, such as a necklace, pendant or ring with vampire symbols, for men, a bow tie and a cane will be appropriate, for women - an unusual hair clip and a choker.

How to look like a vampire? You can not focus only on clothes. The appearance of a person is also very important. It is believed that vampires have thin and pale skin. Going to a masquerade, it is not necessary to destroy this stereotype. Pale skin with the current variety of cosmetics is easy to make. It is only necessary to cover it with light foundation or powder. A stroke in black pencil will help to emphasize the eyes more clearly. You can add gloom with the help of dark shadows applied on the upper eyelids and light “bruises” under the eyes. Bright red lipstick on the lips completes the makeup. If desired, characteristic vampire fangs can be inserted into the mouth, and contact lenses appropriate to the image can be inserted into the eyes.

Attention must be paid to the hairstyle. Classic vampires are always neat, in men hair often reaches shoulders, in women they are beautifully styled. Such an appearance is needed by vampires in order not to scare away, but to win over potential victims.

What does a vampire look like on Halloween

If the image of a vampire is chosen for this holiday, it’s good if there are some deviations from the “classics” in the outfit and appearance. On the face, to the skin lightened with cosmetics, eyes with black eyeliner, red lips and fang teeth, you can draw drops of blood around the mouth, and on your hands you can do manicure with long false nails covered with black or bright red varnish. But stylish hairstyles "vampires" for Halloween do not have to. In this case, some dark hat or wig is more suitable.

Real harmless vampires

Believe it or not, real vampires really live among us. Some of them are not dangerous for society. These are people with porphyria disease in the 3rd degree. Want to know what real vampires look like? It can be said very deplorably. With porphyria, too many porphyrins are synthesized in the blood, which are destroyed in the light. Those suffering from this ailment from the sun's rays are covered with blisters and ulcers, so they have to lead a nocturnal lifestyle, and carefully cover their bodies with clothes during the day. Often, damage affects not only the skin, but also cartilage, which leads to ugly deformities of the nose and limbs. In addition, patients with porphyria do not produce gems (non-protein hemoglobin), which makes their skin pale and thin. Porfiry is inherited. That is, it is impossible to get infected from a bite of a vampire. Such patients are treated only with medication.

The second group of real vampires includes people who believe that they need blood. They create closed groups in which they do not hide their essence. In society, they do not betray themselves with anything, neither with clothes, nor with make-up, or behavior. Such vampires necessarily drink blood, for which they use volunteers (donors) or buy blood in medical institutions. They do not kill anyone either.

Real dangerous vampires

There are people among us who strive to be vampires. For reasons that led them to adopt this lifestyle, they are divided into three types:

1. Like the essence of vampirism.

2. Believe in immortality with the help of human blood.

3. Love the thrill.

What does a vampire look like nowadays if he belongs to one of these three types? As a rule, such people support their image in every possible way - they sleep in tombs, are active at night, are aggressive, wear dark clothes (without a cape), do “vampire” make-up and tattoos, some even grind their teeth under fangs. These vampires are extremely dangerous because their rituals often include killing and drinking blood from victims.

Energy vampires

Even official science has recognized that such people exist. They nourish their body with energy sucked from others. What do energy vampires look like? Just like non-vampires, that is, usually. You can calculate them by behavior. Such people try to inflate quarrels and scandals out of nothing, so that their opponents become nervous and become an excellent source of energy. After talking with the energy vampire (even if the quarrel did not work out), you always feel tired, incomprehensible anxiety, despondency, apathy, weakness, loss of strength, sometimes headache and lack of appetite.

A bit about vampires ...

In the culture of one or another people, in literature, in cinema, from time to time we encounter ambiguous and contradictory pseudo-people - vampires. According to legend, they came from Eastern European legends and, fortunately, are not full-fledged people. It is generally accepted that vampires are dead bodies that feed on the blood of animals and, of course, humans.

What are they afraid of?

Before we learn how to look like a vampire, let's get to know them better. According to legends and folklore, they hate daylight. They are simply afraid of him, because the light forces them to hide in dark shelters, in particular, in their coffins. By the way, the coffin is an invariable attribute of any vampire, according to all the same legends.

What does a vampire look like?

According to world literature and cinema, the appearance of vampires practically does not distinguish them from living people: they have no horns, wings, tails, hooves, etc. Their only difference from us is the presence of very pale skin and reddened eyes. An indispensable attribute of any vampire is fangs. As a rule, they are hidden from prying eyes. A vampire uses them only during his hunt.

How to kill a vampire?

So, now we know what a vampire looks like (photo is presented in the article) in legends and allegories. Now let's find out how you can kill him. With the onset of darkness, these creatures leave their shelters to eat! Night for them is the only time they hunt mortals. To prevent the vampire from sucking your blood, kill him first.

According to legend, these bloodthirsty creatures can be destroyed with the help of a wooden stake, carved, say, from aspen or birch. This stake is necessary to plant a vampire straight into the heart. You can scare away these creatures with the help of garlic and onions mixed together, as well as by putting crucifixes on them with Jesus Christ or sprinkling them with holy water.

How to look like a vampire?

Need to watch your hairstyle. The fact is that the hair plays one of the main roles in the image of a vampire. Remember: according to legends, vampires look after their hair - they are always laid and combed. It is not necessary to have dark hair, but if you want to look like a bloodsucker as much as possible, you can dye your hair black. Hairstyle plays a special role in the vampire subculture. By the way, do not confuse Gothic and vampirism, as these are two different subcultures.

How to look like a vampire? Monitor your skin! It is not necessary that she be pale. The main thing is that her color should not be dark. If you are a “foodie” in this matter, then you can use foundation cream. The main thing is that you do not have any acne on your skin, because they are unusual for vampires.

Remember what a vampire looks like? We already told you about this: he has a "bloody" look. This should be given special attention. As a rule, the eyes of these creatures are very bright and focused (remember the hero Brad Pitt in the movie "Interview with the Vampire"). Get matching colored contact lenses. By the way, a vampire make-up for your eyes can be either light or dark. This is not important. It all depends on personal preferences.

Lips - the most striking feature in the image of a vampire. It is they who add to this creature a unique "highlight". It all depends on your skin tone and personal preferences. You can choose a bright red or bloody shade of your lips. You should not paint them black, you are not a goth, but a vampire!

Do not forget about fangs. They, of course, can not be worn, but you must certainly monitor the condition of your teeth. If possible, they should be bleached: the vampires have white teeth. If you want to make yourself vampire fangs, then there are several options. You can wear false pointed crowns, or you can use a false jaw. Some fanatics give their teeth the shape of fangs, grinding them in special clinics. It’s better not to do this, because health is more important!

None of us know for sure what a real vampire looks like, since there are still no officially registered cases of meeting with them, but we all know that their image is unthinkable without long nails. Grow them, and then gently file. Do not forget to cover your nails with clear varnish. This will make them stronger and more natural.