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I began to despair, but everything turns out to be simple.

Why reboot iPad

An iPad is nothing more than a laptop computer; therefore, like any other personal computer, various malfunctions and freezes are inherent, as Electronics tend to malfunction periodically.

Fortunately, iPad crashes and freezes, as a rule, are extremely rare. But they still happen periodically.

These glitches can be caused by various reasons - from the malfunctioning of an application or operating system to any malfunctions in the hardware.

If the iPad freezes or something does not work correctly, for example, programs crash, you need to restart it. During the reboot, all applications running in the background will be closed, and you will not need to close them one at a time. The most common problems requiring a reboot are:

  • blank or black display
  • the touch screen does not respond, that is, the iPad freezes,
  • constant "crashing" of any applications

So, does your iPad freeze or do you just want to restart it, when this desire arises, the corresponding question immediately arises: "How do I restart the ipad?". On ordinary computers, there was always a magic reset button, on laptops we are used to holding the power button until the device is completely turned off. On the iPad, reset or reboot can be performed in several ways, or more precisely - in two.

Method 1. How to restart the iPad - standard reboot

The easiest way to reboot is by holding the iPad on / off button, which is located on the top edge of the device. After a few seconds, the shutdown slider will appear on the screen, which must be moved to the right. After the iPad has turned off, you must turn it on again - to do this, hold the same on-off button again.

Method 2. How to restart the iPad - reset or hard reset

Sometimes it happens that the iPad stops responding to any of your actions, and completely does not respond to anything. In this case, a simple reboot may not help and you need to use a hard reset of the tablet or the so-called reset of iPad settings.

To reset the iPad, press and hold two buttons at the same time: the Home button (on the front side) and the off / on button on the top edge of the device. Hold them for at least 10 seconds until the Apple logo appears as a small apple. To turn on the iPad, press and hold the on / off button.

IPad Dark Screen

If, despite attempts to restart the tablet, the iPad screen remains dark and the device does not respond to your actions, then perhaps the problem is simply the complete lack of charge in the battery. In this case, connect the iPad to a power source and let it charge for one hour.

After a few minutes, the charging screen should appear. But if he did not appear, then this does not mean that your iPad is charged. You may have a faulty USB cable or power adapter, which happens quite often. Also, just in case, check that the cable is well inserted into the connector.

It happens that the iPad freezes, stops responding to button presses or touching the touch screen or does not exit sleep mode or dialing does not turn off.

All of these problems can occur due to the iPad freezing. This article will discuss the main problems and solutions.

The first problem that will be discussed in the article will be a freeze of the program on the iPad, which stops responding to any actions on your part. To forcefully close the program you need to press the "Sleep mode" button and hold until the red slider appears. After it appears, release the button. Next, you need to press the "Home" button and hold it for several seconds. Do not try to drag the slider! If this method does not help you, then you must force restart the iPad. This action will be described below.

The second problem in which the iPad hangs and does not turn off is the complete non-response of the iPad to certain of your actions or some functions in the control section stop working properly. Then you need to force reboot the device. To do this, you must perform the following steps: press the "Mode" button of sleep and hold it until a red slider appears on the screen. Next, you need to smoothly swipe your finger on this slider to turn off the ipad. If this does not help, then you can simply press and hold the “Sleep Mode” button until the ipad logo “apple” appears on the screen.

The second method is less preferable, because this is how you perform a forced shutdown, and it is better to handle this technique softer.
The third and most common problem is the iPad freezing when the image is open. In this case, you need to reset the device by simultaneously pressing the "Sleep" and "Home" buttons and hold for about a dozen or more seconds.

The most difficult problem in resolution is the lack of image on the iPad screen, while the iPad freezes and does not turn off. If the image is missing, then do not panic and just turn on the device to charge. If after twenty minutes you can’t start it and there is no red battery icon on the screen, then you need to connect your iPad to your computer and try to restore it using iTunes. To restore, go to iTunes and click on the Restore panel.

