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The bending of spoons by the power of thought is not the most spectacular, but one of the most mysterious tricks demonstrated by modern illusionists. This spectacle is not the first year excites the minds of both ordinary viewers and novice illusionists. However, even if you do not have the talents of Count Cagliostro or Uri Geller, do not rush to be upset: there are many ways to fulfill this trick so that the audience remains confident in your paranormal abilities. Some of them require sophisticated props and long training, while others are even capable of novice magicians.

Watching the illusionists bend spoons on the stage, you could pay attention to additional hand movements, which, it would seem, are not needed. However, it is in them that the main solution to this trick lies.

The secret of focus with a spoon: two or one?

One of the simplest, but at the same time, the most expensive options for this focus can be called bending a spoon with a special spring. Its execution and detailed explanation can be seen in this video:

The secret to this trick is a secret spring built into the spoon. At first glance, the spoon seems whole, however, it is worth removing the fuse, as the spring begins to curl, so that there is a feeling of bending of the cutlery. The main difficulty in the execution of this trick is that the magician needs to show the audience a bent spoon, and possibly hand in hand, to convince everyone of its reality.

The “props” are completely unsuitable for this purpose, therefore, in the left fist of the illusionist, the second spoon is waiting in the wings: real and pre-bent at the same angle as the spoon with the spring. At the final stage of focus, it imperceptibly shifts to the right hand, replacing itself with its flexible "double." Now you can safely throw it on the table, try to straighten it back or pass it on to especially skeptical viewers for testing - this will not hurt the focus.

The video below is pretty much the same principle as the masked magician’s video. Everything is simpler here.

You can order such a spoon here.

Coin folding spoon

Not everyone can afford to buy expensive props with a spring. Therefore, at home it is better to use a method based on optical illusion. For him, you will not need anything other than an ordinary metal spoon and a small coin of a similar color.

Before bending a spoon, hold a coin in the same hand so that viewers can only see its edge. She will have to play the role of a deceitful maneuver, making people think that they see the tip of a pen. Now it all depends on your artistry and ability to divert public attention from your hands for a second. Your main task is to quickly press the deepening of the spoon with your second hand or press it against the countertop, at the same time changing the tilt of the coin so that the impression of a whole spoon is preserved. When you have done this, carefully hide the coin in the palm of your hand and begin to slowly relax your fingers. From the side it will seem that a dense cutlery, obeying your mental order, bends itself in your hand.

The advantage of this focus is ease of implementation. Just a few workouts will allow you to do it in any company, without fear of exposure. Of course, this is not so simple as bending spoons with a spring or an invisible wire, but it is much more convenient for demonstration at a home holiday.

One spoon and two pens

If you are going to show focus with "soft cutlery" in a circle of friends, it is most convenient to use a metal handle from the same spoon. As a props you will need to use:

  • A spoon bent in advance at the right angle
  • a metal handle broken off from a similar spoon.

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Before bending the spoon with the power of thought, hide the chip in the palm of your hand so that the guests take it by the handle of the spoon bent by you. Further, as you cast spells, or drill an object with your eyes, you will need to slowly change the angle of the handle, giving the impression of arbitrary bending of the metal. The main difficulty is that, having completed the focus, discreetly hide the broken handle in a fist.

It is important! Make sure that viewers cannot see the back of your hands and that no one is on your sides or back. It is best to choose a table standing near the wall.

A video on how to bend a spoon with a broken handle can be seen here:

Magic spoon

The most unusual explanation of how famous illusionists bend spoons is rightly considered the theory of “metal with memory”. This material, invented back in the 1930s, has the ability to change its shape with the slightest heating in accordance with a given program. It is possible that this explanation is, indeed, the only true one. But, unfortunately, most novice magicians will have to be content with other, less expensive, methods of this spectacular trick.

How to bend a spoon by the power of thought?

Perhaps you saw on television how a person, holding a regular tablespoon at a distance, literally bent it with the power of thought. Do you believe that this is possible? Do you want also? Let me disappoint you a little: what was shown to you on TV or in a video on YouTube is most likely just a trick. And there are many ways to do the same - that is, to create the illusion that you are bending a spoon or fork with the power of thought.

