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12 hair styling secrets you've never heard of


Beautiful styling will make the image seamless and stylish. Well-groomed hair is half the success. However, often even after spending an hour in front of the mirror, it is not possible to keep the styling, you just have to go outside. Weather conditions make their own rules: wind, rain, hats and static electricity, all this quickly spoils the curls. But thanks to the tips below, it will be possible to make a beautiful hairstyle that will last a long time.

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Rules for laying at home

Girls have to do their own hair at home. Rarely does anyone have a hairdresser who does this every morning. It is from the proper care at home that the general condition of the curls depends.

Tips to help keep your hair beautiful:

  • You need to wash your curls as they become dirty. You should not wait a week and walk with stale hair. If necessary, you can wash every day. The main thing is to choose a mild shampoo. Dirty curls serve as a conductor of various diseases, and also create an extremely unaesthetic look.
  • Means for washing and care should be chosen according to the type of hair. The label always indicates what type they are intended for. To care for oily hair, products containing silicones should be avoided. The minimum set should consist of shampoo and balm or conditioner. The first washes away sebum and other impurities, but raises the scales. And the balm smoothes and protects them from section, in addition, it moisturizes and nourishes.
  • Wash better in warm, soft water.. Hot dries the rod and stimulates additional production of sebum.
  • Wet hair can be combed. Only you need to do this with a wooden or plastic comb, it is better to forget about metal in general. The teeth should be rare, the movements should be smooth, you should start from the tips, moving up.

  • Drying is better with warm towels or a hairdryer, but in the "cold" mode. "Hot" can be turned on for literally 5 seconds. Also, you can not rub, you can only blot. After drying, it is better to leave them slightly moist and let them dry on their own.
  • You can not keep curls in a towel for too long. The blood supply to the bulbs is blocked, which affects nutrition, reduces shine and makes it brittle, and contributes to prolapse.
  • To remove static electricity and make your hair soft at night, you need to apply argan oil on the ends.
  • It is advisable to blot and keep curls in silk fabric for some time. In the morning they will become obedient and soft.
  • If possible, do not sleep with loose hair. You can make light, loose bundles or weave braids. There are also special nets that grandmothers used.
  • Before washing your hair, you can massage with your fingertips. This will help to better moisturize the hair, stimulate blood circulation, and hence the growth of curls.

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Use of styling products

To keep the hairstyle longer, and also to prevent damage during the creation of hairstyles, special products should be used. For them there are recommendations:

  • Styling products should also be selected according to the type of hair.
  • Thin curls fit a foam with an average or normal degree of fixation. She will be able to give shape and volume without gluing. Also in the composition may be moisturizing and nourishing components.
  • If the hair is stiff or naughty, you need to choose products with strong fixation. In this case, it is advisable to additionally curl with curlers, ironing or hair dryer.
  • To give a moist effect or highlight individual strands, you can use a gel. It is applied to wet or dry hair.
  • Lotion is suitable for greasy strands. It contains alcohols that remove excess sebum.
  • To complete the hairstyle should use varnish. It will additionally protect hair from the negative effects of the environment, from ultraviolet radiation.

Styling with curlers

These are some of the easiest hair styling items. First you need to apply mousse or foam for hair styling, then separately, carefully combing the strands, wind them on curlers. Hair can be dried with a hairdryer or put on for several hours for self-drying. But even in the first case, you need to let the curls dry.

It is necessary to remove curlers carefully, keeping a curl. You should also comb through one curl, and the result is fixed with varnish.

In addition to curlers, you can use papillots. They give soft, but long curls, and even less damage the hair.

Girls also make long-term perm with special compounds; it helps to save time in the morning and always look well-groomed.

With ironing

Curly locks can be created on already dry hair. For this, ironing or various kinds of curling irons are used. The main condition is that the devices have a ceramic coating, as it less damages the hair structure, as well as pre-apply a heat-protective spray. It reduces the negative effects of heat.

With the help of such devices, you can both straighten hair and make curls of different elasticity and diameter. With an iron, they turn out to be more broken and geometric. There are also cone-shaped curling irons, so the wave has a more natural bend. It is important to start winding from the occipital part of the head, and twist the strand from the base, so the curl turns out to be more long-lasting.

With hairdryer and diffuser

Letting your hair dry, you can give it the desired shape. This can be done with a hairdryer or diffuser. Different nozzles help make the air more directed and, accordingly, give the curls the desired structure. Just a stream of strands straighten, bend the ends or make the desired parting.

Watch the video on how to style your hair with a hairdryer with a diffuser:

The diffuser helps to make the hairstyle more magnificent, to create volume even on thin hair. Before using the hair dryer on the curls you need to apply foam, gel or mousse. And after styling, the hair should cool, and then they are fixed with varnish. After this, it is advisable not to comb the medium and longer strands..

