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Body types: how to identify and - what to wear


Every woman’s dream is to look perfect, but nature has not rewarded everyone with perfect proportions. Often an outfit that looks great on a mannequin can look different on a real person. The thing is that everyone has their own, special body structure. Some have a narrow pelvis and broad shoulders, others have rounded hips and a poorly expressed waist, while others have a small bust, but large buttocks.

Each figure has both advantages and disadvantages. The best way to correct them is to choose clothes by type of figure.

Clothing for the type of figure pear

Owners of this type of figure are distinguished by wide hips, a noticeable waistline and small narrow shoulders.

To visually adjust the figure, it is necessary to focus on the upper body and expand the shoulders. You should choose outfits with a dark bottom and a light top. Clothing for the type of figure pear should have a voluminous top, lush sleeves, shoulder pads, deep cuts and decorative details on the bodice.

Visually expand the shoulders to help things with a boat neckline or square neckline. Suitable clothes with chest pockets, trousers and skirts that have a loose cut and made of thin fabrics, dresses with a cutting waist and an expanded bottom.

Things to avoid:

  1. It is not recommended to choose jackets or blouses that end on the widest part of the buttocks or hips, they should be above or below it.
  2. Do not wear tight-fitting jeans, tight-fitting blouses or blouses.
  3. Tulip skirts add volume to the hips.
  4. Avoid extra details on skirts or trousers and things with straps connecting at the neck or tied at the back.

Examples of suitable clothing:

Apparel type clothes

Owners of this type of figure have a rounded shoulder line, not very lush hips, slender legs, a poorly expressed waist, often wider than the line of the hips and shoulders.

In this case, the main problem area is the middle of the body. It is necessary to visually stretch the body and focus on the neckline and legs. It is recommended to give preference to things with a direct silhouette.

A sheath dress will be a winning option. A simple straight fit and lack of sleeves will balance the silhouette. They help visually stretch the figure of the dress, having a high waist, they will hide the stomach and emphasize the chest. To lengthen the body will help asymmetric, tailored oblique and trapezoidal models. Dresses are recommended to choose plain.

Women with such a figure will suit knitwear, blouses, tight-fitting breasts and loose at the waist, as well as jackets that are up to the hips. On all things, extra parts should be located at the top of the bodice, or below the hips. It is worth choosing clothes from soft, draping, flowing fabrics. From trousers fit wide with high or low waist.

Things to avoid:

  1. It is not recommended to choose loose or fitted outfits.
  2. Volumetric and magnificent sleeves will look bad.
  3. Clothes made of hard and dense fabrics will give the figure extra volume.
  4. Do not create accents in the waist area, for example, wear belts.
  5. It is better to abandon outfits with a large print and horizontal stripes, they will only add volume to problem areas.
  6. Avoid contrasts between the top and bottom of things.
  7. Short and tight skirts will not work.

Examples of suitable clothing:

Clothing for figure type hourglass

This type of figure is considered the most proportional. Its owners have an equal width of shoulders and hips, a clearly defined waist and chest line.

It is better to choose clothes for the type of figure an hourglass that will emphasize the waist, and demonstrate smooth bends of the body. Almost any outfit is suitable for this type. The main thing is that their cut follows the lines of the figure, but things that are inherent in fluidity, lightness, waviness will look better. To emphasize the waist, it is recommended to use belts. Favorably highlight the hips are pencil skirts.

Things to avoid:

  1. It is necessary to refuse clothes of a direct cut.
  2. Too tight things are not recommended.
  3. Rigid, dense fabrics will make the figure fuller than in reality.
  4. Avoid things with large patterns and clear geometric motifs.

Examples of suitable clothing:

Clothing for the type of figure rectangle

Owners of this type of figure are distinguished by narrow shoulders and hips, a poorly expressed waist and flat buttocks.

It is necessary to create the appearance of rounded shapes and soften the angular shape. You should choose clothing models that will help identify the line of the hips and emphasize the waist. Semi-adjacent things, repeating the shape of the figure, making a soft emphasis on the waist, will cope with the task. Undercuts, decorative seams, pleats, pockets located on the hips, vertical lines converging to the waist, contrasting bottom and top will help create the shape.