It happens that the iPad does not appear in the program, then using the same program you must force the recovery mode to be turned on. I hope these tips help you if your iPad freezes and doesn't turn off.

If we are talking about high-quality phones, we involuntarily recall an iPhone. If we talk about tablet computers that help us in our work and entertain us in our free time, then the iPhone should be mentioned. The line of these devices includes several models and generations - "mini", "air" and others. They are reliable gadgets that perform many functions and have many advantages. You can safely take them with you to the university, to work or on a trip. And since this is electronics, you need to understand how to handle it in extreme conditions, when the device starts to hang or does not respond to commands. In particular, each tablet user needs to know how to restart the iPad at the right time. Having such knowledge and skills, you will not need to contact a specialist for help, because you can do everything you need on your own, without outside interference. Such situations, despite all the advantages of Apple technology, can arise at any time, due to any installed application.

Why do I need to restart the iPad

In part, the answer to this question has already been given - a reboot for the iPad is necessary for from the state when it hung and stopped responding to user commands. In such situations, it seems that nothing can be done with the tablet - the central button, by which we minimize working applications, does not have any effect when pressed, and the screen does not respond to touch. It is a reboot that is able to restart the computer so that the user can continue to work with him in normal mode.

Alternative to reboot

Of course, there is an alternative to rebooting - to wait until the tablet computer independently leaves the same “stupor”. True, it all depends on the reason why the hang occurred. For example, there are times when the tablet stops showing signs of operability due to an incomplete application that caused a system error, or due to excessive processor load by a large number of applications working in the background. Waiting can lead to the fact that the system independently closes the “frozen” process, thereby allowing you to continue working with the iPad. True, not everyone will have the patience to expect so much time, which is why we are publishing this article. Still, if you know how to restart the iPad, the computer will return to normal mode much faster, and all freezes will disappear.

How to reboot in normal mode?

So, there are two ways to reset the iPad mini (and not just this model). The first is a simple reboot by selecting the appropriate item in the menu, which is called up by holding down the Power key located at the top of the case. This menu consists of one item - “Shutdown” - which is made in the style of a slider. You just need to swipe this button to turn off the device. After that, it will be enough to hold the same power key again to turn on the tablet. Thus, having rebooted, the iPad will start working faster, and applications that "slowed down" the system will be closed.

In addition to the method described above, there is another, more “hard” one. It should be used if you do not know how to restart the iPad otherwise, due to the fact that the device does not respond to any actions. In this case, there is one key combination that starts the reboot automatically. These are the pressed keys Home and Power. Such a mechanism should be started if just pressing one of the buttons does not help. In the future, everything will happen again - a tablet, after which all problematic applications will be closed and the system will function in normal mode.

Other reboot options

Above in the article are two of the most effective ways of how to restart the iPad. They can help in most cases. True, there are exceptions. For example, sometimes the tablet turns off on its own after a long charge and, of course, does not respond to any commands and actions. To solve the problem is simple - you need to hold down the Power button and wait until the Apple logo lights up on the screen. By the way, this is another option on how to restart the iPad mini. In addition, the device can be rebooted, for example, by completely discharging the battery, because when it sits down, the tablet will turn off.

We learned how to restart the iPad. The advantages of these methods are obvious - you start a working session of a tablet computer from scratch, in connection with which all processes, even those that worked in close. This allows, in case of braking and freezing, not to search for a problem program, but simply to close everything and to set up the device.

At the same time, it is not worth worrying that any data will be erased from the iPad or that recently installed applications will be deleted - this information will remain on the tablet, regardless of how to restart iPad 2 or any other model.

What to do if the iPad hangs and does not respond to any actions and how to reboot it. Such questions are often asked by users of the iPad and other devices. Many are also interested in why the iPad freezes. There may be many possible causes of iPad hangs, for example, lack of RAM due to the fact that many applications are open on the device at the same time. There may also be errors in the operation of the iPad operating system from its constant operation without rebooting, like the iPad computer is a high-tech device in which a huge number of programs and applications work. If you do not turn off the computer periodically and leave it turned on, it will soon freeze, or after a mistake, it will restart itself.