Hairpins and elastic bands

Simple, but stylish hairstyles can be created with the help of little helpers. These are the familiar gum, invisibility, hair clips and hairpins. The main thing is to pick them up to match the hair and carefully hide them in locks. An exception may be hairpins with decor. But it is important to take into account current trends, as it can look provincial, cheap and childish. With the help of hairpins, invisibility and elastic bands, you can make tails, buns, braids, as well as fix individual curls.

How to style your hair beautifully and quickly morning and evening

For different lengths, there are styling and hairstyles. Each girl can master them. It is not necessary to know a lot of hairstyles, just two or three, but this will greatly diversify the look.

It is believed that such a length is the most successful, since you can style your hair in many ways. However, in practice, it is the owners of such curls that are left either simply loose, or put into the usual horse tail. It’s hard to care for such a length.

But so that life with such hair does not seem too boring, it is worth trying the following styling:

  • Scythe-like rim. Weaving can be done in any convenient and familiar way: fishtail, spikelet, classic version. There may also be two rims around the head.

  • Bohemian bunch. Curls are processed with mousse or foam, then removed in a high tail. The ends wrap around the gum base and hide inside. To keep the hairstyle, you need to fix the design with invisible or hairpins. Additionally, you can decorate with ribbons, a rim or hairpins with decor.

  • Retro style curls. Treat hair with foam and dry for brushing, that is, give them smoothness with a brush or comb and hair dryer. Then they are divided into two parts with a low parting. Next, individual strands are wound on a curling iron of the desired diameter and fixed in rings. To prevent the clamps from leaving any marks, you can attach fabric or paper. When the hair is dry, loosen the strands and carefully comb through. Everything should be fixed with varnish.

  • "Beach curls". This hairstyle suits wavy hair. Immediately after washing, they need to be treated with gel and mousse. In the morning, when they dry, there will be light curls, you can again spray with varnish.
  • Tail Punk. The upper part of the hair is separated by a triangle and mousse is fixed. The lower strands are braided into a braid. Then the upper part is combed and they are connected. This hairstyle is very versatile.

Watch the video on how to make a punk tail hairstyle:

Hair of this length often has some kind of haircut, so the girls do not experiment, limiting themselves to the usual styling. But the life of curls even of medium length can be diversified:

    • Parting can be done on the side. Tighten the ends, collect the hair in a tail or a bun, braid the braid. Such an easy installation will look appropriate both at a business meeting and on the carpet. By the way, often such hairstyles can be seen in Hollywood actresses, as you know, everything ingenious is simple.

The main thing is to fix the result with varnish. To lengthen the neck, it is better to remove the hair higher on the back of the head. If facial features are quite large, then the emphasis should be on volume. And if it has a round shape, then the hair should be straightened and let out strands to frame.

  • Even not too long curls can be removed in a bundle. The more careless it is, the more modern and more stylish it looks. To do this, the hair is collected in a tail, then it is wrapped around the base and fixed with hairpins. You can pull out individual locks, this will make the bundle less formal. You can also do not one, but two from different sides or side by side, large and small.
  • On the average length do not forget about the tail. To make it look stylish, it is better to hide the elastic band with a strand wrapped around. In the face, you can release the locks and twist them a little. Also, punk tail or separately combed bangs will be held on medium hair. It is important that the elastic was as inconspicuous as the color of curls.

    • Looks very stylish laying "cold wave". It is suitable for medium length. It is easier and faster to make it with a curling iron or a hair curler. But before straightening, the hair should cool. Therefore, they must be left in the ring. Before starting a hairstyle, all hair is treated with foam.

It is important to tighten the curls on the back of the head, they should be perpendicular to the floor, and parallel to the top of the head. Spread it out carefully, without combing. In the end, everything is fixed with varnish.

This length can also be interestingly laid. A hairdryer and comb are usually used. Wet hair is treated with mousse. The upper part, which is longer than the rest, is dried up and back with a hairdryer. This creates the desired volume. A side hair neatly to the sides and down is smoothed to the temples. Then the upper ones are given the desired shape and fixed with varnish.

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By learning how to make a few simple styling, you can be ready to get out in just five minutes. A stylish hairstyle can save even the simplest outfit. But first of all, no tricky styling will hide the untidy hair. Therefore, it is important to properly care for curls.

The splendor of curls

To create lush, careless curls, as if you had surrendered to the wind, you need dry shampoo. That’s what star stylists do! Curl your hair with a curling iron or ironing, let the locks cool down, and then apply a small amount of dry shampoo to your hair and evenly distribute. Try to beat each curl with your fingers. Dry shampoo will make your hair matte and fix it.