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Today I want to talk about how to determine your type of figure and what recommendations for the selection of clothes for each type exist. A lot of classifications of types of female figures are distributed, as well as various online services that help determine the type according to the entered individual parameters. I will analyze the classic, familiar to many and the most understandable classification, consisting of five types:
hourglass, rectangle, pear, triangle and apple.

So that a large article does not turn into a bunch of letters that are difficult and lazy to read, I will try to convey the material briefly and clearly: in the description of each type of female figure I will outline the characteristic features, areas prone to completeness, I will define correction tasks and I will give recommendations for the owners of this type.

In order to determine your type of figure, there is the following algorithm of actions:

1. Compare the width of the shoulders and hips
We take measurements from the back, from the middle of the left shoulder to the middle of the right and from the side of the thigh to the opposite.
Compare the two numbers received:
same = hourglass, rectangle, apple,
more hips = pear,
more shoulders = triangle.

2. Assess the roundness or flatness of the thigh
Visually assess the outer line of the thigh from the waist to the knee.
rounded = hourglass, pear,
straight = rectangle, triangle, apple.

3. The difference in the size of the top and bottom
Do you have the same size blouse and jeans?
top bigger = triangle,
bottom more = pear,
no difference = hourglass, rectangle, apple.

4. Determine the features of the figure that need correction (if any), for example: very large / small breasts, not very even legs, very short / tall stature, etc.

After taking the measurements, we consider the icons of what type of figure you got the most - this is your type of figure.

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A lush bust, full hips, a narrow waist. The first two points do not need to be taken literally, here, rather, we have in mind the pronounced contrast in the volume of the hips, chest and waistline, which is always thin in the hourglass. It is not necessary to have a magnificent chest of the fourth size to be an hourglass.

It is growing: while maintaining a pronounced waistline, calves and ankles remain slim.

Task: The hourglass is considered the ideal of a female figure and in most cases does not need correction. The main task is not to spoil the natural beauty of the bends with baggy clothes, as an attempt to hide the feminine forms can lead to an undesirable effect and make the figure more complete. However, femininity of forms must be emphasized very carefully so that the image does not turn into something in the style of Kim Kardashian.
Skinny hourglasses can easily wear the clothes recommended for the “rectangle” (semi-adjacent silhouette, but not baggy).

Work well: flowing fabric, emphasis on the waist.
Contraindicated: dense and hard fabrics, sharp lines, vulgarity.

Full hips with a small "top", a clearly marked waist, small chest, thin arms, massive ankles.
It is growing: in the lower body (hips, legs).
Task: to bring the "pear" to the "hourglass" (to make the upper body more voluminous, and lower the lower).

Work well:
- accent at the top: light colors, prints, bright details,
- fitted silhouette
- smooth lines of cut and soft fabrics,
- shoulder pads, accents on the shoulders,
- voluminous scarves relevant for this season: fur collars, hats, large accessories,
- thick heel.
- emphasis on the lower body,
- horizontal lines in the hips, for example, pants / jeans with a low waist,
- light bottom,
- straight silhouette, A-silhouette,
- shortened trousers,
- shoes with an ankle strap and thin stilettos (emphasize massiveness).


The volume of the waist, hips and chest is approximately equal. Fuzzy waistline, slender, often long legs.
It is growing: evenly or in the upper body.
Task: the rectangle figure is considered to be the model and the most universal. By and large, the owners of the "rectangular" figure can wear anything, you just need to be careful with elements of a romantic style, the New Look silhouette is not at all the story of the "rectangles".

Work well:
- neckline
- dense, hard fabrics,
- sports cut,
- business style,
- shoes on a flat stroke (but heels, of course, are not excluded).
- emphasis on the waist (at the "rectangle" the waist line is weak, if you focus on it, the absence of the waist will only be emphasized! There is no need to emphasize what is not a virtue).
- romantic style (ruffles, shuttlecocks, flying dresses and so on).