Even if your iPad has not yet frozen, it is recommended that you turn the tablet off and on at least sometimes. Restarting the iPad helps restore the normal operation of the device, closes unused programs and applications frees up RAM and allows you to work without brakes and freezes. Apple has developed several reboot methods for its devices. On both the iPad and iPhone, the process of restarting hung devices is similar.

Now let's see a few ways how to restart iphone if it hangs completely.
The first method involves a soft reset, you can prevent or to disable the iPad or iPhone with a working screen.
To turn off the iPad, you need to press and hold the "Power" button (this is the on / off button), hold it pressed for about 4 or 5 seconds. Further on the screen you will see a button for swipe, usually there is a big one with the inscription "Turn off", turn off by swiping a finger on the button and the tablet should turn off. To turn on the iPad, press the "Power" button (on / off button). This is the first way, soft resetting the iPhone by turning the tablet on and off. Second way how to restart a frozen iPad see below.

Attention. Everything that you do with your iPad, you do voluntarily at your own peril and risk! The site administration is not responsible in the event of a malfunction of your device. Good luck.

The second way is a hard reset if iPad hangs and does not respond to any actions and the first way to restart does not work. If you can’t turn off a hung iPad, follow these steps on your tablet.
At the same time we press and hold the buttons: "Home" (the home button in the center bottom) and "Power" (the on and off button usually at the top). Keep the buttons pressed for about 7 or 10 seconds, after which the iPad screen will turn off, if after that the iPhone does not turn on automatically, then press the "Power" power button.

For users of phones, smartphones, tablets and other devices, regardless of the manufacturer’s company, it is recommended that at least sometimes a reboot is performed even if it has not yet frozen, just turning it off and on. No need to wait until your iPad freezes, and then look for a way to restart, restart while the tablet is in normal working condition.

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Any tablet can be rebooted in several ways: this is done for various situations during the operation of the gadget, in which the user can not use the standard methods to turn off and restart the tablet. Advanced “apple” products are no exception. IPad tablets have their own restart methods, which you'll learn about in this article.

How to restart iPad in a standard way

The most common option is also the fastest, which is available even to inexperienced users. It is recommended to restart the device at least once every three days with the active use of the gadget. The thing is that RAM and caching begin to affect the operation of the device during overflow. Even if you delete and close processes, some of them will still remain in RAM.

  • Take your iPad in your hands and find the power button. It is on it that you click every time you want to turn the device on or off. It is located on the top of the tablet and is located directly above the camera.
  • Hold the button for a few seconds until the toggle switch appears on the tablet screen. Drag it to the side, after which the device turns off.
  • After turning off completely, you can turn it on again. Reboot completed.

Force reboot iPad

Forced tablet, like any other device, reboot only in extreme cases. These reasons include freezes or failure to respond to the tablet. For example, when you click on the screen and the power button, nothing happens, or you have a slowdown in processes, because of which the button also does not work correctly.

In this situation, you need to do the following:

  • Find the “Home” button on the iPad, which is located right in the center of the tablet from the bottom,
  • Find the power button at the very top of the camera,
  • Hold both buttons simultaneously until the screen goes blank and turns on again,
  • Remove your fingers from the buttons as soon as you see the Apple logo on the screen.

With this combination, the tablet starts to ignore any processes and errors that prevent it from turning off. This is considered a tough method, since all unsaved data, non-closed processes and applications will be abruptly terminated, which can lead not only to the loss of some files, but also to incorrect operation of the iOS system.

Reboot iPad when the power button is faulty

If your power button on the tablet does not respond and is broken, but you do not want to do a hard reset every time for obvious reasons, then there is another way.

You can reset the network settings. After this procedure, the tablet should restart itself each time. Thus, you will not press the power button, but the tablet will perform the correct shutdown, save all the data, and then turn on.

  • Go to the device settings and find the “General” section.
  • Click on the line “Reset network settings”.
  • Confirm your action.

After a few seconds, the iPad will turn on again.