But I want to talk about something else: how to bend a metal spoon without actually visible physical effort. Yes, it will not look so spectacular, but, believe me - this is absolutely a working technique, and using it, you will be convinced that you can, if not everything, then a lot.

Many magicians and illusionists claim that they can do it and really demonstrate this skill. Somehow I even saw something like this in one of the shows on the first channel. But you understand that this is just a trick - a hoax. That's why they are magicians. On the Internet you can find many sources with various options for performing this trick.

But I didn’t want to tell about this, but about the real impact on metal objects (in our case, a spoon) by the power of thought. This also happens, and I have done it repeatedly. Take your time accusing me of lying. To get started, try it yourself.

Although first we make a few corrections.

First: the “power of thought” is not a completely correct formulation. The thought process here plays practically no role. Rather, it is harmful.

Second: you can really bend a spoon without using physical strength. More precisely, this: it will be the bending of a spoon using one (maximum - five) percent of physical strength. That is, you will not bend the spoon at a distance, but holding it in your hands in the place of the proposed bend.

Knit spoons in a knot. My experience.

I’ll tell you how it turned out for me. I was at one of the trainings on visualization, achieving dreams, getting rid of problems, etc. - In general, an unremarkable esoteric training. But at the end of it all of us (participants in the training — there were about ten of us) did an impressive thing. At the direction of the coach, we sat in a circle on the floor, held hands and sang something like a mantra for half an hour. It is known that similar practices conducted in the group enhance the energy effect several times. So we felt an unprecedented spiritual uplift, heat in the body.

The trainer handed out metal spoons to everyone - very durable (we ourselves brought these spoons from the house, trying to choose those that are stronger, which cannot be bent without the application of serious force). We took them and for some time (about ten minutes) held them in our hands with the intention of bending them easily, but without making any effort. During these minutes, the spoons became warm - almost hot. And some of us got down to business. Applying a barely noticeable pressure (even a pigeon feather would not bend from him) some of us slowly but surely began to bend spoons.

Gradually everyone else joined them. Particularly advanced, after some time they began to knit them in knots. We also had forks - with them the people generally had fun to the fullest: twisted and connected the tips with intricate patterns.

For a long time, I did not succeed - more precisely, I could not decide on an action. But the instructor came up to me, supported me morally, barely perceptibly touched the spoon, which immediately began to give in. And then I continued the action.

Toward the end of this practice (two hours later) we had a whole pile of spoons and forks twisted in knots. Needless to say, everyone was just thrilled? There was complete euphoria and a feeling of omnipotence.

But, probably, you understand that after this I did not begin to fly like the Neo from the Matrix, to pass through walls and walk on water. The effect of this magical practice (we will call it that), as well as others, is quite limited. This, one might say, is a one-time technology, which is rather difficult to find further practical application. In addition, in order to implement it, you must each time enter a certain altered state of consciousness. In a group of like-minded people, this happens one-two-three, but on their own in the wrong mood, it is more difficult to do this.

However, after this training I tried to do this thing more than once - and it always worked out for me (though sometimes I spent four hours "warming up"). Having bent a lot of spoons in the house, at the insistence of his wife and in connection with the legitimate depletion of kitchen supplies of cutlery, this case was stopped

Instructions for spoon-bending.

So, bend the spoon with the “power of thought” under the strength of everyone. Give it a try. The main thing is to catch the mood. It is very good to do this in a group of non-skeptical like-minded people. You can do it alone. Do something to raise energy - sing mantras, meditate, pump energy - almost any esoteric themes created to raise the energy level will do. Take a spoon or fork. Create an unbending intent (but don't give this process overwhelming importance!). hold the appliance for a while. It should warm up well. Ideally, get hot. Start easy, easy to press on the device with both hands from different sides (or whatever you like). It is important that the amount of effort does not increase in any case. No need to use force! If it doesn’t work out, continue to hold the spoon, create intention and mood, and after a while try again.

Well, I hope you succeed! Good luck applying this technique.

And yes - when you succeed, I do not advise sharing with everyone. Keep this secret to yourself - it will give you strength in the future.