Hair styling: struggle for volume

The method proposed by the famous New York stylist Eugene Toye is a little unusual, but, nevertheless, it is very effective. Our grandmothers used starchto make the collars "stand." Eugene offers to perform the same operation with hair in need of additional volume. Just sprinkle your hair with a starch solution before styling.

The second way, which you hardly knew about, is to use shampoo spray. Put your head down and sprinkle the roots with this remedy. Distribute carefully and stand a little in such a position that the spray has time to act. Raise your head - you are a goddess!

The third method is used by stylist Keira Knightley Michael Barnes. If you have thin hair, then you can give them extra volume by working through the roots with crimper tongs. Just leave the visible part of the hair smooth. No one will see corrugated hair, but everyone will be amazed at the volume of your hairstyle.

Hair styling: sun protection = protection against curls

If you're tired of straightening curly hair, use the Josh Barrett method, which works with Drew Barrymore. To straighten curly hair of mulattos (and you never dreamed of such shaggy hair), he advises using sunscreen, which is about to expire. Put a little cream on the palm, rub and spread through the hair.

Down with all your styling products!

A professional makeup artist who, apparently, sometimes turns into a hairdresser, uses argan oil instead of a thermal protective agentas well as foam and styling mousses. Apply it to wet hair after washing your hair and immediately before styling. Do not worry that the hair will become oily, the oil is perfectly absorbed into the hair. By the way, the radiance of curls is provided to you!

Folk way to fix the volume: cut lemon into small pieces, even use the peel. Pour everything with a glass of water and boil until the volume of the liquid is less than half. Process and pour into the spray gun. The resulting product will allow the volume to last longer, and the smell from it is simply gorgeous!

Instead of hair spray, many stylists use Black tea. Before curling, soak your hair with a strong tea leaves, let it soak in and proceed to “fumigation”.

While working on every hair dryer lock, don’t remove the comb right away, let your hair cool in a given position. Only then can you move on to another lock. Allowing your hair to “cool” will ensure a long-term styling.

Perfect bouffant

To fix the pile, it is not necessary to pour liters of varnish on the head. Take advantage dry shampoo, which perfectly copes with the task without sticking hair. Yes, and then comb it will be much easier for you.

Thin smooth hair is difficult to comb - they always strive to slip out of your hands! To tame the rebels, spray them with varnish before laying.

Curling Wizard

If you curl your hair using a curling iron, start from the middle of the lock, not from the tips. Such styling will last much longer.

Hair curl poorly? Wrap a lock on your finger, wrap the resulting bagel with foil and press it with an iron.

Listen to meteorologists

Do not try to fool nature in the rain or slush. If you have curly hair, do not straighten it, and vice versa. High humidity will not let you go with such a styling for a long time. Better emphasize your merits, for a change.

Do not apply styling products immediately before the process, let them soak for ten minutes. Only in this way will you squeeze everything out of the tool!

1. Where to dry hair?

You probably noticed how moisture affects the texture of the hair.In humid air, the hair is very curly (curly). Therefore, for professional styling at home, we recommend moving the hair drying procedure to the bedroom, or another room convenient for you. The main thing is not to dry your hair in a damp room.

2. Do not dry your hair with a towel!

Do not rub your hair with a towel (just get wet), it damages them, after washing the hair, the scales open slightly and the hair at this moment is most sensitive to damage. It is also not recommended to wrap a towel around your hair after washing your hair, as hair roots will experience stress, which negatively affects hair growth.

3. Stylists recommend using a heat-protective hair spray!

Do not start blow drying your hair without treating your hair with a special heat-protective hair spray. Such a spray contains polymers that form a protective film on the surface of the hair, which dissipates heat without exposing the hair to thermal shock. Leading stylists and cosmetologists recommend using a protective spray before starting to dry hair.

When treating hair with a thermal spray, special attention should be paid to the ends of the hair, which are usually prone to damage. We recommend using sprays with temperature protection up to 230 ° C. Also, many sprays maintain their styling shape over time. Another spray should have the ability to style dry hair, this will help you in styling your hairstyle at any time.

4. The right hair dryer, the key to success.

Hair dryers with a cold blow button and ion technology are best suited for drying hair. Ions can help close the scales of hair, which provides hair protection. But ionic technology has its own minus, ionic function reduces hair volume. If your hair is not voluminous enough, do not use the ion function, dry your hair as usual.

10. Good advice

To maintain the desired, beautiful hairstyle shape, renew it every 5 weeks, trim the ends, cut off split ends, etc. Before styling, apply a small amount of light foam to wet hair. When styling, the foam is absorbed into the hair, and the residues will erode. Hair will acquire a beautiful, natural look and will not look “heavy”