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Rehabilitation after mammoplasty under the muscle: period duration, reviews


In 2010, more than 300,000 women in the United States alone installed breast implants, which made the operation to correct the mammary glands the most popular after cosmetic ones. Breast implants are placed under the skin surgically, this makes the female breast bigger and fuller. Still breast implants are used to align uneven breasts. After breast augmentation, the breast can heal for several weeks. Follow directions for rehab after breast augmentation.


Before we discuss the period of rehabilitation after mammoplasty, you need to understand what it is and why it is needed.

Mammoplasty is a surgical procedure that is performed for some purposes. These include:

  • shape change
  • breast enlargement,
  • breast reduction.

The most common goals of mammoplasty are to shape or enlarge a sagging breast. In the first case, the plastic surgeon removes excess skin and fixes the chest in a normal position. When enlarged, special prostheses called implants are used. They are implanted under the skin or under the muscle.

It is important to know that this procedure has indications and contraindications. The first include:

  • asymmetry
  • recovery in case of breast removal,
  • macropathy,
  • micromastia,
  • ptosis,
  • sagging and breast reduction after natural feeding,
  • gynecomastia.

The latter applies to men. Yes, even the male sex goes to plastic surgeons to do mammoplasty. This is necessary for hypertrophied breasts.

Contraindications include:

  • oncological diseases
  • infections
  • poor blood coagulation
  • diseases of any internal organs,
  • breastfeeding (should be at least a year after the birth of the baby),
  • minority.

All this should be considered before going to the clinic in order to change your breasts.

Rehabilitation after mammoplasty does not last as long and painfully as is commonly believed. We will talk in more detail about this later. Now we will consider the types of surgical intervention for changing the size or shape of the breast.

In modern plastic surgery, the following types of mammoplasty can be distinguished:

  • arthroplasty
  • reduction plastic
  • mastopexy.

The last operation is divided into two subspecies:

  • isolated
  • combination with prosthetics.

Endoprosthetics is also called enlargement or augmentation. This operation involves the implantation of special harmless prostheses. It is important to clarify that the natural function of the mammary gland does not fade.

Reduction plastic surgery is most often called popularly breast reduction. How is the reduction process going:

  • removal of excess fat,
  • elimination of excess glandular tissue,
  • stretched skin removal.

The last point is necessary to prevent sagging breasts, which is often found with an impressive volume of the bust. The surgeon sutures only after the shape of the future bust is finally modeled.

The last type of operation is a tightening when lowering the chest. Since the removal of excess skin does not always bring the desired result, because the breast can take an irregular shape, surgeons recommend combining this operation with prosthetics. Then the mammary glands will take the right shape, rise markedly and will be smooth and elastic.


The rehabilitation period after mammoplasty does not last so long, if you take into account some doctor's recommendations, properly care for your breasts. Now a little about preparing for the operation. If there are no contraindications and you seriously intend to do the operation, then you need to undergo a series of examinations:

  • ECG,
  • blood and urine tests,
  • blood biochemistry
  • analysis for hepatitis,
  • ultrasound examination of the breast.

In addition to these examinations, it is necessary two weeks before surgery not to use hormonal drugs or those that contain salicylates. Smokers should quit nicotine a week before surgery. This is necessary so that the rehabilitation period after mammoplasty is faster and the sutures heal at such a pace as it should be. It is important to know that for fast healing a good blood flow is necessary, and nicotine worsens this process.

The duration of rehabilitation after mammoplasty under the muscle, as in other cases, depends on the location of the incision and the implementation of the doctor's recommendations. The operation itself lasts from one hour to four.

  • subglandular (under the tissue),
  • subfascial (installation between the fascia and muscle),
  • submuscular (under the muscle),
  • combined (part of the implant under the muscle, and part under the mammary gland).

Which option is right for you, only the surgeon can tell. As for breast reduction, in addition to the aesthetic aspect, a therapeutic goal can be distinguished. After breast reduction, the following favorable moments are possible: pain in the spine decreases, it becomes easier to breathe, pulmonary diseases disappear, physical activity increases and sleep improves.

Breast lift consists of several stages: removal of excess tissue, the correct distribution of the areola, and if desired, the installation of implants under the muscle. With a prosthesis, the breast looks more natural.

Postoperative period

If we consider rehabilitation after mammoplasty by day, then it is better to distinguish periods by week or even month. Main steps:

  • three weeks later, the swelling completely disappears,
  • within two months, the implant case is formed,
  • after six months there is a feeling of discomfort.

Now briefly about some features of the postoperative period:

  • month of wearing compression underwear,
  • a ban on raising hands for three weeks,
  • do not lift weights for three months (more than three kilograms).

The final result will only be visible after three months. Before, you should not evaluate the result, because the chest will still change, all inflammatory processes will pass and the mammary glands will take the correct shape.

Seam processing

How long does rehabilitation after mammoplasty last? It is difficult to answer, because it all depends on the type of operation and the location of the incision. However, if you take into account the doctor’s recommendations, the healing and relieving period will be faster. Now about the rules for the treatment of seams. It is worth noting that for everyone, the healing process for everyone goes differently. Some do not feel any discomfort, but there are those who seek help from a medical facility.

  • to prevent seam divergence, the first day to rest in a half-sitting position,
  • monitor the scarring process,
  • on the recommendation of a doctor, treat stitches with ointments with antibiotics,
  • in some cases, it’s worth using zelenka for processing,
  • The first bath can be taken only after four days after surgery.

Breast after mammoplasty requires special care. Now briefly about what needs to be done to prevent the sad consequences:

  • sleep on your back (at least three weeks),
  • You can only take a shower on the fifth day after surgery,
  • process seams
  • save yourself from physical exertion,
  • wear compression underwear
  • change your laundry daily to prevent infection,
  • do not ignore the recommendations of your doctor, he knows better how to care for the breast after surgery,
  • After consulting with your doctor, you can use ointments to remove scars.

Physical exercise

Rehabilitation after reduction mammoplasty or another type will go more smoothly if you follow the doctor’s recommendations. One of them is to avoid physical exertion.

Please note that you cannot practice any sport before your doctor permits. It’s worth a moment to forget about jogging and fitness. Even bring a heavy bag from the store, ask your husband. Over the course of a month, it is not recommended to raise your hands, much less lift more than three kilograms.

In this section, we propose to consider the advantages of surgical intervention in order to adjust the shape, increase or decrease breast. The pros include:

  • operation safety
  • reducing the risk of breast cancer,
  • aesthetic look.

Scientists have proved that breast implantation helps to avoid a fairly common disease among women - breast cancer. The operation is completely safe. If everything went well, then for a long time you will be able to delight others with beautiful and elastic breasts.